Thursday, April 17, 2014

What happens when you "mess" with Vision 20/20 and "politicians"

MSV has previously written of evidence of direct threats made against Hoboken resident Jessica Coco. There's more to that story.

What you weren't told were the threats made against this editor.

The continuing political efforts surrounding the undocumented plan Vision 20/20 and the hostilities surrounding its lack of approval have led to numerous antagonistic actions, games being played and pawns pushed into the fray.

For the first time, MSV will make public the evidence of a threat directed against this editor.
It ended thusly:

You should hope that your home doesn't get vandalized like Ms. Coco's did. Don't mess with politicians. 

Things won't end well.

Complete details were turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Have a great holiday everyone.

MSV Exclusive: Carmelo Garcia's paid staff and accountability to the People

Carmelo Garcia and his important but controversial dual roles as HHA Executive Director and Assemblyman saw that issue arise this past week in both the HHA and last night's City Council meeting.

A question was posed to one of his staff members Patricia Waiters, when Councilman Ravi Bhalla asked if she was a paid staff member of Carmelo Garcia.

Waiters responded "no" and provided a long confusing dually confessed and obfuscated answer. She along with several others is in fact on the payroll of Assemblyman Garcia.  Councilman Ravi Bhalla finished requesting a legal opinion if it's appropriate to vote someone on as a HHA commissioner who is also a paid staff member of Assemblyman Garcia.

It's discussed near the end of public portion:

In the video, Waiters also claims among other problematic issues surrounding antisemitic remarks alleged at the Thursday HHA meeting to being harassed and said MSV was "chasing us" and "that's why we had him removed out of the meeting."  MSV categorically denies all the false allegations.

A complete transcript from the April HHA meeting will be made available to the public.

The following people are on the taxpayers payroll as paid aides to Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia:

Former Hoboken councilman and
former Hoboken resident                           Chris Campos - $40,000

Former Chief of Staff to former
Mayor Sal Vega of West New York           Daniel Ortega - $38,000

Communications professional:                  Frank Rosner - $15,000

Hoboken resident                                       Patricia Waiters - $10,000

Former Hoboken resident                          Nick Calicchio - $7,000

MSV is adding Patricia Waiters to the short list of public officials receiving taxpayer funds who will no longer be contacted on occasion for comment on issues of public concern. While she has called MSV a few months back seeking advice and she had been called once a month ago, there's been an obvious change in demeanor since her new job with Assemblyman Garcia.

After her appearance in City Council a month ago, a text conversation that evening ended with a question unanswered if she was being paid by Carmelo Garcia. A conversation followed the next day and she did admit she worked under him "for constituents." Told getting paid and doing work was no issue but that comments made outside of accepted political norms was problematic, Waiters would finally agree and the conversation ended on an up note.

None of that information however was reported until details could be verified.

It's not been an up note with the public remarks made before the HHA and City Council since.  MSV will allow the public to draw its own conclusions and stands by its first person account of the last HHA meeting a week ago.

The other person who is on the "no questions" list is fourth ward Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio who filed false charges claiming he was being "followed" by MSV after a single phone call asking about his upcoming trial. He however continues to approach MSV (from behind) or on the street and makes less than savory remarks which won't be printed here.

Those false charges were later thrown out of court.

Carmelo Garcia even as a public figure holding dual taxpayer paid public positions is the other person who is not contacted in any private setting. While there's no concern about his recording a conversation, there's been too much of the "woe is me" cries to do so without witnesses as in a question on a single public matter last year he refused to comment and threatened to file a complaint he was being harassed.

Since then, Garcia's filed frivolous lawsuits and it appears the aim is more of the same.

Anyone in the public, resident, constituent or citizen journalist has every right to ask elected and appointed officials a question in person, by phone or text. Doing so does not constitute "harassment."

Of course anyone has the right to comment here or contact MSV on any concern of public policy. That's the accountability to the public owed. Too bad some elected and paid government officials believe they are exceptions to that obvious fact.

As many people know, the Old Guard is using the courts as a tool of real intimidation in their personal politics of destruction. It's what some do who can't muster a rational argument.

Correction: MSV has written Carmelo Garcia is on the public taxpayer roles in three positions: HHA Executive Director, NJ Assemblyman and as an aide to Freeholder Anthony Romano.

The last position is no longer true as Garcia no longer holds that $5,000 position as aide to the Freeholder effective last fall. The position of aide to the Freeholder was one Garcia originally obtained through appointment of the former Freeholder, the late Maurice Fitzgibbons.

No Master Plan, zero transparency as Beth Mason pushes the Vision 20/20 scam

One of the aspects of Hoboken's changing political climate is the never say die mentality of those who stand in the way of not just good government but decent government. It's the shame of our City.

How else to explain this video of Councilwoman Beth Mason speaking on Vision 20/20? As has been pointed out numerous times, this monstrosity was thrust upon the Hoboken public and the unsuspecting residents of the HHA with zero transparency.

To date all the public has seen is a bunch of words and a glossy brochure.

A brochure.

To date, there is no Master Plan, this is a Master Scam being offered by an emperor with no clothes.

There's reference to mysterious support in Washington and New Orleans who it's claimed back the undocumented Vision 20/20 project. How or why anyone in New Orleans would back an undocumented massive redevelopment in New Jersey is not answered.

When the vaguest question on opposition to Vision 20/20 is asked, Mason offers not a single shred of illumination. There is no argument to the lack of a Master Plan or anything remotely resembling same to the Office of the Mayor, the City Council, the Hoboken Housing Authority or the Hoboken public at large.

How does one argue against criticism of an undocumented massive redevelopment of the HHA?

The first proposed structure turning over the management rights of the building featured a cool, clean one million dollars in profit.

The plan calls for well over a dozen more similar buildings with oversight rights removed and a fat subsidy, a PILOT of course courtesy of you the taxpayer.

Whatever happened to the promised tenant "Bill of Rights?" That too doesn't exist.

Shameless, absolutely shameless. Here's Beth Mason:

Video courtesy of Hudson County TV

Talking Ed Note: One commenter at HCTV is not amused by the "infomercial" without any credible information.

No kidding.