Friday, January 10, 2014

First 2014 HHA meeting degenerates into fracas as Carmelo Garcia illegally ends proceedings

BREAKING VIDEO OF HHA MEETING - courtesy of Hudson County TV


The end of the HHA meeting degenerated into absolute chaos when commissioner Dave Mello made a simple motion to move the February meeting date by several days to accommodate a member who wanted to attend in-person and would be out of town.

The motion was not entertained by Chairman Rob Davis and according to the video some gobble gook having nothing to do with Robert's Rules of Order surfaced by the compromised HHA legal counsel Charles Daglian.

Seven attempts to reappoint HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's choice for the legal counsel contract have failed.  One vote initially "passing" last February was deemed legally flawed by Housing & Urban Development.) Dagalian has remained as a contractual holdover.

Many in the crowd seated about 10 feet from the dais left their seats and a band of Carmelitos are seen strewn across the entire front of the commissioners yelling and screaming and making an utter mockery of an official federal government meeting.

Also standing literally atop the dais of commissioners yelling at commissioner Mello is former Hoboken resident Chris Campos who served years back in 2007 as fourth ward councilman and is a former HHA commissioner.  Others appearing in the video taken from the left side of the table are seen acting out of order.

Chairman Rob Davis makes little to no effort to retain order or discipline anyone in the video.

The Hoboken Police Officer in attendance becomes overwhelmed and attempts to restore order.
(MSV had attended but left before the simple motion to shift the February meeting date.)

No vote is taken on the motion as Chairman Rob Davis rises to his feet to lecture Dave Mello he can not make a motion to be entertained by him.  Davis appears to be under the belief the chair can ignore valid motions from the floor entirely and Daglian is seen reading inapplicable documentation to that effect.

From the video, it appears no vote was taken on the simple motion to adjust the February meeting and no vote was taken at all to conclude the meeting.

According to John Heinis of Hudson County TV, HHA Executive Carmelo Garcia made a "motion to dismiss" ending the meeting.

There's only one problem: Carmelo Garcia has no legal authority to vote and has no ability to participate as a legally appointed commissioner.

Look at the end of the video who is waving to "adjourn" the meeting with no vote taken: Commissioner Judy Burrell.

On background, commissioners have aired strong concerns and fears of violence breaking out.  The safety of the commissioners was ultimately compromised last night.
The video is not representative of the fears expressed privately.

MSV must agree with those concerns.

Talking Ed Note: Required for the next meeting and probably succeeding others - a phalanx of police to protect the commissioners.  Chairman Rob Davis coached by Carmelo Garcia who shouldn't even be sitting with the commissioners has apparently distilled in him the rights of all tyrannical despots over banana republics.

There's going to be some close legal examination of the bylaws after this.

For more on this and other Hudson County news, please see Hudson County TV:

Changing of the Old Guard in the HHA

Last night, two new HHA members were sworn-in, beginning a new day and some would hope a new light shinning on the fiduciary necessities of that agency.

It is the last and third largest public budget in the City of Hoboken spared reform financial oversight.
As MSV has reported the most thorough coverage on the Hoboken Housing Authority in the last year or more, the changes are not insignificant.

As readers here well know, the attempt to merely rotate professionals in auditing and legal counsel under former chair Jake Stuiver led to World War III and a level of acrimony, politics of personal destruction and depraved indifference to decency not seen since the Beth Mason SLAPP.

To say the professionalism injected is welcome would be an understatement.  More coverage to come.

The new commissioners to the HHA are Dana Wefer and James Sanford.

New HHA commissioner Dana Wefer takes the oath of office.

Taking his turn, James Sanford takes the oath of office as a new HHA commissioner.

Talking Ed Note: The ink on one of the most atrocious legal documents in a baseless civil suit isn't even dry and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia was mouthing last night that perhaps the mayor will work together in a new spirit as she said at her inaugural.

It was a speech Garcia himself failed to attend.

Garcia's "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit brought a negative national spotlight on Hoboken and his attempts to extort the City of Hoboken to bend to an undocumented massive land grab called Vision 20/20 will not soon be forgotten.

One can only salute the bravery of Hoboken residents who are willing to serve in such a climate where civil lawsuits are used as spiteful and vindictive tools to achieve personal, financial and political gain.

From the view here, it's a rampant years long cancer in Hoboken.  Years long.

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