Friday, July 31, 2015

Beth Mason phone poll contagion spreads in the Mile Square

Reports continue to come in to MSV the Beth Mason poll contagion is spreading in the Mile Square.

Panic and fear have gripped residents as the second ward infection seeks to spread malicious Big Lies onto unsuspecting citizens who are attempting to enjoy their summer.

The northeast sector of Hoboken is believed most infected in Applied Housing buildings with the highest concentration of the queen virus specimen reported at upper Hudson Street and the political section of an office at 12th and Washington posing as a charity.

Origins of the infection have been traced to a dank, rank residential street in Weehawken. County officials are on the scene attempting to contain a foul fishy odor and evacuate local residents. Unconfirmed reports say some residents in the vicinity have ingested a similar virus where they lie prone crawling on their belly barring their teeth imitating an old SNL skit believing themselves to be landsharks.

Hoboken voters are warned the infection is most easily spread when they answer their phones and through ass to ass contact. (The contagion typically attaches itself to the host's ass where other similar bacteria reside.) The contagion seeks to take root in unsuspecting low information voters, distracted residents and children.

An unsuspecting Hoboken resident answers the phone to learn
she's on the receiving end of the Beth Mason contagion poll.

Reports confirm the contagion of the Beth Mason Big Lie telephone poll has reached the First Ward.

City Hall is rumored to be seeking common sense specialists out of the Center for Disease Control to help residents protect themselves from infection with further instruction how to isolate family members who may have already been contaminated by Beth Mason.

A SLAPP-suit antidote discovered earlier this month shows positive signs of success in mice, rabbits and horses. Final testing with CDC approval is however weeks away.

In the meantime, Mile Square residents are urged not to take calls from unfamiliar phone numbers and to hang up immediately if there is an unfamiliar southern type female voice on the line.

Once a Beth Mason Big Lie specimen is injected in the first 30 seconds of a call, the recipient may feel nausea, dizzy spells, headaches, and experience diarrhea and vomiting shortly thereafter.

Further symptoms within several hours include feelings of dread, inability to sleep and an inexplicable desire to tune into 1010 WINS AM radio between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 am Sunday through Thursday.

Residents are warned doing so may lead to psychosis, delirium and ranting about an imaginary political machine running both Hoboken and Hudson County out to get you. Final stages of infection reportedly include a dying desire to blog on Hoboken411, the Hudson Distorter and contact the Mason household begging for legal assistance. Psychosis at this stage is thought terminal with victims foaming at the mouth babbling delusional fantasies about imaginary non-existent children planning a home invasion and assault against their family.

Analysis of the contagion shows it to be a single cell organism with similarities to a paramecium, a guppy and a sea monkey. It can be spread by mouth, phone or most commonly anus to anus contact. The organism seeks an environment most similar to itself in a human host with a common ass bacteria called klebsiella.

Microscopic analysis of the Hoboken Beth Mason phone contagion shows it to be a single
cell organism with fishy qualities. The contagion is most comfortable residing in
the anus seeking to attach itself to klebsiella. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beth Mason poll deploys the Big Lie on taxes against Mayor Zimmer

The Beth Mason poll already plagued with its lack of any scientific requirement within the second ward is now traveling outside the ward like an out of control contagion.

One objective of the poll is pushing misinformation about Mayor Zimmer on the issue of taxes. (Don't ask why, this is Beth Mason.)

Under Mayor Zimmer millions in spending have been reduced in the Hoboken budget and 
municipal taxes are down. 

Hoboken taxes are approximately 10% lower since Zimmer became mayor in 2009.

Beth Mason's scorched-earth tactics and politics of personal
destruction has moved on from supporting the notorious SLAPP-suit
against Hoboken residents with a citywide poll selling Big Lies.

However, many taxpayers don't look at the breakdown on their overall tax bill. Looking at the pillaging being done to the Mile Square City by HudCo, the County's hammered Hoboken with 45% increases in recent years, almost 25% in the last two.

