Thursday, October 16, 2014

Is there an election in Hoboken or something?

Last night the Republicans of Hoboken sponsored guest speaker and NJ Senate candidate Jeff Bell at the Clinton Social.

With an election less than three weeks away, some late arrivals to the event showed up to mingle with the public and shake hands after the Q&A with the audience. They also posed for Da Horsey who is known for snapping a good pic now and then.

BoE trustee Peter Biancamano and Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano both made an appearance at the Clinton Social last night. 
Both are running for re-election in November.

BoE trustee Monica Stromwall: "Continue the progress"

The following was submitted by current BoE trustee Monica Stromwall on behalf of the Parents for Progress slate.

Dear Horsey,

Progress. Progress is what is currently happening within the walls of our district schools and in the lives of over 2,000 children that attend the Hoboken Public School District schools. For this reason, and to keep the momentum going, we, Antonio Gray, Sharyn Angley and Monica Stromwall are running for the Board of Education. We are Parents for Progress and we would like the community of Hoboken to join us in improving on and continuing the progress that has already been made these past few years. Together we have many reasons why we are seeking election; seven of which are our children that ALL attend Hoboken Public Schools. As parents, actively involved community members and Hoboken Public School PTO members we will continue to improve upon the progress. Education builds a strong community and allows for future successes within our children’s lives.

We are excited by the improvement of test scores in all of our schools and will continue to raise the bar and set our expectations high for all of our students. Our students are eager to learn and our professional staff will empower and foster a love of education for the children that spend their days with them. We will continue to support and expand the 14 National Advanced Proficient (AP) courses and electives at the high school by utilizing the change of the 6th teaching period that was agreed upon in the new contract that Monica Stromwall assisted in negotiating this past summer. We are also pleased that so many children are able to utilize the new tutoring time after school that was also part of the new teacher’s contracts’. We will continue to support Response to Intervention (RTI) reading program that has already shown success in the first and second grade children. We are happy with so many of the programs that our children have the opportunity to be a part of and we will look forward to the future.

One of the most important jobs a school board member can undertake is the selection of a new superintendent that will continue the progress and provide positive support and encouragement to the staff and students. Antonio, Sharyn and Monica will seek the most qualified superintendent to provide an excellent education for the children in Hoboken public schools. We are proud to note that Hoboken Public School teacher Mr. Mark Mautone, who teaches at Wallace Elementary in the new ABA/Special Needs Center was selected as teacher of the year for the state of New Jersey. He dedicates himself to the children that need the most and we congratulate him in all his success! We are very lucky to have such an outstanding educator in our district.

We have dedicated our time and energy working collaboratively to provide all of our students with positive support to achieve success for all students! Please support the progress and help build a better future for all our children; vote Tuesday, November 4th for Antonio Gray (2), Sharyn Angley (3) and Monica Stromwall (5).

Educationally Yours,
Parents for Progress

Antonio Gray, Sharyn Angley and Monica Stromwall (Hoboken Board of Education Trustee)