Monday, November 4, 2013

Council President Cunningham: 'Don't let voter fraud disenfranchise the vote'

From the desk of City Council President Peter Cunningham:

As everyone knows, I am supporting the Zimmer Team and Kids First.  The candidates for Mayor, Council and School Board have all been working real hard.  We know because we have seen them in the streets, knocking on doors, and writing to their neighbors.
I have been out there too, and the vibe is good.

However, there are two issues which can doom this campaign and years of hard work toward the tremendous changes we have made in local government - complacency and voter fraud.  We have had both, and together it's a perfect storm.

We need our voters to turn out.  Elections in Hoboken have for a fact been won (or lost) by ONE VOTE.  We must not take the good vibe for granted.  Please make sure you study the ballot preferably before you get to the polls and vote.  It's a crowded ballot with many candidates and issues to consider.  Be patient at the polls.  There may be new people working the polls, or changes inside your polling location.  With the crowds, it could be confusing, but you must cast your vote. Voter fraud happens in Hoboken, it happened against me in 2007.  It is likely to happen at the polls in an effort to discourage you, but you must cast your vote!  Don't be turned away if you think you are a legitimate voter.  Vote a provisional ballot if they will not let you vote on the machine.  You must cast your vote!

And that takes us to the voter fraud and the abuse of Vote By Mail ballots.  Both competing campaigns have again exploited the elderly, disabled and all others less fortunate (see this story detailing the abuses).  They expect to win this election with massive VBMs delivered - TOMORROW.  We saw it before with Occipinti against Lenz in 2010.  750 VBMs were delivered on election day.  Days later elect reports showed payments made to those voted VBM.  It was more than a coincidence, it was voter fraud.  We need as many votes as possible on the machines as I believe this to be close when machine votes and VBM are tallied.  Your vote is extremely important.
This election means so much for Hoboken and our future, as well to validate all our hard work and accomplishments to date.  

Please vote the Zimmer Team and Kids First, and keep Hoboken moving forward.

Mayor and City Council
Column J, Zimmer - 5J; Column K, Mello - 11K, Bhalla - 12K, Doyle - 13K

Kids First
Column I, Gold - 3I; Sobolov - 5I; Evans - 8I

Please pass this on to your neighbors, and let me know if you have any questions.  


Giant poetry hour, a MSV exclusive

Twas the eve of the Hoboken election

'Twas the eve of the election and all through out Hoboken, 
Many kleptocrats were stirring, with hearts about to be broken,
The VBMs were all gathered by bearer with criminal flare,
In effort to unseat the mayor from her City Hall chair.

The Callichio's were fighting for each and every bought vote, (allegedly)
They were on opposite teams but both for government bloat,
Mamma Russo in her Red Wings sweat pants, and Mike with gums ready to flap,
Were pitching their political message which was just full of crap.

When over at the HHA there arose such a clatter,
Carmelo sprang from his throne after emptying his bladder,
Away to his window he shouted out so shamelessly brash,
"Watch us, we can, we will, we got developer ca$$$sh!"

The moon on the eve of a crisp fall night,
Was calming before chaos of a big election fight, 
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
"Bathtub Brian" Murray selling out Hoboken to a chorus of jeers.

With a little VBM courier so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be Prison Guard Nick,
More rapid his brooding thug brother of WWE sexting fame,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Ruben! now, Mindak! now, Miani and Gonzalez!
On Branco, On Chadwick! on Liebler and fellow hangers on, 
It's all about Vision 20/20 and NJ Transit skyscrapers
Now develop away! Develop away! Develop away all!"

And don't forget there was another campaign that quite couldn't fly,
The head of the ticket was a puppet and unemployed IT tech guy, 
With lots and money from Pupie and defamatory Beth Mason and their motley crew,
They gave out bags full of flier tagged candy and lots of lies too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each cloven hoof.
As I drew in my head, and was turned askew,
Down the chimney Frank Pupie Raia came down the flue.

He was dressed in a leather trench coat with a mouth full of mutz,
And his Robin-like sidekick Biacamano who is a BOE putz,
A bundle of alleged VBMs he had flung on his back,
And looked like a peddler, just opening his pack.

His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And he exclaimed at the top of his lungs "Zimmer, err I mean Ramos just has to go"!