The Hudson County tax bill reigns over Hobokenites and is the highest of the three tax portions: municipal, county and schools.

Since most Hoboken taxpayers are working when the County Freeloaders make their hit at 6:00 pm and can't find a go phone in their $500 million plus budget to broadcast their hijack meetings, Hoboken is quite literally suffering a blackout of a headache on all fronts. 

All of which is giving one fish and the team of Beth Mason political operatives visions of, well it's hard to imagine what they think they're doing. Beth Mason will not be running for any citywide position in Hoboken ever again other than maybe dogcatcher. 

The Beth Mason polling is scientifically useless, not only in the second ward but doubly so for the Mile Square as a whole. (The Mason family continues to keep bad political operatives employed, so there's that.)

Some of the new questions in the Beth Mason poll places BoE trustee Peter Biancamano in the mix of second ward candidates. This should come as great news to Biancamano who will be pleased to hear third ward residents are getting word about him possibly being a City Council candidate in another ward.

Is there any new way for reckless political operatives to waste a candidate's money?

The new Mason questions are designed to refurbish her scorched-earth image. After her support for a three year SLAPP-suit scalded by Hudson Superior Court, here's what the Mason henchmen have concocted:
  • The Mason poll claims Beth Mason led the charge against Mayor Zimmer "raising taxes."
  • As a council president (for all of eight months before being booted) Beth Mason "oversaw" the greatest repaving of roads "ever." (The County will be thrilled to hear she's taking credit again for their earlier efforts.)
  • Voted against a high density tower near PATH. No one is sure if Beth Mason's political operatives are talking about a possible downtown hotel or NJ Transit. One of the few issues over many years in agreement was opposition to a towering NJ Transit sky scrapper.

And that's it. Mason has nothing else to make-up and no POSITIVE record of doing anything: not in the second ward and certainly not for Hoboken.

Well, she did valiantly attempt to shutter the century old Hoboken hospital and ruin the City's finances. Her political operatives lauded that opportunity as seen in their own emails: 

Talking Ed Note: Wonder what Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz thinks of recent Hoboken developments, legal and otherwise?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PolitickerNJ: Roman Brice and Nancy Pincus are "First Amendment superstars and protectors of cyber-speech"

In a column featured today on PolitickerNJ, "The Hoboken Horse That Roared!" Donald Scarinci, a managing partner of law firm Scarinci Hollenbeck is sure to add to the dismay and misery of attempted First Amendment SLAPPers and Old Guard corruptocrats and their servile supporters.

The column focused on Judge Patrick J. Arre's mighty First Amendment and frivolous litigation legal decision issued earlier this month pointing to two folks caught up along with a dozen Hoboken residents in a years long vicious SLAPP-suit.

Scarinci points to common folk across the country, re: lowly bloggers calling Roman Brice (the Hoboken Horse) and Nancy Pincus (Grafix Avenger) "First Amendment superstars and protectors of cyber-speech."

Scarinci who pens not one but two legal websites including the "Constitutional Reporter," isn't exactly distancing himself from that celebration; he all but embraces it popping the champagne corks himself.

Alternatively, you can almost hear the sound of wallpaper being ripped down with ruined fingernails on upper Hudson St. to the gnashing of teeth at 14th and Washington.

Is anyone feeling the irony that so-called journalists Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi who quite literally feed off the fattened plate of the First Amendment spent years attempting to eviscerate it?

In the notable July 8th legal decision, Judge Patrick Arre on claims concerning the FBI investigated stolen emails out of mayor's office found in Lane Bajardi's email account and remaining allegations at trial wrote, "there was significant evidence to support the truth of Defendants' statements." Judge Arre - page 31

No pathological liar can trump NJ defamation law where "truth is the absolute defense."

Councilwoman Beth Mason will be most unhappy with the news the people who successfully fought off a years long SLAPP-suit she loudly announced in a  live City Council meeting and supported for three years are now being called "First Amendment superstars and protectors of cyber-speech."

What does that make her? 

