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Lane Bajardi to Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen: 'I will... eff him over' at Fox

In late April 2009, the Hoboken political scene is sizzling with its mayoral and council at-large seats up for election in early May. With days left in the hotly contested race, three major candidates are vying for the top prize for Hoboken mayor: Council members Dawn Zimmer, Peter Cammarano and Beth Mason.

Amidst that battle, Joe Concha the editor of a Hoboken website RealHoboken, sends an email to Lane Bajardi inquiring if he's ghostwriting at the notorious Mason sponsored website Hoboken411.

Lane Bajardi informs Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen what he plans to do if that information comes out on the RealHoboken website.

The following, including the bolded red text is a true, original and complete email from April 26, 2009:

In May 2009, this original and complete email exchange followed between Lane Bajardi, Jake Stuiver, Adam Lebenstein and Joe Concha:

Begin forwarded message:
From: Lane Bajardi <>
Date: May 8, 2009 at 11:19:14 AM EDT
Subject: Re: Questions for Jake Stuiver

-----Original Message-----
From: Jake Stuiver <>
To: Lane Bajardi <>
Sent: Fri, 8 May 2009 11:00 am
Subject: Fwd: FW: Questions for Jake Stuiver

Any thoughts?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Adam Lebenstein <>
Date: Fri, May 8, 2009 at 9:05 AM
Subject: FW: Questions for Jake Stuiver
To: Jake Stuiver <>

Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 06:03:12 -0700
Subject: Questions for Jake Stuiver

Hello Jake,
When you get a moment, could you answer two questions regarding the Cammarano "Hidden Life " story published by Hoboken411? 
1) In light of this piece being printed on line, then retracted after criticism from local media and the Cammarano himself, will the Mason campaign continue to advertise on Hoboken411? (I'll be sending this question to other candidates as well)
2) How often, if at all, do Mason campaign staffers and/or you correspond with Perry Klaussen/411?
I look forward to reading your responses. 
Joe Concha 


Joe Concha was contacted for this story but did not respond with comment.

In October 2009, MSV would similarly inquire about connections between Lane Bajardi, Beth Mason and Hoboken411 with public questions in this story:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beth Mason business partner James Barracato: 'I'm getting 60,000 emails' from the hospital sale!


In Part I of the hospital series, an email from early 2011 from James Barracato, a years long political operative for Beth Mason optimistically mused, "They can really destroy the administration if they work things properly."

From the Old Guard perspective, Mayor Zimmer had kept them blocked out of the bidding process and the complex workings over months to reach an agreement with the winning bidder HoldCo. The City of Hoboken with $52 million in bonds had every reason to want to see the deal succeed. Its failure could ultimately harm Hoboken and lead to massive municipal layoffs and the cusp of bankruptcy if not outright insolvency.

Back when St. Mary's approached a critical financial situation in 2007, the Hoboken City Council passed $52 million in a bonds guarantee and created an independent municipal hospital board, the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority (HMHA).

Enter James Barracato, who according to a 2014 deposition by decades long Hudson County political operative Tom Bertoli, assumed the role of working for Beth Mason full time around 2008. Both are mentioned by first names in an email Lane Bajardi sent Beth Mason as the "pros" missing from an internet and message strategy meeting.

In his July 2014 deposition and at the civil litigation trial earlier this month, Lane Bajardi denied knowing James Barracato was a Beth Mason paid political operative (and by extension for who he was working). Bajardi in his trial testimony would acknowledge his "friend" Barracato's work involved ownership of a bar identified previously by MSV as Cooper Place in Weehawken.

As stated earlier, Councilwoman Beth Mason's financial disclosure forms shows an ownership interest in a Cooper Place LLC.  During her brief appearance in the Bajardi v Pincus trial, she described James Barracato solely as a "business partner."

In the email exchange below, it's October 2011 and the hospital bidder HoldCo has been engaged in complex negotiations with Hoboken University Medical Center since early that year. HUMC is in a failing condition with the State threatening that its dwindling medical supplies on hand might force it to close its doors even before the money runs out.

Under these conditions and with the hospital practically running on fumes, a last gasp effort to undermine the sale is hatched by Beth Mason's political operatives in tandem with the efforts of an out of state bankruptcy attorney who reportedly had no direct connection in the sale.

That previous Friday, Mayor Zimmer would announce with HoldCo the good news - the hospital sale was going through. The head of the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority (HMHA), Toni Tomarazzo also spoke at the press conference saying the municipal hospital and its monthly board meetings and financials were available to the public on a contemporaneous basis. A whisper campaign aimed at undermining the sale had been conducted both inside and outside Hoboken with repeated false accusations directed at the board and the individual members.

With that effort failing, the unhappiness in the Beth Mason camp after months of frustration attempting to undo the sale led to a hunt and their obtaining tens of thousands of emails. As with important information, there are buyers and there are sellers. Once again, Beth Mason is a buyer.

It's Beth Mason's business partner James Barracato who announces his excitement at the prospect of getting his hands on 60,000 emails between the hospital authority and the mayor's office with HoldCo.  

