Monday, June 2, 2014

Guest of the Stable: Vijay Chaudhuri explains his support for Phil Cohen

Dear Horsey & MSV readers

I would like to express my full support to Phil Cohen, candidate for County Freeholder.  As a witness to his contributions to the Hoboken reform movement, I know Phil is the ideal candidate for the job.

I've known Phil through his de facto leadership position of head of the reform minded Democratic County Committee members in Hoboken.  Phil was instrumental in recruiting new, open minded candidates who were dedicated to changing politics as usual in Hoboken.  Thanks to his leadership, the Hoboken Democratic Committee includes new individuals who have worked with Mayor Dawn Zimmer to make City Hall a more open, transparent and community friendly place, a dramatic turn from our city's past administrations.   In addition, Phil was responsible for reforming the Hoboken Democratic Party so that tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions could no longer be funneled through the Democratic Party to support a candidate in a non-partisan election (such as a Mayor), a practice that had been used to circumvent election laws in previous years. 

I also worked extensively with Phil on another of his reform projects:  changing the date of the municipal elections to coincide with elections that normally took place in November.  Previously, the Hoboken municipal elections for Mayor and City Council were the only elections to take place in May.  This practice has cost Hoboken millions of unnecessary taxpayer dollars over years, and caused extreme voter fatigue with extra elections each year.  Now, thanks to Phil's efforts at informing voters, petitioning to get the issue on the ballot, and heading the campaign to combine elections, Hoboken elections now coincide with the Gubernatorial and Presidential elections in November.   

On June 3, I encourage voters to support the Hoboken reform movement and vote for Phil Cohen for Freeholder. 

Vijay Chaudhuri
Hoboken, NJ

Final push for the finish from Phil Cohen

Cohen for Freeholder

Dear Horsey and MSV readers --

I'm fighting to set a new direction for Hudson County, but I can't do it without you. This election is down to the wire, and every vote is critical.

Polls open at 6am tomorrow. Do you know where to vote?


For too long, we've been expected to stomach tax increases, without receiving the services we deserve. It's time for change.

I'll push for a full audit of the county budget, so we can cut costs, and save money. When I'm Freeholder, I won't be afraid to ask the tough questions, and fight for you. But I can't become Freeholder without your support.
The polls are open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. If you're not sure where to vote, click here to find out.
Together, we can bring real change to Hudson County. Thank you for your support tomorrow.

For more information;

Last call:

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Tomorrow is Election Day!

This is our last reminder encouraging everyone to participate in tomorrow’s election.  We have assembled a great team of candidates from all across town and tomorrow we ask that you support them, US Senate Candidate Brian Goldberg, and the rest of the Column K candidates! With your help, we will make the Hoboken Republican Party a force for change in Hoboken.

Voters that have questions about their polling place, or any other election related questions, can email us at or call 201-320-7588.  Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at the polls tomorrow!


James and Ted



$230 Million Awarded for Comprehensive Urban Flood Protection Strategy 

Schematic of Comprehensive Urban Water Strategy

A comprehensive water management project that will protect Hoboken, Weehawken and northern Jersey City has won $230 million of federal funding as part of the Rebuild by Design resiliency competition. This unprecedented level of funding will enable Hoboken and its neighbors to finally solve the flooding problem that has plagued the region for so long.

“I have been advocating for a comprehensive solution to Hoboken's flooding problems since I first ran for City Council in 2007,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This project will implement a water management strategy that will comprehensively protect all of our residents, businesses, and the critical assets we share like the PATH, transit stations, and hospital. One of the elements of the plan will use parks as flood protection, creating more open space for our residents to enjoy.”

The comprehensive strategy was developed by an international team of experts led by the firm OMA. The proposal titled "Resist, Delay, Store, Discharge: a Comprehensive Urban Water Strategy" employs a multi-pronged approach to address Hoboken’s historic flooding challenges. Details of the proposal can be found at

“During Superstorm Sandy, the Shades area in southern Weehawken was severely flooded due to the storm surge which entered near our border with Hoboken,” said Weehawken Mayor Richard F. Turner. “This plan will fully protect the residents of Weehawken and could serve as a national model for regional urban resiliency.”

Mayors Zimmer and Turner expressed their gratitude to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, Senior Advisor to Secretary Donovan Henk Ovink, Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Cory Booker, Representative Albio Sires, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and all the members of the Christie Administration who worked to help make this project a reality.  

“Over 50 elected officials, agencies, and community organizations, leaders and individuals provided letters of support for the OMA proposal, and on behalf of the City of Hoboken, I would like to say thank you to everyone,” added Mayor Zimmer.

The City of Hoboken will be doing extensive outreach including holding a series of community meetings so residents can provide their input and learn more about this historic opportunity.

Conceptual Design for Park as Defense “Resist” Strategy at Hoboken/Weehawken Border

Strategy overview

Das Boot! Are you ready to see cars towed in Hoboken?

That's what's up to bat if a resolution in the City Council sees passage Wednesday night. The resolution proposed by Councilwoman Terry Castellano and co-sponsored by Beth Mason will end the application of the boot for parking offenses in Hoboken.

What both Castellano and Mason are not telling the public is their resolution falls back on towing as the means to deal with parking offenses in Hoboken.

