Saturday, January 25, 2014

Councilman Dave Mello to offer testimony verifying Mayor Zimmer's allegations with US Attorney's Office


Reform councilman Dave Mello set to meet with federal investigators on SandyGate next week

Appearing on MSNBC last week, Councilman Dave Mello confirmed his awareness last summer of Mayor Zimmer's allegations Hoboken Sandy aid was being held hostage by a local development project for the Rockefeller Group - backed by Gov. Christie officials.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes mentions "the deconstruction" of the Governor Christie's office claiming Hoboken received $70 million in aid is incorrect since those funds came directly from a flood insurance program residents and businesses paid into.

Talking Ed Note: The chill has lessened in Hoboken but things are heating up.  More to come on a "hot" Hoboken weekend.