No one interviewed by MSV on the former HMHA board would agree that obtaining the 60,000 emails in October 2011 was public or legally available. Eric Kurta, who held a seat on the HMHA leading into the sale wrote, "I've got no recollection of any such request, nor anyone receiving the emails. Not by OPRA, anyway."

He would later add that all aspects of the hospital sale were reviewed and scrutinized every which way by a bankruptcy judge and the creditors committee and no evidence of any fraudulent or illegal actions was ever found as there was none.

HUMC informed of the 60,000 emails as seen below declined comment.

At the time of the email, the closing on the hospital sale was not yet completed. That anticipated close would be forestalled when another Mason last ditch political operative strategy would throw a monkey wrench attempting to stopping the timely sale of the midtown garage and crush the hospital sale outright.

Below in an original and complete email from October 9th, 2011 between James Barracato, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic.

Next in Part III of the Hospital story: What happens with James Barracato, the 60,000 emails and "the rockets" Beth Mason will be "launching" at Mayor Zimmer?

Here's what didn't happen. Last September, Mayor Dawn Zimmer certified to Hudson Superior Court she "didn't authorize" Beth Mason or any of her political operatives to have her emails. 
Not one, not 60,000!

Mayor Zimmer: Barracato not an "authorized recipient" of her 60,000 emails with Hospital Buyer

We're not done yet...

We're just getting warmed up!

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Former video truck owner fingers Beth Mason's business partner 
James Barracato for Nazi Truck content & purchase

Clears Joe Branco in infamous Nazi flag patrolling Hoboken on consecutive nights

In an exclusive interview with the former business owner of the video truck connected to the 2012 Move Forward BoE campaign, better known as the Nazi Truck, Noel Torres stated all the transactions from payment to the controversial videos came in transactions via Beth Mason political operative James Barracato.

The Nazi Truck is notorious for flashing swastikas on two separate nights in an attack video against Grafix Avenger and numerous officials connected to Hoboken's reform movement back in the fall 2012 Board of Education election.

The Nazi Truck video attempted in its attack on Grafix Avenger to also sully Kids First, Mayor Dawn Zimmer and council members Peter Cunningham and Jen Giattino.

The Nazi Truck patrolled Washington St. and then parked one evening outside a BoE meeting and the following outside City Hall during a City Council meeting looping its attack video the whole time.

Detailing for the first time how the Nazi Truck transaction happened, Torres pointed solely at James Barracato saying, "I only met James. He hired me. I met up with him by the Lincoln Tunnel gas station," referring to a Weehawken location in the town where Barracato resides.

Why the remote location? Torres said, "He didn't want no one to see him or this stuff."

Asked about the possible involvement of others, Torres only referenced Barracato saying Beth Mason's right hand man was the sole person handling the videos and cash. He added there was another person with him during the first transaction: well known Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio.

"Matt Calicchio was with him. They were giggling about it; they were excited about it. I didn't know what I was getting into. It went pretty bad."

Beth Mason's political operative and "business partner"
back in November 2012. He's confirmed as being
"instrumental" in putting together the infamous Nazi Truck in Hoboken.

Torres highlighted receiving a USB stick with the videos already prepared from James Barracato who also paid him in cash: $2,000 for the first attack video, $1500 plus a $500 bonus as he described it "to keep this quiet."

For the second which focused an attack against this MSV editor where a personal phone number was featured urging people to call and complain, the estimated payment was $1,000. Torres said he thinks $500 was the payment for the fifth and final visit of the Nazi truck which featured a full blown commercial of the Move Forward candidates. All payments for the five video visits to Hoboken were made in cash.

In a January 9th, 2014 deposition in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation, senior Hudson County political operative Tom Bertoli tied James Barracato to the Nazi Truck. Asked about Barracato's role Bertoli said, "He was instrumental in putting it together."

Torres said he also wanted to clear up any misunderstanding that the Move Forward co-campaign manager Joe Branco had been involved in any way with the Nazi Truck. "Joe got a bad rap on this but I didn't do any work with him other than his nightclub business."

Joe Branco, co-campaign manager of the
2012 BoE Move Forward campaign was cleared of
any involvement in the transaction with the infamous
Hoboken Nazi Truck by its former owner

In a separate interview Joe Branco emphasized it took two years for the facts to come to light saying, "I had absolutely nothing to do with the truck. I had no knowledge of the video; no knowledge of who hired the truck or who did it."

He expressed dismay with the impact he felt being associated with the BoE campaign saying it caused him grief personally and to his business which continues to host numerous charity events.

Speaking more about the Nazi Truck blowback, Torres was upset with the reaction received driving around Hoboken on five visits. He said he didn't have any clue as to the contents of the video being controversial. "All the shit I got over this... people threw stuff at my truck. I got a lot of shit off of this thing. One guy wanted to fight with me but I never left the truck."

The Nazi Truck story and its five visits covered extensively on MSV and Grafix Avenger created a stir throughout the Mile Square.  Both of Hoboken's rabbis requested an apology for the 2012 appearances of the Nazi Truck parading the Nazi flag.

