Monday, May 18, 2015

Telephone poll hits Hoboken with arching development theme

Reader reports suggest a telephone poll is ongoing questioning attitudes about local government officials with a development theme.

The telephone poll which began soliciting Hoboken residents' attitudes is interested in public opinion on Mayor Dawn Zimmer and ward council members Beth Mason, Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino, Timmy Occhipinti and Michael Russo.

All six council seats for each of Hoboken's six wards are up for election this November. The telephone poll does not appear to ask a single question about any of the three at-large council members.

Hey whaddaya think, maybe Mayor Russo?

A lot of the questions focus on development: favorable or opposing  to downtown Hoboken development specifically inquiring on positions toward tall skinny buildings or a smaller variety.

A focus on opinions about Hoboken's downtown post office centered on thoughts for a Hilton Garden developed at that location.

In general, the poll appears to be interested in whether Hoboken residents think development in the Mile Square City is good or bad.

Some messaging apparent with a claim of a million in tax proceeds for the City annually if the hotel goes up downtown asking what the monies should go toward.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino is the focus of a wildly effective take down on the Hudson Reporter's self-censorship of a story on Grafix Avenger. The pro Old Guard paper had so much egg on its face for its extreme anti-Reform bias in Hoboken, it censored its own story last week on the popular councilwoman. You had to be in Jersey City if you wanted to read it. Hoboken residents were instead fed "news" on North Bergen instead. They capitulated after a Grafix Avenger story exposed them running it a full week later in Hoboken without explanation. They hate the Hoboken Reform movement's guts.

Talking Ed Note: With MSV being the biggest website covering government, politics and corruption opinions here are not only widely read by City Hall and local activists but other interests of all kinds.

Unrelated: Last week Grafix Avenger had a rather unique week. Breaking the story on the Hudson Reporter's suppression of their own story on Councilwoman Jen Giattino's long time work supporting the Hoboken Homeless Shelter hit a political nerve at the pro Old Guard rag.

In an apparent effort to sully Giattino leading into Hoboken's ward races this November, the Hudson Reporter which had called out Giattino previously as heartless and against the downtrodden, was forced to eat its words when it sought out verification of the popular councilwoman's efforts long before she ever considered running for office.

It led to bizzare self-censorship with a feature on supporting the homeless shelter being published in Jersey City and spiked in Hobokent itself.

If you missed The Mother's Day Dis on Grafix Avenger, it's a must read.

Grafix Avenger also had a mano-a-mano takedown of Anthony Petrosino, the former assistant school board attendant who sued the Board of Education and lost a double dipping "low-no-show" gig while working full time in Texas.

GA's challenge of some questionable data led to that blog post disappearing into the internet ether.
That's gonna leave a mark.

Michael Russo telephone graphic and Hudson Reporter Star Trek editor abduction monster courtesy of Grafix Avenger.