Wednesday, November 5, 2014

AM Shocker: BoE results reverberate with final VBM totals


As MSV enters this story at 1:00 in the am, the Hudson County Board of Elections minutes ago finalized the election totals adding in the Vote by Mail universe. The totals do not change the results outside of the provisional ballots but it adds a dimension of drama in a extremely close eight candidate battle.

Here are the final figures less two small districts (with Vote by Mail late) outside of provisional ballots:

Vote CountPercent
NP - Brian MURRAY 1H2,06812.53%
NP - Antonio GRAY 2H2,05112.43%
NP - Sharyn L. ANGLEY 3H2,15613.06%
NP - Peter BIANCAMANO 4H2,45014.84%
NP - Monica STROMWALL 5H2,20513.36%
NP - Patricia WAITERS 6H1,96811.92%
NP - Lynn DANZKER 7H1,6029.71%
NP - Frances RHODES KEARNS 8H1,98212.01%
Personal Choice240.15%



Victory party for the Reform movement at 10th and Willow Bar: (l) Mayor Dawn Zimmer, BoE trustee Monica Stromwall
and Hoboken reform's Carrie Phillips strike a pose after the remarkable victory last night.

Talking Ed Note: In one of the most remarkable closest elections let alone for an eight member field, Reform chalks up a huge win in Hoboken. More on all this later.