Saturday, October 31, 2015

Disenfranchising the vote and electorate

We're in the final stages of what by all appearances will be one of the dirtiest Hoboken elections in recent memory.

One keen lifetime resident noted it's the back end of the slime oozing out creating a damning impression whereas in the past, the slime reared its head early.

That balanced perspective aside, it's taken many aback. The pernicious lies and putrid sludge oozing across the Mile Square City have centered on Councilwoman Jen Giattino and a late hit job surfaced on the beloved Beth Mason hate site, Hoboken411. There's more to these morsels (and finprints) of corruptocrat action. Take a bow dirt bags.

Putting aside the Carmelo Garcia - Masonista tandem and the vicious vindictive benefactress for the moment; there's another spectre in our midst.

The dead may be protected from Vote-by-Mail exploitation but unfortunately Old Guard intimidation is reportedly at work in both downtown and uptown senior buildings. Senior residents are in fear of a knock at the door but they aren't the ones who should be worried. They're the exploited and deserve protection and support. 

Of course we're talking about the staple of Old Guard elections: voter fraud. In Hoboken, the gangsterism collecting Vote-by-Mail by hook or crook is a fundamental food group in Mile Square City elections. This election cycle however has a different flavor.

As one person close to the ground of one campaign said about the tally in one uptown location, fear and intimidation is rooted with threats to seniors having the roof taken from over their heads.

While the Hudson County Board of Elections won't comment during the actual election cycle, boots are on the ground in Hoboken and Grafix Avenger highlighted the snafu busted at one fourth ward location: 400 First St.  Poor seniors living in the (Section 8) Hoboken Housing Authority are reportedly in hiding behind closed doors fearful of the authorities. Sandra are you being less than nice? Things after all could get worse. 

Councilman Tim Occhipinti went on the record with GA saying he has nothing to do with what's taken place at that location and pointed the finger directly at his opponent, former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

Ask not who the handcuffs come for, they're coming for thee.

Talking Ed Note: For those unsure on the differences in the slates of this election, here's the downtown council race forum. It easily surpassed the uptown version from every aspect including pure entertainment value.

Listen to the voices advocating for big scale development. The would be council leaders: both Michael Russo and Ruben Ramos are openly calling for exactly that saying it's a tax driven requirement.

Maybe they're correct, perhaps they're not. No one should be unclear what that means under a reign in Hoboken they'd lead.

Horsey Racing Form: It's a serious weekend for all the campaigns and GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts.

Unfortunately for the Russo faction Carmelo Ticket, a leak's sprung with investigators on the ground. If accurate, they want to know where election investigators are heading; the fear and trepidation has struck pay dirt. Good luck with that!

The woman at last week's Maxwell Place forum for 2nd ward candidates claiming Peter Biancamano did not take a $2,500 loan from Michael Russo turns out to be none other than his TREASURER: Susan Costomiris.

As it turns out Ms. Costomiris signed the ELEC report confirming she was the Biancamano Campaign Treasurer on October 3, 2015 containing the Michael Russo loan recorded and entered the previous month.

Then there's this additional tidbit of interest. It turns out that second ward competing candidate Bonnie Murray had a petition signed by the very same Susan Costomiris.

Collusion or was the Peter Biancamano official Treasurer making a solo call on having a third party candidate join the second ward election by complete chance?

Ms. Costomiris' neighbors at Maxwell Place will surely find these late breaking facts fascinating.

Last, workers outside the Mason Incivic Allocation handing out scary half-truths on behalf of the doomed sixth ward candidate Carmelo Garcia:

Carmelo Garcia finally gets it right. His record at the Hoboken Housing Authority does speak for itself.
Ask Jessica Coco or the auditors or the vendors he gave millions of illicit dollars. Hey, we'll have to disagree on thousands marching on City Hall for Carmelo's "leadership." Beth Mason's checkbook clearly shows she paid for a lot less people than that, including those bussed in from Jersey City. Did she get overcharged again? 

Eduardo Gonazalez text's you for votes: whether you like it or not

The Old Guard is not joking about this election. They're pulling all the stops, legal, illegal and shades of illegalities running rampant as we crawl to Election Day.

Speaking of illegalities, MSV requested comment from the Ruben Ramos campaign on the descent of election investigators on 400 First St. based on the breaking report on Grafix Avenger yesterday. In that GA updated report, the headline says:

Well over 50% of registered voters in 400 First St. voted by absentee (Vote-by-Mail) ballot.
How did such a Festivus miracle occur and can anyone offer a scientific explanation for this Flo?

All silent on the southwest front.