The wads of cash in his wallet made him think he can't be beat,
What did not go to alleged VBMs would go to high bidder on the street, 
He had a broad face and vendetta against Ramos,
And tons of money from Mason whose scorched earth politics made her quite famous.

He was big and and sturdy, an intimidating man, 
He tossed his weight for as many alleged VBMs as he can,
and a then a political poll indicated his campaign was dead, 
Soon left me assured I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Filling out all the ballot boxes then turned with a jerk.
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, off to the VBM shuttle bus he goes.

Post Election Day Beth Mason sprang from her limo,
And blew out of town in defeat away like a hot pot of gristle,
But I heard her exclaim as the limo drove the Queen of Mean out of sight,
"Damn all you to hell with Ricky's money, I'm not done with this fight." 

By Reformus Gianticus
lightly edited by a Horse
courtesy of Operation Bounty

One vote really made the difference in Hoboken election history

Team Zimmer announces:

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers --
In twelve hours the polls will officially open.  The support you have all shown over the course of this campaign has been incredible. While we only have 12 hours left, our work is not yet done.

Last night, our Neighborhood Volunteers met one final time to walk-through our Election Day Plan. As we closed our meetings one of our extraordinary volunteers reminded us all that it wasn't too long ago that the difference between winning and losing had been one vote.

Can you believe that?  One vote.
Don’t let this race come down to one vote.  Hoboken needs the Zimmer Team and the Zimmer Team needs you to get out and vote.  Make a plan tonight. Take a look at our sample ballot. Make sure you and your family are ready to vote.

Have the day off? Have a couple of hours after work?
After you vote, we will be working to make sure that every Hoboken voter remembers that this election will shape the future of our city.It is not too late to join us!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her council team of David Mello, Ravi Bhalla and James Doyle have been working hard to make sure this team has four more years of leading Hoboken Forward.

You all started as a grassroots movement determined to change Hoboken politics for good. Tomorrow, join us one more time.  Vote, then volunteer.

Mollie Binotto
Campaign Manager

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Shout out from Kids First

Kids First announces:
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Tomorrow is election day! Current Board of Education members Leon Gold and Irene Sobolov, and their running mate Jennifer Evans, need your help in order to continue the progress made by the Kids First majority over the past four years. The race for the Board of Education is going to be close so every single vote counts!
Help us Get Out the Vote:
Kids First is working with the Zimmer Team to get the vote out. There are many ways to volunteer and just a single hour of your time will make a difference in this tight race! Wear a Kids First t-shirt. Hold a campaign sign. Hand out literature. Drop by the Zimmer Team campaign headquarters, 98 Garden St (at 1st St) or respond to this email if you want to join us on election day. 
Polls will be open from 6am to 8pm. You can find your polling location or by checking your sample ballot.
Remember to cast your three votes for Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and Jennifer Evans -Column I Rows 3-5-8 for Hoboken School Board!
Finally, PLEASE forward this email to your friends and neighbors. Spread the word about Kids First!
Thank you for your continued support.

