Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hoboken Housing Authority Chair - Dana Wefer

Out with the old (guard) and in with the new as Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner Dana Wefer easily became the new Chair of the body in a 5-2 vote.

A nomination to re-elect Rob Davis as Chairman failed to get a seconding motion.

Voting yes to Chairwoman Wefer: James Sanford, David Dening, Judy Burrell, Dave Mello and Dana Wefer.

Voting no: Rob Davis, Jeanne Rodriguez.

Commissioner Dave Mello was voted in as Vice Chair.

The meeting displayed problematic behavior by the Carmelitos out of the gate with nasty remarks from a small group in the front of the room. Not long into the meeting, Michelle Lusane was ejected  for repeatedly yelling out after ignoring a warning to refrain from doing so.

HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer easily won the vote to become the head of the agency. She immediately went to work
following up on numerous questions raised earlier about spending with half-a-dozen vendors.
Procurement problems were identified almost immediately in her follow-up from the last meeting allegedly in 

the neighborhood of one million dollars over several years.
That's not a typo - $1,000,000. More to come.

Talking Ed Note: MSV experienced immediate harassment leading into the meeting by employees of the HHA. Sitting in a chair by the left pillar near the front of the room before the reorg meeting, the sound person, Mr. Robert Braxton came over and insisted doing so was not permitted. Attempts to ignore his imagined authority failed as he decided to escalate the matter.

Another person identified as the site manager also was interfering saying MSV could not sit quietly by the left pillar.

Mr. Braxton then proceeded to drag the chair about five feet - with MSV sitting in it. An immediate complaint was voiced to the Executive Director Carmelo Garcia as Beth Mason's political operative Matt Calicchio and HHA resident Kyelia Colon interjected claiming the incident never occurred. No one was asking them.

Mr. Braxton responded to the verbal admonishment to keep his hands off. "I didn't touch you," he said matter of fact. The Hoboken Police Department had not yet arrived.

For the record, MSV has sent an email to the HHA commissioners, counsel Charles Daglian and Carmelo Garcia after the last HHA meeting, complaining about the previous ejection by then Chairman Rob Davis preceding the ugly remarks by Garcia's Assembly aide, Patricia Waiters.  The letter stated that no further interference with reporting would be tolerated.

This will be taken up with the lawyer tomorrow.

Congratulations to Dana Wefer and Dave Mellow. Ms. Wefer is proving already to be an outstanding choice acting with a high degree of professionalism and competence. She assigned all members to committees voicing hope it will result in new ideas and improvements brought to the Authority.

In the video above, Chairwoman Dana Wefer announces formation of a new committee system. She's interrupted and a fracas breaks out. Pokey is ejected. Arlette Braxton then says they will all have to be thrown out. The police intercede and order is restored.

Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio says he's calling for another protest outside of Dave Mello's home at the Sky Club.

My HHA: 221 Jackson Street - tonight at 5:30

If yesterday's desperate race baiting is any indicator, tonight's Hoboken Housing Authority Meeting will not fare any better.

The meeting with the reorganization starts at 5:30.

Hoboken Housing Authority
221 Jackson Street
Ground floor 

It's a public meeting and people can attend to see how this government entity functions.

The Hoboken Police Department should be on hand.

Councilman Dave Mello explodes against anti-Semitism by public officials

Reform councilman reveals he's overheard Carmelo Garcia lying about Vision 20/20
Questions why Garcia hasn't immediately had his aide resign for anti-Semitic "rantings"

Sometimes the truth has a funny way of coming out. In this instance, playing the race card doesn't quite turn out as planned by Councilman Michael Russo when Councilman Dave Mello lets fly with his taking offense to "anti-Semitic rantings" at Hoboken Housing Authority meetings.

Russo attempts to counter claiming other minorities suffer the same victimization but Mello denies the indirect charge. Russo then claims it isn't his statements but actions.

Mello however doesn't back down and also reveals a fascinating sidebar conversation heard between HHA Executive Director and architect Dean Marchetto exiting his apartment.

Councilwoman Terry Castellano foolishly interjects calling his direct party witnessing "hearsay" not once but twice. You can see her being more than a little uncomfortable as Councilwoman Beth Mason  turns her back completely away during Mello's charges, unable to countenance true anti-Semitism.

