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With Carmelo Garcia DMW, who will Brian Stack select for Assembly?

PolitckerNJ's October story on Hoboken's 
2015 Assembly seat deems Carmelo Garcia "Dead Man Walking"

You would be hard pressed to understand why the lineup for NJ Assembly is so long. Considering the positions in the State of NJ are mostly stand-ins for the senior power broker State Senators who unofficially designate, re: bequeath them; it's a two year job often under appreciated and massively less effective than the senior house member's four year term.

The saying in NJ politics is apt; the state Assembly is where political careers go to die. And so in the case of Carmelo Garcia, the axiom has proven once again correct. Or has it?

A HudCo fundraising event in October for the Assembly's majority leader covered by PolitickerNJ says the Assembly seat currently held by Carmelo Garcia will be no more come next spring when a Democratic primary will select a new choice, courtesy of State Senator and Union City's mayor Brian Stack.

State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack (c) made a rare
visit to Hoboken outside of the Hoboken Housing Authority
when Gov. Christie visited during the Hurricane Sandy emergency.

Garcia said he was running again next year but a State Senator Brian Stack insider a day earlier told PolitickerNJ there is "no wayStack will let that happen. The story had received no play locally and MSV has been awaiting further related developments. (Oh how the Boys of Summer are awaited.)

The once self-proclaimed "destined for greatness" Carmelo Garcia isn't watching his star crashing; it's already crashed. Which explains the somewhat frenetic activity of late by Mister Carmelo as some of his friends call him. He made an appearance at the last Hoboken City Council meeting but this time there was no rhyming ministerial offerings, screaming HHA spokespeople or insults directed at the reform council for its refusal to relinquish its financial due diligence to approve the biggest attempted scam on Hoboken since the million dollar quarters looting. Of course we're talking about Garcia's undocumented proposed massive expansion of the Hoboken Housing Authority downtown called Vision 20/20.

Carmelo Garcia is clearly eying a resurrection of his fallen and failed star. His multiple lawsuits against the City of Hoboken, the mayor and the HHA lacking legitimacy notwithstanding, political office has been very, very good to Mister Carmelo. He may be thinking his BoE slate which pulled about 2,000 votes for two of three candidates are his votes to be converted into a sixth ward council seat next fall. Months back he was telling people in the HHA he's running for mayor.

City Council President Jen Giattino who is the sixth ward's elected representative will be waiting if the Feds don't intervene first. That investigation has legs but hey isn't there some audiotapes to trade on a get out of jail free card? In the HHA, the word on the street is a wired Memo with resulting audiotapes were a regular part of setting up others - for years. Garcia eventually released his embarrassing lunch tape featuring former State Senator Majority Leader Bernard Kenny and the mayor's husband but his claims about illegal actions only incriminated himself. (MSV's recent attempt to find the original Jersey Journal story with the audiotape shows it's disappeared.)

The terminated contract with the Hoboken Housing Authority last August would be paying Garcia $175,000 today if not for the appearance of the reform minded chairperson of the HHA, Dana Wefer. She uncovered a series of unapproved contracts totaling over $6 million dollars at last count which exposed an epidemic of malfeasance, incompetence and some say major league corruption. Wefer responded to Garcia's latest civil lawsuit referring to a dozen unknown "issues" uncovered since his departure. Much artillery flying overhead as the Feds have arrived on the battlefield separating the parties.

As Assembly selections go, the unwritten rule in Hudson County says the controlling State Senator reaches out to the appropriate local mayor who has a leading voice in nominating an Assembly pick. This informal policy though has never seen deference to Hoboken with one unwelcome HudCo house guest in Mayor Dawn Zimmer. She's a creature the HudCo machine doesn't understand; an honest mayor who doesn't try to line and trade for her and her allies' bank accounts.

The HudCo machine while currently holding an uneasy truce with Hoboken's reform oriented mayor describes her credentials not as noble but "weird" and then mutter to themselves how they've been iced out of Mile Square taxpayer monies before returning back to their shadowy corners.

All the buying and selling rumors about Hoboken's 33rd district Assembly Seat last made for an untidy Blaggo type scenario and in the end Brian Stack bypassed a rumored seven figure bidding war for the Assembly seat between developer Frank "Pupie" Raia and the Mason family going with Carmelo Garcia and the dream of a massively expanded Hoboken Housing Authority and its projected millions in profits. Garcia no matter his threats and lawsuits couldn't deliver the goods and intimidate a Reform mayor and City Council majority to get out of the way for the million dollar loot.

So it's back to the bids for the seat and Beth Mason has a website up for some political office which is obviously not about Hoboken's second ward council seat. Her reported bizarre shuttling of two busloads of Hoboken Housing Authority residents during the recent League of Municipality meetings makes obvious she wants to curry favor with their and other HHA residents' votes.

If you are Beth Mason and can't buy your way into higher office, buy, buy again.

Beth Mason is desperately looking for a political job out of Hoboken.
She's being promoted as a bidder again to buy the NJ Assembly seat.
Her last years long campaign for the seat in the Hudson Reporter
saw her lose to Carmelo Garcia but he's considered
DMW (Dead Man Walking).

