Sunday, November 2, 2014

BoE trustee Irene Sobolov: "Join me in my support for Monica Stromwall, Sharyn Angley and Antonio Gray, Parents for Progress"

Dear Horsey & MSV readers:

Positive, Active Parents Dedicated to the Schools!

I am writing in support of Parents for Progress (PFP) Monica Stromwall, Sharyn Angley and Antonio Gray in the upcoming School Board election. As a sitting BOE member, I truly understand how important it is to have people sit beside me with a proven desire for open communication and positive collaboration.

I know the field is big this year, with eight candidates on three tickets, so I wanted to offer a bit of my thought process.

I began with a process of elimination. I know Stromwall, Angley and Gray are not using the BOE as a stepping stone to higher office like Waiters, Rhodes Kearns and Biancamano. Ms. Waiters has run for every local and county office multiple times. Mrs. Rhodes Kearns and Mr. Biancamano have both run for City Council while on the Board. Mr. Biancamano was only about half way through his first term when he began to look elsewhere. Where is the commitment to the students?

Stromwall, Angley and Gray do not have a financial conflict with the ongoing success of the district schools.  Mr. Murray, a constant critic of the Hoboken schools also runs a Hoboken to the Suburbs real estate service touting the schools in other districts.  How will that impact his commitment to the success of the Hoboken Public Schools?

Stromwall, Angley and Gray do not have any conflicts due to being a parent in another local district like Lynn Danzker. Unfortunately, there will be occasions when a budget, policy or program vote could benefit one district over another.  When it is not always possible to accommodate everyone, that is a tough choice.

But, it is always better to choose a Board of Education member for what they bring to the table. Stromwall, Angley and Gray are current, active, dedicated and proud Hoboken Public School parents with a track record of involvement in the district schools. Monica Stromwall was recently unanimously appointed to the BOE to fill a vacant seat. In these few short months she has proven she has the ability to work with a diverse board for the success of the students. She does not shy away from needed Board Committee participation and was also a valuable member of the Teachers Negotiations Committee.  Sharyn Angley, Antonio Gray and Monica Stromwall are all members of the PTO and volunteer their time without self-promotion or personal gain. They all bring a positive attitude and a willingness to collaborate, something so important to building on the success in the schools and moving forward.

I ask everyone to join me in my support for Monica Stromwall, Sharyn Angley and Antonio Gray, Parents for Progress, ballot numbers 2H, 3H & 5H on Tuesday November 4th!!

Irene Sobolov

Carmelo Garcia endorses "Parents for Change"

Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia announces:

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City Council President Jen Giattino: "Join me and cast your vote for Parents for Progress"

Dear Horsey & MSV readers:

Last week, I attended the Hoboken High School Open House along with an impressive number of people from our community. As a community member, I was extremely proud to see and hear the passion, excitement and successes surrounding the school. It is clear that our tax dollars are being put to good use in the classrooms by improving and updating school facilities and programs and our children are being well taken care of. The administration, staff and students were wonderful. I am really proud of the progress the School Board has made over the last five years and I absolutely want to see that positive progress continue.

It is clear that that our schools are on the right track but we need the right leaders to keep it going. I will be voting for The Parents for Progress slate of Antonio Gray (2H), Sharyn Angley (3H) and Monica Stromwall (5H). They are involved parents and active school volunteers who are happy with the education that their children are receiving in our district. As Board Trustees they will be there to ensure that these positive changes continue.

Every vote counts! On Tuesday November 4th, please join me and cast your vote for The Parents for Progress slate, Antonio Gray (2H), Sharyn Angley (3H) and Monica Stromwall (5H).

Jennifer Giattino
Hoboken City Council