Here's Exhibit A on another front:

One MSV reader submitted this minutes ago unsure how their private phone number was obtained but described its abuse writing:

"I've never signed up for anything related to the Gonzalez campaign, and therefore, these text messages are illegal (I think) according to the FCC. 

These guys are getting desperate.

I'm not a legal expert so I'm not 100% sure it's against the law. But spamming potential voters is pretty pathetic."

Talking Ed Note: It's Halloween, or for some of us the eve of All Saints Day when the power of Our Lord's light redeems the chaos from the darkness.

For the time being, consider Hoboken under the spell of the Darksiders. Take precautions and be careful out there.

For now, keep a watchful eye and remember, her blob like expenditures are infecting at a moment's turn everywhere as seen below and many of our resident's mailboxes.

Godspeed and St. Michael's light of protection on the Giattino family. 

Masonic pollution creep. Beware the Darksiders!

Da Horsey hasn't forgotten you. This is not a normal weekend. More to come.
Spread the word; voters are our friends.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen put on defamatory warning in scurrilous attack on Tiffanie Fisher

Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen in October 'defamatory' surprise against Tiffanie Fisher

Hoboken411 is dead to most residents of the Mile Square City although Beth Mason hasn't hosted the funeral yet for her "favorite new site."

Most in Hoboken are all too familiar with the notorious Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 but what's news is a legal warning issued for an alleged defamatory attack by him today on council candidate Tiffanie Fisher.

Fisher is a second ward City Council candidate primed to challenge for the seat occupied by lame duck Councilwoman Beth Mason.  As many are aware, there's an election for Hoboken council seats this Tuesday.

Earlier today, Hoboken411 tossed a stink bomb writing that Tiffanie Fisher owed money in judgements against her. Fisher denies it and informed Klaussen it's not true. She then had a lawyer send him a letter via email to emphasize the point there are in fact no outstanding judgments against her.

Of course Klaussen was fed the story by someone and never bothered to even try to confirm the political hit job or contact Fisher or her campaign.

Is Beth Mason going to be funding more lawyers?

Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen, (c) notorious owner of the cybersewer may be in trouble again.
He published a scurrilous attack on second ward council candidate Tiffanie Fisher saying
she is a "deadbeat" with judgments against her. Fisher denied there's any open judgement and
both she and her attorney informed Klaussen today. 

Pablo Fonseca, speaking on behalf of the Peter Biancamano council campaign emphatically denied any involvement or support for the Hoboken411 attack saying, "This is something we have nothing to do with. We'll continue to run a positive campaign."

Fonseca added if anyone associated in any way with the campaign was discovered involved in the attack on Fisher, immediate action would follow. "People not following the protocol will be asked to leave. We're running a 100% positive campaign on the issues."

Tiffanie Fisher in a statement acknowledged both she and her attorney had notified Klaussen of his misstep. She said the false and defamatory story was published without any inquiry to either her or the campaign and he's been informed of his "reckless disregard for the truth."

Fisher said there are no judgments against her and a tax bill from the State of NJ was paid last year.

Talking Ed Note: This is some dirty pool Hoboken's witnessed throughout the day.

As many know, Klaussen is well known for his bizarre views on politics and women but he's lost his Beth Mason ghostwriter political operative who wrote almost all his political "content" for years back when the FBI came on the scene at Hoboken City Hall in 2011.

A Hoboken411 FBI story was shown in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation to have been written by Beth Mason's years long political advisor Lane Bajardi. Worse the emails the FBI was investigating stolen from the mayor's office turned out to be in his possession.

OOPS! Looks like Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen stepped into it again.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino responds to Carmelo Garcia's ugly attacks

From the desk of Councilwoman Jen Giattino:

Dear Neighbors:

Over the past week or so, mail boxes in our neighborhood have been 
flooded by outrageous false and negative attacks by my opponent, 
Carmelo Garcia.

Let me give you just one example:
He tries to blame me for gun violence, when he knows the Hoboken 
City Council has no authority to regulate guns. That’s done on the 
state and national level. 
I have consistently insisted that the City Council keep its focus on the problems facing Hoboken— not waste time on symbolic state and 
national issues where it can have no real impact.

I am confident that people will be able to see through Mr. Garcia's false 
and negative attacks.   
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
I ask for your support, so I can continue to stand up for open and 
honest government and fight for the neighborhood improvements 
we need and deserve.



Jen Giattino

Carmelo Garcia deals the race card from the bottom of the deck


Latest assault on Councilwoman Jen Giattino's Facebook page plants phony racist ad against her and Councilman Cunningham

If Hoboken isn't ready for the Old Guard Russo faction Carmelo Ticket using the dirtiest tactics in this election, well sit down and brace yourself.

