Monday, November 3, 2014

Hoboken election: Vote by Mail Fever!

Here's where Hoboken stands one day before the election. These numbers are for the the Mile Square City as of this morning, courtesy of the Hudson County Board of Elections.  (Kind thanks for their prompt replies.)

Municipality: (HOBOKEN) Count: 992

Grand Total Number Received : 688

Grand Total Number Sent : 992 

MSV will be back with some additional analysis breaking down the figures in key areas.  For a hint on where it's headed, here's a snippet with video in last year's November municipal election from a September 2013 council meeting.

An intimate first hand account of widespread HHA voter fraud

originally published 


One of the fascinating aspects of the Old Guard vs. Old Guard battle in the Raia-Mason vs. Ruben Ramos camps is the ensuing war over vote-by-mail fraud taking place in the Hoboken Housing Authority and seniors buildings.

Another intriguiging aspect is seeing the war over the voter fraud take the stage front and center in a City Council meeting....

That was then, this is now.  It's mano a mano, Old Guard vs. Old Guard and Barbara Reyes unceremoniously blows the whistle following another public speaker who decried the clear vote-by-mail ballot fraud last November.

Reyes says the HHA Tenant Association has "noticed" there's a "big issue" with absentee ballot fraud.

"We're always used as the guinea pigs," Reyes says matter of fact.  Reyes points to a plan their tenant group will educate, going door to door in the HHA to battle against the VBM effort where ballots are signed and handed over unsealed stating, "Unfortunately, that's what's happening."

Reyes concluded her remarks saying, "Unfortunately, as we see the fourth ward is always the one that has.... the largest number of voter fraud going on and absentee ballots (vote-by-mail) as well."

Is that right?

Abbreviated 2013 Talking Ed Note:
Beth Mason didn't exactly look enamored with the vote-by-mail fraud discussion in the video either.

In the din of all the shouting, electioneering...

Hoboken is less than 24 hours before an election. Honestly, nothing beats a Hoboken election. The rancor, the door knocking, the flyers, the Vote by Mail.

In Hoboken, it's not a serious election until someone delivers hundreds of Vote by Mail as mailing in an election ballot is so passé. 

In the Mile Square City, why would you waste time (and money) putting a costly postage stamp on a ballot and mail it back to the Hudson County Board of Elections when there's eager messengers who work for "community leaders," some on a full time basis to serve you better? They'll ensure your Vote by Mail ballot doesn't suffer in a drowning accident in a US Post Office or in their boss's basement.

Hoboken elections; it's that caring concern for your election ballot that brings a tear to the eye every time.

More to come on why the Hoboken Board of Education election matters whether you have a child being educated in the district or not; or even if you're a horse living in the greatest Mile Square City in the world straggling 21st century governance norms with our On the Waterfront "traditions."

MSV will be back with key election season facts to guide you through the barrel of laughs coming your way. In this town, some call it voter fraud but others with a straight face will look you in the eye and call it "campaign work" and/or "voter suppression."

They mean you no harm. Really. Just hand them your wallet. If you don't and make a big enough ruckus about all this, they'll just take it.

Don't you just love Hoboken tradition?

Councilman Peter Cunningham: "Vote Parents for Progress Gray 2H, Angley 3H and Stromwall 5H"

From the desk of Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Dear Neighbors, Friends and Family, 

This Tuesday we will have the opportunity to vote and elect three Board of Education members.  Of the incumbents, two of them have served for at least two terms as minority members of the Board, and one has served for ten months, selected unanimously by the Board to finish the term of a resigned Board member in January.

For years I have supported reform candidates for School Board, Mayor and City Council, and still feel very strongly that our best course of action is to stay the course and support the slate of Parents for Progress - Antonio Gray 2H, Sharon Angley 3H and Monica Stromwall 5H.  They are new and refreshing candidates for School Board with professional backgrounds in banking, accounting and anthropology.  The Parents for Progress slate represent new leadership working with all Board members to continue the excellent progress made in support of Hoboken’s children, and stewards of our tax dollars.  They are three independent candidates which have children in the district and want no more than to see continued progress, and most importantly, collaboration with Hoboken’s Charter Schools.  Here’s a quote from their letter which is up on Mile Square View ( and I encourage you to read their letter urging we “Collaborate with the charter schools to work together for the future of our children.  We should be sharing ideas and establishing ways to excite students to stay in town for junior and senior high school.”

Speaking of Hoboken High School achievements, last week’s junior and senior high school open house was a rousing success.  Record number of parents and students attended to tour the high school facility led by very enthusiastic students.  The students proudly showed off their school including Culinary Arts Cafe, Athletic Facilities, Biology, Physics and Chemistry Labs and Robotics Lab, and Video Production Studio.  The Superintendent's report of recent test scores shows the High School Proficiency Assessment (11th grade test) rising along with attendance rates, graduation rates, AP scores and SAT scores all climbing!

As always, I encourage you to research all candidates, and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  Parents for Progress can be reached either through their facebook page, or  Otherwise, please forward around to you friends and neighbors.

Vote Parents for Progress, Gray 2H, Angley 3H and Stromwall 5H – polls open from 6am to 8pm.  

Thanks, Peter