No public apology however was offered by anyone. The story reached national attention being covered in the Huffington Post.

James Barracato and former Move Forward co-campaign manager John Castellano were contacted earlier this evening. If either provides a response, this story will be updated.

Related: MSV covered the Nazi Truck story in 2012 here in the Move Forward campaign denial and on its fifth trip showing a Move Forward candidates commercial.

Da Horsey was the target of Nazi Truck scorn on its third and fourth trips. MSV covered those visits and inquired about which images of hate and bigotry the Nazi Truck thought needed eliminating exclusively here:

James Barracato seen here in a photo with Councilwoman Beth Mason.
He also sits on the Mason Civic League board with her husband,
Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton Rosen & Katz.

Beth Mason seen heavily involved in hosting the Move Forward BoE campaign at her 12th and Washington Civic Association headquarters was fined by the City of Hoboken for making excessive contributions to the campaign.  

James Barracato was also working at the Mason Civic Association at that time. Last October, Barracato penned an article on behalf of Beth Mason for Hoboken Patch. Yet more evidence Beth Mason doesn't write her "own stuff."

Tom Bertoli stated in his 2014 deposition it was Barracato running the Move Forward campaign on behalf of Beth Mason.

Humorous interval?

The prism of Hoboken politics is under a microscope as the dark underbelly of the hyper-political partisanship of Beth Mason and her political operatives is exposed.

Much discussion in yesterday's story related to the Hudson County View story. Perhaps it's time for a little light hearted humor.

An original email from September 19, 2010:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


In an exclusive news report yesterday afternoon by the Hudson County View, Beth Mason's long time intimate political associate and friend Lane Bajardi is alleged posting vicious anti-Semitic attacks online in Hoboken against Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her family.

The comments made in 2009 came under two admitted screen names on in a deposition Lane Bajardi gave last July in his $2,000,000 defamation case filed by him and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi against almost a dozen online Hoboken commenters.

The comments, part of publicly available legal documents in Hudson Superior Court were filed in the case Bajardi v Pincus last September with a certification by the mayor's husband Stan Grossbard who owns a diamond business.

The comments were alleged posted on the Hoboken forum when Lane Bajardi was active in Beth Mason's internet strategy and blogging team, part of his senior political advisor role to advance her political career over years and during her 2009 mayoral campaigns.

Email obtained in discovery appears to reference both he and his wife as participants in a Beth Mason for Mayor campaign internet/blogging strategy for Hoboken. On January 14, 2009 that internal campaign email with the subject "Re: posts attacking Beth" states in part:

"We did discuss it last fall and again recently. You, Lane, Kim.... are it for now until we have a formal "message" that we can give people. Beth is concerned that in the heat of things random blogging gets off message."

On February 28th, 2009 Lane Bajardi wrote directly in an email to Beth Mason about he and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi on the topic of internet and message strategy for her mayoral campaign. The following is an unedited, complete top portion of his email: bold emphasis added.

From:Lane Bajardi <>
Sent:Saturday, February 28, 2009 3:46 PM;
Subject:IMPORTANT: An intervention of sorts


I am writing you this message because I want you to win, not just for
you but for everybody who has worked years to get to this point. Too
much blood sweat and tears has gone into this effort to fail now, and
this campaign is not where it needs to be. I owe it to you to be
compeletly honest about what I see, even if it is not pretty.

You called us this morning and asked us to drop what we were doing and
come to a large, top-level meeting regarding internet and message
strategy. We were in our pajamas, and so was Xxxxxxx. We dropped
everything, raced to get dressed and get our infant suited up to deal
with 25 degree weather to show up at this meeting.
What we found was
nobody but Jake there to have this meeting with. No James, no Tommy, no
other pros, just the campaign figurehead who seems to be about as out
of the loop on key issues as we are.

You did not meet with us. Instead, we essentially wasted a couple
hours, part of it talking Trem, who will not be on your ticket but who
has decided to hang around your HQ when people are trying to hold
meetings. Since he is a Chatty Cathy, I’m sure what he saw and heard
will make it around town before long. This was not only a waste of our
time, but more importantly a waste of YOUR CAMPAIGN'S TIME.

Meanwhile, you were on the phone screaming at one of your daughters in
a fit that if it had
been recorded would have been just the YouTube
sensation that could have torpedoed your election. You were in front of
a storefront window (and members of the public) ranting into your
phone. You need to think about your surroundings whenever you are in
public because it is going to come back to bite you if you don’t. EVERY
new iPhones and G-phones from Google can instantly load video to
YouTube. Regardless, the way you handled that situation in public did
not instill confidence in those who witnessed it.

Earlier on that same day, Beth Mason ordered campaign emails on the subject of her internet strategy to cease, expressing concern the campaign communications were becoming too widespread among her staff.  Among those listed she sent the "Internet Strategy" email are James Barracato and both Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi.

The alleged anti-Semitic remarks followed in April and August 2009 during two failed Beth Mason attempts to become Hoboken mayor in the May and November elections.

