Saturday, May 16, 2015

Peter Cunningham: Irish Festival, Western Edge Meeting and new stop sign

From the desk of Fifth Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Good morning neighbors, friends and family,
There is lots to report happening in and around Hoboken, and will continue to do my very best to inform you of important matters of interest.   

First, TODAY is the Irish Festival at Sinatra Park.  It is from noon until 6pm.

Secondly, we have the Western Edge Community Meeting this Thursday, May 21st at the Jubilee Center at 7pm.  I chair this committee, and we have spent a considerable amount of time planning the future of western Hoboken from 9th street to 14th Street along the light rail and 14th Street Viaduct.

In my opinion, we have provided for many mixed use opportunities while considering the importance of infrastructure improvements around flooding and transportation.  Here's a link to the City's website for additional details.
Let's discuss paving.  Please see the details at the following link.  There are inconveniences with paving in the south end of town starting on Monday.  Please be aware and plan accordingly.  Paving associated with PSEG Gas Main repairs will happen when they are done - which should be soon.
Lastly, warrant studies finally came in on a number of intersections throughout the 5th Ward - 10th and Bloomfield, 9th and Garden, and 9th and Willow.  9th and Willow was the only intersection to warrant a stop sign.  Better yet, I have suggested a flashing RED light (which is on order), and parking to be restored to the northside of 9th street between Clinton and Willow.
Please pass onto you friends and neighbors, and let me know if you have any additional questions.  Stay tuned as in a couple of weeks I'll be hosting a community meeting to update the community on some exciting developments up and around the Upper Grands.

Thanks, Peter
Peter Cunningham