Beth Mason who had nothing to say about the real anti-Semitism at hand in the here and now chose instead to bring up her complaint from almost four years ago about Grafix Avenger to Mello.

Some might say that offers some legal illumination.

Mello questioned why Carmelo Garcia keeps his Assembly aide on staff after the anti-Semitic rantings (detailed on MSV earlier in the transcript).

Garcia according to a new Hudson Reporter story, says he was in the bathroom.
He was in the bathroom the whole meeting?

That's not going to work for Mr. Carmelo. Mainly because it's not true.

Talking Ed Note: It's clear Dave Mello did not plan to reveal what he overheard about Vision 20/20 between Carmelo Garcia saying to architect Dean Marchetto. But the cat is out of the bag. Thank you very much Councilman Dave Mello for providing first hand testimony on what a scam Vision 20/20 is.

MSV has been reporting on the complete undocumented scam being pushed by the Hoboken Sopranos for well over a year.

The Hudson Reporter playing a major role in this fishy little bottom feeding game has seen the tables turned on them. They reference the HHA meeting transcript but only lightly dig into it failing to expose the full measure of anti-Semitic remarks peppered throughout the meeting.

Can the Hudson Reporter aid and/or protect Carmelo Garcia?

Michael Russo hugs it out with the race card as Dave Mello explodes in indignation over "anti-Semitic rants"

Hoboken Housing Authority seat appointment brings out the Old Guard ugly

Reform supporter David Dening is appointed in 5-4 vote

News analysis from last night's race card eruptions:

The open HHA commissioner seat promised heat with controversial Executive Director Carmelo Garcia facing potentially stronger oversight in the shadow of his paid aide making racial remarks at the last Hoboken Housing Authority meeting.

It was the elephant in the room unsaid through much comment on the HHA board appointment.

The worst fears of the Old Guard became reality when Hoboken resident David Dening was appointed 5-4 with some of the ugliest race baiting and racist charges coming in recent months, not from the usual cast of Carmelitos, but from Old Guard council members themselves.

If you like Old Guard below sewer level race baiting and playing the race card, this meeting didn't disappoint. Isn't Hoboken special?

Timmy Occhipinti who is not a minority himself kicked off the political refuse saying he was "troubled" about the number of white appointments made to the local boards and pointed to the discredited Hudson Reporter article last weekend as evidence.  Occhipinti obviously doesn't know one of the recent appointments, James Sanford is himself Asian.  Later Councilman Michael Russo would foolishly follow with the same easily proven fabrication.

Occhipinti laid out numerous charges, one claiming recent appointees haven't attended HHA meeting at all prior to becoming commissioners. HHA commissioner Dana Wefer however attended more meetings as an observer months before becoming a commissioner than Occhipinti himself.

With a relatively small group of the same Carmelitos present to speak on behalf of their benefactor/landlord Carmelo Garcia, Councilman Michael Russo would not be topped by bland race baiting which was conveniently featured in the Hudson Reporter days earlier. (MSV revealed that political operation ad buy in its Saturday story.)

Sinking to the rankest level of race baiting since he told then Council President Peter Cunningham to don a KKK hood months ago because he wouldn't vote in favor of the undocumented Vision 20/20 plan, Councilman Russo unleashed a bevy of falsehoods claiming the Administration didn't appoint Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians to local boards.

"There is 100% an underlying racism in these appointments," Russo calmly tossed onto the dais following what some say (and MSV predicted) was an obvious political plot started in the pro Old Guard rag Hudson Reporter.

Russo then waded into what was a topic raised repeatedly (often by the Carmelitos) not on the agenda but certainly part and parcel of the race baiting political operation: requesting a "letter of need" so taxpayer funds can flow into the hands and be directed by Carmelo Garcia. (It requires a PILOT agreement as well but that never fits the political agenda talking points.)

Then Russo directed his attack on "politics" pointing the finger but revealingly saying in the same breath the next time the reform council put up a candidate for a board, "At least let him have the balls to come up and defend himself."

The Carmelitos enjoyed this immensely and burst into applause. Russo never explain what a candidate not of his choosing needed to defend himself from but one could conclude they should prepare to "defend" themselves from him.