Will Brian Stack be sending an emissary to see Beth Mason testify in not one but two legal actions against the Hoboken citizenry early next year?

Da Horsey would of course invite State Senator Brian Stack to come see for himself.

Talking Ed Note: Carmelo Garcia was not contacted for this story.  He's the first elected official to respond to a MSV electronic inquiry on public policy threatening a criminal complaint for doing so. He however has never followed up with one. That feather goes to Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Turf Track: This column was prepared over Thanksgiving when the Hudson Reporter's political column Saturday "announced" her years long begging to buy the Assembly seat (again) from Brian Stack. Mason's political operative FinBoy is in regular contact pushing her party line there (with ample advertising dollars) and rather successfully since the FBI investigation in Hoboken back in 2011 ended the ghostwritten politically censored fantasies backing Beth Mason on cybersewer Hoboken411.

Wasn't the Hudson Reporter for Hispanic representation? The Jersey City Assembly slotted position looks secure with the intelligent and resourceful Raj Mukherji making a positive impression and expected to stick around for another two year term.

Which means the other Assembly seat most recently held by Hoboken's Ruben Ramos should be in line for a Hispanic diversity candidate. Wonder what Augie Torres would have to say about this?

Related: MSV thoroughly covered the Hudson Reporter's attempt to have Beth Mason installed by Brian Stack to the two year Assembly seat back in February 2013. Their constant public promotion for Beth Mason and her political operative campaign sank to the bottom of the Hudson River like a stank bottom feeding fin discovered dead on a New York subway.

This time Carmelo Garcia is being shuttled to a quick grave in a desperate attempt to save Beth Mason the humiliation of being shoved aside by the Old Guard in the second ward election next year. They have BoE trustee Peter Biancamano ready to go for the second ward council seat's November election.

The original February 2013 MSV story:

Verdict: Beth Mason attempt to buy an Assembly seat ends in failure

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Celebrating Thanksgiving...

Yesterday we gave thanks where due, to our Lord who in his utmost mercy has preserved Da Horsey and us all, gracing us with more gifts than we possibly deserve or can ever fully appreciate.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving courtesy of Vicky and Angela the K by way of the magnanimous Jimmy the K, Executive Publisher of MSV.

Giving thanks with a little pino by way of a Light Horse courtesy of the magnanimous Jimmy the K.

Da Horsey wishes to extend a second thanksgiving where we offer thanks and gratitude to all our friends and readers who have made MSV, also known back in late 2009 as "the experiment" such a smash hit.

After more than ten million eyeballs (and climbing) have ventured to this website, some Hoboken public officials/figures are enthusiastic to further perjure themselves, so desperate their SLAPPy ways are boomeranging on them.

Now ask yourselves, if you had a political argument, any political argument to make to the Hoboken public, would you have to resort to illicit, completely amoral and gutter tactics?

Take a look in the mirror and see what you've become. 

Deuteronomy 19:16-21 "If a false witness rises against any man to testify against him of wrongdoing, 17 "then both men in the controversy shall stand before Yahweh, before the priests and the judges who serve in those days. 18 "And the judges shall make careful inquiry, and indeed, if the witness is a false witness, who has testified falsely against his brother, 19 "then you shall do to him as he thought to have done to his brother; so you shall put away the evil from among you. 20 "And those who remain shall hear and fear, and hereafter they shall not again commit such evil among you. 21 "Your eye shall not pity: life shall be for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot."

By His grace...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mayor Dawn Zimmer proposes reval alternative: every six years

Office of the Mayor announces:

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia's Thanksgiving greetings

From the desk of Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia:

Happy Thanksgiving!
I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.  There is truly a lot that we can give thanks for each and every day: family, health, home, and more.  Please remember those who must go without these things this holiday season and do what you can do ease their suffering.  We are strongest together - and together We can, We will, Watch Us Make a Difference!

It is an honor to serve as your Assemblyman, and I am grateful for you!

Carmelo G. Garcia
Assemblyman, 33rd District 

A political operative view from inside Hoboken campaigns

Hoboken resident David Liebler follows up on an earlier letter to MSV surrounding Vote by Mail concerns detailing his experience working on Hoboken campaigns.

Dear Horsey,

As you know I have been a reader since you started. I have also been a blogger under my own name for many years, but decided several years ago to stop. It was honestly just too taxing, negative and appalling the amount of time it consumed me and the fighting with people I sincerely did not enjoy. I needed to walk away from blogging and as you know I have NEVER blogged under a fake name, not my style.

For the record, many of your readers have only half-truths about me so I wanted to clear the air and come clean about a few matters.

Peter Cammarano
Yes it is true that I worked for Peter for free for the last two months of the 2009 campaign. I was sold a bill of goods by someone that I felt could really help Hoboken and at the time I felt Councilwoman Zimmer was not ready, unprepared and a nervous wreck half the time. Her first debate was a horror show and I went with Peter.

I did Peter's website, digital media and TV/You Tube spots, Event marketing and walked with him. That's it.

