Monday, May 11, 2015

The Hudson Reporter chokes on its anti-Reform political bias and yellow underbelly

The Hudson Reporter's "Between the Lines" column planted its latest political treatise last weekend. It's not that the rumor itself is wrong, this is standard fare in the Hoboken Reporter and being wrong is a distant concern to propping up and advancing re: announcing the latest Hoboken Old Guard political conspiracies.

After all the Hudson Reporter is on a deathwatch praying with its Old Guard allies Mayor Dawn Zimmer will resign. (An arrest rumor accompanied the months long prediction being spun in Old Guard circles by the same "sources" last year who cooked up the resignation myth.) "Between the Lines" issued itself a reprieve saying the resignation may take by September and ignored Mayor Zimmer's blunt denial after she found the "rumor" after months no longer entertaining.  

With these less than credible standards, the real question is who exactly the Hudson Reporter hates more: Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the Reform Movement or the "bloggers" who are generally supportive of both?

Putting it in proper context, HR rumors are more like intentionally told tall tales to advance a political Old Guard position while MSV's rumor column, Grist for the Mill takes pride in getting a story right even though the sourcing is limited.

So last weekend, "Between the Lines" trotted out a generic non-specific reference to the "bloggers" (which is code for MSV and GA) appearing to be "outraged" at a rumor Timmy Occhipinti will see backing of the mayor in this November's fourth ward election.

Blogger, lumberjack logger, it might as well be about intelligent life on Pluto which is far more likely than the latest rumormongering put forward. While Grafix Avenger recently wrote about a rumor Timmy Occhipinti would like to obtain backing on a reform ticket, MSV has not even bothered to expound on the obvious math.

Occhipinti, once a candidate of a united Old Guard effort to take the fourth ward in 2010 now finds himself abandoned by most of the Old Guard Hoboken Syndicate which is backing Ruben Ramos' upcoming fourth ward council run.  Ramos is coming off a solid 2013 mayoral run and strong fourth ward tallies.

That leaves Occhipinti with few friends and daunting prospects this November. Back in 2013, his mayoral run with the full backing of Beth Mason and Frank "Pupie" Raia saw him come in a distant third yielding only 17% of the vote.

In the fourth ward, the mayor and Ramos ran neck and neck with the mayor edging Ramos on the machines in the ballpark of 850 votes and Timmy Occhipinti lagged pulling over 300.

That's a long road to hoe from third to first if the fourth ward again becomes a three person race. This prospect typically sends the Hudson Reporter into massive bouts of depression as the Reform Movement under Mayor Zimmer has set a clear cut positive record for Hoboken taxpayers and government operations but is bad for business of the Old Guard and their historical corruption.

Some additional required corrections on last weekend's "Between the Lines" column. MSV noted months ago that the City Council decorum improved dramatically and credited council members Timmy Occhipinti and Michael Russo. How this constitutes "outrage" is beyond this equine. Feel free to quote Da Horsey Sully if you can marshall any case.

More recently, Timmy Occhipinti got high grades for being the decisive council actor in approving the second Hoboken flood pump. MSV called Occhipinti "the critical voice" in its approval. Why? Because it was the truth and he deserved the recognition. MSV's previous reporting on his behavior and actions notwithstanding, our position on his inappropriate lack of respect for the First Amendment and that of his benefactors hasn't changed.

Occhipinti's decorum and non-party line voting in recent months however remains noteworthy. Hoboken's second flood pump, first appearing to receive unanimous support showed cracks with Old Guard lines surfacing to sabotage Hoboken again. Occhipinti ditched the partisan lines refusing to go along. (It doesn't hurt that patron Frank "Pupie" Raia sits on the Sewerage Authority and wants to leave a legacy of success on flooding too.)

With his approval for the second flood pump made clear in advance of the final council vote, Occhipinti handcuffed Councilwoman Terry Castellano who reversed her earlier "no" vote leaving Beth Mason as the only council member consistently voting against the obviously needed flood hardware.

More whoppers from Between the Lines. Mayor Zimmer never endorsed Carmelo "The Wire" Garcia for any BoE race let alone several years ago and the "alleged" support from Beth Mason for Timmy Occhipinti's last place run for mayor in 2013 included a bizarre public access paid cable show where Mason "interviewed" Timmy the mayoral candidate.

Not to mention the huge number of paid ads in the run up to the November 2013 mayoral election in the Hudson Reporter starring Beth Mason herself. Hey Sully, do you guys even keep track of your own newspaper undermining your "alleged" contradictions?

As for Hoboken's fourth ward council race and how it shapes up, well Al...

What this Horse worry?

Hoboken Reform's Golden Girl: Dana Wefer.
All eyes on the fourth ward council race await her decision.

Your move Sully. I dare you, I double dare you to say the "D" word in this weekend's "Between the Lines." This Horse doesn't think you can get a realistic rumor past your publishers and editors. You certainly can't get the words "Mile Square View" or "Grafix Avenger" in unless it's some disparagement about plaintiff "victims." 

The last thing the Hudson Reporter wants to do is accurately prognosticate anything that's not pro Old Guard. They prefer the "Between the Lines" political column be a political conspiracy Old Guard haven and avoid saying the "D" word, re: Dana Wefer as long as possible.

Mile Square View on the other hand takes pride in getting it consistently right.
So with that, expect Timmy Occhipinti to launch his re-election bid later this week.

While Occhipinti has been a moderating voice in recent months, his votes at times with the Reform majority has angered former Old Guard council allies.

So let's give another hat tip to Timmy. He came in under a black cloud but he's not going out under any power but his own. You have to give some respect for that.

Talking Ed Note: Just look at how the Hudson Reporter editors/publishers butchered this week's Al Sullivan feature story on Councilwoman Jen Giattino. They certainly couldn't stomach saying the "J" word - anything honest about that Jen girl in Hoboken either.

Grafix Avenger brokered the Mother's Day scoop exposing the unbelievable political bias showing the extent the pro Old Guard rag would go to keep its own Jen Giattino story of how she's worked supporting the Hoboken Homeless Shelter almost a decade ago before her name ever showed up in local politics.

The Hudson Reporter landed up censoring Al Sullivan's feature story publishing it in the Jersey City edition but blocking it from appearing in the Hoboken version!

Look we're not so naive to think any of this is an accident and certainly there's no expectation of any institutional accountability from the Hudson Reporter which is not going to take any questions. Been there, done that.