Its' arrived.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino saw her Facebook page assaulted today with a phony ad claiming both her campaign and Peter Cunningham's campaign were looking to hire "light skinned or causation" workers.

The earthy misuse of the word Caucasian parallels what Carmelo Garcia wrote in his "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit - "white" persons.

Councilmember Jen Giattino and Peter Cunningham are facing Russo faction Carmelo Ticket opponents in Carmelo Garcia and Eduardo Gonzalez respectively.

This latest dirty tricks assault may have come in retaliation for Mayor Zimmer putting out invitations of Election Day work to Stevens students for $15 an hour earlier this week.

The pay is 50% more than the $10 an hour offered by Carmelo Garcia.

This is the actual Facebook post put on Councilwoman Jen Giattino's Facebook page more than a dozen times consecutively earlier today.

Had enough Hoboken?

Carmelo "The Wire" Garcia, star of The Fracas.

The Russo Faction Carmelo Ticket (sans Monarch Man)

Update: Same attack adding a little new insult at the end
calling Councilwoman Jen Giattino: "a racist bitch."

Both of the postings on Facebook are by users who live in Bayonne and apparently think it's a real ad.
The bowels of the Old Guard have been flung from the fourth ward right at Jen Giattino's home and so too, Councilman Peter Cunningham.

This is the contempt the Old Guard has for them and all of Hoboken, new, Old and in-between.

Final verdict: Beth Mason going out ugly

UPDATE: Carmelo Garcia flouts NJ ELEC law just like Beth Mason.

More ugly mailers, of the Beth Mason - Finboy variety riddled with lies similar to the Nazi Truck in 2012 right in the smack of Hurricane Sandy.

Of course Beth Mason has to go out ugly. How could it be any other way?

Grafix Avenger reports the hit job mailers against Councilwoman Jen Giattino have reached a trifecta. MSV got wind from a reader earlier but thought the phony "she voted for assault weapons" photo was actually a joke and not an actual mailer. (Assault weapons not being legal anywhere in America, how could it be anything but a joke, right?)

Apologies to all the readers on that incomplete information. There's a lot of pride in getting it right here. After all, we're not the pro Old Guard Hudson Distorter. Suppression of newsworthy stories and facts isn't approved of here.

So the total with five days left in this campaign at the typical sleazy underhanded fabrications offered up by Beth Mason and her dirty crew in Carmelo Garcia mailers is actually three. And counting.

And that obviously puts Hoboken's magic number at the number of days Beth Mason can deploy the family checkbook to harm the Mile Square in this election to five.

Still from the 2012 Beth Mason Nazi Truck: the attack above
showed a Nazi flag all over Hoboken and targeted Reform with
Councilman Peter Cunningham, Mayor Zimmer and
Councilwoman Jen Giattino. Mason is still at it.

In the interim, Godspeed to Jen Giattino and her family who are more likely than not to be subjected to more pernicious abuse courtesy of the shameless councilwoman who set upon Hoboken a Nazi Truck in the midst of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy three years ago and will be remembered most for her narcisstic obsession to gain power in the midst of a community tragedy.

As many will recall, both Hoboken rabbis publicly asked for an apology. They instead got nothing but Mason's contempt.

Beth Mason wheeled money illegally to the Nazi Truck campaign breaking the very ordinance passed by the Hoboken City Council and Councilwoman Jen Giattino in 2011. When the City's Corporation Counsel issued a letter highlighting Mason's transgression, she took her usual action when caught: nothing.

People are evaluating the latest round of required NJ ELEC campaign filings. While some candidates are missing entries surrounding campaign efforts, there's only one who has filed not a single cent of a campaign contribution or expenditure anywhere.

He's taking after Beth Mason who is on the all time top lists of ELEC violations in NJ history!

Can you guess who this lone Hoboken culprit is?

Sleazefeast United: It's Beth Mason and Carmelo Garcia doing thier ugliest to take out Councilwoman Jen Giattino in Hoboken's sixth ward council race. Three mailers hitting daily are laying on the lies thick and plentiful, just how Carmelo Garcia likes it. It's Beth Mason's last spiteful middle finger to her council colleague as the door is about to hit her lame duckness on the way out. 
Beth Mason and Carmelo Garcia share top honors as NJ ELEC violators!

Of course Mason will be exiting the City of Hoboken government under a far larger cloud of illicit actions than merely this one. Her greatest success leaving government isn't supporting some NY newspaper petition but coming within a hair of closing Hoboken University Medical Center and bankrupting the City of Hoboken in the process.

Another attack in the offing for Councilwoman Giattino and her family may come with their move a few blocks north in a temporary apartment when their home was ravaged like so many others in Hurrican Sandy.

