Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rent control - another "NO" nail biter

Hoboken Public Question No. 1
39/40 97.50%
Vote Count Percent
Yes 4,906 49.71%
No 4,964 50.29%
Total 9,870 100.00%


Courtesy of the Hoboken Journal
Hoboken Election 11-5-2013 Mayor results

The Dawn Zimmer team of David Mello, Ravi Bhalla and James Doyle also swept in the three at Large City Council seats by a comfortable margin of 1,500 votes. Mayor Dawn Zimmer will now have a working 5-4 majority for at least two years on the City Council.

Hoboken Election 11-5-2013 City Council results

The Kids First team of Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and new candidate Jennifer Evans who were endorsed by Mayor Zimmer also swept their BOE race.

Hoboken Election 11-5-2013 BOE results



According to the Jersey Journal, Aseemblyman Ruben Ramos has conceded to Mayor Dawn Zimmer who is re-elected as next mayor.

Ramos also conceded that the Mayor's Reform Council Ticket has also swept the election.

According to the report, Ramos said he fell by approximately 1,000 votes.

The scene a few minutes ago at Mayor Zimmer Headquarters!



Here are unofficial but reliable results from Marine View Towers:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer: 231

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos 216

Timmy Occhipinti 101

All three council members on Team Zimmer have won with 160 or higher for each: Dave Mello, Ravi Bhalla and Jim Doyle.  Frank "Pupie" Raia came in fourth.

The Kids First candidates of Irene Sobolov, Jennifer Evans and Leon Gold reportedly have swept too.

Grist for the Mill: Raia-Mason "workers" for Timmy Occhipinti - "We're not getting paid yo!"

First there's a gristy chewable already out on the streets.  Department of Justice will be hitting Hoboken tomorrow and they are going right to the heart of the vote farming itself.

Brace yourselves, the public embarrassment is about to explode on the vote farmers and the utterers of the words "voter suppression."

Earlier MSV exclusively reported from multiple sources the Department of Justice opened an investigation into the Hoboken election.

Turnout is reportedly solid and in some areas of the City very strong.  The Jersey Journal has its take on the turnout.  MSV saw a solid turnout at the Firehouse at 13th and Washington.

Then there's this gem downtown right now:

Exclusive photo submitted of the "campaign workers" coming to collect their earnings downtown. 

The report came in saying:

"Workers lined up around corner at 1st and park, I think Occhipinti. I asked if so and some girl said yes. Looks like trying to keep off Washington because looks back to have them all lined up at HQ for checks. Overhead them say "yo, we're not getting paid today, yo!"

Just over 4 hours to go!

The polls will close at 8:00 and we are about to see the big rush in the election. 
Do you need to even hear the proclamation:


Mayor Zimmer: Last Call!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the Zimmer Team announces:

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers --

Today is Election Day. There are many important matters on the ballot including Governor, Mayor, a City Council team, a school Board team, and an important referendum question concerning a proposed change to Hoboken’s rent control law (that I oppose because it doesn’t adequately protect existing tenants).

The polls are open from 6am to 8pm. Please remember to vote. 
Four years ago, my team and I promised you a new direction for our City after the 2nd Hoboken mayor in 10 years was arrested for taking bribes, and the reckless policies of the past resulted in State fiscal supervision and an almost 80% municipal tax increase.    

We have worked hard to live up to that promise. We saved our bankrupt hospital, getting the City off the hook for the $52 million bond guarantee. We cut City taxes by nearly 12 percent. We renovated almost all of our parks and opened two new ones. We brought great concerts to Pier A like Mumford & Sons, Bob Dylan and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. And we all came together as a community to emerge from Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy stronger than ever.

We are now back on the right path and ready to move forward to a very bright future.

The decisions made over the next four years will define our City going forward.
We must protect our City from flooding and skyrocketing insurance costs. And I will do that by implementing my comprehensive Resiliency and Readiness Plan.

We must make sure redevelopment strengthens our infrastructure rather than burdens it, enhances rather than overcrowds our neighborhoods, and protects the incredible character of our City.

We must continue to make the tough fiscal decisions needed to keep our finances sound for the long term. We simply cannot go back to the failed practices of the past.

I love this City, and I love serving as your mayor. I ask for your support for me and my City Council team of Councilman David Mello, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, and Council candidate James Doyle, and for the Kids First School Board team of Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and Jennifer Evans so we can continue leading our great City forward.

Dawn Zimmer

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Election Funeral Gathering?

A reliable source says Councilwoman Beth Mason who has dropped tens of thousands of dollars on Timmy Occhipinti to advance her political ambitions has arrived at the Raia-Mason HQ on lower Washington Street.

The $20,000 from the Mason family is at this point probably more than double if not triple.  Mason has been running a scorched earth campaign with Councilman Ravi Bhalla her target.

Also arriving the architect of the doomed Occhipinti campaign (and some say Mole #1 of the Ramos campaign), FinBoy aka the Weehawken fishy, Dara Gluck, Ravi Ravioli, et. al. is on the scene.

Can the executioner's song be far off now?

Talking Ed Note: One commenter notes a $100 bet between a local businessman for Ramos and the communications manager for the Raia-Mason slate backing Timmy Occhipinti is agreed minus those problematic Vote by Mail ballots.

Another Ramos campaigner told MSV they have put $500 on Ruben Ramos beating Timmy Occhipinti against FinBoy.

Here's to hoping the Ramos backers collect on the winnings.

More Breaking the Law: Carmelo "the Ethic Cleanser" Garcia and MSTA

There's a new Hoboken tradition this year, rampant illegal sign postings.  They all seem to be sharing a similar approach to posting the signs up in illegal places high up so no one can easily remove them.