I earned a reputation on that campaign as someone who only would only do POSTIVE MARKETING. One that to this day I still believe in and only do. Peter won but during the last month, I heard all the same things that were written about him and knew I made a bad decision. By then it was to late.
For the record the only time I heard about Frank Raia and VBM's was the night of the election when Frank bragged about getting 600. At the time, everyone was taking credit for Peter’s win and I thought nothing of it. Too green at the time and did not know enough about the illegal VBM deal. I was living in Hoboken for 8 years by that point and this was my first 2 months into the fray of Hoboken politics.

Frank Raia
Yes it is true, Frank hired my for a nice sum of money to run his Marketing part of the campaign, digital media and walk with him. Later I found out he wanted to walk with me because I was his "NEW" Hoboken yuppie to walk with. I was already disgusted, but was paid and I never quit. It was only going to be for a month and his chances of winning were slim to none anyway. So I created a website, wrote his ISSUES, developed his TV commercials and created all of his literature. ALL POSITIVE MARKETING AND I CHANGED HIM TO FRANK RAIA AND DROPPED THE STUPID PUPPIE PART. Frank brought in other consultants who handled the PR and field work which was fine with me as I did not specialize in either and was still green to political marketing but was quickly gaining a brand reputation as a Positive Marketer and getting calls from around the state and even Governor Paterson at the time. I was also applauded by the entire Zimmer team for never going negative and believe me I had my opportunities. I chose the higher ground.

In the end, I was not allowed in meetings, I never hired street people to gather VBM's etc. That was not my specialty, therefore I was not needed. In the end, Frank lost, I held my head high until the next day when I saw Frank sitting in campaign HQ writing checks by the hundreds to so-called “campaign workers." I was disgusted and vowed to myself I would never work for Frank again. He is a fraud. I even started writing about illegal Vote by Mail (VBMs) on the Hoboken Revolt website and Hoboken Patch, go see for yourself as I thought the practice of buying unsealed ballots was disgusting.

Last, I was stiffed by Raia which was classic for the last portion of what he owed me because that is what Frank is known for in Hoboken. Big promises, then short changing you after the election, because what are you going to do? Another reason why I hated politics and working for them.

Hoboken Board of Education Elections:
This is actually quiet simple to state. I have never worked on a BoE campaign and your readers and comments are false and give me way to much credit.
It is that simple.

Ruben Ramos
I worked for Ruben for FREE. I helped created his issues, website, digital media, PR, events and whatever else he needed because I believed he would have been a great mayor. In regard to illegal VBM's...I never saw an issue there and this is another reason why I felt Ruben was an honest person. I am proud to have worked with Ruben and consider him a dear friend to this day. He is a wonderful family man, father and husband. I only hope he decides to serve again, because I would help him in any way.

Beth Mason
I had the pleasure of working for Beth for 6 months creating her website and newspaper ads and that is it. The timing was not right for both of us to fully commit to working together which was too bad because I really wanted to work with her more on bettering the 2nd ward.

So that is the untold truth about David Liebler and my political marketing career. I have since left political marketing am concentrating on mobile marketing and digital marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies and possibly state and national political marketing focusing on mobile technology.

I hope this clears up some matters and rest assured you have not heard the last from me in Hoboken when it comes to issues that matter to me. Illegal VBM and keeping our Hoboken elections fair is one of them.

Thank you kindly for your time and I wish you and your readers a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

David A. Liebler

Phil Cohen Updates the Community on Efforts to Control Hudson County Taxes

Dear Horsey & MSV readers:

The centerpiece of my Freeholder campaign, earlier this year, was to push for an independent performance audit of county operations, so that we can get a road map for achieving cost savings.  This year, Hoboken was hit with a 14.5% county tax hike and Jersey City was hit with a 5.8% county increase.  This is especially hard on Hoboken residents, as County taxes represent the single largest piece of the Hoboken taxpayers dollar.  We all know that Hudson County can -- and must -- do better.

I have attended a number of Freeholder meetings since the June primary, and advocated for the Freeholders to issue an RFP to retain an independent auditor, so that we can get an independent, apples-to-apples comparison of Hudson Countys operations to other counties, and learn how Hudson County (like other counties) can produce a budget with a flat levy, instead of one that increases, every year, by 3% to 5%.  I have been heartened by the Freeholders receptiveness to my proposal.

Thanks especially to Freeholders Bill ODea and Junior Maldonado for your enthusiastic support of my proposal to move forward with issuing an RFP for an independent performance audit, and thanks to all the Freeholders for your willingness to entertain a new approach to addressing the county budget next year. 

-Phil Cohen

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beth Mason - next court date on alleged "victim status" with MSV set for January

Beth Mason in Jersey City
court earlier this morning.

Beth Mason, Hoboken's litigious councilwoman received news of her next court date against MSV alleging "victim status" after being issued a civil subpoena last September

The legal subpoena was delivered in front of the City Council just before the start of its September 17th meeting.

That subpoena has been ruled binding in a ruling in Hudson County Superior Court - both her and her husband must testify in the two years running SLAPP suit.