Talking Ed Note: A horse can be a First Amendment superstar? I'm taking this column having it framed and sent over to my uncle, Mr. Ed.

After three years of a brutal litigation which saw more than five dozen motions, the vast majority issued on behalf of the "checkbook litigation" plaintiffs, "of limited means" their attorney JZ claimed, this is both overwhelming and humbling.

With sincere thanks to Mr. Scarinci; so kind of a constitutional scholar to take note.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino on progress for a new 6-acre park, opposing County tax increases

From the desk of Sixth Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino:

Jen Giattino 6th Ward Update

The BASF site at 11th & Madison Streets is home to the future 6-acre active recreation park designed to accomodate a 5 million gallon underground storm water retention chamber.
Future 6-acre active recreation park designed with 5mil gallon underground storm water retention chamber.
As Councilwoman and Council President, one of my highest priorities has been securing more park space and upgrading our existing parks. I am pleased to report we have made substantial progress in both these areas, which are critical to our quality of life. 
We are moving forward with plans to acquire a new 6-acre park at the BASF site at 11th and Madison Streets along with a new multi-purpose park that will include active recreation. An underground storm water retention chamber that can hold at least 5 million gallons of water will be installed on the property. This is a key element in the City’s comprehensive flood prevention plan.

A combination of low interest financing and open space funds will be used to purchase the property and for park construction. As I said during one of the Council sessions where I pushed allocating some of the funding for the project, this is the last, best opportunity for the City of Hoboken to obtain multiple acres of contiguous open space. I am pleased to report we are seizing this opportunity.
I worked hard, together with the Mayor and my Council Colleagues, to produce a budget with no increase in the city tax levy this year. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for our county government —which continues to raise taxes every year and saddles Hoboken with an unfair share of the burden.

The county tax levy is increasing by an unacceptably high 4.49%, with an outrageous nearly 12% increase for Hoboken due to a flawed county formula based on property values. Less than 1-out-of-ten county residents live in the City, yet more than 1-out-of-5 tax dollars to pay for county government now come from Hoboken taxpayers.

It is time to bring county government into the 21st century, putting in place needed cost-efficiencies and targeting pockets of waste. As Hoboken residents, it is time to make an extra effort to make our voice heard during next year’s county budget process.

I will be reaching out to my fellow Council members in other Hudson County cities to see if we can make common cause and prevail upon county government to hold the line on spending. In a more than $500 million county budget this is a doable task.

Visit the for complete schedule of road resurfacing.
Beginning this week, Bloomfield Street, between Observer Highway and 14th Street, is being repaved. Repaving is also underway between Hudson Street and Castle Point on 8th and 9th Streets. According to the City, the work should take about 2 weeks to complete.
PLEASE NOTE: The "No Parking" on Garden St. and Park Ave. has been removed until the repaving on Bloomfield St. has been completed.
Check for a complete schedule of resurfacing around town.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All systems go: Michael DeFusco officially in running for Hoboken first ward city council

From the desk of First Ward City Council candidate Michael DeFusco: 


During my two terms as a Commissioner on Hoboken’s Zoning Board of Adjustment, I've been honored to represent you on land use issues that impact all aspects of our community.  I’ve voted on projects that maintain our city’s scale and charm while ensuring our neighborhoods move forward responsibly.  However, over the past few years, I’ve observed serious issues facing my home district, the first ward.  Many of these problems have largely gone unaddressed by our long-time councilwoman, Terry Castellano, who in November will seek re-election to for a fifth term and ask voters to extend her time on the council past 25 years.

I like Terry, but if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  What positive change in our ward can Terry personally take credit for?   Our neighborhoods need an attentive and proactive councilperson that will work with the City to improve them.  Potholes, crumbling curbs and trash have proliferated and there’s been no movement by our councilwoman to address the situation. Seniors have asked for better lighting on Washington Street, but have gotten no response.  Pedestrian safety issues plague our streets, yet Councilwoman Castellano has done little to implement transportation infrastructure, which is essential to fixing the problem.  She has sat idly by as county taxes have increased — 45 percent over the past five years and hasn't spoken up against PATH service cuts, which directly impact her constituents and our downtown businesses.  

