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Grist for the Mill: Sources: Here comes another lawsuit against Hoboken and mayor: Perry Belfiore

UPDATE: 2:35 PM - In response to this Grist for the Mill rumor piece, Perry Belfiore said he's not retained Jason Orlando as counsel and is "ruminating" over the question of a lawsuit.  While Orlando is among a group of attorneys where the matter has been discussed, the question of damages is one among several open issues Belfiore said has not been decided.


Here comes round two in another civil lawsuit due to curtailed remarks in a Hoboken council meeting!

Another lawsuit is expected to hit the City of Hoboken any day related to the abbreviated Old Guard speaker's comments stemming from the October 21st City Council meeting.

The first came last week courtesy of long time Beth Mason connected political operative David Liebler.

According to independent sources including one close to well known Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore, the previously failed candidate for fifth ward City Council will follow David Liebler to the courthouse with another civil lawsuit against the City of Hoboken.

Belfiore had attempted repeatedly to speak about Stan Grossbard, the mayor's husband at the October 21st meeting and was ejected by the Council President Ravi Bhalla in a dispute over the matter.

The latest civil lawsuit is expected to be represented by Jason Orlando, the attorney most recently representing former Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco in a failed civil lawsuit designed to extract overtime and other financial benefits before he retired adding to his pension benefit.

Perry Belfiore (r) is expected to file a civil lawsuit against the City of Hoboken
for his ejection from the October 21st City Council meeting as David Liebler
did before him. Here's he's enjoying a stroll back in 2011 with cybersewer Hoboken411
owner Perry "Crazy shorts Ku Klux" Klaussen.

At the Hoboken City Council meeting last month leading into the Mile Square's decisive six of nine council ward elections, both Belfiore and Liebler were shown the exit by the Hoboken Police Department at the behest of City Council President Ravi Bhalla.

The boot came when the Old Guard aligned denizens attempted to leverage leaked emails from the Carmelo Garcia "ethnic cleansing" civil lawsuit and point the finger at Mayor Zimmer's husband as Liebler said for being the "unelected mayor of Hoboken."

Prior to Liebler's comments, Belfiore was ejected alleging the mayor's husband was responsible for "firing" Garcia who was contracted at the Hoboken Housing Authority last year. As he waved pages of a resolution he claimed was written by the mayor's husband, Belfiore claimed that resolution was used at the HHA meeting "firing" Garcia.

The emails in question released to numerous media outlets two weeks before the November election showed electronic communications between the mayor's husband, Stan Grossbard and several HHA commissioners. The emails revealed numerous suggestions the commissioners failed to act upon.

Garcia was terminated almost a year and a half later under a different HHA board with two of the three HHA commissioners in the emails no longer comprising the seven member body. At the time of the contract termination in August 2014, numerous problems under Garcia became public from his taking thousands of dollars from vendors issued illicit million dollar contracts to a scathing internal audit conducted within the agency.

Another issue in the anticipated Belfiore civil lawsuit may be a reported fall outside the City Council chambers. The fall occurred on his departure with the Hoboken Police Department although later he was seen apparently uninjured.

Well known Beth Mason political operative and fourth ward Democratic committeeman Matt Calicchio was seen filming Belfiore's ejection and yelling at the Hoboken Police in the commotion.

Outgoing lame duck councilwoman Beth Mason is believed to be seeking any video via an OPRA request taken inside City Hall upon Belfiore's ejection. Some believe she wanted to make sure nothing counter to any narrative in a lawsuit would be uncovered as in the case of her criminal allegations against MSV set for trial in Jersey City December 11th.

Talking Ed Note: The Old Guard lawsuits are piling up at City Hall. Attorney Jason Orlando was contacted but unavailable at the time of this story.

The Hudson Reporter did not report on the David Liebler civil lawsuit last week. Perhaps it had advanced notice of both Old Guard lawsuit and was waiting for the second to drop or trying to figure out how to bury another "blood diamond" comment by an anti-Zimmer operative as first reported last week by Grafix Avenger.

The pro Old Guard weekend rag studiously kept silent when similar comments were allegedly written by intimate Beth Mason advisor Lane Bajardi under an admitted screen name he deployed.

Unrelated: MSV video is not subject to any OPRA request but it has been made available to the court in Jersey City. Everyone is cordially invited to the trial in Jersey Municipal Court December 11th on Beth Mason's criminal charges where the video is expected to feature along with MSV witnesses.