As a result, Beth Mason is now set to appear and testify in two separate cases this January.
Her next court date is scheduled for January 20th.

Related: The Beth Mason litigious criminal complaint alleging her victimization being served a subpoena in the SLAPP suit.

Outrage at Hoboken Vote by Mail fraud in BoE election

The following letter was sent to the Hudson County Board of Elections, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, City Council members and MSV.

Dear Horsey & MSV readers:

As a registered voter in Hoboken, NJ I am shocked and disgusted that NOT ONE of our elected officials or our Hoboken Mayor would contact you to request an investigation in regard to "Vote by Mail" fraud that is happening in Hoboken. It is common knowledge and the joke of our town that our elections are basically fake and no one seems to care!
This last Board of Education election had yet another Fraudulent "Vote by Mail" episode in which Peter Biancamano and Frances Rhodes Kearns had approximately if not more then four times the amount of "Vote by Mail" votes then the next candidate!!! Do you NOT find that odd?
When are you going to wake up and see that our elections are not working? When are you and the attorney general going to step in and oversee our elections? When is someone going to actually care about our Elections?

I strongly urge you to open up an investigation and report this to the Hudson County Prosecutor and NJ Attorney General at once. The time has come for Hoboken to have elections that are not taken over by corrupt, fraudulent and paid for "Vote by Mail" ballots. I am strongly requesting that Hoboken have a NEW board of Education election due to the current fraud that I believe took place and you would as well if you simply investigated the matter. Come to Hoboken and simply go to the 4th ward or basically go to the Hoboken Housing Authority where the predominate amount of "Vote by Mail" requests were made and review how many were returned. Then count how many were rejected due to wrong signature? Wrong Signature? How does someone Not know how to sign their name the same way, unless someone else signed the ballot for them? Also, just come here and ask the people in the Hoboken Housing Authority also known as our "Projects" if they were paid $35-$50 for their ballot unchecked! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD AND IT HAS TO END!!!!
Lastly, the Hudson Reporter will NOT publish my "letter to the editor" due to the fact that I do not have the exact number of "Vote by Mails" per candidate from a “valid” source, so if you could kindly email me the exact results I would appreciate it. Something has to be done to protect our elections and the time is now for someone to stand up for our elections. I have been saying for to many years that Hoboken's elections are FAKE and now we need to put an end to this madness of paying people for their votes! The practice is disgusting, illegal and making a mock of our election process.

David A. Liebler
15 year Hoboken resident, 2nd ward

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beth Mason court date Tuesday in alleged criminal complaint against MSV

Thanksgiving week has arrived making us wistful what more is possible in 2014. Beth Mason looks at the calendar and watches her self-obsessed political career ambitions dwindling. Then she looks who she can blame other than herself.

MSV will be facing Beth Mason in court Tuesday in Jersey City in her years long warring against the First Amendment.
That's not the only date she is facing the witness box.

From Beth Mason's filed criminal complaint after handed a court approved subpoena in City Council chambers:

"Actor did forcefully smack a court document on the victims chest. 
This caused the victim to be offended/alarmed."

Filing a frivolous criminal complaint constitutes perjury and a malicious abuse of process or so say NJ legal beagles.

Help bring Beth Mason to justice.


or via snail mail,
Check or (anonymous) money order to :

R.W. Brice
1032 Hudson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

QLC presents awards Tuesday @ St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish Hall

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014, starting at 7:00 p.m., the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition will, for the first time since 2011, present five Thanksgiving Awards at St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Parish Hall, on Eighth Street between Washington and Hudson Streets.  These honors will be presented to citizens and groups that have freely given of their time and talent to make Hoboken a better place in which to live and work. 

The 2014 recipients and their awards are:
  • Hoboken Grace Community Church is receiving the Environment Award;
  • David Calamoneri , Julie Harari and Nora Martinez DeBenedetto of the Farmer’s Markets are awarded the Community Service Award;
  • Bill Bergin of the Fire Department Museum gains the Saving Our History Award;
  • Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity at Stevens receives the Community Awareness Award;
  • Tom Olivieri posthumously is granted the Lifetime Citizen Activist Award In Memoriam.   

The Hoboken Thanksgiving Awards were initiated in 2005 and were distributed yearly through 2011.  This year reestablishes the presentations for the first time since Hurricane Sandy. The awards are a way for the community to express gratitude for the energy and talent provided by ordinary citizens who have volunteered their time and talent without remuneration for the benefit of the city.

The general public is encouraged to attend.   Admission is free.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

MSV Premium issue is out

If you don't see your MSV Premium arrive in your email inbox, please let Da Horsey know @

Beth Mason's would be empire in Hoboken and at large in NJ is headed to a watery grave.
No AquaMole can save her from the gates of Hades awaiting her arrival.
In the interim, here it comes, courtesy of the Rolling Stones.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The threat to Reform: the Courts as a tool for political intimidation


MSV's exclusive political analysis on the latest Carmelo Garcia lawsuit

Despotism is typically viewed through the lens of a single individual abusing power in an absolute and unjust manner. Hoboken finds itself in a rather unique aspect where individuals seeking despotic power or in this instance having lost it are eager to use the Courts as a tool of personal intimidation.