You think Carmelo Garcia wouldn't go that low in targeting opposition who are also Hurricane Sandy victims? Ask Jessica Coco, an ill woman in the Hoboken Housing Authority with a pulmonary condition recently diagnosed with autoimmune problems. 

Jessica Coco can tell you all about the repeated attempts burglarizing her home, vandalizing her car and threats she received for questioning the Vision 20/20 redevelopment scam. It all ended soon after Carmelo Garcia's contract was terminated. (Senator Stack quietly offered her assistance suffered in repeated vandalism.)

After Hurricane Sandy, MSV received a message from Beth Mason political operatives repeatedly assaulted in broad daylight on Washington St. with both Beth Mason and Ines Garcia Keim standing not a dozen feet away. Loud requests to Mason to stop the assault of her political operatives were met with silence. (Ask me to recount Garcia Keim's response why she said/did nothing in a conversation months later.)

As an aside, Mason continues to press a criminal complaint against MSV claiming she was assaulted with a envelope which contained a subpoena to appear in the Bajardi v. Pincus frivilous SLAPP-suit she publicly supported against a dozen Hoboken residents.

The trial date has been moved again from October 30th to December 11th. Everyone's invited.

For Hoboken, November 3rd is Judgment Day. Act accordingly.

Guest of the Stable: "Yo Gregory!" - not your typical vote story

A Scary Get Out the Vote Story

A Low Interest Year

It's really hard to generate interest in a school board election, especially when there are no state or federal elections happening at the same time. But the school board has elections every year and this is one of those low interest years.

In 2011, the last time there was an election like this, all three reform candidates were defeated. Who defeated them? Candidates financed by people with a history of redirecting school funds to friends and family. And this year is shaping up to be a repeat performance.

The Usual Suspects

The usual suspects, Carmelo Garcia, Frank Raia, and Michael Russo, have united to support a cobbled-together slate consisting of perennial candidate and Raia-favorite, Britney Montgomery (city council 2013, school board 2014, and now school board again), perennial candidate and scary-angryex-school employee John Madigan (school board 2002, 2003, 2010, 2011), and newcomer Alanna Kauffmann who, judging by her debate performance, is far out of her depth.

I leave it to Hoboken Donkey and GrafixAvenger to provide an overview of the candidates. As for, Garcia, Raia, and Russo, volumes have been written (herehere or here for example) on how they tirelessly work to divert taxpayer funds from the city and schools to benefit themselves and their friends. Madigan himself was a recipient of one of these jobs, until it was deemed "inconsequential" and eliminated by a reform school board in 2010.

Scared Yet?

Which brings me to my video. The prospect of any one of Montgomery, Madigan, or Kauffmann being elected and sitting with the reform school board we've worked so hard to elect is appalling. Their role would be to disrupt board meetings (something Garcia himself was renowned for) with the goal of discouraging parents from participating in improving our schools. This, in turn, sets the stage for low parent interest in future school board elections, which leads to further election victories for the bad guys.

In no time they will regain control of the school board and start stealing from the classrooms to provide jobs and perks for friends and family. So if this isn't a scary enough story to motivate you to vote 2-4-6 Kluepfel, Dallara, Velez for Hoboken Board of Education, you must be dead!

Courtesy of Bond, Greg Bond

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Requests for Hoboken's official ballot on Tuesday

MSV has received some requests to highlight the ballot for Tuesday's November election.

Locally, each of the Hoboken wards will offer a choice to make plus you have the Board of Education race. There's also a true representative up for Assembly in Annette Chaparro.

In addition, you have one decision to make for County Executive (which is how they like it).

So here's how your ballot will look in the Third Ward (only for Vote-by-Mail):

At the voter machines:

MSV officially endorses write-in candidate Solomon Dwek and urges you to add criminal diversity to Hoboken.

Remember, diversity makes our community stronger.

Nora Jacobson's unreleased documentary on Hoboken's Waterfront Referendum screening Friday night

Hoboken Fair Housing Association announces:

Hoboken Fair Housing Association (HFHA) proudly presents: Nora Jacobson's unreleased documentary on Hoboken's Waterfront referendum

The short documentary tells the story of Hoboken residents fighting to preserve their community from devastating over development. It highlights both the universal and timeless story of ordinary citizens trying to organize and fight for their right to have a democratic say, through referendum, in a world where those with the money, in this case developers, normally win by using their money to shape the judicial and electoral process with lawyers and propaganda. The film demonstrates how citizens can use democracy to defend themselves.

After the film Nora will share her impressions of what she witnessed and how it shaped what she created. Although the events took place decades ago, as another election season is upon us, the importance of democracy and making our voices heard is still very relevant today. The citizens won the referendum election by just 12 votes underscoring how every vote truly does count.

