Monday, August 4, 2014

Report: Carmelo Garcia terminated in 5-2 board vote

MSV could not get back in as a public safety official, M. Costello decided no credentials (after a stolen wallet earlier) meant "leave the building." His order was heeded but he was told all the stuff was stolen by the mob earlier.

After a fracas in the earlier part of the meeting, a Carmelo backer, Sigsby Cheatham who has voiced Old Guard support and some apparent weird anti-Semitic rantings repeatedly urged the mob to follow up and pursue a new victim, MSV.

Later the meeting would reconvene. A vote was held on Carmelo Garcia's contract. The first to vote was HHA commissioner Judy Burrell. Earlier she was determined not to be intimidated by the mob hijinx and refused to leave the room immediately when urged by Acting Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

She would eventually yield to join her colleagues exiting. At the moment of truth she voted yes to terminate and the crowd, or more accurately an unruly mob began to verbally assault her.

The vote would be recorded 5-2 to terminate.

Voting yes: Commissioners Judy Burrell, Dave Dening, James Sanford, Dave Mello and Chair Dana Wefer.

Voting no: Commissioners Jeanne Rodriguez and Rob Davis.

Carmelo Garcia gins up a mob brought in from the HHA to back him on his contract as Beth Mason political
operative Mat Calicchio films the scene. Later a ginned up mob would take over the meeting leading to a postponement.

Talking Ed Note: This was a first and more skirmishes would break out around the room. 
Our video hasn't yet been examined. It may be actionable.

A big thanks to those in the Hoboken Police Department who were actually trying to retain order, public safety officials, among them Joel Mestre and Acting Police Chief Eddie Garcia. 
(Was everyone though working to allowing a meeting or seeing it ended?)

The Chief attempted to seat MSV in a safe place on the dais (against the expressed wishes of Carmelo Garcia) preventing further mayhem. As it stands, our equipment made it out but the carry bag and wallet were stolen during the potential mob assault.

Da Horsey did like a thoroughbred and leapt right out of range over the dais. There was displeasure with that strategic maneuver. Video is coming and you will not be disappointed.

Who's the jerkoff wearing sunglasses at the HHA special meeting? Yes, that's Councilwoman Beth Mason.
The mob applauded her and of course she hijacked the microphone at the beginning of the meeting to mouth
her usual saying somehow the meeting notice didn't meet her requirements.
Hey Beth, no one cares about your tired novelty act.

As the meeting degenerated into mob chanting and shouting, former HHA Executive Director reveled in the momentary pause and initially raised his hands when the meeting was halted saying, "Yeah!" Here he wanders for a bit as the chaos
stopped the proceedings and shares a moment with Bayonne resident Nick Calicchio.

Acting Police Chief Eddie Garcia makes a point during the one of the repeated melees when the meeting disintegrated
into mob rule and the Carmelitos were ballistic encouraged by political operatives Matt and Nick Calicchio among others.
Later other voices would join in to encourage further out of order behavior.
Chief Garcia would escort MSV away from yet another encounter with Carmelo Garcia outside chambers who wanted to engage and cause trouble with multiple witnesses standing by.
Thank you Chief and hope you will be feeling better with some rest after this tough night.


A meeting never quite got underway. Hijacked repeatedly by Nick Calicchio and former Hoboken resident  and councilman Chris Campos.

Video later shows Sigsby Cheatham appearing to encourage an attack on MSV after another fracas broke out over a smartphone camera taking video being lowered. 

Ugly spin from the gutter rumored on MSV challenges that junior reporter's understanding. 

A leap over the dais joining other media to escape after a fracas broke out directly behind a group of assembled media. 

Then man of the hour Carmelo Garcia came at me from behind. Video to come.

We'll show it and you decide what MSV captured. 

A nice chat later with an impromptu meeting at the police department with Chris Cpod. And nor Nick Callicchio is here with him too. 

Trouble brewing, time to leave here too. 

But Chris, why are you repeatedly hijacking a federal government meeting with Nick Calocchio?

Talking ed Note: attempts to target MSV at a public meeting has never occurred. We shall see what we have on video. 

MSV lost it's camera bag and wallet with other valuables stolen on the move over the dais. 


Later outside chambers Garcia attempted to get in the face with not one but two or more witnesses in the lobby not far from the stairs leading to the basement. The Acting Police Chief himself steps in to stop Mister Carmelo.

Celebrating five years of service, MSV revisits its mission statement

Five years ago today, Da Horsey penned its first feature in the wake of Operation Bid Rig and the downfall of a once rising star, Hoboken ex-mayor Peter Cammarano.

Some will find irony in today being the day a special meeting of the Hoboken Housing Authority  with termination of a contract for one Carmelo Garcia listed on the agenda. Others will turn away and pretend they see nothing at all.

Let's not fuss about who took money from who and who has no ethics with malfeasance and arrogance pouring out of every pore.

We're not talking about the past.

Here's the original August 4th, 2009 column: Good night contemptuous Prince. Now more than ever.

Good Night Contemptuous Prince

In a week that proved in the end to be perhaps enlightening and empowering at once, Hoboken finally lurched out of the abyss and moved to take its next step forward leaving one month mayor Peter Cammarano behind.

The media, often connected to the powers that be in the New Jersey Democratic Party, was quick to label Cammarano a rising star, but the facts on the ground from anyone who wanted to know showed something entirely different: a condescending politician who viewed Hoboken only as a stepping stone to bigger things. Even worse, his utter contempt for voters as captured by secret FBI audiotapes showed that the public pronouncements condescending upon the public in City Council meetings especially during the public portion were not isolated but absolutely reflective of his true nature.

Of course the response among a portion of the "locked down" community was somewhat entertaining as it attempted to raise its voice on Cammarano's behalf, but no one was listening. Instead, on sheer rumor alone, Hobokenites took to the streets to the uptown Bloomfield St. location where Cammarano lived in a spontaneous outpouring of anger not a day after he declared he would continue urinating on the town's residents. Although Cammarano had left town for the weekend with his family, the mail was delivered.

This action followed by a huge protest one business day later at City Hall sent Gov. Corzine's head spinning as both a candidate running for re-election this fall and a resident of the mile square city. Eventually the pressure that was coming from the bottom up (and bottom down in phone calls to the Gov's office) led to an unknown deal between Cammarano's and the Govenor's lawyers with the mayoral reign of the contemptuous prince ended last Friday.

We eagerly await some insight into what Cammarano got in the "deal" and we are awaiting the details of a new and no doubt well funded Cammarano Legal Defense Fund.

More shocking to the establishment NJ Rat Machine: not the status quo corruption but the reaction by the people of Hoboken, who refused to accept it. So very unlike the quiet hard working New Jersey residents who typically shrug and make a quip before moving on with their lives. This time they didn't.

As for Cammarano his political career lays in ruins at 32, and one can only thank the FBI for the gift they included in their criminal complaint. Respeck!!

Photo courtesy Jhnnynewman, Intrepid Photographer.  All rights reserved.

Talking Ed Note: Five years of service has come at a price. Based on conversation with readers, some may have missed the latest with another spurious (and perjurious) legal claim filed by a HHA resident claiming harassment in a meeting room filled with observers and Hoobken police standing feet away.

Yet another SLAPP against common sense and decency. That's how the perjurers and their pals roll. MSV's attorney is on it.
A little help is appreciated in taking on the corrupt in this town.

Thanks very much to those who do.