It's a message sent to the entire Hoboken community and a stern warning. If you wish to participate in the public process of governance, you best mind your manners and steer clear of us and our money pot - or you will be destroyed using the civil and criminal courts.

Partners in crime? Councilwoman Beth Mason and Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia have stood united in an attempt
to suppress Reform oversight inside the Hoboken Housing Authority.
The use of the Courts as a political tool is all the rage even with the Feds crawling all over the joint.
The institutional failure has seen their abuse of the Courts as a tool for intimidation.

Yesterday's statement from Carmelo Garcia's attorney, Louis Zayas of "ethnic cleansing" infamy is maybe the best public announcement of that Old Guard policy. Other recent occasions include the political application when Beth Mason and her family dropped well into six figures to stave off the appointment of Councilman Jim Doyle. Lacking the personal flavor of running up a personal bill, Zayas made it clear his targets are the bank accounts and assets of HHA Chair Dana Wefer, HHA commissioner Dave Mello and of course Mayor Dawn Zimmer. The last due to the mayor's most unforgivable offense of not allowing the Old Guard to cash in on a once in a lifetime swindle - the corrupt undocumented doubling of the HHA called Vision 20/20. 

The more recent and appropriate application is Beth Mason's backing for the 2012 SLAPP suit against over a dozen Hoboken residents she prematurely announced when questioned by this editor at a City Council meeting. That vindictive backlash sputtered out exactly two weeks before the lawsuit's filing in Hudson County Superior Court.

Legal analysis of the latest Carmelo Garcia lawsuit deem it more a political treatise than a legal document, let alone a serious civil complaint. With the Feds breaching the walls of the Hoboken Housing Authority and a special counsel appointed last week by the HHA board, many observers feel it's only a matter of time before more serious criminal transgressions are identified and exposed.

With the latest Carmelo Garcia filing, the impact of intimidation has been largely erased by the offsetting factors in the public domain and HHA Chair Dana Wefer's retaliatory strike yesterday there's far more the public doesn't know about Carmelo Garcia's reign of error inside the agency. What's already in the public domain on the corruption exposed in the HHA would give most pause but the Old Guard has one motto, "No admission of any wrongdoing until the jail cell door slams the back of your rear end." There too is the Beth Mason motto during the FBI investigation of the 2011 Data Theft Ring (DTR) conspiracy, "Unless there's proof, I'm going to say I'm innocent."

It's a creed the entrenched Old Guard live by.

As one federal attorney shared with MSV, "Couldn't finish reading (Garcia's) complaint. It's awful, there's practically no legal argument; it's a political statement." Another noted the attempt at injecting racketeering is simply laughable. Mayor Zimmer has called it "absurd" and pointed to the desperate aspect of Garcia's most recent legal action mocking it even as she's a personal target.

Underlying the obvious attempt to use the Courts as a weapon, there's reason for real concern. Hoboken's political environment is so toxic even politicos in Hudson County steer clear. The City Council has remarkably improved its discourse of late under the fine stewardship of Council President Jen Giattino but it's always a second or two from an ugly outburst and election season is unofficially begun. The six ward seats are up with an election for each next November.

The use of the term Old Guard, coined in Hoboken by MSV has also been turned on its head. In another cynical invention, Louie Zayas writes the Old Guard is not a long time political class attempting to hold sway over Old Hoboken voters, but a (discriminatory) class of residents made up of minorities and Italians.

It's a view deployed to advance a phony civil rights claim when corruption and the despotism of a former head of a Banana Republic lost his way. This Old Guard political intimidation lacking any remote semblance of decency is likely the last dying gasps of a political class desperate to maintain its corrupt hold on Hoboken institutions. One election however can turn the balance of power and it's all turned on a dime. The current City Council makeup is a 5-4 reform majority and can be erased in the next November election.

The use of the Courts, civil and criminal is a warning to individuals who consider participating in the public process. As most of the local boards positions are unpaid, the message is to discourage citizen participation or raising their voice in a public setting as in a City Council meeting. "You are welcome to come hat in hand and beseech us but don't you dare criticize or oppose us" is the clear and obvious Old Guard message.

It really doesn't end with these people. Until the cancer is finally excised from our community, no one is safe.

Look at the time, Da Horsey has to run. Have to get the attorney and prepare for Beth Mason's criminal complaint this Tuesday in Jersey City.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

HHA Chair Dana Wefer blasts Carmelo Garcia lawsuit as "completely frivolous" "meritless lawsuit" points to "dozen more issues uncovered" and "budget overrun"

Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer statement on Carmelo Garcia's latest lawsuit

Mr. Garcia’s lawsuit, his fourth attempt at relitigating the same issues that have already been dismissed by the court, is completely frivolous and meant to harass the authority and volunteer commissioners.  

