Friday, April 25, 2014

James Sanford announces run for Hoboken Chairman of the Republican Party - June 3rd

From the desk of Hoboken Republican Chair candidate James Sanford:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

My name is James Sanford and today begins our team’s campaign for Chair of the Hoboken Republican Party.  As your nominee I have recruited a team of talented young professionals who bring with them passion, experience, and a renewed dedication to building the Hoboken Republican Party.  Thank you to the dozens of men and women who have stepped forward as Republican candidates to represent your districts and support my bid for Hoboken Republican Chair.  Your time and effort is sincerely appreciated.  Also, much thanks goes to our team of campaign volunteers who continue to work tirelessly for change.  Thank you for the privilege of leading this spectacular team.

Organizing the Republican party is the goal.  As Chair of the Hudson County Young Republicans the greatest achievement of my tenure was expanding the club to over 60 members; almost half of whom were women.  As Northern Vice Chair of the NJ Young Republicans it was a pleasure assisting two talented young women to found and lead the creation of new clubs in Passaic and Union counties.  Lastly, leading a delegation of 15 Hudson County members in Ohio to volunteer on behalf of Mitt Romney for President was an unforgettable experience that taught us a great deal about organizing and campaigning.

As the manager of the Purchasing Department for a prestigious global financial institution; my experience managing staff, preparing budgets, and accomplishing projects will help us to achieve our goals.  As last year’s Republican candidate for NJ State Senate my campaign gained valuable insights that will be used to support other potential candidates for local office.  With your support and our leadership we will build the crucial infrastructure and raise the necessary funds to support candidates with the courage and persistence to hold local politicians accountable.

Our team is also proud to introduce Ted Conrad as our nominee for Vice Chair of the Hoboken Republican Committee.  Ted’s years of experience serving in political campaigns is an invaluable asset as we undertake the challenge of growing the Hoboken Republican Party.  Ted is going to do a great job!

Over the coming weeks, we look forward to earning your vote.  Election Day is June 3rd; if you want to help make a difference then please join our team.  Below, is my cell# and e-mail.  Also, please join us at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival, Sunday, May 4th from 11:00AM to 5:00PM.  You can help register new voters at our Republican table or if you are new to town get registered with us and make some new friends.

Please remember to vote for the “Hudson County Republican Party” team.  Together we will make a difference!

Thank you,
James Sanford
Hoboken Republican Chair Nominee
Ward 4 District 3 Committeeman
Cell#:   973-800-6634