Citizen Dean: City of Hoboken Public Question #1 - NO, and here's why

Hey kids - Just a few thoughts about City of Hoboken Public Question #1

This rent-control-gutting measure was defeated at the polls last year, but re-instituted with some controversial legal maneuvering by well-heeled development interests.  I know that vacancy decontrol may seem to have logical elements, particularly to those unfamiliar with Hoboken's long history of tenant harassment and the once-thriving arson-for-profit culture.  But this is a really, really bad piece of legislation and I urge you to vote NO.
The amendment, as currently constituted, is an invitation to tenant harassment,
particularly without provisions for far stricter penalties with consistent and emphatic enforcement. Although the amendment's proponents try to assure you that tenant harassment is a relic of the past; I've been consulted, due to my familiarity with landlord-tenant law, by dozens of tenants seeking some kind of guidance against illegal, unethical, intimidating behaviors.  It's still happening. Every day.
The amendment's profiteering proponents know exactly what they're doing and are counting on both their huge cache of absentee ballots and general voter misunderstanding to sneak this by this time.  Unbelievably, the amendment begins with this deceptive wording: "Shall the City of Hoboken continue annual rental increase protections for current residents of rent controlled properties..." The principle spokesman for the elusively populated Mile Square Tenants Association is Ron Simoncini of, apparently, Ridgewood and Secaucus. A quick check of his company site, Axiom Communications, reveals a cartoon which seems to definitively outline his general operating methodology: doubletalk the local populace, befuddle an inebriated administration, and sweep potentially corrupt activity under the rug.  If you think my opinion is skewed, I ask you to check it out for yourselves here.  Know this amendment by the company it keeps.
Proponents of the amendment claim that a small group of backwards activists are unfairly keeping property owners from reaching their full profit potential.  Well, they are persistent and maybe a little cranky.  Unlike Mr. Simoncini, they're not getting paid.  But it's the same kind of small group of activists (in fact, it's many of the exact same faces), responsible for your enjoyment of Mumford & Sons and Bob Dylan on beautiful Pier A instead of a 40 story office/residential tower.  You can look it up.
If it passes, and it realistically could given the suspect absentee ballot history, there will be people dramatically affected who can't afford to be.  The proponents of this amendment have done their best to distract you from its moral overtones. Don't let Hoboken will lose another little piece of its soul.  Please vote NO on City of Hoboken Public Question #1 so that any inequities can be examined and handled appropriately on behalf of all affected parties. Thanks for reading.
Citizen Dean

Ramos campaign: Last call!

The Vision for Hoboken campaign announces:

Together We Can Better Hoboken
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Friends and Neighbors:

My Team and I are running to make our City a better place for our children to live, grow, and learn.  We decided to run because we were concerned about the current gridlock at City Hall caused by politicians who were putting their own agendas and ambitions ahead of the people they were elected to represent.

Laura, Eduardo, Joe, and I are the proud parents of children who attend school in Hoboken and participate in City sponsored activities.  And as parents, we recognize how precious each year of a child's life can be.  The petty bickering and attack ads that my opponents' campaigns have subjected the residents of Hoboken to over the past week, only reinforces our decision to get involved in this election so that we can move Hoboken past its current gridlock.  Our children will only be children once.  We cannot afford another 4 years of the gridlock and embarrassing political spectacles that my opponents have delivered in the past and that the tenor of their campaigns promise to deliver in the future.  Our children cannot wait another 4 years for a soccer field to be built, for our schools to improve, or for open space to be acquired. 

Please help change Hoboken's toxic political climate and move Hoboken forward by voting for Laura Miani 1K, Eduardo Gonzalez 2K, Joe Mindak 3K, and me, Ruben Ramos 3J, on November 5th.

Thank you for your continued suupport.


Vote by Mail: Battle of the Old Guard with up to 300 ballots challenged!


All out war of paper ballots between Ramos and Raia-Mason slates!

Rampant vote buying in mano a mano combat of Old Guard factions!
Record number of VBM ballots delivered by messenger into town: over 400
County Superintendent of Elections to decide validity of up to 300 investigated VBMs

The election feud over paper ballots is hot and heavy way with over 1,500 Vote by Mail ballots requested and just over 1,000 returned as of Saturday according to county election and campaign sources.  Up to 300 are under investigation, the result of challenges between Old Guard slates as the Ramos campaign and Raia-Mason slate continue their blood feud.

A never before seen oddity according to one Ramos backer of what they described as "Beth Mason" shuttle buses from a Raia office on Jefferson Street was taking voters from the Hoboken Housing Authority to the Board of Elections location in Jersey City last week.  Voting in person with the expiration of Vote by Mail applications already passed pushed that as the only option to ensure the voter is not casting a secret ballot at the polls behind the curtain.  One county observer called that action a first among the exponential issues in Hoboken elections adding to the alarm of out of the norm voting activities in the Mile Square.

"When people hear you work for Hudson County in elections they always think there's voting issues," a county election employee said. "But it's not Jersey City where there's hundreds of thousands of people causing the problems - it's Hoboken, a mile square city with only 50,000 people making most of the trouble." The employee added greater concern saying, "It's peeling away at the integrity of the vote.... and it's unacceptable."