Lane Bajardi: two of his admitted screen names on are revealed as allegedly posting
anti-Semitic attacks on Mayor Dawn Zimmer's family during Beth Mason's mayoral
campaigns in 2009.

The complete story is available on the Hudson County View:

Councilwoman Beth Mason: her 2009 internet
and blogging strategy surfaces inadvertently
after the failed litigation of her intimate and
senior political advisor Lane Bajardi came out
in a news story yesterday on the Hudson County View.

The two alleged anti-Semitic remarks as published yesterday on the Hudson County View:

From discovery emails, another 2011 screen name called "blooddiamonds" is mentioned often attacking Mayor Zimmer and her family on the Hoboken forum. The partial unedited email containing the copied poster follows:

by blooddiamonds, 09/23/11 6:50 PM
Mayor "We are this close" by hobokenhorse, 09/23/11 6:50 PM
and the mayor bull/s. Now she doesnt need state or city money. This is all a scam

The screen name blooddiamonds was responding to a comment by this editor under its well known public moniker "hobokenhorse" about the City of Hoboken being close to having a successful bidder buy and save the local hospital - Hoboken University Medical Center.

The screen name blooddiamonds posted dozens if not hundreds of posts attacking the mayor in a similar vein some observers view as less than veiled anti-Semitic comments within the context of Hoboken politics.

It's unclear from the emails obtained in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation who actually posted under that screen name.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Tim Occhipinti is critical voice in final City Council approval to finance a wet weather pump aiding west Hoboken flooding around Shoprite; installation at Maxwell Place

After almost three hours of discussion with much fair debate, Hoboken's second wet weather pump is approved in a decisive 7-2 vote.

Tim Occhipinti made a decisive move indicating the financing was needed to move the project forward saying flooding was a priority for him in office. His support proved pivotal in seeing Hoboken's second wet weather pump approved. The City Council had not two months earlier voted unanimously for the wet weather pump.

Tim Occhipinti: key to success approving flood pump.
Hours of discussion mainly in public portion saw dueling concerns between Maxwell Place and west side Hoboken residents. (Video at the link.) One Maxwell Place resident was asked to leave the meeting after repeatedly calling out during the council discussion.

Richard Wolff, Director of the North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) calmly addressed numerous concerns of Maxwell Place residents saying environmental concerns about airborne contamination would be addressed even as there's no evidence the DEP would require such a necessity.

Wolff explained in detail why the location, an island at Hudson and 11th Street of the Maxwell Place complex was the only location which made sense from both a technical engineering standpoint and financial basis. He said a shift from the east Hoboken location would add $10-20 million in costs.

The wet weather pump's installation is expected to take about 16 months with a cost of $12 million.

Tim Occhipinti's support for the wet weather pump proved crucial in a discussion oddly maintaining decorum from both the public and the council members themselves. Occhipinti's support for following through and financing the wet weather pump directly led to a last second change of mind by first ward councilwoman Terry Castellano after asking and getting assurances on timely updates from the administration and the NHSA.

Hoboken Zoning Board member Michael Defusco, a first ward resident voiced strong support for the water pump and may have had a role in Castellano's reversal. She voted "no" on the wet weather pump at the regularly scheduled meeting last Wednesday but flipped after Defusco's questioning her vote. Her first ward seat is up for election in November.

Beth Mason, the only council member to vote no twice on the pump  saw another ugly revelation revealed before the City Council meeting opening up the long running festering wound displaying  her scorched earth politics.

Mason's long time intimate political associate, Lane Bajardi who admitted to using two screen names on in a deposition last July saw those names tied to alleged anti-Semitic remarks against Mayor Dawn Zimmer's family when he was part of her internet blogging team in her failed run for mayor in 2009. That story was broken yesterday by the Hudson County View.

The latest scandal surrounding Beth Mason may be the last straw in her attempting to hold on to the second ward seat and leverage it for higher office.

Voting yes: Council President Ravi Bhalla, council members Peter Cunningham, Jim Doyle, Jen Giattino, Tim Occhipinti, Terry Castellano and Dave Mello.

Voting no: Michael Russo and Beth Mason.

Via twitter seconds after the vote, Mayor Dawn Zimmer wrote:
"Thanks to Council for 7-2 vote on flood pump to protect our City's flood zones! We  will make sure this is built safely."

Update: This morning: City Council President Ravi Bhalla released the following statement to the media:

"It is exciting to be a part of a city government that is leading the charge to end flooding in Hoboken once and for all. Monday's historic vote paves the way for funding of a truly-needed pump that will provide relief for so many residents who are tired of wading through sewage and floodwaters after heavy rainstorms. This pump is a sound investment for the betterment of all Hoboken residents.

Thank you to my council colleagues who supported this pump, especially Councilman Cunningham, who demonstrated leadership in standing up for the interest of the residents most impacted by severe flooding.
Last night we saw a robust discussion - council members listening to the public, pressing the professionals for answers, and voicing their frustrations and concerns. Ultimately, we were able to put politics aside and act in the best interests of the community as a whole. Last night was a classic example of good government in action.

Additionally, I truly appreciate the healthy dialogue this issue has generated between the City Council, the NHSA, and our residents, especially those from Maxwell Place and the western portion of Hoboken. Residents impacted by this vote should know this is not the end of the discussion on this flood pump, and I look forward to seeing the outreach and communication from the NHSA as the pump construction process commences."

Related: H-mag, Hoboken's largest lifestyle online news magazine covered the story:

Hoboken wet weather pump on the brink @ 7:00

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Hoboken will be most interested if tonight's special City Council meeting can muster six required votes for its second wet weather pump. The pump which will be built underground by Maxwell Place was previously approved unanimously by the City Council.

A needed second vote however saw Council members Beth Mason and Terry Castellano reverse course and vote no leaving the measure one vote short of a required six to pass.

Timmy Occhipinti and Michael Russo were not in attendance last Wednesday so how they may vote tonight will be decisive. It would not be surprising to see neither Beth Mason or Terry Castellano not showing up at all. They can vote no by simply being absent from the special meeting putting the other two votes front and center.

The special City Council meeting begins @ 7:00 pm.

Birth of a Bench SLAPP?

Emails contained here are part of the public record after over two and a half years of civl litigation in the well known lawsuit against this MSV editor and a dozen or more Hoboken residents. The documents numbering in the area of 100,000 including electronic data are available to the public at Hudson Superior Court in the case: Bajardi v Pincus.

On September 11th, 2001, Americans would face one of the most traumatic days in living history and the worst attack and loss of life on the nation's shores since the attack at Pearl Harbor.

In September 2011, as most Americans were reflecting on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, Councilwoman Beth Mason had other matters on her mind.

Early on September 12th, Beth Mason would issue the following email to Lane Bajardi, her "business partner" James Barracato and her husband Richard Mason at his office, the law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz:


Beth Mason has stated she had "nothing" to do with the civil lawsuit filed in July 2012 by Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi or as she described here in the email above "against members of our.."

The lawsuit spanning over 2.5 years followed by more than two weeks at trial in Hudson County Superior Court saw almost five dozen motions and peripheral legal requirements with the vast majority initiated by the failed plaintiffs who deployed at least six attorneys in five states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and California. 


Lane Bajardi testified he returned to full time work in September 2011 after being laid off two and half years prior from Bloomberg. He also testified under oath James Barracato was a friend and while he agreed numerous others connected to Beth Mason were political operatives, he never would say the same of Barracato. 

At trial, related to work he would only state Barracato owned a bar and described himself as a campaign volunteer to Beth Mason connected to Hoboken civic affairs.

In early 2011, Bajardi in an email with Perry Klaussen of the Hoboken411 blog responded to an inquiry asking "You are in the process of suing them, right?"

Bajardi replied as follows in an original and correct email below:

The Hoboken $2,000,000 defamation lawsuit was filed on July 26, 2012 on behalf of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi. 

15 days earlier at the July 11th, 2012 City Council meeting, Councilwoman Beth Mason announced to one of the two named defendants he was "on the verge of legal action" in direct response to a request she make available public records of the Mason Civic League.

Next in The BENCH SLAPPED Series: The Hospital, part II.

Related from the BENCH SLAPPED series: 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

City Council President Bhalla: Attend special council meeting Monday night to support second flood pump

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I urge you to attend the Hoboken City Council Special Meeting on Monday, Feb. 23 at 7 p.m., at City Hall (94 Washington St.), as we will address a critical issue that impacts all residents: flooding. 

We need six council votes on Monday night to fund a flood pump that would curb flooding in western Hoboken.  Please attend the Council meeting on Monday night and make your voice heard!  

In December, the entire City Council voted unanimously to support this pump. However, on Feb. 18, two council members flipped their vote. We didn't have the necessary votes last week, but we're hoping with the full council present and with strong support from the community, we will see six votes in support of this common sense solution.

There is a diversity of opinion about whether or not we should have a pump at the current location at all, and we need to hear from the entire community, especially those most directly impacted by flooding. 

Councilman Cunningham and I will be out in Hoboken this weekend helping spread the word about the meeting by distributing the attached flyers. Please spread the word and attend the council meeting on Monday if possible.

If you can't attend the meeting, I hope you will respond with written comments to  I have also attached below an informational flyer about this issue.  Please share it with your friends and neighbors.

For more information regarding the pump, please click here. 

I hope to hear from you or see you Monday night, Feb. 23, at 7 p.m. in City Hall. 


Ravinder S. Bhalla
City Council President


HHA advances: Charles Daglian out as legal counsel; Deputy ED appointed & new policing strategy

Lots of movement at last week's Hoboken Housing Authority meeting:

A) Ravon Anderson is appointed new Deputy Executive Director
B) Charles Daglian replaced as HHA counsel with Fitzman & Waterman

The video news report comes courtesy of John Heinis at The Hudson County View:

Police Chief Ken Ferrante spoke to residents about four recent arrests and a new strategy to combat crime. He said this new approach was an improvement over taking officers off the street to do paperwork for hours while a minor alleged crime would see no substantial improvement for residents.

