Wednesday, November 6, 2013

520 Jefferson St - payoffs for votes?


Published originally at full gallop on the back streets of Hoboken.

Crowd of almost two dozen, all minority residents at the Raia civic.
Someone who looked like Jamie Cryan arrived on scene went inside.

Crowd is waiting, going in one on one as if they are meeting "the Godfather."

The game plan apparently is for each individual to be brought in and told to sign an affidavit saying they worked for the campaign as was similarly stated by the 2010 Communications Manager for the Tim Occhipinti campaign David Cruz.

The payments were suited as he said for going out and "talking up the candidate."  They didn't talk Timmy up too well in 2013 as he finished dead last in the fourth ward where all these mysterious campaigners never showed on the streets.

One reliable source who did campaign much of the day in the fourth ward stated there was a total of seven people seen out working on the Tim Occhipinti campaign.

How many hundreds of people will be paid for their "campaign work" out of the Hoboken Housing Authority? Tonight, MSV spoke to some residents who were "visiting" the locale of 520 Jefferson and explained a little about Operation Bounty.

One pleasant young lady who refused to give her name but said she could be addressed by the pseudonym "Charlene" when asked what the line was for admitted she knew.  When asked if it was for payment for votes, she said yes.

She appeared to be awaiting others in line and was sitting on a stoop resting as they took care of business.  She learned a bit about Operation Bounty and seemed surprised to learn of the reward.

Asked if she was aware Department of Justice investigators were in the Hoboken Housing Authority this week, she answered politely "yes."

Work of benevolent humanitarians inside 520 Jefferson Street?  A stream of what appeared to be mostly African-American
HHA residents were lined up and awaiting their turn with "the godfather" inside.  It's unclear who the people were inside although one person was seen going in.  Some asked why the pictures were taken.  MSV told them "Operation Bounty."

Talking Ed Note: This virus must be excised from the community.  Hoboken deserves better.

Wot again!? Yup, City Council denouement @ 7:00

Video streaming by Ustream

Yes boys and girls, it's that time. At 7:00 the Hoboken City Council follies will commence and already the worst is being expected of the Hoboken Sopranos.  Da Horsey is mighty tired from the election and the blow out party Reform hosted at the Village Pourhouse.

For those of you who are not as exhausted, well here's the agenda.  Some people are already talking as if it's a given the ugly attack on Councilwoman Jen Giattino and her family who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy will continue.

At the previous meeting, Democratic Committeeman Joe Branco feigned concern in public portion and then went laser like asking if the councilwoman had approval "in a resolution" to move out of her home destroyed in the hurricane and move uptown while it's being repaired.  (This roused Beth Mason from a coma, she hasn't been seen so excited in months.)

Although the Giattino family plans to be back full time in their home in time for Christmas, the Hoboken Sopranos are said by some to be ready, eager and willing to launch another ugly lawsuit - this time seeking to take away another council seat from the victors of reform as the public reaffirmed the mayor's decision to see Jim Doyle in his rightful place as a councilman.

If so, this will be the ugliest lawsuit yet, courtesy of course of the Mason family.  Beth Mason's long time political operatives were seen taking photos on a recent Saturday outside the Giattino's home and the wife in this "Hoboken couple" sought information on the permits via OPRA requests.

MSV chooses not to say more because hey, they are just a "Hoboken couple" as the Hudson Reporter would say, not long time hardcore (and bitter) Masonistas.  Just another innocent Hoboken couple doing an ugly deed for maybe the most disliked person in Hoboken government and perhaps the city itself.

Here's tonight's agenda:

Ballot Question #1 - a "NO" awaiting provisionals

Breaking: Several hundred provisionals to be evaluated and counted Friday.

The new tallies according to some informed sources indicate the Rent Control Question looks to have reversed into a "yes" NO! with 80  99 votes ahead awaiting provisional ballots.

It's not clear how many provisionals are outstanding but it will take a couple of days to verify each.

Correction: MSV had this reversed and yes it's been going back and forth.  With sincere apologies:

Ballot Question 1:

Yes: 4918
No: 4998

The County will confirm the number of provisionals later today.

Talking Ed Note: Yes, Da Horsey is groggy.  As you may have heard there was a helleva party at the Pourhouse and there was a fight later outside the Raia-Mason HQ.  Good times.

Update: The County estimates several hundred provisionals ballpark. Based on the machine vote ratio, the expectation is the result will not change.  However, in any election closer than 200 votes, the result can be challenged.  Considering the amount of money spent by MSTA, Hoboken should anticipate more court action.

However, the election unlike last year should not be overturned so cavalierly by a judge. In retrospect, it was astounding then and equally astounding today.

Other reports have been inaccurate.  MSV wishes to confirm to those who are interested in Public Question #1 - this is the rock solid accurate report.  Feel free to send your friends here.

Election excerpt: Mayor Dawn Zimmer wins the Fourth Ward

A little sidebar from the election results last night.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer won the fourth ward with 824 votes.
Ruben Ramos came in a close second with 823 votes.
Timmy Occhipinti came in a distant last with 300 votes.

Correction: These figures may not include VBMs otherwise known here as The Devil.
(Wonder how many of Timmy's "votes" were Vote by Mail votes?)

Who is the current occupant of the fourth ward council seat again?  Just say'in.

Talking Ed Note: Has anyone heard a public word from Timmy?
Perhaps Assemblyman Ramos can have someone call and teach him some manners.

It's important everyone know Assemblyman Ramos conducted himself with great dignity and conceded to the mayor long before the full numbers were clear.

Hat tip: Ruben Ramos and Campaign Field Director John Castellano.

Party time: Mayor Dawn Zimmer poses late at the party with City Council President Peter Cunningham 

and Reform supporter Carrie Phillips


Ruben Ramos extends gratitude and congratulations

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos announces:

Thank you!
Dear friends, 
The election is over and we came up short. But that does not take away from the incredible effort so many of you put in to support myself and my amazing running mates, Laura Miani, Eduardo Gonzalez and Joe Mindak. We all believe in a better vision for Hoboken and it was wonderful to see so many of our friends and neighbors put in so much time making phone calls, walking door to door and spreading the word about our campaign. We tried our best, but in the end it wasn't meant to be. 
Once again thank you all so much -- this has been a difficult, energizing and amazing journey for my family and I. While I won't be your Mayor, I will always work for a better Hoboken for all of us. I congratulate Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her running mates on their victory and wish them the best of luck moving forward. 

Councilman-elect Ravi Bhalla: "Look at us all here. We're still standing."

The nexus of an ugly, defamatory attack in this election was primed against Councilman Ravi Bhalla.
The attacks completely backfired and he along with his council ticket mates won easily.

Ravi Bhalla's comments last night are captured here, courtesy of YoGregory:

Scenes from the City

You may have heard, there was a blowout party for Reform at the Pourhouse, a fight broke out at the Raia-Mason HQ and the whispers are the Department of Justice isn't coming, they're already here.

But for now....

Two gents and a lady.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer is joined for a photo with State Senate candidate James Sanford and "Man of the Hour"
Lt. Ken Ferrante. Respeck!

BoE-trustee elect Jennifer Evans speaks to a raucous crowd with beaming co-winners Irene Sobolov and Leon Gold

Frank "Pupie" Raia on the phone absorbing the demolition with the toxic Beth Mason in rear.

A subdued Ruben Ramos HQ after the concession last night.