Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grist for the Mill: fourth ward drug busts not over?

The recent wave of drug arrests in downtown Hoboken last Friday isn't over based on a Facebook entry by Julian Braxton of lower Jackson St.

Although an Advanced Media story indicated more than a dozen of those arrested in a months long investigation and sweep are not out on bail, at least two of the original 18 arrested may be including Braxton himself.

A comment on the investigation pins the recent effort on the Feds, perhaps mistakenly - not the Hoboken Police Department and Hudson County Prosecutor's Office.

Reference is also made to two additional arrests of "Pean" and "Jordan" leading some to believe the rumor of addtional arrests may be correct.

Some have asked how the alleged drug related arrests may lead to implementation of the HUD "one-strike" rule applied when certain types of criminal activity occur.

A Hoboken Housing Authority meeting is scheduled tonight at 221 Jackson St.

Talking Ed Note: MSV does not know what the original bail for Braxton was and it's not been publicly available in recent news accounts nor who posted it on his behalf.

Julian Braxton was paid $250 by Councilwoman Beth Mason as a fourth ward resident on her 2011 second ward council campaign. As usual, no local media has pressed Beth Mason for an answer and when exposed in such indelicate matters as this, she simply hides from any inquiry before resufacing.
Mason has not issued any press release explaining either.

Last November, Beth Mason was in attendance at the League of Municipalities in Atlantic City to further align herself with NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney. One source in attendance during the gala political events described her as "a walking joke down here."

While those in and lobbying government were in great attendance, a Grafix Avenger story noted the source recounting that Beth Mason had bused Hoboken Housing Authority residents to Atlantic City for the soiree and they were all playing slots.

Were any of the Braxtons, closely connected with support and employment to former HHA Ed Carmelo Garcia in attendance?

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