(MSV will post the video when available.)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Political Insider: Annette Chaparro will replace Carmelo Garcia in NJ Assembly

Augie Torres in his Political Insider column names the months long pending NJ Assembly replacement for Carmelo "Dead Man Walking" Garcia.

He says it will be Hoboken resident Annette Chaparro!

Annette Chaparro (rear) stood with fiancĂ©
and new Hoboken Police Chief at his swearing-in ceremony. 
They'll likely be switching positions come  January.

Since December, MSV stated Carmelo Garcia would be ejected by State Senator Brian Stack under his line in the upcoming Democratic primary and recently predicted a Hispanic woman was on the target list. It was unclear if Hoboken Mayor Zimmer would come to agreement with Stack but it appears that selection is made.

Stack who was reported to have met and discussed the replacement with Mayor Dawn Zimmer recently surely galls Garcia who tried to strong-arm the mayor into handing him a permanent banana republic in the Hoboken Housing Authority. When Zimmer refused to back an "emergency" redevelopment scheme called Vision 20/20 more than doubling the size of the HHA in downtown Hoboken, Garcia launched a vicious lawsuit accusing her of "ethnic cleansing."

Mayor Zimmer never stood down and in the face of the November 2013 mayoral election and at-large council races wouldn't buckle to the political extortion as she cruised to re-election.

A source among the Hoboken citizenry passed along this tidbit last night. Da Horsey might have tried confirming the story, starting with Chaparro fiancĂ© Police Chief Ferrante himself who is preparing for another Leper-con invasion in early March. 

There's word the DMW himself will be holding a fundraiser for re-election to the Assembly seat at a downtown Hoboken restaurant early next month. Brian Stack won't be anywhere near the place but Garcia is selling it saying NJ Assembly speaker Vince Prieto is attending. 

Will Prieto appear for a drink and a dash or avoid the venue altogether so as to not upset Hudson ally in the NJ Senate Brian Stack? 

Watch how fast Mister Carmelo shifts those funds toward a sixth ward City Council race against the popular sixth ward Councilwoman, Jen Giattino.

Augie Torres also weighed in on the Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi litigation thrown out of Hudson Superior Court writing:

Following the ruling in favor of the Hoboken bloggers in a defamation lawsuit brought by political personality Lane Bajardi, politically-connected attorney Donald Scarinci -- who once was an opinion-writing editor on his Union Hill High School newspaper in Union City -- came out with an Op-Ed defending bloggers

In his piece, Scarinci noted the following:

Augie Torres in his Political Insider column called Lane Bajardi a "political personality."
Mini-minion not included.

Talking Ed Note: None of this is going to make sense to some of the dumb as a rock dwindled band of "Masonistas" who know and understand less about NJ defamation law and not once had a bad word to say about any of the vitriol spouted on the heavily censored website Hoboken411 by their "friend." 

They very well knew who was ghostwriting the enormous pile of lies and character assassination (or is it defamation) for years at Mason411. Did they ever say a single word against or publicly criticize any of it? They eagerly supported his bile-filled conspiracies of Beth Mason propaganda.

Last prediction: Beth Mason will not be handing the second ward council seat or any City Hall jobs under a Beth Mason mayoral administration to any of her remaining minions. Ever. 

Chew on that.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason doesn't write her "own stuff?"


February 20, 2015

Back in December 2011, a classic moment in Hoboken City Council history was recorded in the annals of "the internets" when Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason got into a dust-up with Business Administrator Arch Liston.

Liston grew frustrated with grandstanding on a simple end of year line item transfer blocked by Beth Mason and her allies in the Russo faction.

The classic interchange remembered fondly by many (video below) ended with BA Liston mocking prepared comments delivered by Mason suggesting she paid someone to do it for her.

Beth Mason blithely responds to his suggestion haughtily retorting, "I write my own stuff."

Liston then infamously quipped, "Yeah, I believe that."

Who was telling the truth?

Earlier that same year, Beth Mason business partner and paid political operative James Barracato penned an email to Lane Bajardi, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic showing his written speech Beth Mason delivered for a City Council meeting opposing a reform proposed anti-wheeling pay-to-play ordinance.

In the 2010 Hoboken council fourth ward special election, the Mason family wheeled at a minimum $14,000 to the Occhipinti for Council campaign. Some observers believe it may have been $20,000 or more. Occhipinti declared by Mason political operatives "an independent" candidate for the fourth ward would immediately vote to install Beth Mason the Hoboken City Council President.

Mason's council reign spanning months to July is believed the shortest in living memory.

Here is an original, unedited and complete copy of the February 17th, 2011 email:

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Councilman Peter Cunningham: Update on Gulf Station uptown and Parking Meter plan

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Dear neighbors, friends and family,
Two quick up dates on the former Gulf Station at 14th and Willow which has burdened the NW neighborhood in Hoboken for many years, and residential parking meters which essentially eliminates four hours of free parking in Hoboken neighborhoods.  