Admission: Free
Donations Welcome

Tim Occhipinti: 'Please consider lending a hand'

From the desk of Councilman Tim Occhipinti:

Friends and Neighbors,

With just a few days until Election Day I'm asking for a few hours of your time on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to help move the 4th Ward Forward for four more years! 

Our campaign headquarters on Tuesday is located at 4th and Jackson Street. We'll be there starting at 5:30 am as polls are open from 6 am to 8 pm.

If you have an hour or two to spare anytime on Tuesday please stop by and see our volunteer coordinator. We'll give you a location and literature to hand out.

You have been a witness to all of our quality of life improvements in our neighborhood. The Southwest Park, new open space at 1st and Jackson Street, getting our roads repaved, upgrading both pocket parks on Jackson & Jefferson Streets, the revitalization of Mama Johnson Field and our revamped Community Garden.

Results Matter. Experience Counts. 

Watch this video and see the progress we've made and the challenges we need to address over the next four years.

Please forward this e-mail and tell your friends and neighbors that you'll be voting to re-elect Tim Occhipinti on Tuesday, Nov. 3.


I respectfully ask for your continued support and that you vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to re-elect me as your 4
th Ward council representative. 
Tim Occhipinti
4th Ward Councilman
Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter 


City of Hoboken announces:

Three years after Hurricane Sandy, the City of Hoboken is making progress towards creating a more resilient city through many initiatives.
The City funded the construction of the H-5 wet weather pump, which is currently underway, and is moving forward with the acquisition of the 6 acre BASF property in Northwest Hoboken that will be designed with at least one million gallons of underground stormwater detention. Both projects will alleviate flooding in northwest Hoboken, including the flood-prone neighborhood around the ShopRite.
Funding and plans are in place for construction of the Southwest Park which is also designed with underground stormwater detention. The start of construction has been slightly delayed due to State regulations and will begin as soon as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issues final permits, which is expected to occur soon. In addition, the City is finalizing negotiations for an agreement, which will soon be considered by the City Council, that would create a 2 acre resiliency park and plaza at 7th Street and Jackson Street.
Residents should be aware that the City of Hoboken may be the only city in the State of New Jersey and among the few in the country which has passed legislation to prohibit residential and commercial development on the waterfront. The City is fighting in Federal court to enforce this important legislation.
The City is also working with the State of New Jersey to implement a “Resist, Delay, Store, Discharge” flood resiliency strategy which received $230 million through the Rebuild by Design competition.
“We are making real progress towards implementing a comprehensive water management strategy in collaboration with the DEP, federal government, and neighboring cities, and thanks to the dedicated work of our resident volunteers on the Community Advisory Group,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I strongly encourage our community to remain involved so we build consensus and implement this plan with the goals of reducing flood risk and lowering flood insurance costs.”
A Public Scoping Meeting for the Rebuild by Design project was held on September 24, 2015 which can be viewed online at: The latest project documents and updates are available on the project website:
In addition to physical infrastructure to improve flood resiliency, Hoboken has developed award-winning guidelines and innovative policies to help private property owners design flood-proof properties and incentive the implementation of green roofs.
The Resilient Buildings Design Guidelines, meant to simplify and consolidate information on building within Hoboken’s floodplain, are available online at
A set of recent Zoning updates related to roof decks has, in just three months, already led to the approval of a dozen green roofs totaling nearly 14,000 square feet of space and capable of preventing a combined 7,000 gallons of stormwater runoff.

Shadowy hosts of "Friends of Beth Mason" behind hit job mailers against Councilwoman Jen Giattino

Hosts of "Friends of Beth Mason"political committee Ines Garcia Keim and John Keim revealed as the same address as PAC smearing Councilwoman Jen Giattino

Source: NJ ELEC

The shadowy political PAC "Real Democrats for Hoboken" which raised eyebrows for suspect political activities in 2011 resurfaced with two hit job mailers to sixth ward resident this week attacking Councilwoman Jen Giattino.

The rampage was anticipated with Carmelo Garcia's rapid descent in the sixth ward City Council race and fits earlier Beth Mason talking points.

The Keim hosted PAC doesn't show funds available on a 2015 NJ ELEC filing for the hit piece mailers leading many to suspect the PAC is acting as a financial front and a vindictive departure of lame duck Councilwoman Beth Mason.

In 2011, Councilwoman Jen Giattino was one of a five member council majority passing an updated anti-wheeling pay to play ordinance. The ordinance limited PAC contributions in Hoboken political campaigns to $500. With two mailers this week, the Keim backed PAC violates Hoboken's ordinance twice in the same week.

