Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hudson Reporter keeps the "sunshine" off Beth and Richard Mason's hundreds of campaign violations

Pro Old Guad rag spins away millions in potential fines for Beth and her husband, Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

No front page or news story of any kind appears in the Hudson Reporter about its regular advertiser Beth Mason and her family's very real campaign violations numbering in the hundreds. Its political column featured the transparent Beth Mason problem spinning away as it voiced a hollow defense while the busted councilwoman continues her weeks of silence on the embarrassment to her concluding political career.

If you can't even have a spokesman or a Weehawken bottom feeding fish (FinBoy) make a defense on your behalf, it might as well come from the local Old Guard rag repeating your lawyer's statement no punitive action should be taken against his clients, the Mason family.

As if. 

Beth Mason highlights sunshine week on her page three ad space on the Hudson Reporter but has yet to say a word explaining her hundreds of campaign violations earning her and husband Richard Mason potentially millions in fines. 

MSV declines to be too critical of the author as a political column by its very nature offers tremendous editorial leeway.  MSV applies the liberty in the knowledge the readers can discern the difference between a news story, feature or editorial in the journalistic forays here. Lay the accountability of the lame Mason family defense at the feet where it belongs: the Hudson Reporter editors and publisher David Unger who is known for intimate editorial relations at his publication.

The defense of Beth and Ricky Mason is no surprise coming from the "newspaper" that is viciously hostile toward reform and the mayor. Recall their proudly publishing an anonymous letter 'send the carpetbagger jew bitch back to the woods of New England.' 

That was the Hudson Reporter's new and improved community values since it wrote the hot 2012 story of traffic tickets issued to Councilman Ravi Bhalla (all thrown out and unreported since). Going  after minorities and a Sikh holding elected office in Hoboken is merely upholding Old Guard values. Show those Dotbusters how to do it Caren! 

The reason Beth and Richard Mason are able to skate without so much as a short blurb detailing the massive campaign violations by the Hudson Reporter is the intimate cash relationship appearing for more than two years with the Mason family page three ads, what MSV penned some time ago as the Mason Media Complex.

No small irony, the Mason family's regularly featured lower page three ad space this week highlights Sunshine Week. Apparently, highlighting sunshine is the cover for Beth Mason not saying a word of explanation herself in the ongoing statewide cloud of controversy over her head in the hundreds of campaign violations she's seen filed against her and her husband Richard Mason by New Jersey's campaign regulatory agency ELEC.

The Mason family faces millions in fines with Richard Mason's fellow treasurer Ines Garcia Keim and its 2009 council slate candidates - on the individual hook for potential seven figure fines for the  obviously arrogant violations where vote buying was casually documented "against interest."

The Department of Justice as previously and exclusively reported on MSV on Election Day is investigating Hoboken voter fraud. It wouldn't take much additional effort to add to the list of evidence of abuses using Vote by Mail in Hoboken and see those guilty of flouting election law with the felonies putting thousands of dollars on the streets buying votes.

MSV previously highlighted the Mason connected political firm Bluewater Operations and the subpoena it received in the Vote by Mail election trial on ballot question one (rent control) in Hudson County Superior Court.

If you want to excise the disease you need to remove the cancer.

Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Official Masonista treasurer/underwriter for Beth Mason's dirty politics/lawsuits
- ALL of it.

Talking Ed Note: A comment appeared in this MSV election post mortem story last November saying the executives running Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz were unhappy with the negative attention their partner was generating for the firm.

What must the executive committee at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz be thinking now?

Hoboken residents should let the FBI know and ask them to pass along the information to the active Department of Justice investigation on Hoboken:

The indisputable evidence appeared on MSV last week in this story.

Take ownership, responsibility and five minutes and  just do it. On behalf of the much abused Hoboken community, thank you.

This Horse Sense editorial, call to action is dedicated to all of you who stand up for Hoboken!

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger