Thursday, June 5, 2014

Boot on the blink bringing back the hook and tow up to bat in City Council @ 7:00

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A resolution for eliminating the boot in Hoboken and bringing back the old reliable tow truck will be on tap tonight in the City Council.

Of course all you're hearing about is the boot which neglects the actual language changes in the resolution MSV highlighted earlier this week.

So enjoy the little game of politics as there's not much likely to be resolved when playing politics is the ultimate objective.

Tonight that's likely we're all going to see.

Actual language from the Council resolution from Terry Castellano and Beth Mason:
Strike up the band and end Das Boot! We're set to go back to the ticket, hook and tow!

Here's tonight's complete agenda:

Talking Ed Note: The City has had internet issues and this segment begins in resolutions with Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer explaining the important of support to move electrical panels for new generators in the HHA.

The whole meeting will be aired on cable: Cablevision and Verizon.

Sanford-Conrad Majority for the Republican Committee salute their supporters!

Sanford-Conrad Majority for Hoboken Republican Committee announces:
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you!  We did it!  The Sanford-Conrad Team won a citywide majority of Republican committee seats last Tuesday.  Our campaign for leadership of the Hoboken Republican Party is almost complete.  Next week the Sanford-Conrad Majority will select new leaders.  I look forward to serving as Chair of the Hoboken Republican Party.  And, I know Ted is just as excited to serve as Vice-Chair too!  Thank you for the opportunity and ability to serve.

Our citywide victory does not merely represent the changing of the guard; it is also a validation of both a new philosophy and a new leadership style.  Our team’s goal was to bring more Republicans into the political process and together we did that by electing a majority.  We won because a campaign focused on outreach, communication, and organization prevailed.  On Election Day more people chose the Sanford-Conrad Team.

Our team also showed how new leadership can overcome the “politics as usual” that turns off the majority of Republicans.  We won with a positive agenda.  We did not tear down others; we built others up into future leaders of our party.  Thank you for keeping an open mind and allowing us to share our vision of a brighter future for the Hoboken Republican Party.

As your leader you can expect much from me.  I asked for the responsibility and you gave that privilege to me.  Winning an election is not the end; it is a beginning.  We are men of action and will lead the Republican Party accordingly.   You elected the Sanford-Conrad Majority to act on the positive agenda we ran on.

That is why I ask my fellow Republicans to unite with our majority so that we may move forward together.  As your leader I will ask for your help.  I will call you for your advice.  The challenges confronting our party in a stronghold like Hudson County are immense.  We must not shoot ourselves in the foot if there is any hope for Republicans to secure a foothold in Hoboken.

We are at a crossroads and in moments such as these I often think of better words that speak to our better selves.  “When I was child I thought as a child, I spoke as a child, I acted as a child, but when I became a man I put away those childish things.”

Thank you for the honor of running for Chair of the Hoboken Republican Party.


James Sanford
Hoboken Republican Committee Chair Nominee