Grist for the Mill is MSV's rumor column. Got a tasty carrot for Da Horsey? Send it to All email is kept confidential until mutual agreement and is protected by Da Horsey's proven Reporter Privilege upheld under the NJ Shield Law in Hudson Superior Court.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Lane Bajardi: "Beth and I are going to own your condo!"

Although it's the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the Horsey is on a vacation heading to Kentucky, people still often ask what was that lunatic frivolous lawsuit all about?

The answer is largely visible in episode three of our latest Friday Night Lights series, as Da Horsey reveals for the very first time a batch of emails filed in the original legal motion from August 2014 courtesy of Alexander W. Booth, re: the Godfather. The case was largely decimated here (but the SLAPPers were deaf to the realities of the case and followed with a demand of almost a million dollars from the three remaining defendants.)

One of the precursors to one eager frivolous SLAPPer is the testimony offered by former Hoboken Councilman Anthony Soares who recounted a bizarre encounter with Lane Bajardi. At an auction fundraiser years before the SLAPP-suit for a local Hoboken organization, Bajardi would approach and accuse Soares of putting a bid on a chair he and fellow frivolous SLAPPer Kim Cardinal Bajardi desired.

Soares took note of the chair and mockingly replied he would never have such a chair in his home. Bajardi responded with a threat foretelling his deeply held litigious desires and unique blend of vindictiveness and petulance the Hoboken public suffered in his never ending pathological obsession to foist Beth Mason on the Mile Square City.

The implicit legal threat Lane Bajardi issued to former Councilman Soares years before filing his frivolous SLAPP-suit publicly backed by Hoboken's second ward lame duck councilwoman:

"Beth and I are going to own your condo."

Soares found the threat bizarre and responded it was a very nice condo adding "What will your wife and Ricky (Mason) think?"

It's unknown what plans Lane Bajardi had for said condo with Beth Mason.

Jersey City water main to Hoboken repaired; southwest roads closed until temporary road restoration

City of Hoboken announces:

This morning, SUEZ Water emergency crews finished replacing the broken water main in Hoboken with a new 24 inch pipe.  Testing is currently underway to ensure the stability of the repaired connection.  Temporary restoration of the roads affected by the water main break has begun, and should be completed by Sunday night.  Roads will remain closed in southwest Hoboken until the temporary road restoration is complete. 

Hoboken continues to successfully receive water from SUEZ through the backup Weehawken transmission line.  The water source to Hoboken could be switched back to the Jersey City connection later this weekend once the stability of the repaired connection is confirmed. 

Restaurants and businesses in Hoboken remain open for business and are fully operational. 

Temporary road repairs have begun and should be completed by Sunday night.  This will allow for traffic to normally flow on streets in southwest Hoboken.  Until the temporary road restoration is complete, street closures in southwest Hoboken will continue.  Full milling and paving of the affected streets will occur at a later date.
Residents should continue to avoid streets in southwest Hoboken, and are encouraged to use public transportation or enter and exit Hoboken through the north.  Observer Highway will continue to be closed west of Henderson Street to Jersey Avenue, and Harrison Street is closed from Paterson Avenue to Newark Street. Jackson Street is also closed from Newark Street to Paterson Avenue.

As a reminder, the boil water advisory has been lifted as of Tuesday afternoon in Hoboken. 

The Hoboken Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management will continue clearing excess debris from the roads and sidewalks in southwest Hoboken affected by the water main break.  There is no longer excess water from flooding in the area. 

The water trucks are no longer located in Hoboken but are available to return if needed.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

David Liebler sues Hoboken, mayor and council for ejection from October City Council meeting

David Liebler, a long time Hoboken politico and anti-Zimmer stalwart made good on a public threat his ejection from a City Council meeting last month would "not stand' filing a lawsuit in federal court.

Citing political speech and civil rights, the undated lawsuit targets Mayor Zimmer in her official and individual capacity naming in addition, the City Council, City of Hoboken and its Corporation Counsel as defendants seeking unspecified compensatory damages.

David Liebler being shown the door by HPD after his concluding
remarks in public portion were ruled out of order last month.
He's filed a lawsuit against Hoboken and the mayor in federal court.

Last month at the final council meeting before the critical November ward elections, Liebler nearly completed his five minutes in public portion before attempting to launch allegations against the mayor's husband, Stan Grossbard and butting heads with the City Council President Ravi Bhalla.