Fiscally, Councilwoman Castellano’s record isn't any better.   In 2011, she voted “no” to selling the hospital and relieving taxpayers from a $52 million bond guarantee and risked losing a critical care facility that provides almost 1,200 jobs and contributes $500,000 in taxes annually. Her obstructionism nearly sent our city into default, a financial disaster that would have crippled Hoboken.  Thankfully, calmer heads prevailed and the success of the hospital over the last few years points to her politically motivated misstep.  We should all remember her vote to close the hospital when casting our vote in November.

In my private sector career, I’m paid to get the job done.  I know disagreements are natural, but also that they result in a stronger final product.  But, if I responded “no” to everything without offering a solution, I’d be fired.  We should apply that same standard to our local officials.   Though I like Terry personally, I question her ability to work with the City to get things done and it’s hurting our community.  

For all of these reasons, and with a sense of duty to the city I love, I’ve decided to challenge her this November and run to represent my neighbors on the City Council.

The first ward needs a representative who will work with everybody, especially the administration, to address constituent concerns and actualize quality of life issues that have fallen to the wayside.  We must advocate for innovative land use that further advances commerce, art and entertainment downtown.  We must also demand more out of our county tax dollars to ease the burden on the city and improve quality of life for all Hoboken residents.

Over the next three months, I look forward to speaking with all neighbors about my candidacy.  From Marineview Plaza to Grand Street, engaging those who were born here and those who just arrived— it’s time to establish a community dialogue, one that puts the first ward, first!

Mike DeFusco
Candidate for City Council, First Ward
Commissioner, Zoning Board of Adjustment

Twitter: Mike_DeFusco


Monday, July 27, 2015

Mister Carmelo busts a move for another public gig: Sixth ward council!


An exclusive comprehensive feature on the recent dare doings of Mister Carmelo

Hoboken's Carmelo Garcia, counted by many as among the most controversial of Mile Square City residents is mounting a campaign to take on sixth ward councilwoman Jen Giattino in the sixth ward.

Before continuing on, a word of warning. Hoboken election politics are not for the faint of heart. When one walks the Mile Square thinking of how the gilded bird sings so lovely, underneath is a rusted "On the Waterfront" ruin exploited at every turn by an at-the-ready Old Guard.

Foolishly walking into a Hoboken street interfering with a truck laden with parking meters quarters heading to a south Jersey mob connected arcade company may lead you into far more trouble than merely being sideswiped in the intersection.

Far worse, you could find yourself named in an "ethnic cleansing" civil lawsuit, as one example.

The ever controversial Carmelo "the Wire" Garcia (c) is set to formally announce his run for the sixth ward  council seat early next month taking on incumbent Jen Giattino. Ruben Ramo (r) is expected to similarly announce a run for the fourth ward as part of a possible citywide Carmelo Garcia Ticket.

For those of you brave enough to suffer the slings and arrows of public participation in the Mile Square daring to raise questions or corruption scrutiny toward current and wannabe Old Guard public officials, the warning "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" applies.

Now that some of you have been forewarned; here's the crux of what lies ahead in the Hoboken sixth ward council seat election.

Carmelo Garcia is launching a bid to be the sixth ward councilman looking to unseat popular incumbent Jen Giattino. Expect lots of fantasy political chatter, finger pointing and dirt from the bowels of the fourth ward rolling right over the entirety of the sixth ward like a toxic fog.

Mister Carmelo's campaign will be formally announced early next month at the Hoboken Public Library; under controversy as is the typical umbrella over Garcia on any given day whether it rains, snows, sleets or perfectly clear and sunny.

The Hoboken Library is a taxpayer supported entity but Mister Carmelo is apparently circumventing a loophole, some would say obnoxiously so misusing a public institution for a no cost political event.