The public record leading up to Mr. Garcia’s termination, including an independent audit that found $3 million in unlawful procurement, a HUD procurement review that found more than $3 million was doled out to contractors improperly by Mr. Garcia, and a budget overrun of more than $2 million just last year, speaks for itself.  The Hoboken Housing Authority is focused on recovering from Mr. Garcia’s tenure at the authority and is working to implement new programs to get the authority back on its feet.  These facts and more than a dozen more issues that have been uncovered since Mr. Garcia’s termination make clear that the termination was wholly justified and the only responsible action for the Board to take.

It is unfortunate that the authority must devote resources and energy to fighting this meritless lawsuit at the same time that we are trying to recover from the mess that was left behind, but the authority will vigorously defend itself against this frivolity, let the facts speak for themselves, and continue to focus on recovery.  Any causes of action that the authority has against Mr. Garcia will be aggressively pursued.  

HHA Chair Dana Wefer came out blasting Carmelo Garcia
after his latest lawsuit citing over a dozen more "issues"
uncovered in the agency since his termination last August. 

Carmelo Garcia's attorney, Louis Zayas of "ethnic cleansing" infamy reportedly stepped away from the party this week in Atlantic City offering a statement after Wefer's.

As stated on the Hudson County View, Zayas attempted to tie Garcia to another client of his, former Public Safety Director Angel Alicea who has a million dollar jury award locked up in an appeal saying in part:

“Zimmer and Wefer’s self-serving statements of denial will be disproven in front of a jury in the very near future. We will seek punitive damages and go after their personal resources, not taxpayer’s money. We intend to prosecute Zimmer, Wefer and Mello and make them personally liable for the wrongdoing they have committed against Mr. Garcia.”

Talking Ed Note: MSV is straying from its protocol in this updated continuous war of words. The notable threat here is the personal move to "go after.... personal resources."
This is an Old Guard tactic spearheaded by Carmelo Garcia ally Beth Mason in the 2012 SLAPP suit where the Hudson Reporter enthusiastically gushed more than a dozen Hoboken residents faced individual judgements of $2,000,000 each.
The tactic is repeated here and MSV will have more on this lawsuit which is less a civil suit than a failed political treatise.
As the words fly, the Feds are lying in the weeds and a special counsel recently appointed by the Hoboken Housing Authority is not far away either.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Carmelo Garcia & his third lawsuit against Mayor Zimmer, City of Hoboken, Hoboken Housing Authority and its Board of commissioners

Courtesy of John Heinis & The Hudson County View.

See their story at:

Update 6:59 pm - And we're back. In one of the rarest moments in MSV's five plus years, national servers went down taking out the MSV domain for a short spell. Yes, it was scary and came minutes after this complete lawsuit was published proving the dark netherworlds of evil look out after their own.

Our friends in the light stepped in so Da Horsey got better. Thanks for your patience.

Talking Ed Note: MSV is digesting this latest pile of fabrications from Carmelo Garcia and his attorney. The lack of substance in the reckless and baseless charges is hilarious and entertaining on many levels.

First, if Mayor Dawn Zimmer moved to Hoboken so she and her family could make it a "white" city and that was her objective why did Garcia see his contact terminated in August 2014 when she's been mayor since 2009?

If Mayor Zimmer's objective was to replace Hoboken with her own "New Guard" as alleged, why was Carmelo Garcia sitting in the position as HHA Executive Director five years later? The mayor has no vote on an HHA contract and in retrospect the HHA Board took longer than it should to terminate the agreement.

It's only the beginning of what will be a thorough dissection of this latest filing from Hoboken's Ethic Cleanser Carmelo Garcia.

MSV unlike in Garcia's second lawsuit was not named this time only referenced as being part of his alleged "conspiracy." The portion where Garcia alleges he uncovered corruption is a particularly humorous touch considering the revelations since his first lawsuit was filed last year where:

a) Garcia was caught taking thousands of dollars from vendors who he gave unauthorized payments as reported exclusively here last May.
b) HUD came out with a withering report "obliterating" his procurement conduct in August.
c) Garcia's own auditors ripped to shreds his actions in their report last July.
d) Federal investigations are ongoing in the HHA as revealed mere days ago.

We'd love to hear a statement pending an arrest is all we'll say for now.

Hoboken prepares move toward new park purchase of Cognis Henkel site

A resolution passed at Monday night's City Council meeting authorizing an appraisal and offer* for the west side Henkel Cognis site at 11th and Madison St. puts a bulls eye on the property for open space and public use.

BASF, the chemical company is currently remediating the site aiming to making a deal with the City to develop part of the six acres in exchange for making an offer on another select portion.

The City's purchase offer makes public the City's clearest intention to acquire the entire property. The City Council voted 7-1 to approve the purchase offer with Councilman Dave Mello arriving just after the early vote.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano voiced concern seeing the writing on the wall announcing she would not support the City's intention to obtain the BASF property in an eminent domain purchase.

The Council however went ahead approving the resolution seeking to obtain an independent appraisal and making a formal offer to BASF. An earlier request from BASF to provide its own appraisal of the six acre property has not been forthcoming.

Previous conversations between the City and BASF did not close the door to the property being sold but BASF opted to initially perform a required remediation on the former industrial site before any additional dialog. It's clear the two sides have strong if not intractable differences.