Reports of Vote by Mail fraud in Hoboken are rampant with a blood feud between Old Guard camps.
MSV will be investigating leads for Operation Bounty past Election Day.  Contact:

The warring over the controversial Vote by Mail paper ballots is continuing beyond the point when they reach the county election office.  Up to 300 have been challenged as the Old Guard is warring to take out as many of the VBM ballots of their competing Old Guard ticket as possible.  An investigation by the Superintendent of Elections will make a determination on the hundreds of challenges sometime later today.

The War of the Roses among the Old Guard is taking place in the usual areas of the Hoboken Housing Authority and affordable housing buildings with some of the usual players in years past.

Challenges to the Vote by Mail at the Hudson County Board of Election Saturday featured all three campaigns showing up to identify and weigh possible challenges to Vote by Mail activity.  Over 1,500 VBM were requested in Hoboken with over 1,000 returned leaving almost a third an open issue before the polls open on Tuesday.

While the Zimmer Team departed mounting no challenges reflecting confidence in superior turnout the day of the election, the Ramos Campaign and Raia-Mason slate went "to war" as one reliable source described the proceedings.

Appearing for the Ramos campaign was council slate candidate and HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzaelz and former Assemblyman Ramos aide and Bayonne resident Nick Calicchio.  Opposing them was Raia-Mason slate campaign manager Jamie Cryan.

Each side commenced with challenges on numerous people touching possibly scandal laden paper ballots.  Calicchio saw all his bearer ballots challenged and Dio Braxton and Liza Camis re: "the Church Lady" saw all their handling of ballots challenged by the Ramos campaign.

One source in the Ramos campaign expressed concerned about a late surge in the hundreds of Raia-Mason VBM ballots arriving wondering if they are "sitting on them" as the rumor of 750 paper ballots "drowned" in the confines of an Old Guard basement during Hurricane Sandy is remembered.

Although any storage of Vote by Mail would be illegal under the chain of custody rules, no one in Hoboken doubts it's a distinct possibility.  Another campaign observer believes there could be as many as several hundred ballots never returning to be accounted for in the election.

A resident in an affordable housing locale was approached by the Raia-Mason campaign to collect a slew of Vote by Mail ballots in the building and promised he would be paid $125 for each VBM he delivered.  When they went out to speak to their friends and neighbors they said half had already been "intercepted" by the Ramos campaign people who were reportedly paying $75 per vote.  The Raia-Mason campaign was displeased with the news and informed their wannabe captain their "campaign work" would be compensated at a reduced rate of $65 per vote.

In another affordable housing building some Ramos people approached a resident and said they would be pleased to see their support in a Vote-by-Mail ballot with cash in hand.  The resident steered them away convincing them they had already voted.

All told, more than 400 Vote by Mail ballots were delivered to voters in Hoboken by messenger.  Typically in a Hoboken election, messengers deliver a couple of dozen ballots making the hundreds transported an astronomical difference on par with the 2010 fourth ward special election when the Timmy Occhipinti campaign saw hundreds of VBMs out of proportion to all of Hudson County.

The hundreds of messengered ballots are likely suspects that there were "assisted" by another person when filled out.  That assistance likely means the selections were already made before finding their way into the hands of the would be voter.  County sources said last week a standard to consider tossing suspect ballots with multiple pens and penmanship was under consideration but it doesn't appear to have happened.

The return trip by hand delivery called "bearers" show a huge number being delivered not by mail.  Over 350 as of Saturday had been returned to the Board of Elections by a bearer.  Of that total, Michele Russo, mother of Councilman Michael Russo, Nick Calicchio and George Destefano appear prominently and indicate a strong, organized effort on behalf of the Ruben Ramos campaign.  (The Russo family other than Terry Castellano has endorsed Ruben Ramos.)

217 VBMs were brought in by other bearers and likely indicate the organized effort by the Raia-Mason ticket.

It remains to be seen how many bearer ballots will be arriving by the deadline.  As it stands, it appears the Ramos campaign has run a successful "interception" campaign getting to Vote-by-Mail candidates in far larger numbers then some election observers thought possible.

The VBM War of the Roses may turn out to be far closer than anyone expected.

In the end, vote buying is illegal.  For many parts of Hoboken however, they call it a tradition.

In the 2010 fourth ward special election, the Timmy Occhipinti campaign really stood out.
An investigation reached the highest law enforcement body in the State, the NJ Attorney General's Office.
To date, no action has been taken in Hoboken.  Will 2013 be different?

