Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Observer Highway name change? City Council @ 7:00

Tonight's City Council meeting holds one question on the agenda? Well, that's if it makes it onto the agenda at the start. An ordinance to change the name of Observer Highway to Ferry St. was submitted but it's unclear if it won't be going through the City Council process before being sent to the council subcommittee for further study first.

Should it move ahead, two meetings and a month of evaluation with public input would be required. MSV however, thinks it should be in subcommittee and work its way from that public process.

Here's the latest updated agenda and the proposed ordinance does not appear to be on it.

Of immediate importance, Hoboken's final budget is up for a vote. The initial modest 1% increase is after some efforts of the administration and council members back to zero. No tax increase at all.

Proving once again, Reform is on the move: quietly, efficiently with no drama. Elections for six ward City Council seats are however up in six months this November. (That's six of nine council seats total.)

Let the good times roll; but remember it's up to you to make it roll.

Segments of the meeting are available at the link: