Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mayor Zimmer urges support of NJ legislation to qualify ridesharing and Uber in Hoboken

The Office of the Mayor announces:

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Tuesday August 26, 2014

City of Hoboken

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Community: Statement From Mayor Zimmer Regarding Uber and Rideshare Services

Dear Horsey,

“Uber and similar companies offer a valuable transportation option that we want to make available to Hoboken residents and visitors,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Since April, I have been advocating to our State elected officials to ensure that this transportation option can operate safely and lawfully in our community. I am glad to hear that there is legislation pending before the State Senate and Assembly to address the issue. I urge the legislature to pass S2274/A3586 expeditiously so that we can safely and legally use these services which are so important to our residents. As mayor, I have an obligation to ensure the public safety of our community, and this new legislation addresses my concerns by ensuring that all drivers have safe driving and background records and proper levels of insurance in case of accidents.”

Mayor Zimmer’s letter to State legislators can be found at: www.hobokennj.org/docs/mayor/4-29-14-Letter-Zimmer-Stack-Garcia-Mukherji.pdf

The legislation introduced to address this issue can be found at: www.njleg.state.nj.us/2014/Bills/S2500/2274_I1.HTM

UberX and similar rideshare services in New Jersey use private vehicles for a commercial purpose but without a commercial license, which is against NJ Motor Vehicle Code Title 39 and Title 48 of the Revised Statutes. This is an issue that applies to these services across the entire State of New Jersey and is not specific to Hoboken.

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Hoboken uber alles

It's late August in Hoboken meaning it's time for yet another hot issue to strike. While many people are on vacation the 21st century has bumped square into Hoboken's regulated cab service squaring up against car sharing innovators.

Uber, a car service using the internet to match riders and drivers is stated as present in Hoboken, doing business and winning hearts and minds over the traditional regulated cab industry.

One is beloved and the other is not feeling the love. A NJ.com story showed lots of controversy and much confusion on the matter yesterday. 

Apparently, state law has not caught up with the new car sharing innovation and there's some confusion about what is allowed within Hoboken on local destinations and beyond. 

Mayor Dawn Zimmer acted on the issue back in April asking state officials to look into the matter and act to update the laws to fully resolve the issue of who can rideshare in New Jersey. A letter to State Senator Brian Stack and the two Assemblyman requested updated transportation legislation to tackle the problem.

It's unclear currently what the trend is in New Jersey to level the playing field between a new, aggressive technology based car sharing firm and the traditional cab services who pay the City of Hoboken for the right to operate cabs in town and points beyond.

One thing is certain. In Hoboken, there's always hot issues and the taxi question is about to get red hot.
Hoboken ├╝ber alles.

The UBER car sharing service is making waves in Hoboken.
Statewide laws however have not addressed the concept and regulations.