John Keim recently endorsed the entire Russo faction Carmelo Ticket on his Facebook page asking as Michael Russo earlier for an Old Guard sweep. In the Facebook post, he states Carmelo Garcia did a good job in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Ines Garcia Keim has been seen squiring around second ward council candidate Peter Biancamano who MSV reported took a $2,500 loan from Michael Russo last month.

Eduardo Gonzalez, a council candidate in the fifth ward against Councilman Peter Cunningham was listed as the treasurer of the Real Dems PAC prior to Ines Garcia Keim in 2012.

The latest hit job mailer falsely claims Councilwoman Jen Giattino increased taxes. She was elected in 2011 and has voted consistently reducing and holding Hoboken's municipal taxes flat. A copy of the mailer is seen below riffing on a well-worn Beth Mason gag about returning "the surplus."

Beth Mason and her pals John Keim and Ines Garcia Keim are back delivering false information to sixth ward residents claiming tax cutting Councilwoman Jen Giattino raised taxes. After Giattino came into office in 2011, she voted to lower or keep taxes flat annually while Beth Mason is of course infamous for trying to simultaneously destroy the hospital, HUMC and bankrupt Hoboken.

The ties of both John Keim and Ines Garcia Keim to Councilwoman Jen Giatino weren't hatched in illicit hit job mailers in this campaign. Early last year, a discussion on former Hoboken Democratic Chair Jamie Cryan's Facebook page led to public questions of the Keim's interest in Councilwoman Jen Giattino's home damaged in Hurricane Sandy. Here is part of an unedited exchange from early last year with MSV:

John Keim attempts to repeatedly avert the question employing a commonly used Masonista lie before asking "where these pictures of an empty house are."

His non-denial denial is revealingly followed with an attack rhetorically claiming the Giattino family being forced to move out of their home after Hurricane Sandy marks the councilwoman's status is "in violation" of the law.

The "illegal" allegation John Keim references was also voiced by others close to Carmelo Garcia in City Council meetings leading to some anticipation Beth Mason would launch another lawsuit in an attempt to eject Councilwoman Giattino from her council seat.

Neither John Keim nor Ines Garcia Keim answered the question posed to them by MSV and quickly vanished.

Back in 2010, Keim who had submitted and seen published a guest piece on MSV wrote of his hopes to encounter MSV at the election polls in the 2010 fourth ward special election.

In an unedited email below he writes to Lane Bajardi, Ines Garcia Keim and Sara Stojkovich and condemns Hoboken Revolt, a citizen tax group which sprang up against tax increases.

Related: Ines Garcia Keim's name surfaced in emails in the Bajardi v Pincus frivolous SLAPP-suit revealing private board discussions of local groups like the Quality of Life Coalition she handed over to a small dwindled group of Masonistas.

John Keim voiced support for that frivolous SLAPP-sut and predicted the demise of Grafix Avenger and that this Horse would lose his "shirt" to the Mason supported SLAPPers.

The Hoboken Journal with others detailed the earlier illicit activity of the Real Dems back in 2011.

Talking Ed Note: Is breaking election laws in Hoboken anything one would call Reform?

What can Hoboken expect next from the Keim's Real Dems? 

Perhaps it'll be regurgitating another Beth Mason lie Jen Giattino went to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime? 

Ines Garcia Keim (r) with Beth Mason after MSV was assaulted by Beth Mason political operatives minutes earlier in broad daylight back in 2012 during the Hurricane Sandy emergency on Washington St.
James "FinBoy" Barracato (l) takes a photo to capture a follow up moment.

John Keim and Ines Garcia Keim are listed as Chair and Treasurer respectively of the PAC: Real Dems for Hoboken in this 2015 filing with NJ ELEC.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


From the desk of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer:


Mayor Dawn Zimmer applauded the Hoboken City Council’s unanimously-passed resolution calling on the Governor and State legislature to require county governments to comply with the same 2% tax levy cap which currently only applies to municipalities. The resolution also calls for Hudson County to voluntarily comply with a 2% cap regardless of whether State law changes to make such compliance mandatory.

“In the last five years, Hoboken’s municipal tax levy has decreased by 6 percent while Hudson County’s tax levy increased by 20 percent,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “As a result of the unfair equalization formula, Hoboken's County tax burden has risen by an additional 28 percent for a total County tax increase of 48 percent. As a City, we are tightening our belts, finding efficiencies, and making difficult decisions to cut costs, but unless the County does the same, our taxpayers will continue to face unbearably large tax increases year after year. I join the City Council in calling on Freeholder Anthony Romano to introduce and the Freeholder Board to adopt a resolution to voluntarily comply with the 2 percent tax levy in all future budgets.”