Councilman Dave Mello would become incensed and although no one had said a word earlier about the previous anti-Semitism emanating out of the previous HHA meeting, that ended. Mello would voice outrage at the "anti-Semitic rantings" at HHA meetings and how Carmelo Garcia stood by as his paid employee did so. Russo would attempt to counter with his special brand of moral equivalence, trying to change the subject to imagined racist sayings and Mello informed him he had never done so. (Video to come.)

Councilman Michael Russo continued to exhibit enthusiasm to roll in the mud or in this case, the race baiting gutter while next to him Councilwoman Beth Mason made contorted faces, yelling out an attack on Grafix Avenger. As for unabashed bonafide anti-Semitism spoken in government meetings in Hoboken at present, Mason said nothing. (See the picture below of Beth Mason pictured with her political ally, fellow corruptocrat Carmelo Garcia for the answer as to why.)

No media other than MSV has reported on the actual anti-Semitic comments Councilman Mello referenced at the last HHA meeting by a paid member of Carmelo Garcia's Assembly staff.

David Dening spoke briefly after being verbally assaulted by Russo and said there was a need for transparency in the HHA and mentioned the lack of documentation on the Housing Authority website. Some of that information is legally required to be made public such as minutes and it has not been made available over months.

Former HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez was often lauded for asking questions of Carmelo Garcia by the pro-Carmelo public speakers and some council members. Left unsaid was how he was never "independent of any faction" as Russo falsely claimed. He's been a stalwart approving vote for Garcia.

He would speak and make a plea for a fifth vote on his behalf not forthcoming. One of Gonzalez's best moments in a HHA meeting may have been when he declined an invitation by Carmelo Garcia to verbally "denounce" MSV and Grafix Avenger. (Garcia has bitterly complained about any investigative stories on the HHA not glowing of himself, even mentioning MSV in his last civil suit mostly thrown out of court earlier this year.)

Gonzalez has been a reliable vote for Carmelo Garcia even voting numerous times to renew the counsel contract of Charles Daglian. Those votes putting Daglian up again and again and again was described as a repeated act of insubordination by members of the majority of the HHA board who have expressed grave problems with Daglian's actions and "advice." Daglian's promotion of his own contract in a HHA meeting was rescinded by HUD who called it and Carmelo Garcia's procurement actions "legally flawed."

Carmelo Garcia wouldn't take no for an answer and put Daglian's contract up more than half-a-dozen times. Now he sees one of his most reliable votes in Eduardo Gonzalez off the seven member board. As Councilman Russo recognizes, there's no rubber stamp from one of Carmelo Garcia's managed tenants replacing him either.

That's what the race baiting is all about - a desperate attempt to protect the self-proclaimed "Banana Republic of Carmelo" from oversight and the razing of the voter farms in the HHA. The color in question isn't white, black or brown - it's green.

Gimme some of that Vision Money Money. Again, there's millions in pure profits at stake. The depths of playing the race card is about putting money into politician's pockets.

Talking Ed Note: All this race baiting has everything to do with protecting unrestricted rein of Old Guard ally Carmelo Garcia in the Hoboken Housing Authority. Councilman Peter Cunningham mentioned the problem of lifelong Hoboken residents who apply for HHA apartments and never move up the list. He concluded, "It's time for a change."

On that point, how apartments are used as part of back room political deals, the Old Guard remained mum. Nothing but crickets.

Do you think Timmy is ready to resign and let say Ruben Ramos take the fourth ward seat now so minorities can hold more leadership positions? Ruben's waiting Timmy.

After the Old Guard race cards were exhausted and the Carmelitos departed, the City Council went on to complete the rest of its agenda business. If you caught the end of the meeting, you wouldn't be the wiser what had occurred earlier. The later portion was rather droll.

Next stop on the Old Guard race baiting gutter tour: the Hoboken Housing Authority meeting Thursday night. 5:30 is the reorganization and 6:00 is the meeting. Carmelitos will be in attendance led by one individual who is paid with your tax dollars saying ugly lies up and down. We'll let you decide if that's reference to the him or her.

Not quite a year to the day Councilman Michael Russo tried to play the race card and that too blew up in his face when Councilman Dave Mello retaliated telling him to "desegregate" Church Towers, the subsidized building the Russo family lives in and many say is controlled by them.