At the former Gulf Station, work has been ongoing and the subterranean parking structure has been completed.  The vertical portion of the work commenced in December.  Per the developer, we will start seeing a lot of activity on and around the site in the coming weeks with a completion date slated for the end of February ’16.  A commercial tenant is expected to be named in March.

As many of you may recall, we completed a Parking Master Plan fall of last year.  For a City which has renowned and infamous parking, the consultants were stunned that we provided four hours of free parking on our streets.  There is no City in a America with similar parking issues providing free parking.  For some of the concerns expressed, we are not looking to create unintended consequences, so to quell the misinformation out there, visitor hang tags are not going away.  Furthermore, meters will be placed strategically at locations in consultation with the neighborhoods.  Revenues collected from meters will be used to support road and parking infrastructure projects.  

That's it for now! 

Please continue to send me your questions and concerns on these important issues as the information that's out there in the papers is unfortunately incorrect and misleading.  


Talking Ed Note: Mayor Dawn Zimmer has called for a special City Council meeting Monday on the issue of the failed resolution voted down by Council members Beth Mason and Terry Castellano.  

Six votes are required to authorized the expenditure after the previous unanimous vote of the Hoboken City Council in favor of the second pump to aid the west side of Hoboken covering Michael Russo's third ward and part of Peter Cunningham's fifth ward.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beth Mason and Terry Castellano vote down Hoboken's uptown wet weather pump

From the desk of Hoboken City Council President Ravi Bhalla:


On Wednesday night, due to the "no" votes of Council Members Theresa Castellano and Beth Mason, a flooding solution for western Hoboken was voted down. The city secured a low interest loan to fund a flood pump uptown near 11th Street, which would help alleviate flooding on the west side of town, near the Shop Rite, which has historically seen chronic flooding.

“Council Members Mason and Castellano voted to support this flooding solution on December 16,” said Councilman Peter Cunningham. “However, Wednesday night when it was time to fund the project, they’ve proven that they can only provide lip service to residents when it comes to flooding solutions.

“Even if the resolution passes eventually, I hope residents do not forget that Mason and Castellano took a stand against providing a sensible flooding solution funded through a low interest loan,” said Council President Ravinder Bhalla. “I don’t understand how these council members could in good conscience vote against a flooding solution that would improve the lives of so many residents.”

“Actions speak louder than words,” Cunningham said. “And when residents still have to pump water out of their homes or wade through knee deep water after a storm, I hope they realize that these two council members voted against a sensible solution.”

Talking Ed Note: Six votes are required to approve a bond effort on the Hoboken City Council. Voting in the affirmative: Council members Peter Cunningham, Dave Mello, Jen Giattino, Jim Doyle and Council President Ravi Bhalla.

Beth Mason operative on efforts to save HUMC "They can really destroy the administration if they work things properly"

The following like MSV's exclusive February 17th story is compiled based on investigative reporting/analysis/opinion spanning years of MSV's coverage in Hoboken and attending hospital board meetings at HUMC. 

Emails contained here are part of the public record obtained in over two and a half years of civl litigation in the well known lawsuit against this MSV editor and a dozen or more Hoboken residents. The documents numbering in the area of 100,000 including electronic data are available to the public at Hudson Superior Court in the case: Bajardi v Pincus.

Part I

The shadowy world of Councilwoman Beth Mason's numerous political operatives operating in Hoboken is highlighted in the attached email exchanges of their efforts to undo and stop the eventual successful sale of Hoboken University Medical Center in late 2011.

Back in early 2011, many in Hoboken watched helplessly as Hoboken University Medical Center hemorrhaged losses in the millions and then tens of millions. Mayor Dawn Zimmer who took office in mid 2009 was herself unsure what was possible to save the more than 100 year old institution founded in 1863.

The City of Hoboken had backed the hospital with $52 million in bonds back in 2007 in an attempt to stave off closure of the formerly named St. Mary's. Any hospital closure inclusive of winding down liabilities was thought to add possibly $20 million or more and lead to the City of Hoboken's bankruptcy and trigger municipal and public safety layoffs.

Many observers thought any effort to save HUMC doomed. Lane Bajardi in one of his innumerable ghostwritten Hoboken411 stories in early 2010 wrote, "Will the hospital close?" Pointing to mistaken information from the State of NJ officials saying HUMC would close "in the next few months" he gloated about Hoboken411's coverage, - his, calling it the "only source for in depth coverage of the "Cons" of taking over the hospital," in line with the previously held party line position taken by Beth Mason.

In late September 2011, Hoboken411 with a suspect Star Ledger story would announce the hospital's death with a gleeful morbid D.O.A. graphic. In the end, it would be another failed political operation as Hoboken411 and Lane Bajardi would be forced to eat their words.

Beth Mason with her "business partner" James Barracato. When asked about him at the Bajardi trial she limited her answer to those two words. He also sits on the board with her and her husband on the questionable 501(c)3 the Mason Civic League. Mason's financial disclosure forms show her an owner of Cooper Place LLC. A dive bar with the same name in Weehawken is thought run by Barracato and his family.