Par for the course in the universe of the Old Guard Hoboken style governance. Mister Carmelo has a special love for loopholes. They are however, in his mind not always required. Under those circumstances, explanations are at the ready. Long, breathy and of the forked tongue variety looking the observer re: victim dead in the eye, sometimes with a wry, knowing smile.

If there's one thing Garcia is historically fond; it's being on the receiving end of public institutional largess. He's found his way on to another public payroll, this time in Newark while exiting one on the NJ Assembly. He had been listed as a county aide to Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano for a number of years at $5,000 annually. This, at the low end of his taxpayer paid livelihood.

Reportedly, like the Assembly seat, he's been "expunged" from that role but no one can tell you what taxpayers benefited on that relatively paltry amount. It came in like clockwork for many years. Some say it was earned during election time when the Hoboken Housing Authority sees a swarm set upon it like a biblical plague of locusts.

Before his termination as HHA Executive Director last August, Garcia allegedly pocketed thousands of dollars from its agency vendors who in turn were issued millions in contracts from the public agency during his watch.

Unfortunately, many if not all of those contracts well into seven figures were not approved as legally required by the HHA board of commissioners. Garcia called that an unfortunate but trifling oversight.

He blamed much of his unapproved actions on Hurricane Sandy, wrote off his expenditures as part of an "emergency" anointing himself with broader powers than a US governor in a federally declared disaster area.

Also to blame Garcia said was the seven member HHA board chaired by Dana Wefer in what he declared to his "Wire" as "his board." He called their oversight actions many names. Some will find their way on to the streets of the fourth ward this November.

Of the thousands of dollars Garcia pocketed into his non-existent Assembly re-election campaign war chest, his supporters describe it as maybe unethical but not illegal. Some will join the Carmelo Ticket and run together, officially or unofficially depending on who you talk to across the city for six of the nine City Council seats up for election this November.

With several federal subpoenas believed already issued to the HHA since Garcia's departure, the November ballot can't be described as final just yet. This is Hoboken but the feds have not shown anywhere the same Hudson County love as West New York or Union City.

Then there's the lingering controversy of repeated break-ins and car vandalism of one HHA resident: Jessica Coco. After numerous media stories picked up on the details of her allegations, Garcia quickly denounced them as imaginary - all without lifting a finger to investigate her claims.

Garcia's ouster at the HHA simultaneously ended all the illicit "activity" Coco was reporting over months. She alleged a document was shoved held through a dark hallway door asking for her signature. She claims it was an eviction notice and refused.

The reason for Coco's alleged intimidation and harassment? She along with a small group of HHA residents voiced skepticism about the controversial redevelopment plan urged by Garcia called Vision 20/20. Some critics, MSV among them, lampooned the undocumented plan being force fed on the HHA residents and the City of Hoboken.

Mayor Zimmer reviewed an "emergency" approval thrown at her last minute. She issued a detailed letter and rejected the request. Garcia upped the ante and led a series of protests by his followers, the Carmelitos, who vocally demanded a vote approving his undocumented plan.

Reform oriented council members listened to all the yelling and held firm refusing each time as the mayhem grew louder heading into the November 2013 mayoral and council at-large election.

Garcia visibly frustrated and angry at his inability to successfully apply Rev. Al Sharpton tactics to see doubled the size (and density) of the downtown HHA campus enlisted others. His Old Guard allies on the City Council all echoed his talking points demanding approval of a plan not documented anywhere for public review.

Terry Castellano, Timmy Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Beth Mason all demanded their opposing reform oriented colleagues on the City Council join them and vote yes. Racism charges and KKK references ensued directed at Council members Peter Cunningham, Ravi Bhalla, Dave Mello and Jen Giattino.

Reform based council members refused to give in to the intimidation. Successive Carmelitos council visits dwindled to a handful of hard core Garcia acolytes. The reform council led by Mayor Dawn Zimmer swept the November 2013 elections. Vision 20/20 disappeared into the ethers whence it came.