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken clearly needs more Vote by Mail to help those benevolent humanitarians who want to buy the election.  For those of you voting on the machines, take someone with you to the polls and ensure these tremendous civic citizens get their just desserts.

Last, Operation Bounty is in effect!  $2,000 for standing up for the truth leading to arrest and conviction of anyone for voter fraud.

Beth Mason - 'You like me, you really like me! Don't you?'

In a clear and obvious divorce from reality, Beth Mason had a full page ad  on the back page of her newspaper this weekend.  It is hers isn't it?

The usual pile of misinformation and fabrications were of course included, hey it's a Beth Mason advertisement after all and she wanted you to know she's behind the Mason One Hoboken Team just like in the spring of 2009.

Well Da Horsey wants to make sure you know too.

Beth Mason wants you to support her Mason One Hoboken Team. The candidates are less important of course
so they are on the bottom and Beth is on the top.  Da Horsey fixed it.

It's unclear what paid political consultant told Beth Mason she's an advantage to a campaign in Hoboken - any campaign.  In the last Old Guard funded poll, all of their top names were trotted out to see who among them was least offensive to the Hoboken electorate.  Beth Mason's favorable-unfavorable numbers were completely upside down.

Beth Mason's unfavorable numbers came in at a whopping 40% based on that recent poll with only 20% polled saying favorable. (Yes, Beth we knew and now it's time everyone else knows.)
See paying people to like you really works!

As of last week, the Mason family officially dropped $20,000 to advance their puppetry in Timmy Occhipinti but no one will really know the damage until after the election - and most likely not even then.  Raia has loaned the campaign $150,000 so we're already looking at a blown cool quarter million.

Beth Mason has been known to flout the law on campaign reporting true expenditures on a regular basis. No one has ever seen numerous political operatives, operations, print and TV ads and her main vile online spreader of defamation to all of Hoboken by the fascist website Hoboken411 appear on ANY of her ELEC reports (or campaigns she's sponsored).

The victims of the defamation never get a chance to defend themselves, let alone get a word in on the character assassination against them. Beth Mason likes it that way.

You don't say.

Ramos campaign extends rally invitation tonight

The Vision for Hoboken team announces:

Election Eve Rally 

Join Us Tonight For An Election Eve Rally


This is the final evening before Election Day. First, I want to thank you for all of your hard work to this point. Second, I want to invite you to a rally to celebrate our candidates at headquarters tomorrow. We will toast to all of our hard work and get ready for election day. Refreshments will be served.

I hope you will join us!

-John Castellano
Field Director

When: Monday, November 4th, 6 pm - 9 pm

Where: Vision for Hoboken headquarters
              801 Washington Street, Hoboken

Contact: John Castellano, campaign field director
Forward to Friend

Frank "Pupie" Raia: 'Vote for Me - I really mean it'

As we've reported earlier, the Mason One Hoboken Team has disintegrated into a reflex of self-interest with both the "top" of the ticket and the top underwriter of the ticket out and about mouthing the most important words in the world: "just vote for me."

Frank "Pupie" Raia has taken the advice he's been giving around town to voters for weeks to a new level with this full page ad in the Hudson Reporter.  It's ostensibly "paid for" by a Union City North Hudson Sewerage Authority commissioner Libero Marotta.

Don't out of town commissioners love Pupie just as much as you?  Enough to pay for full page ads in the county Old Guard paper?  Stop laughing that's an order.  They'll be more time to laugh later today when we show you the full page spread from Bet herself as she too of the inverted popularity ratings also took out a full page ad urging people to vote for her Mason One Hoboken Team.

Because it worked out so well last time.

Frank "Pupie" Raia is taking this "just vote for me" suggestion a bit too far.  He has his own full page ad in the weekend paper to go along with other full page ads for the Raia-Mason slate.

As one Old Guard supporter said weeks back about Raia, "If he ever became the fifth vote on the City Council, it'd be a nightmare for the whole city."

True, but there's still an antidote for the nightmare.

Related: Libero Marotta was apparently suspended from practicing law but he is no longer counsel to the Union City Housing Authority as suggested in comments.