The resolution passed by the City Council last week can be viewed at:

DeFusco: 'New energy needed not personal attacks substituting for a bad voting record'

From the desk of First Ward council candidate Michael DeFusco:

Mike Defusco
Friends and Neighbors,

With the excitement of the World Series and Halloween, I just wanted to remind everyone that Election Day is just six days away -- this coming Tuesday, November 3rd!

If you elect me to the Council, I will strongly support modern professional budget practices - ones that are essential to holding the line on taxes and keeping Hoboken on a sound fiscal path. 

Another important topic for our transit-centered community is the recent PATH service cuts. I want to again restate my extreme disappointment with these cuts. Like many of our neighbors, I take the train daily to NYC and the decrease in scheduled service not only lessens our quality of life, but seriously hurts downtown business. 

I will
  • Demand more out of Hudson County to get a better share of our County tax dollars back to Hoboken.
  • Strongly support maintaining an adequate budget surplus, making sure we have a fund in case of emergency— like Hurricane Sandy.
  • Work to identify and promote cost-efficiencies in our municipal budget, ensuring quality of life improvements are put at the forefront.
  • Engage developers to create fair contributions to the community which encourage improved street infrastructure, green space, and pedestrian safety.

The incumbent has resisted putting modern budget practices in place, opposing fiscally responsible measures such as selling our hospital to a private entity, which freed the City from the risk of defaulting on a $52 million bond guarantee and maintaining a sufficient Rainy Day Fund.

When the deficiencies in her record are accurately pointed out, instead of substantive responses, she responds with false attacks and name-calling.

That's unfortunate and a further illustration of why we need new energy and leadership in the 1st Ward.

Grist for the Mill: First ward importing Russo voters from the Third?

Hoboken's decisive City Council election is approaching the backstretch. The street is being engaged, money is flowing, campaigns are firing on all cylinders and candidates are jittery for what promises to be an intriguing election this Tuesday.

A true three way race in the fourth ward wasn't expected by some but anticipated by others. Ruben Ramos is preparing a repeat of the 2013 GOTV effort. Mom has been knocking on doors but there's some unwelcome unannounced guests arriving on lower first street. That wasn't part of the plan. Who invited them?

Tim Occhipinti and Dana Wefer are hoofing it hard and their respective mailers hitting. Take no prisoners is the theme of the day. Here's the newly released version from Wefer:

The second ward race is officially a three way race too. Except it ain't. Maxwell Place hosted the candidates earlier this week. Second hand accounts say Bonnie Murray fared poorly and residents were surprised at her lack of knowledge on Hoboken issues. Some reportedly shied from asking further questions to not further embarrass her.

Peter Biancamano is selling himself as a budget-tax hawk of sorts. He cites his votes on the nine member board of the Board of Education as his qualified budget experience. Some BoE trustees will be alarmed to hear that news. They'll be blistering mad when they hear he's taking any credit for budget work of others. None of his eight BoE colleagues are endorsing him for council but they did hand him an ethics charge connected to campaign misinformation of his 2013 council race.

Worse, a Michael Russo $2,500 loan apparently came up at Maxwell Place and a Biancamano supporter attempted to deny its existence. Audience references were made directing people to the ELEC report. The supporter got up and left in a huff, their denial and self-esteem with neighbors blown in a single Monarch Man bound.

Tiffanie Fisher celebrated her birthday last night with another meet and greet. What better way to celebrate your 39th birthday again then with friends new and old? Reform activists are solidly behind her in the second ward but have they got a hang of this social media thing? Some say candidates live and die by that element of campaign strategy in 21st century elections.

Michael Russo is very confident of victory in the third ward facing no ballot opposition. The spin cycle is set to launder and extra fluffy. Some say he's also keeping all those Carmelo litigation emails spit shined. Where is a scumbag Hoboken411 ghostwriter family when you need them?

Operation Mayhem may revisit this election with Solomon Dwek facing off against Russo as a write-in challenger. Hey, what can we say, "Go Solomon!" The Russo Clan is rumored to be considering another form of mayhem. The latest family endeavor may port voters from the third ward to unused voting rolls in the first ward. Law enforcement is pointing a microscope at Hoboken with little election avarice operating elsewhere. The Old Guard will applaud this innovation. VBM abuse is so old hat.

Radical "solutions" could be on the table with the first ward race between Councilwoman Terry Castellano and challenger Michael Defusco going down to the wire. Most observers know this will be a barn burner. People on both sides also agree Carmelo Garcia's tired act is going down the tubes in the sixth ward. Councilwoman Jen Giattino earns points and plaudits for her grace and style under fire. She never gets ruffled but you know there's a sewer in the fourth ward about to be catapulted for a long throw at the Giattino's post-Sandy repaired home. The Wire as Garcia is also known believes with the right throw, enough damage can force Giattino and her family out like a hurricane. Carmelo will proudly announce her forced departure as abandoning constituents. Wait, wasn't that yesterday?

