Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Are the questions looming around Hoboken's VBM harvest simmering or on the back burner?

It's after hours so the answer to this question will have to wait but weighed in with a story seeking answers to what lies next in Hoboken's latest absentee boom.

Oh, sorry Timmy always corrects us when we say that; it's Vote by Mail.

Kathryn Brenzel on spoke to the players as a decision appears pending with Board of Elections County Clerk Michael Harper saying:

“It speaks to the integrity of the system, and the board takes allegations very seriously,” Harper said. “Sustained allegations over time raise our interest, and it’s something we’d like to see rectified. In the end, we’ll do everything we can to restore people’s faith in the vote by mail system.”

So-called ballot harvesting has long been a point of contention in Hoboken.

Grafix Avenger just issued an award for Harvest Queen, wouldn't you know it.  Now Hoboken's VBM harvest is getting some affection on

Stay tuned and as Johnny Action Space Punk said earlier on the Beth Mason Vigilante Animal Army, "Pray for Hoboken."

Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason arms resistance against "monster raccoons" and dog killer possum

At last week's City Council meeting, Beth Mason lamented the attacks to her dog and other "big dogs" in the neighborhood by killer possum and monster raccoons. She's asked the mayor and the city to fund her army to tackle the onerous risks posed to Hoboken residents and its four legged friends but is deploying at once.

From the desk of interim Second Ward Councilwoman and Lt. Governor in waiting Beth Mason:

We did it! Together you and I have put together a completely effective fighting force to tackle the great risk to Hoboken residents and their pets. While the mayor has effectively failed to address the double risks of killer possum and monster raccons in our midsts, my family has bankrolled this effort to keep you and your pets safe.

Recently, a constituent wrote to me about the attacks on their pets in Elysian Park. The same thing happened to me so I knew action was required.

My family got together and agreed that backing SLAPP suits and filing phony criminal complaints against constituents isn't enough. So with your input of our being terrorized in the second ward, we've begun major efforts in protecting you and fighting fire with fire.

Here's what I've put in place:

After an intensive seven day training session, Milo was ready to take his position overlooking Elysian Park. He's on the lookout for monster raccoon and killer possum terrorizing us. I've approved a KOS (kill on sight) order.

Beth Mason funded sniper kitty Milo on the job overlooking Elysian Park

We're not leaving anything to chance though. This threat to our safety requires additional measures and the Mason family led by me is ready to take the steps Mayor Zimmer and her council majority refuses to do on your behalf. High profile deterrents will be deployed:

A trained panda situated on the corner of Elysian Park ready to
tackle monster raccoon and killer possum, courtesy of Beth Mason.

Others are joining my efforts too because they support me, Beth Mason:

Zeppo is on the job protecting us, thanks to me Beth Mason.

My recruiting efforts have even reached the rodent population:

No monster raccon or killer possum will get past Buttercup.
The Mason family underwrote all rabbit missile training.

Rodent diversity is an important part of our mutual defense:

Rocky is defending the high ground for us in Elysian Park.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any other threats in the second ward or Hoboken. The best way to reach me is by email or call the Hudson Distorter and leave a message for my staff there.

MSV reaches new highs in readership, demographics in Hoboken

Hoboken is an intense political environment. That history is captured very well in the depression era chronicle, "Killing the Poormaster" and more recently in the electoral cycles capturing eye opening revelations.

MSV in illuminating the current tide has seen its share of opposition. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up too often in comments or emails. More often it shows up in politically abusive criminal complaints and cynical self-absorbed civil SLAPP actions.

The numbers here say otherwise most recently with this past month hitting a new high of 15,000 individual users. On average, a unique user reads more than three MSV pages, including of course the landing homepage. Key data the past month:

Reaching this many Hoboken readers is an obvious powerful demographic for advertisers.

Contact for more information on how to effectively reach the best audience in Hoboken.

Hudson Street Alliance opposes Stevens' proposed Gateway Complex

The following letter was submitted on behalf of the Hudson Street Alliance (HSA). MSV offers Stevens equal time to respond publicly here sending its reply for publication to

Dear Horsey & MSV readers,

In response to the article “Stevens Gateway Hearing Postponed – For Now,” I would like to articulate the position of the Hudson Street Alliance (HSA) on the Stevens’ proposed Gateway Complex.

Stevens is proposing to construct two academic buildings on the northeast and southeast corners of Hudson and 6th Streets.  They advertise the structures as being “five stories.”  Since building stories can vary and zoning requirements are stated in feet, it’s more accurate to say that their proposed buildings will be 97 feet tall.  That exceeds the 40-foot zoning restriction by 57 feet.  A skyway connecting the two oversized structures will further block existing views for Hoboken residents, as well as air and light.   

 One of the proposed structures replaces a 36-car parking lot, yet no alternative for those spots is in the plan. Nor is there any proposal to create the 120+ additional spots of parking that are required under Hoboken zoning for the new buildings. Stevens has yet to fulfill its commitment to provide parking for the Babbio Center or to complete construction of the parking facility on Sinatra Drive, an eyesore in our community for almost a decade.

Hudson Street is designated a historical preservation district under the Hoboken Master Plan and we should ensure that its historical integrity is preserved.  Stevens was quoted saying that it wants to preserve the “sylvan” character of its campus.  By pushing ill-fitting development onto the perimeter, Stevens shows a disregard for the intrinsic character of the surrounding neighborhood. 

When Stevens brought this proposal to the Hoboken Historic Preservation Commission on September 8, several residents voiced concerns about the number of height, lot coverage, density and parking variances Stevens needed to gain approval.  Over 200 Hoboken residents have now signed the HSA petition opposing the Gateway Plan as it stands.

We are right to be cautious and wary of Stevens’ plan for expansion.  Fourteen years ago, Stevens proposed relocating their physical plant from Sinatra Drive to Hudson and 8th Street.  The local residents rallied to protest this action, personally covering legal fees of a grueling 18-month-long battle. The zoning laws from which Stevens is now seeking variances are the very ones that were subsequently adopted to protect the residential and historic character of this area and prevent future inappropriate development by Stevens.  

What’s the bigger picture? Stevens is planning to double its enrollment of undergraduate students (to ~6,000) in the next five years.  Already they struggle to find sufficient housing and academic facilities.  What will be the impact of their ambitious growth plan on the greater Hoboken community? Stevens has not revealed their master plan to address their long-term facility needs. 

HSA is not opposed to all development by Stevens.  We only expect them to reasonably abide by zoning requirements, respect their neighbors’ quality of life and preserve the historic character of our community.  What does the future hold if we do not insist on Stevens’ compliance with zoning requirements, the same ones that all the rest of us are bound by?   

Adrienne Choma
Hudson Street Alliance