Bhalla complained near the conclusion of five minutes with his interjection Liebler was not allowing him as presiding Council President to speak to an objection. At the end of the dispute which led to ejection, the Council President additionally offered, "You're a disgrace." (See video below.)

The dispute erupted when Liebler declared the mayor's husband was "the unofficial mayor of Hoboken." He pointed to emails recently leaked in yet another litigation against the City to several medial outlets thought released by failed City Council candidate and former Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia. Those emails showed opinions offered by the mayor's husband to several HHA commissioners who did not act on his public policy suggestions back in March of 2013.

A statement issued by Liebler's attorney, Charles Gormally of law firm Brach Eichler says Hoboken's Mayor Dawn Zimmer and City Council have been sued for "depriving (Liebler) of his First Amendment rights to express himself and having him physically removed" from the October 21st City Council meeting.

(Gormally was the senior litigator in another Hoboken controversy, the failed legal challenge to a rent control ballot question in Hudson Superior Court after the 2013 election. That litigation made an attempt to reinsert Vote-by-Mail ballots tossed out by the Hudson County Board of Elections and overturn the ballot outcome.)

Mayor Zimmer was not in attendance at the October 21st City Council meeting but the suit states its belief based on unspecified information of her "conspiring with council members" to prevent comment on her husband's role "in Hoboken government."

A long time antagonist of Mayor Zimmer and Reform, Liebler has been affiliated with and supported numerous Old Guard candidates. Most recently, Liebler voiced a pro-development stance as a guest speaker at a pre-election Liberty Board of Realtors and MSTA sponsored event; strongly backed the 2013 Ruben Ramos for Mayor campaign and has performed unspecified political activities for lame duck Councilwoman Beth Mason. In 2009, he applied and failed to gain a position working for Mayor Zimmer in her administration's communications department.

Bhalla declined comment surrounding pending litigation he had not seen. Grafix Avenger noted in a breaking report last night the litigation had not been served upon the City of Hoboken as highlighted on PolitickerNJ.

Liebler who has in the past complained about the annual million dollar cost of litigation to the City of Hoboken, now sees himself a plaintiff driving up those same legal costs to Mile Square taxpayers.

Seen above, one of a series of political cartoons commissioned by David Liebler and
published on the notorious website Hoboken411 which many believe was
paid for by Councilwoman Beth Mason back during the Hoboken 2013 mayoral race.
In addition, he's known to have performed political work for Beth Mason.

In the recent past, David Liebler has been less than enamored with the First Amendment political speech of other Hoboken residents he politically differs. In 2012, he publicly come out in support of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi's frivolous SLAPP-suit seeking $2,000,000 each from Grafix Avenger, MSV and a dozen local online commenters.

In Hoboken Patch's August 2012 story, Liebler savaged what he called the "vicious Zimmer, Green machine bloggers" saying they "went to far" and announced he was "happy this lawsuit is going on," He concluded his Patch comment mocking the defendants writing, "To bad...for your wallets!"

On Hoboken Patch in 2012, David Liebler celebrated the notorious SLAPP-suit directing remarks against the named defendants: Grafix Avenger and MSV and a dozen Hoboken residents screen names. The suit was thrown out of court and Lane Bajardi, Kim Cardinal Bajardi and their attorneys hit with $280,000 in legal fee sanctions. 

Liebler commissioned a series of anti-Zimmer cartoons published on the scummy pro-Mason website, Hoboken411 in 2013. The Bajardi v Pincus discovery emails showed Lane Bajardi  ghostwriting the notorious political content and in numerous screen names below attacking Hoboken residents, municipal workers and elected officials over years in seeking to advance Beth Mason's political career.

Like most backers of the Old Guard political class in Hoboken, Liebler is not known to have ever offered any public criticism for the smear jobs and venomous attacks frequently appearing in the posts and comments on the heavily censored website leading into the Bajardi SLAPP-suit before or since.

In 2015, Liebler submitted and saw published a guest piece on MSV and a recent letter to the Jersey Journal on Vote-by-Mail fraud. In previous public comments, he's hinted at culpability of Mayor Zimmer who has publicly voiced opposition to electoral fraud using VBM ballots. He's not publicly commented on the sizable several hundred fourth ward VBM haul by Councilman-elect Ruben Ramos in last month's election.

Talking Ed Note: David Liebler made good on his threat but what compensation if any is due someone interrupted near the conclusion of their five minutes in public portion at a Hoboken City Council meeting?