At least one campaign sign is up for Eduardo Gonzalez in the fifth ward. It's surrounded on all sides for blocks by Peter Cunningham signs. Call Perry Belfiore a brave man or call him the best home for a last stand. Time to cash out aka Carmelo Ethnic Cleansing style with a civil lawsuit against the Hoboken police and City? Let's call Beth for a lawyer and go to the videotape!

Of more immediate interest, how hot and heavy is a late Vote-by-Mail effort taking shape in the fifth ward with the hope of taking Councilman Peter Cunningham out? We'll see shortly but who's watching the fox while it hunts at Fox Hills?

On the BoE front, there's two "newcomers" on the Old Guard ticket led by Marine View resident John Madigan. All those who think Madigan sounds and looks a bit like Joey Pantiliano; you're right.

And for those of you who don't, you don't know Joisey or Hoboken.

Some Old Guard tools don't know Hoboken either. They'll get an education how the Old Guard plays the game when the disparate numbers for the BoE come in on Election Day. Thank you for playing (or being played.)

You lay down with dogs; you get fleas. Call Monarch Man or an exterminator, take a hike to the burbs and go sell out some other town.

One week out; time for cake and let's get this Election party started.

Monarch Man friends graphic courtesy Grafix Avenger

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HCV: Complete Hoboken City Council candidate profiles

The following story comes courtesy of John Heinis of the Hudson County View:

After about two months, Hudson County View has profiled all 13 candidates running in the Hoboken City Council race, which take place one week from today. 
Hoboken Council debate 2
By John Heinis/Hudson County View
Ward 1
Theresa Castellano (incumbent) vs. Mike DeFusco
 Agree on NJ Transit Rail Yard Development a top priority, disagree on almost everything else.
 Castellano has pointed to DeFusco previously supporting her, while DeFusco has gone after her voting record on matters such as voting against keeping Hoboken Unviersity Medical Center open in 2011 – see some of their exchanges at the most recent Council debate

For the complete story with videos the candidates please see:

The final push to Election Day

The Reach Higher BoE campaign announces:

Dear friends and neighbors,

It’s just one short week until the November 3rd election, and we’re working hard to spread the word to ensure high voter turnout!

Tom Kluepfel is running for re-election. He is joined by Sheillah Dallara and Addys Velez, two energetic and committed district parents. The Board of Education needs their kind of integrity and commitment.

Although we’re getting down to the wire, there are still significant ways for you to help. Contribute to the campaign, of course — we still need to produce a city wide mailer and more campaign flyers. Spread the word by “liking” us on Facebook and putting a campaign sign in your window. And tell your friends why it’s important to vote Kluepfel, Dallara, and Velez  2-4-6 Column F on November 3rd!

But most important is informing voters on Election Day, and getting out the vote. Please consider volunteering an hour or two next Tuesday to help elect Tom, Sheillah and Addys. Simply reply to this email to let us know you want to help continue the progress!
*       *       *

Contribute: We are an all-volunteer grassroots campaign. Every contribution -- no matter the size -- makes a difference. You can contribute online via Facebook or at this web page. To contribute by check, simply reply to this email to let us know. We’ll provide the details.

Register to Vote By Mail: If you can’t vote in person on November 3, you can apply to vote by mail. To receive your ballot by mail, your application must be received by the County Clerk seven (7) days prior to the election. A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3:00 p.m. the day before the election.

“Like” Us on Facebook“: Visit Reach Higher Hoboken on Facebook to read more about the candidates and their campaign. And share Reach Higher with your Facebook friends.

Follow Us on TwitterFollow us for campaign updates.

Campaign Signs: Put Reach Higher Hoboken campaign signs in your windows to show your support and create awareness. Reply to this email and tell us how many you need. We deliver!

Canvass with a Candidate: Join Tom, Sheillah and Addys when they’re out talking to voters. Or take them on a 30-minute door-to-door and introduce them to your neighbors. To canvass with a candidate, reply to this email.

Get Out the Vote on Election Day: This is the most important thing you can do! We need to make sure voters don’t forget to cast their three votes on November 3rd for Tom, Sheillah and Addys. Just one or two hours of your time on election day will make a world of a difference in this election. Reply to this email to let us know you can help.

Finally, PLEASE forward this email to your friends and neighbors. Spread the word about the Reach Higher team. And cast your three votes for Kluepfel, Dallara and Velez (Column F, Rows 2, 4 and 6) on November 3rd.  Let’s make our district schools “even” better!