Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Michael Russo has the votes so what will he do with Hoboken Democratic Chair?

The fuss over a mostly ceremonial post in Hoboken is echoing across Hudson County and now comes the sounds of dire warning from across the border in Jersey City.

The actual term used here last week was Armageddon. It was described as "all out war" in last weekend's Between the Lines political column.

Even NJ.com's Political Insider, Augie Torres got into the act after yawning the holiday weekend was a good time to take an infrequent peek at Hoboken and its "neurotic bunch of politicos."

The Reform Movement in Hoboken is no virus at risk of spreading in HudCo as Torres well knows and adds Beth Mason is "taking a run" at the position of Hoboken Democratic Chair.

Earlier reports say that run is an illicit attempt to "bankroll" re: outright buy the position by proxy in exchange for funding Old Guard campaigns this November in Hoboken's six City Council ward races. Since it's the Russo clan holding the majority of committee votes before and after the Democratic Committee selections which almost all Mile Square residents will ignore, the choice of party chair is in the hands of the Russo family.

Hoboken hasn't seen such an illegal fire sale since the speculation on its Assembly seat a couple of years ago which pitted the moneybags of Hudson Street against the hometown guy with a developer chip on his shoulder was thought to hit seven figures. Even a decades long HudCo denizen like Torres found that script too uncomfortably close to the Blagojevich affair. 

The bidding for the Assembly seat ended with dreams of Vision Money/Money erupting its place promising many more millions before that scam was exposed and crumbled. Which brings us back to the latest saga for a Hoboken title which in the hands of a bored carpetbagger holding a family checkbook could jeopardize Hudson and Northern NJ unity eyeing the 2017 NJ Governor's chair.

That puts Councilman Michaal Russo on the hot seat front and center. What he and the Russo family do will be a tad more compelling than choosing a special at Mikie Squared. While ordering a restaurant special is legal, selling a political elected office for campaign loot is most certainly not.

Will Michael Russo and the Russo family stick a shiv in Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop's back?

Michael Russo and the Russo family will decide who becomes the Hoboken Democratic Chair.
"Is that your best and final offer?"

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