In 2012, Liebler rejoiced at the Beth Mason supported frivolous SLAPP-suit by Lane Bajardi and Kim Cardinal Bajardi against a dozen Hoboken residents for their political speech.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal efforts were expended in an attempt to destroy their lives. Now Liebler wishes to be compensated for his First Amendment rights to political speech where he wasn't permitted to complete five minutes of public comment uninterrupted. He's previously complained about the legal costs to the City of Hoboken in earlier council meetings.

While MSV recently wrote it's likely the mayor's husband is a limited public figure (even if unwillingly) for being cast into the role of defendant in the Carmelo Garcia "ethnic cleansing" lawsuit, the City Council rules offer some leeway and discretion for the Council President on public speakers' behavior.

By MSV's calculation, David Liebler is owed at least five seconds of additional time in any future public portion of a Hoboken City Council meeting and 30 seconds might be ideal compensation considering this circumstance.

In the future, it's better for the council to allow borderline slander rather than become a direct party to more civil litigation. Leave it to the person attacked to decide if they wish to pursue any action for reckless disregard of the truth versus the burden on taxpayers to fight and pick up the tab.

As for David Liebler, he's been the most genial and humorous of Old Guard soldiers in all his communications with MSV spanning more than five years. Sadly, he came out with some unfortunate remarks on the First Amendment rights of others (including this editor) and now seeks a payout from Hoboken taxpayers for what some will see as spurious damages.

In that perspective, this litigation may prove more costly to the plaintiff than he anticipates. Motion to dismiss.


Related: Grafix Avenger posted some choice comments and tidbits from David Liebler who sounds much like the screen name Lane Bajardi admitted to using on

In one public post, Liebler wrote of his disdain for the mayor and her husband who he called "blood diamond boy."

The Hudson County View earlier this year reported the story of Lane Bajardi's admitted screen name allegedly making anti-Semitic statements about the mayor's family and "blood diamond money."

Liebler also bragged about a list of online local screen names targeted for public humiliation.
Viva the Masonistas, yay.

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Tuesday November 24, 2015, 2:55 PM

City of Hoboken

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Dear smarty jones,

Hoboken is now successfully receiving water supplies from the Weehawken transmission line until the water break in Hoboken can be fully repaired. Thanks to residents’ continued conservation efforts, many residential buildings throughout the City have been able to have water during peak periods, and restaurants and businesses are open, fully operational, and ready for business. The boil water advisory was lifted today by the New Jersey State DEP.

While work continues on the Jersey City valve and then on the Hoboken break, Hoboken is operational thanks to a redundant system that provides water from Weehawken. The following provides a full update on the situation:

SUEZ Water continues repairs to fix a broken water valve in Jersey City that failedon Sunday night. The complex line stop repair conducted last night to stop the flow of water into the transmission main was unsuccessful. However SUEZ is actively working on an alternative to reduce pressure in the system near the aqueduct in Jersey City. Once the repair is made to the broken water valve in Jersey City the water main break in southwest Hoboken will be repaired as soon as possible. Full water restoration once the main transmission line in Southwest Hoboken is fixed could still take several additional days.

The boil water advisory has been temporarily lifted in Hoboken after the Department of Environmental Protection and SUEZ Water officially advised that the water in the City is safe for consumption. Hoboken was required to enact a boil water advisory because the system became depressurized during the water main break to make sure no contaminants had inadvertently entered the system. However, residents are strongly advised to check for updates throughout the next several days as the boil water advisory may again be enacted. Once Hoboken receives water from Jersey City after the water main in Hoboken is fixed, there may be a period of time where the DEP will require another precautionary boil water advisory to ensure no contamination entered the drinking water from the repair activity.

Since Hoboken normally purchases its water from Jersey City, Hoboken has been temporarily receiving water through SUEZ Water in Weehawken until the full repairs are made. Water pressure throughout the Hoboken system has increased from yesterday, although some residents may continue to have lower water pressure than usual, especially during peak usage periods. Some residents on higher floors in larger buildings may still be experiencing lower water pressure or at times no water while repairs are continuing. Conservation during peak periods or changing one's schedule to use water during off peak periods can make a significant difference.

In order to lessen demand on the system while Hoboken temporarily receives its water through SUEZ Water in Weehawken, a water conservation advisory will continue for residents in Hoboken and Hudson County. Residents are urged to conserve water whenever possible, epecially during peak periods or consider changing schedules to use less water during peak hours in the morning and evening.