As residents recall back in the towing days, your vehicle would be slapped with a ticket on the windshield and then your car would be hooked and towed away. Many remember it well and you would then run around town for a release at the Hoboken Police Department and then go pay and retrieve the vehicle from the yard clear across town.

But is there sufficient towing capacity in Hoboken? Not likely and that would mean more vendors would need to be added sending many residents to obscure areas of Jersey City and beyond.

The resolution however doesn't address any of the capacity issues with replacing the boot with towing.

Here's part of the actual legal language replacing the boot with towing in the resolution:

The resolution if passed would go into effect in 20 days.

Could towing be returning to Hoboken? Yes, if a resolution as written ends the use of the boot Wednesday night.

In the state legislature, there's a bill by Assemblymen Declan O'Scanlon, Michael Patrick Carroll and Garica (yes it's Carmelo Garcia) to stop the boot.

One person is quoted in the press release complaining about his pregnant wife having to deal with the boot. Well would she prefer to go through the rigors of a tow?

That's the reality of Hoboken's choices.

Talking Ed Note: There's nothing wrong with going back to towing where the offending vehicle would be ticketed and towed shortly thereafter, if in fact the public knows that's the system being re-adopted.

But the public should know all the facts and this isn't about illumination but cheap politics. Of course the Old Guard council can't do anything straight and is really looking to play politics with the recent publicity surrounding Hoboken's boot usage.

If you want to be serious about ending the boot and returning back to towing then you have a grown up conversation and ensure there is adequate towing vendors to come in and handle the slack.

But is there anything Beth Mason ever does without hyper partisan politics the objective? Even a disabled woman appearing at a special HHA meeting and the only HHA resident who spoke on the actual resolution at hand was shown not an ounce of compassion but a nasty Mason tongue lashing.

On the towing vendor front, there's one local vendor in town who does a good job but they have blood relatives on the City Council too.

Do you think someone forgot to mention that conflict leading into a vote on the issue Wednesday?

Councilman Bhalla: 'Vote for Phil Cohen for legislator at the county level'

From the desk of Councilman Ravi Bhalla:

 Dear Friends,

 Tomorrow, Tuesday June 3rd, is a critical election for Hoboken. A respected community leader and good friend of mine, Phil Cohen, is running to be Hoboken's next Freeholder. For those who are not aware, a Freeholder is the general equivalent of a city councilman, but on the county level. A Freeholder has substantial influence over the County's $500 million annual budget.

So why is this important? If you take a look at your most recent tax bill, you may notice that the LARGEST portion of your tax bill was not for municipal taxes or school board taxes. It was for COUNTY TAXES! How in the world did this happen?

It happened because we do not have forceful advocates at the County level committed to protecting the rights of Hoboken residents and holding the line on taxes. It happened because we do not have leaders who insist that Hoboken get its fair share for the amount of taxes it gives to the County. The result? Observer Highway, a County road, is in complete disrepair. County taxes have risen by 15% this year alone. The status quo is unacceptable and has to end. We can do this if we go and cast oour vote for Phil Cohen tomorrow, June 3rd.

Phil Cohen is a qualified, committed Hoboken resident that has been involved and active in the community for decades. Not only is he intelligent. Phil is energetic and most importantly, he has a special quality we rarely see in candidates for elective office: courage. The courage to stand up for his convictions. I saw this up front as a Councilman when Phil would attend our meetings on a regular basis to stand up and confront council members who were depriving the City of a full council through litigation blocking Councilman Doyle's service on the council. Phil is never afraid to speak up for what is right. I have seen his tenacity and commitment up close and it's remarkable.

For all of these reasons, Hoboken needs to show up in large numbers for Phil tomorrow. Go out and vote. But just as importantly, make sure your spouse votes, your neighbors vote, and your friends vote. Spread the word. The polls open at 6 am tomorrow morning and close at 8 pm tomorrow night. This election is critical to the future of Hoboken, and Phil needs your support.

Thank you and let's bring victory to Hoboken tomorrow!

Ravi S. Bhalla
Councilman-at-Large City of Hoboken

Mayor Zimmer: 'Phil Cohen is the best antidote to taxes and more services for Hoboken at county level'

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Horsey and MSV readers--

I would like to express my enthusiastic support for Phil Cohen in this Tuesday's Democratic Primary for County Freeholder. The Freeholder race is tightly contested so please take the time to cast your vote.  

Vote Phil Cohen for County Freeholder this Tuesday, June 3rd. Column A.

Hoboken’s County taxes are the largest portion of our property tax bill and it is critical for our community that we have Phil's strong fiscally responsible reform voice fighting for us at the County level.  I know that Phil will ask the tough questions about why our County taxes are so high and he will make sure that we receive the County services we need and deserve.   DZ_PC.jpg
Registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters are all eligible to cast votes in the Democratic Primary, and the winner of the Primary is almost certain to be elected in the General Election this November.
I have known Phil and his family for many years and I can say without question that he is the right person to represent us.  Every vote counts so please make sure to take the time to vote Column A this Tuesday, June 3rd.

Please spread the word by forwarding this message to as many friends as possible.

Thank you,
Mayor Dawn Zimmer