The resolution's passage indicates the City of Hoboken enters a serious phase seeking to acquire the six acres for the public's open space use.

City Council President Jen Giattino remarked this is the last, best opportunity for the City of Hoboken to obtain multiple acres of contiguous open space.

A City of Hoboken 2010 map identified areas for reexamination in a Mayor Zimmer Administration Open Space Plan.
The serious intent of acquiring open space for Hoboken's 52,000 residents enters a critical phase 
under the mayor in the two year effort surrounding the BASF Henkel Cognis site at 11th and Madison in west Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: The City of Hoboken is underway building the new Southwest Park but the resolution seeking an independent appraisal on the BASF Henkel Cognis site at 11th and Madison St. is the most aggressive open space park action since Mayor Zimmer completed Pier C park.

Hoboken has earmarked $23 million for the purchase of open space/parks and those funds will be largely pointed to acquiring the six acres on the west side of upper Hoboken. It's affordable in an eminent domain purchase.

Both sides are clearly slated for a clash. The City of Hoboken acquired the approximately one acre surface parking lot in Southwest Hoboken in an eminent domain purchase approved in Hudson County Superior Court.

Correction: The City Council resolution authorizes both an appraisal and offer for the BASF property.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ya gotta have art @ the Barsky Gallery - 6:00 pm on tonight

Banksy Gallery announces:

We're having an impromptu artist talk tonight for a small group of art enthusiasts, and a broadcast taping for a local independent TV station.
Guests are welcome. Our doors will open at 6:00 pm tomorrow (Tuesday) only. If you haven't yet seen the new exhibit or met the artists, this would be a great opportunity.

Address: 49 Harrison St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Mayor Zimmer: 'Reevaluating the reval'

Mayor Dawn Zimmer released the following memo with the official City Council resolutions detailing further evaluation of a revaluation (reval).

Talking Ed Note: To say there is misunderstanding on the reval is an understatement. Commenters have been having a lively discussion for days here on the issue. What's apparent is people do not understand how the reval works even after the one concluded after almost 25 years.

Some continuous complaints claim they will face an annual increase in City of Hoboken taxes with a rolling reval. Put simply, this is not true.

As with the one previous, in a rolling reval all properties values are weighed (reassessed) across town. If the average citywide property valuation increases, say 10%, the only properties which would see a tax increase are those that exceed the valuation beyond the 10% average.

There's been Old Guard misinformation spreading the myth this is an annual tax increase. Some hysteria has followed but what's odd is it even comes from some corners of "educated reformers" who are repeating it to anyone who will listen.

County taxes now the largest portion of Hoboken resident's tax bill are distinct from the steady and reduced municipal taxes in recent years. Hoboken residents had a chance in the spring to vote for a Freeholder candidate in Phil Cohen in the Democratic Primary who wanted to implement  process methodologies to identify excessive costs at the County level. He lost to Anthony "Stick" Romano in a low turnout election. Romano's stated position on County taxes is you can't do anything about them. So that means you can expect to see more Hudson County tax increases yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are under the heel of HudCo. There isn't even a major opposition candidate lined up in the upcoming County Executive race.

It's three years to the next Freeholder election. Hoboken will then have its one seat (shared with Jersey City Heights) on the nine member legislative county body to reconsider representation at that level.

Until then, you are at HudCo's mercy. Elections matter and they do have consequences.

Last, the mandatory paid sick pay ordinance proposed by Councilwoman Terry Castellano and Beth Mason was pushed to December. High five!

Climb for a cure of MS & CADASIL Syndrome for Jennifer Costner's Father.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mandatory sick leave ordinance on small business on tap @ 7:00

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
(No commercial interruption on the Ustream app on iPhone and iPad.)

The ordinance to force local businesses to give mandatory sick leave is up on second reading. Sponsored by Councilwoman Terry Castellano and Beth Mason, it was suppose to be a layup but the Hoboken small business community has slowly woken up to the hit job. (No conversations or meetings were held when the ordinance was originally put up and it caught many by surprise.) Perhaps after the local Chamber of Commerce is finished patting itself on the back, they'll show up and do something.

Or maybe not.

More ordinances of significance: no. 3 disallows cruel leashing and no. 4 is a big one on the NJ Transit (Rail Yard) plan.

Resolution 17 proposes suspension of parking fees to all City parking facilities every Saturday through December 21st to help Hoboken business. One can guess that will receive a unanimous vote.

The full agenda:

Hudson Reporter claims award as federal investigation smoke around Carmelo Garcia explodes into cauldron

MSV's personal analysis on last week's breaking federal investigation news in Hoboken

The late Friday bombshell by way of John Heinis at The Hudson County View shifted the smoke signals emanating out of the Hoboken Housing Authority seeing it form a mushroom-like nuclear base.

Federal investigations confirmed after months of troubling actions coming out of the Hoboken Housing Authority under the reign of former Executive Director Carmelo spells big trouble for him and the Old Guard who backed him to the hilt desperate to see the controversial undocumented massive downtown redevelopment Vision 20/20 politrickeryed a fait accompli.