Flooding in the streets in the immediate vicinity of the water main break in Hoboken are now able to be pumped out thanks to the special approval that was provided by the DEP. The Hoboken Fire Department has washed the streets and sidewalks to help clear the area of any debris. North Hudson Sewage Authority has cleared the catch basins, as the sewers can once again handle normal water flow.

While the boil water advisory is lifted, water trucks with clean drinking water will still be available as a backup until 10 pm tonight at 333 River Street, the intersection of Newark Street and Adams Street, Hoboken High School (900 Clinton Street), Fox Hill Gardens (311 13th Street), 14th Street and Sinatra Drive, and at ShopRite (10th and Madison).

The Hoboken Fire Department remains fully operational and has the necessary resources to address any emergencies that may occur.

Residents should continue to use public transportation as the City of Hoboken will divert traffic from the area until the water main in Hoboken is completely fixed. Drivers are urged to enter and exit Hoboken through the north due to several street closures in southwest Hoboken. Observer Highway is closed west of Henderson Street to Jersey Avenue, and Harrison Street is closed from Paterson Avenue to Newark Street. Jackson Street is also closed from Newark Street to Paterson Avenue. Any resident that will be departing Hoboken for the Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday should wait until the morning rush hour is over, and depart between 9 am and 3 pm.

Monday, November 23, 2015

City: water valve failure complicates repair, urges conservation

City of Hoboken announces:

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Monday November 23, 2015

City of Hoboken

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers,

After working to isolate a water main break on a transmission line in southwest Hoboken on Sunday that led to widespread water pressure loss throughout the city, an additional 36 inch valve failed last night and disrupted a transmission main which feeds water from Jersey City into Hoboken. This has further delayed full repairs to our water system. The City of Hoboken purchases its water from Jersey City, and it normally flows into Hoboken through large transmission mains.

Excavation of the site was completed overnight and highly specialized equipment will be used to conduct this repair.

Repairing the valve is a complex procedure, due to its size and location underground, and could take several days. As a result, the City of Hoboken will have lower water pressure than usual, and residents, especially those on higher floors, should expect to have lower water pressure, discolored water, or at times no water while repairs are ongoing and as water demand changes throughout the day. The discoloration is caused by high levels of naturally occurring minerals in the water and a buildup of harmless sediment in the water mains.

Until the Jersey City valve can be repaired, water at the site of the break will continue to flow from underground. After repairing the valve in Jersey City, only then will Suez Water (formerly known as United Water) be able to conduct an assessment and make repairs in Hoboken. Delays for full restoration could potentially last through Thanksgiving. We will provide an update tomorrow regarding timing as we know more about the repairs.

In order to lessen demand on the system, residents throughout Hoboken and Hudson County are strongly urged to conserve water whenever possible or consider changing schedules to use less water during peak hours in the morning and evening.

The boil water advisory remains in effect for the City of Hoboken until further notice. Residents should continue to boil their water for one minute for consumptive purposes. This includes drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, etc. Water does not need to be boiled for washing clothes or dishes. It is important that residents continue to boil water until further notice.

Water trucks with clean drinking water are available at 333 River Street, the intersection of Newark Street and Adams Street, Hoboken High School (900 Clinton Street), Fox Hill Gardens (311 13th Street), and 14th Street and Sinatra Drive.

The Hoboken Fire Department is fully operational and has the necessary resources to address any emergencies that may occur.

Residents are also urged to use public transportation as the City of Hoboken has diverted traffic from the area. Drivers are urged to enter and exit Hoboken through the north due to several street closures in southwest Hoboken. Observer Highway is closed west of Henderson Street to Jersey Avenue, and Harrison Street is closed from Paterson Avenue to Newark Street. Jackson Street is also closed from Newark Street to Paterson Avenue.

Old Guard on the brink of irrelevance sees faint hopes in a Sully Mile Square vision

Fading appeal to Old Hoboken and zero to professionals opens door to question of new leadership

The trauma of reality after the November council election seeing the Old Guard council's influence dwindle to negligible is upon us. A 7-2 council starting January means projects will come to finality of approval in some shape or form and no amount of jabber this or that will matter.

Washington St.'s overhaul is high on the list and Sinatra Drive not far behind. There's no quarters, not a million not a handful available to any south Jersey mob companies or in a back room in town anywhere. Reform with Mayor Zimmer at the helm has shut the money faucet.