Another chapter in the Mister Carmelo history, Garcia's mano-a-mano battle to the death when an earlier HHA board thought it prudent to rotate the legal counsel. Garcia took on the request as their insubordination not his. Seven attempts to shove the approval down the board's throat followed. Former HHA chair Jake Stuiver publicly challenged number five. Mister Carmelo kept trying while deploying another less visible method.

Garcia retaliated with a complaint to the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office against Stuiver. The complaint went nowhere but a questionable resolution by Michael Russo and Timmy Occhipinti surfaced briefly voicing similar allegations at Stuiver.

Echoes of Judge Macias in Union City's words ring familiar, "This is Hudson County dirty politics."

Yet more to the Garcia saga. A HHA audit saw the writing on the wall and didn't pull its punches, another story exclusive (sadly) on MSV. More telling revelations piled up under the "leadership" of Mister Carmelo. Other local media conveniently slept through the audit's damning and alarming findings. (You've never seen a word mentioned about any of it in the Hudson Reporter.)

Last but not least, Carmelo Garcia infamously filed an "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit against Mayor Zimmer, her husband and various members of the HHA board of commissioners. It's been filed repeatedly, thrown out of court, refiled and amended.

More HHA board members individually and collectively added to the defendants list. Mr. Louis Zayas is Mr. Carmelo's counsel of record.

Dana Wefer being sworn-in as a Hoboken Housing Authority commissioner as other members including Eduardo Gonzalez (rear center) and then HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia look on. All are mounting council runs for the Hoboken City Council ward seats: fourth, fifth and sixth wards respectively. 

Talking Ed Note: How someone runs to hold public office representing the Mile Square City while simultaneously suing it for ethnic cleansing (among other frivolous allegations) is a question deserving an answer.

Undoubtedly, Carmelo Garcia will have one. He always does.

You can safely return to enjoying your summer ice cream now Hoboken. The rest of you, be afraid, very afraid.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Reflecting on the three year anniversary of Hoboken's massive, frivolous SLAPP-suit


With analysis on the weighty legal decision issued on the Hoboken SLAPP-suit 

Today is the three year anniversary Hoboken saw a full frontal assault on the core values of the First Amendment.

Similarly, it's the three year anniversary of a well-funded, prodigious political operation run on the court.

On this day three years ago, Hoboken speech became the target of a vile and nefarious, perjury riddled SLAPP-suit against Hoboken residents. The intended target was not only their speech; it aimed to clobber the First Amendment rights of everyone in the Mile Square and by extension, all of NJ.

This is not political rhetoric or hyperbole; this is evidenced in the documented findings of fact by the Honorable Judge Patrick J. Arre's weighty 36 page legal decision. 

The judge's order instructs CBS radio's Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi to pay over $276,000 in legal fees for their court designated SLAPP-suit, a massive, open-ended undertaking of frivolous litigation launched in 2012 against a dozen Hoboken residents. It also ordered the SLAPPer's three out-of-state attorneys to pay $4,000 in sanctions.

Some legal observers call the ruling a triumph for the First Amendment in NJ and a warning to out-of-state carpetbagger lawyers to think before bringing similar frivolous lawsuits aimed squarely at the political speech of NJ residents. 

The defense counsel who withstood over two and a half years of "checkbook litigation," and quite literally dozens of legal motions by the Beth Mason supported SLAPPers call it a start.

Hoboken's infamous husband and wife SLAPPers: Newsreader at CBS Lane Bajardi
and his Beth Mason co-political operative wife Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi.

The path was long and at times uncertain before Hudson Superior Court's determinative legal decision last February and most strikingly, earlier this month. It didn't come easy. One doesn't regain three years of your life after such a sustained, vicious attack on most every aspect of your life.

Part of the victory comes in never relenting, never giving in and never surrendering the truth by agreeing to engage in any settlement discussion on any aspect of a fraudulent $2,000,000 claim. (So sorry bout that FinBoy.)