Preceding the revelations of federal investigations, the HHA Board of Commissioners again approved the hiring of a special counsel Thursday night to examine what they had been blocked by the former Executive Director from seeing. A similar resolution passed in May saw HUD Newark intervene stopping a special counsel investigation into millions of dollars in illicit spending.

Not three months later, HUD itself followed with its own lambasting in August after Garcia's termination exposed a growing mountain in the millions of dollars of procurement issues there. With these latest developments, the curtains are being pulled back on the former Banana Republic of Carmelo Garcia.

In no small irony, the pro Old Guard Hudson Reporter proclaimed it was issued a "Best Business of the Year" award from the local Chamber of Commerce last weekend. The Old Guard may be losing the reins on public institutions and its hand on the wheel of money but that demonstration of coziness comes at an awkward time.

Carmelo Garcia finds himself the center of attention as word late Friday the Department of Justice division OIG 
is currently investigating contracts at the Hoboken Housing Authority during his watch.
There's at least one confirmed federal investigation ongoing at the agency.

The pat on the back from the Chamber doesn't mean a porno film can be nominated and win an Academy Award for Best Picture but it makes it more not less likely. Lets' not ask what possible objective criteria were used; this is about the worst example of back scratching in a relationship predicated on incest as one can illustrate in the Mile Square.

The Hudson Reporter has much to atone to the Hoboken community. It's censored letter publishing record is legendary in activist circles and its venom toward the Reform community long known and understood. MSV published a letter submitted from a group last week challenging Stevens on a proposed building outside of existing zoning standards.  The Hudson Street Alliance has tried for several weeks to have its difference with the local university aired as part of a public policy discussion to no avail.

That's a mere current crumb as MSV has heard similar over the years and aired it in only the most restrained fashion. The Hudson Reporter editors have to put it politely been oddly restrained to say the least in reporting to the public the full facts of what's transpired under Carmelo Garcia at the Hoboken Housing Authority.

When HUD slammed Garcia's attempt to illegally approve a contract for Charles Daglian, the Hudson Reporter ignored the story of the contract being "legally flawed" then and since. Its coverage of late has been not much better as it reluctantly acknowledged millions of dollars in illicit procurement by Carmelo Garcia but closed its eyes on the agency's own auditor report MSV exclusively reported last July. Not a single column inch was expended on that huge story.

This past weekend was no exception to that rule. It detailed extensively charges by Carmelo Garcia in his third civil lawsuit filed against Mayor Zimmer, the City of Hoboken, the Hoboken Housing Authority and its board but failed to remotely outline the corresponding issues pouring out over months pointing weakly (and quite improperly) to HHA chair Dana Wefer as the focus of "allegations." For the first time, it reluctantly acknowledged (toward the end of its story) most of Mister Carmelo's amended lawsuit tossed on the first pass was also sent to a watery grave. MSV has been highlighting their obstruction on this point for months.

If an official connected to Reform sneezes, the Hudson Reporter jumps on it ready to proclaim it a potential Ebola epidemic. Ask Councilman Ravi Bhalla how that's worked out for him. When election time last November came, the organized Old Guard assault on Bhalla was greeted warmly on its pages. Beth Mason thanks them to this day for their loyalty in that failed effort. Is she an intimate advertiser influencing "news" coverage or a bona fide business partner? Oh the transparency... not!

MSV has a more personal critique when the Hudson Reporter editors working with Beth Mason's fishy political operative tried to pawn off a dual hit job here and against Grafix Avenger. Caught en flagrant delicto, both Hudson Reporter editors hid from scrutiny or any question and flushed a so called Hoboken blogosphere story. It was a declaration of war on alternative news media and clearly their self-viewed monopoly on the Hoboken information domain.

Several months later in the summer of 2012, the Hudson Reporter released a story on a lawsuit against a dozen or so Hoboken residents by a long alleged Beth Mason political operative who denied ever acting on her behalf in such capacity. The Hudson Reporter feigned not knowing anything about its own direct relationship with said Beth Mason political operative pushing the Beth Mason party line toward destroying competing voices in Hoboken.

The word conspiracy comes to mind. The legal latin phraseology escapes us but not competent lawyers. We've seen the true enemies of the First Amendment and it's not us. We'll just look in the general direction of the guilty and attempt a horse whistle uptown.

As the biggest corruption story in Hoboken unfolds since convicted felon Mayor Peter Cammarano's arrest for corruption in 2009, the Hudson Reporter can take a bow. The Old Guard and Beth Mason loves you, especially Mister Carmelo.

Now let's step back to get a better view of the mushroom cloud forming over a corner of Hoboken.

This picture is believed forming right now over southwest Hoboken where the Hoboken Housing Authority resides.
Or is it more like midtown Hoboken on Bloomfield Street? Only the Feds know the answer for the moment.

Talking Ed Note: Tonight it's the regular City Council meeting moved to Monday due to the League of Municipalities being held this week in Atlantic City. Beth Mason is again scheduled to be hosting queen of desserts for State Senator Steve Sweeney. Surely the road to purchasing a NJ Lt. Governor's seat isn't that easy.

It says here it ain't.