Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Affordable Housing contract on tap in City Council @ 7:00

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The Hoboken City Council holds its first of two May meetings and there's a mix on the agenda.

A recent effort to politicize and make hay about comp time for Directors (and the mayor) didn't get off the ground for council members Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and Michael Russo but some alterations are on the table in an ordinance up for a final vote. No more "issue" it appears before November's ward elections.

Yes, it is election season, an almost constant affair in the Mile Square - sometimes when there's not even an election in sight.

Resolution 10 requests $25,000 for a Affordable Housing contract for Shirley Bishop who provided an earlier data-filled report for Hoboken last year which was featured previously in a MSV story last January.

The Affordable Housing report showed Hoboken a leader across the state of NJ in the number of current affordable housing units. Neighboring data however was questioned and may not have been complete with Union City being one example.

There may be some heat and frustrations emerging when this resolution arises and in public portion.

The council meeting begins with a scheduled closed session at 6:30 which could bleed over into the start time.