Here's some of the latest:

Here's a sign placed high illegally on a pole at 9th and Garden for Stack and company.  A local resident
noted there are plenty all illegally posted around the neighborhood.

Same deal - another illegal sign for MSTA posted high up on a utility poll out of reach of anyone.

Another illegal MSTA sign posted but this low enough and felt the wrath of a voter.

Sign of the Times: There goes the tree hugger vote

Is there no tree safe from a ballot question?  Apparently not.

This sign was said to be stapled to a tree for today's ballot question in Hoboken.

Hoboken please welcome the US Department of Justice to Hoboken

Reliable sources state the Department of Justice is most interested in the Hoboken election.  An investigation has been opened and the US Attorney's Office is in charge.

MSV is accepting additional tips and information at smartyjones@me.com.  Operation Bounty is in effect.

The Office of US Attorney Paul Fishman announced:

NEWARK, N.J. – Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013, is New Jersey’s general election, and U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman is reminding voters to use the Election Day Hotline if they suspect voter fraud. The U.S. Attorney’s Office will receive and respond to reports of election irregularities, voter intimidation or any other activities that would interfere with a citizen’s right to vote. The Election Day Hotline – (855) 291-6791 – will be active from Nov. 3, 2013, through Nov. 7, 2013, and staffed live on Election Day.
The Department of Justice and federal law enforcement partners will work with county boards of election and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office to respond to complaints and direct them to the appropriate authority.

Hoboken Born has an offer to work for Raia-Mason ticket

Appearing on Facebook, one "Hoboken Born" has an offer:

Hey does that come with a filled out Vote by Mail ballot for you to sign?

Sign of the Times: Raia-Mason ticket's utter disdain for the law

It's no accident when a campaign sign illegally finds its way 15 feet up on a public utility poll and doubly so when it's within 100 feet of a polling station - obvious lawbreaking of the NJ Electioneering rules.

Well those 'benevolent humanitarians' are at it again.  Wot a surprise, not.

An illegal sign is posted on a utility poll right outside a polling station in the fourth ward.
That's how the Raia-Mason slate rolls breaking the law left and right.
Had enough?

Send in your fun photos and especially the ones showing the corrupt mentality in our midst to smartyjones@me.com.
Operation Bounty is in effect!

Photo courtesy Grafix Avenger

Horse Sense: Election Day - It's Your Turn

Today is Election Day and the polls are open.  Our Republic is only a dream if you don't preserve it.  This is your day and time to shine by honoring our Founding Fathers, many who suffered and were imprisoned for their effort in the formation of our imperfect union.

The time for arguing, posturing and yelling is over.  While the Old Guard is speaking reasonable in public and mirroring platform positions of Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a rush to sound appealing in their "me too" copycat actions on parks, transparency and good government - what they are doing elsewhere speaks volumes on what they think of you and our public institutions.

Yesterday, MSV released its exclusive feature on the massive voter fraud efforts transpiring throughout Hoboken but focused in the Hoboken Housing Authority and affordable housing buildings.

The exploitation of the poor and most vulnerable should not be lost on anyone.  They perform these actions cavalierly with utter disdain for YOU and the integrity of the vote.

The Old Guard seeks to disenfranchise the vote and their enablers, supporters and apologists say nary a word other than to look away or mouth the ugliest defense calling an honest call for voter integrity by another name entirely: voter suppression.

Today, Hoboken has the will, the ability and the numbers to bury this despicable practice of buying votes in a massive, organized and thoroughly corrupt manner.

Show them what one Hoboken of purposeful mind can do.

Get out and VOTE!

Talking Ed Note: MSV is proud to stand with those who deliver for Hoboken in an open and honest public process making Hoboken better and delivering for all our Hoboken residents.

Stand with Reform:

For Mayor and City Council

For the Hoboken Board of Education

James Sanford & Jude Tiscornia: 'Stop Vision 20/20's RACE BAITING POLITICS!'

Two Column B candidates under Gov. Chris Christie sent out the above mailer forwarded to MSV by a fourth ward resident.

They highlighted the massive scam being perpetuated on Hoboken with a massive redevelopment of the Hoboken Housing Authority being pitched with no binding details, legal or otherwise.  The only details offered came in a  marketing brochure promising to double the density and size of the downtown HHA campus - BY MORE THAN DOUBLE!

When the whistle was blown here and on Grafix Avenger, the cries of racism rose up from those who see only one color: green.

The main proponent of this massive redevelopment is the head of the HHA itself, Carmelo Garcia who was outed in a legal case making secret recordings of political figures trying to set them up as to compromise them later and push forward Vision 20/20.  Some may call that less than transparent process by another name: blackmail.

What followed after no details of a comprehensive plan would be put forward in any legally required MASTER PlAN?  An ugly and tragically comic lawsuit by Ethic Cleanser Garcia against the mayor, her husband and a HHA commissioner who dared as HHA chair to seek rotating an auditor and new legal counsel.

Who supports this obvious scam with no oversight or public review and input?  First, both Old Guard candidates: Ruben Ramos and Timmy Occhipinti and Carmelo Garcia, the Russo family including Michael Russo, Terri Castellano,  Beth Mason and council candidate and HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez.

It's the absolute shame of the City.

Talking Ed Note: Hat tip to both James Sanford and Jude Anthony Tiscornia for standing up for decency and not allowing Hoboken to be steamrolled by the biggest Hoboken scam since the million dollar theft of Hoboken's parking meters.

They deserve your support on Column B!