It however, took a toll on defendants. From having to endure commenters' celebratory lies online past and present, to the unnamed defendants intimidated into anonymous silence from mention of Old Guard corruption and their underwriter of political operations: Beth Mason and the Mason family with their numerous blood-thirsty political operative henchmen.

Most Hoboken residents targeted never saw a single allegation made against them. They were SLAPPed with the expectation they'd be silenced and spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend against.... nothing. Their crime was being deemed "conspirators" and "enemies" of Beth Mason by her minions who through emails obtained in discovery evidenced their political operative subterfuge collecting and obtaining personal identities. This merely one of many perjuries made to the court by the plaintiffs and their co-conspirators.

On any examination, the First Amendment assault was clear but no one other than Grafix Avenger and MSV publicly pointed out the obvious. This was a SLAPP-suit "intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition."

Bad enough the media and mostly public silence but far worse the howls for blood from co-conspirators who knew and hid the truth.

The Hudson Reporter joyously "reported" the staged media release of the SLAPP-suit observing Hoboken Patch as one of the places Hoboken commenting was reduced to rubble. The HR also falsely trumpeted an unidentified legal "source" claiming each and every defendant could owe Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi $2,000,000 apiece. (Perhaps the HR publisher and editors have stopped taking less than qualified legal analysis from a Seton Hall law school flunky on the Beth Mason payroll.)

One featured topic of discussion in the tens of thousands of emails defendants obtained was Beth Mason political operatives actively gathering and disseminating personal information of Hoboken residents with their employment details. Some of those victimized can thank Perry Klaussen at Hoboken411 for eagerly turning over their private information to Lane Bajardi.

Perry Klaussen may actually have reason for his long rumored paranoia. People may actually be looking for him. Some of those people used to be called defendants.

Beth Mason, the Hoboken councilwoman who was prominently featured supporting the SLAPP-suit in 2012 remains sight unseen blowing off three consecutive Hoboken City Council meetings since Hudson Superior Court issued its massive SLAPP-suit ruling on frivolous litigation.  There's been no press release, quote issued to any media on the SLAPP-suit, only a non-denial denial from an anonymous spokesman in one story.

Talking Ed Note: Through the actions of kind-hearted people who actually believe in decent governance and the First Amendment in Hoboken and who on the whole never knew or met this Horse; this website labored on with its mission statement. It was through their support and inspiration MSV soldiered on.

This Hoboken SLAPP anniversary feature is dedicated to the memory of my brother Dino who never stood silent in the face of any attempted intimidation and Jimmy the K who from the beginning repeatedly said through more than two and a half years and a trial, truth would prevail.

Most importantly, recognition must go to Judge Patrick J. Arre and his Hudson Superior Court legal staff who could have allowed the SLAPP to end at dismissal last February without taking on the far harder burden and high bar in NJ awarding legal fees and sanctions.

The court's legal decisions on this SLAPP-suit may become mandatory First Amendment reading in law schools in NJ and beyond.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Office of the Mayor announces:


Mayor Dawn Zimmer reminds Hoboken policyholders with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) who filed a claim due to Hurricane Sandy that they have until September 15, 2015 to register to have their claim files reviewed if they believe they were underpaid.  In May of 2015, Mayor Zimmer joined Senator Cory Booker and Senator Bob Menendez in Hoboken as the Senators announced this review process to the public.

According to FEMA, it has committed to ensuring all NFIP policyholders who filed a claim as a result of Hurricane Sandy receive the proper compensation they are due under their policy.  The NFIP established a process for those affected by Hurricane Sandy to have their claims reviewed.  When warranted, additional payments will be made to those policyholders. 

FEMA sent letters to approximately 142,000 NFIP policyholders, including those in Hoboken, who filed claims resulting from Hurricane Sandy, offering them an opportunity to have their files reviewed.  Hoboken residents with basement (garden) apartments, along with condominium associations who filed claims are encouraged to file for a review. 

