Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Phil Cohen officially concedes, "We came up a little short"

From the Phil Cohen for Freeholder campaign:

Cohen for Freeholder

In case you haven't heard, I wanted to tell you the news: we fell a little short tonight. While I hoped that we would win, we have a lot to be proud of.
Our campaign spoke to thousands of voters, and engaged hundreds of supporters here in Hoboken and Jersey City. Many of you gave donations, time, tweets, and phone calls.  I am grateful for all that you have done to support our campaign.
Even though we fell short, we were a campaign with powerful ideas and a vision for a County that is more accountable to Hoboken and Jersey City residents. We stood up for fairer taxes, for fiscal responsibility, and for a County Government that works for us. I will not stop fighting; I hope you won't either.
A few moments ago, I spoke with Anthony Romano, congratulated him on a hard-fought campaign, and conceded defeat. I look forward to working with Freeholder Romano to ensure that Hudson County works for us all.
Thank you for standing with me; I can't tell you how grateful I am for your support.


Old Guard soldier Jamie Cryan declares victory for Stick Romano

According to a tweet by West New York Parking Director Jamie Cryan, Anthony "Stick" Romano is re-elected as Freeholder in the Democratic primary. The November election is viewed as anti-climatic to the primary tonight.

The Facebook page for Stick Romano is also declaring victory.  The VBMs look to be holding a major advantage and Hoboken voters appear to be in short supply today.

Romano's statement on Facebook:
"This is not about my victory but our victory! This is not my town but our town! Thank you to all my supporters!"

Here's the official count with just over 98%:

DEM - Freeholder 5th District
54/55 98.18%
Vote CountPercent
Philip H. COHEN 4A1,49639.95%
Anthony L. ROMANO 4B2,13957.12%
Adela Rohena SANTIAGO 4C1072.86%
Personal Choice30.08%

Turnout reported low with big Freeholder stakes on the line

There's reports of low turnouts across the region with one report out of Jersey City earlier saying it was a 20 year low.

 In Hoboken, it also looks low with the weather cooperating late before the polls close but the "rush hour" time when many return home seeing a rainstorm blow through.

The sleepy summer like weather earlier may play well to the re-election bid of Anthony "Stick"
Romano who is the well known candidate who one voter is quoted as saying, "goes to all the events."

The polls are closed and the returns will be coming in shortly.

Did you vote today?


Talking Ed Note: With no official tally in, Anthony "Stick" Romano has jumped in with what looks like an absentee ballot tally of 292 votes before the first polls are even counted. Phil Cohen has 27 VBMS.

That could be an impossible lead to overcome even with initial unconfirmed reports saying Phil Cohen looks solid in Jersey City. It may not be enough to overcome low turnout in the Mile Square.

How independent voters can vote in today's critical primary

A reader David sent this email earlier today:

"I tried to vote at Calabro school today and was told that I had to declare democrat or republican. I thought I was still able to vote as independent or unaffiliated. Is that not the case?


The answer is yes, independent registered voters may participate in today's primary election. They will need to declare which party affiliation they wish before doing so.

So if they want to vote in the Democratic primary, they will tell the person at the desk which will register them with that party affiliation and send them off to the voting booth in seconds.

The same goes for Republican.

POLLS ARE OPEN - Today's ballot in Hoboken

Here is today's ballot. Please be sure to tell your friends and family it's a critical election today.

The Hudson County budget is over a half a billion dollars annually and Hoboken is seeing huge tax increases each year.

Enough is enough. 

Turn out the vote!