Over months culminating with one last attempted act of sabotage in October 2011, Lane Bajardi along with other self-pronounced "Masonistas," a dwindling band of mostly paid adherents to a cult of Beth Mason would do their best to see undone the successful bidder HoldCo announced at a hospital board meeting in early 2011. The transaction's complexity was enormous and the institution in a state financial experts saw as unlikely to lead to a purchase by anyone.

As part of Beth Mason's sabotage effort, Exhibit A, a series of March 4, 2011 emails between Councilwoman Beth Mason, political operatives James Barracato, Adam Alonso, Lane Bajardi and Beth Mason's husband Richard G. Mason, a bankruptcy attorney at Wachtell, Lipton Rosen & Katz.

"They can really destroy the administration if they work things properly."  - March 4, 2011 - James Barracato, Beth Mason political operative

(Best to read from the bottom up.)

Talking Ed Note: More to come on the organized Beth Mason sabotage to sink the HUMC sale and  "destroy the administration" of Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

This story is dedicated to the memory of Steve Rofsky, a Hoboken resident who was instrumental as part of a volunteer Hoboken hospital board in saving Hoboken University Medical Center.

Related: The original MSV story, "City: HoldCo has not pulled out of deal," Hoboken411 claim completely bogus.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More parking meters for road improvements? City Council @ 7:00

The Wednesday night City Council meeting is available at the link:

Second ordinance reading for parking meters? Don't see it but there's some major bond issues.

The agenda follows:

PolitickerNJ: "Grafix Avenger & Hoboken Horse Defend Free Internet Speech"

Is attention on Hoboken's First Amendment victory over? From the NY Post to the biggest statewide political website in New Jersey, PolitickerNJ, the answer is no.

A column penned by well known NJ attorney Donald Scarinci weighed in on the Hoboken First Amendment trial thrown out of Hudson County Superior Court last week.

One insight he offered was Lane Bajardi's status in Hoboken as a limited public figure was determined by the court due to his involvement with the "political factions" in Hoboken.

This is both germane and correct as last September, Judge Christine M. Vanek made that determination while dismissing all remaining claims of Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and most of the claims by Lane Bajardi.

The September legal opinion dually highlighted the issues in the case and relate directly to important matters of public concern writing:

"It is with this high regard for the value of free speech in public discourse that the Court finds the Plaintiff Lane Bajardi to be a limited public figure, and the issue at hand to be a matter of public concern…”

"The Court finds as well that Plaintiff Lane Bajardi has been heavily involved in the factional discord; that he has made efforts to inject his talents into the furtherance of one side over the other, has presented himself at various public gatherings in connection with one of the factions, has communicated with public officials on matters involving Hoboken politics and can generally be considered deeply involved in that particular controversy.

MSV accented this point yesterday showing a speck of Lane Bajardi's ghostwriting penned on the highly censored website Hoboken411.

The legal determination last September had nothing to do with "activism," as published by Caren Matzner in the Hudson Reporter story. That legal ruling was made based on bona fide actual evidence produced to the court in Lane Bajardi's and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi's own emails. 

In today's PolitickerNJ column, Scarinci highlighted the Hoboken First Amendment case titled: "Grafix Avenger & Hoboken Horse Defend Free Internet Speech," praising Hudson Superior Court trial judge Patrick J. Arre writing Socrates would be proud of him.

From his column, "Imagine the cottage industry for lawyers if everyone took them to court. Worse yet, imagine America if people were afraid to speak their mind?"

Perhaps that was the point. 

Most of the dozen or so people accused of defamation via their screen names were not alleged to say anything defamatory, a key requirement under NJ defamation law. As a matter of fact, they were thrown into a lawsuit having never been accused of saying anything at all.  The threat in the failed complaint even saber rattled referring to untold "others."

For a period of almost two years, those screen names were forced to defend themselves via attorney Kerry Flowers never being told what they allegedly said was defamatory.

Some of the names published for years on various websites in Hoboken: MSV here at, Hoboken Patch, and the notorious rigidly censored Hoboken411.

How many of those screen names in the Bajardi lawsuit had their private information shared with others by Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen?

This is a question which merits an answer.
To the absolute shock of no one, Caren Matzner and the Hudson Reporter offered no reply to the 30 questions posed here on its story.

Donald Scarinci is a managing partner at Lyndhurst, N.J. based law firm Scarinci Hollenbeck.  He is also the editor of the Constitutional Law Reporter and Government and Law blogs.
Not everyone in Hoboken supports the freedom of speech or the right to uncensored political discourse. A little of the truth has escaped into Hoboken. 
How much more truth is coming out?

Talking Ed Note: At least one person is rumored very unhappy in Hoboken with the First Amendment victory last week. Those rumors circulating say Beth Mason, the vastly unpopular second ward councilwoman known for her highly litigious actions is most unhappy and nerve addled.

There must be another Rx available somewhere for that. Keep the meds nearby, you never know when more of the absolute truth may appear.