To be eligible for the review, policyholders must have experienced flood damage between Oct. 27, 2012 and Nov. 6, 2012 as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Policyholders can call the NFIP’s Hurricane Sandy claims center at 1-866-337-4262 to request a review.

Alternately, policyholders can go online to to download a form requesting a review. The downloaded form may be filled out and emailed to to start the review process. 

For individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability using 711 or VRS, please call 866-337-4262.  For individuals using a TTY, please call 800-462-7585 to begin the review process.  Before contacting the claim center, policyholders are asked to have their flood insurance carrier name and policy number at hand.  

FEMA will request the policyholder’s claim file from their insurance company and forward it to the NFIP review office within two business days. Files will be assigned to a highly skilled, NFIP-certified adjuster who will serve as a caseworker for the insured. The entire process should take less than 90 days. Caseworkers will contact policyholders to guide them through the review process.  Policyholders who have already registered for the Hurricane Sandy claims review do not need to take any additional action and can expect to be contacted by their caseworker.

According to FEMA, establishing this review is just one step in the plan to ensure that the NFIP is survivor-centric and helps policyholders recover from flooding in a fair, transparent, and expeditious way. The Sandy claims review process is intended to be simple, navigable by the policyholder and does not require paid legal assistance. Additionally, there are several nonprofit service providers ready to offer free advice and answer questions policyholders may have. A list of these advocacy groups can be found on the claims review website

Information above provided by FEMA

All over for Auggie after five decades

According to a news account, another hit of double digit layoffs at the Jersey Journal caught up to the five decades career of Augie Torres.

The online political website Politico wrote:

Augie Torres (l) at a HudCo event pictured with Mayor Richard Turner of Weehawken

Talking Ed Note: Torres is a very talented writer who authored the Political Insider column since 2004. He didn't write about Hoboken often but when he did, he packed a punch and remarkably would often get a lot correct. 

In the summer of 2012, he hit a grand slam out of the stadium writing of the Bajardi v Pincus now infamous SLAPP-suit in his sidebar notes:

Torres may have been less than familiar with the details of Lane Bajardi and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and their allegations in a 170 page frivolous SLAPP but - he knew of and had encountered like many local media the obsessive frothings of Lane Bajardi.

In a rare conversation with MSV, he did speak about his infrequent Hoboken coverage and his run-in with the rabid Beth Mason SLAPPer. (Da Horsey was ordered to gather witnesses for the SLAPP trial.)

In the opinion of this horse; he didn't like him. Didn't want anything to do with him and certainly didn't want him anywhere near his stuff as he called it. He knew enough to know a political operative when he saw/dealt with one.

In this instance, he called a spade a spade. Fortunately for him, unlike others, he was never sought out for political assasination and added to the SLAPP-suit with a bounty of $2,000,000 placed over his head for calling Lane Bajardi a political operative. (That was the going rate if you didn't already know.)

Torres' political column certainly was seen far more widely by many more readers then that reference to Lane Bajardi made on obscure Hoboken Patch political blogs. Lucky for him, he wasn't a Masonic target.

Torres was taken aback when a call came his way years into the SLAPP-suit thinking Beth Mason had given up the ghost. His departure from the scene will be a void unfulfilled as he takes decades of stories and characters with him into the sunset after the summer.

His departure leaves Sully at the Reporter as the senior political denizen on the scene. While that Between the Lines column does somewhat better on Hudson County, its track record on Hoboken falls below sea level often. It doesn't approach the Political Insider by a long shot. (How's the Mayor Zimmer resignation prediction working out? The HR editors and publishers are in an official mourning period with the SLAPP-suit illuminated and its political column remained totally silent with the mammoth First Amendment and frivolous litigation result.)

Torres was one of the few columnists with enough stature to elevate the First Amendment issues surrounding the Hoboken SLAPP-suit but chose not to.

He did however offer a golden nugget inadvertently to the defendants about a "less-than-shy" Beth Mason political operative. He wrote the truth.

Thanks for that Augie. There's a book dying for you to finish it, no doubt.