Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Old Guard soldier Jamie Cryan declares victory for Stick Romano

According to a tweet by West New York Parking Director Jamie Cryan, Anthony "Stick" Romano is re-elected as Freeholder in the Democratic primary. The November election is viewed as anti-climatic to the primary tonight.

The Facebook page for Stick Romano is also declaring victory.  The VBMs look to be holding a major advantage and Hoboken voters appear to be in short supply today.

Romano's statement on Facebook:
"This is not about my victory but our victory! This is not my town but our town! Thank you to all my supporters!"

Here's the official count with just over 98%:

DEM - Freeholder 5th District
54/55 98.18%
Vote CountPercent
Philip H. COHEN 4A1,49639.95%
Anthony L. ROMANO 4B2,13957.12%
Adela Rohena SANTIAGO 4C1072.86%
Personal Choice30.08%