That faint chattering you hear in the distance is the sound of Old Guard gnashing of teeth. The rumor mill will be churning out mounds of hooey in a desperate bid to create a reality the election results could not and a dream default alignment of a Jabberwock third way alliance connected to Ruben Ramos, a brief ally in the Old Reform camp more than a decade back.

The Hudson Reporter never enthusiastic in reporting on the nefarious activites of its Old Guard allies is sucking down this drivel fostering a new kind of comic book super hero zealotry: Reform recruitment!

If you find your best laid plans for the November council elections gone awry, one's left in the realm of fantasy to save the Star Wars Old Guard Death Star any way possible. With a 7-2 deficit on the City Council, there's no easy road to survive the next two years in the wilderness.

Last weekend's "Between the Lines" comedy which can't get Hoboken half-right in a good week is promoting vain Old Guard hopes across the Mile Square with a rancid stew of Jabberwocky saying they will appeal to Councilman Dave Mello and Councilman-elect Michael DeFusco for some unheralded opportunity.

DeFusco said he'd listen and work with everyone but the jabberwocky which failed to defeat him leading into the election now sees him the target of more bitter attacks in a style reminiscent of Hoboken411. He's being pegged as Ruben Ramos' double agent and he hasn't attended a single City Council meeting as the first ward councilman yet.

Councilman Dave Mello who has water infrastructure on his mind with the downtown water main break over the weekend is pegged to be a lackey to the Ramos-Russo grand design for Mile Square City domination. Russia's guy Putin would sooner get hugs in the Oval Office before Mello and Mikie Squared hug it out on the council dais. Mello will be Council President come January if his busy schedule allows it not because of any jabbering into Sully's ear.

All this mad scrambling with the holidays upon us means only one thing. Next week, it's second ward Councilwoman-elect Tiffanie Fisher flipped to Team Jabberwock and deals with the Old Guard council are imminent! Dreams of Michael Russo and Ruben Ramos come to pass with 30 story buildings dotting the Hoboken landscape. Alright, apologies to Sully for stealing his comic material. Fisher will not suddenly materialize into Monarch Man (or woman).

As Public Safety Director Jon Tooke is winding down his role to the end of the month, the history under Mayor Zimmer suggests there are resumes under evaluation if not interviews concluded. Anticipate a public safety professional with solid experience to emerge as a replacement not the current parking director.

With an eye to the future, Ruben Ramos is being touted as the future for the Old Guard but what can he do in two years to make Hoboken voters forget his previous stint on the City Council and change his fortunes in a potential rematch with Mayor Zimmer come 2017?

A looming immediate obstacle for Ramos is Anthony "Stick" Romano who is taking credit for the BoE's results putting former BoE employee John Madigan on to the school board and washing his hands of the City Council race. It's a little late for that spin but he's the main challenger to Ramos in any 2017 mayoral run in addition to the incumbent.

Who would be the better candidate to try to stop if not simply lose to Mayor Zimmer in 2017 is the real question in Old Guard circles. The mayor is eyeing public input and the process implementation for the Rebuild by Design plan and is not likely to walk away from that legacy incomplete.

Which means you'll be reading more comic book Old Guard Jabberwocky tragicomedy for quite some time.

Probably best to hit the snooze button unless you need a laugh along the way.  And that my friends is no jabberwocky.

Talking Ed Note: A recount is slated today at the Hudson County Board of Elections. There's not a great likelihood the last Board of Education trustee seat changes in the difference of 36 votes between third place Britney Montgomery and fourth place Addys Velez.

While a problematic voting machine in Councilwoman Jen Giattino's sixth ward at Calabro cost her a bigger win with a ballpark 100 votes "lost," it may have cost the Reach Higher BoE ticket a second seat in the election.

Unless further challenges are put forward, the third seat in the BoE election will go to Montgomery.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

How dry I am....

Update: 6:22 pm: City of Hoboken announces:

Advisory: Update on Water Restoration, Road Closures & Traffic Information

Dear Horsey & MSV readers,

Water pressure has been restored to many portions of Hoboken, however some residents, particularly in high-rise buildings, may still experience no or limited water pressure. For those residents who live on the upper floors of high rise buildings, United Water recommends that cold faucets be turned on until service is restored, so that demand to the system is increased. Full water pressure is expected by tomorrow. 

United Water continues to be on scene to repair the water main break and will continue working throughout the night and into tomorrow. 

Road closures in southwest Hoboken will remain in effect tonight and until at least Monday afternoon. Observer Highway is closed west of Henderson Street to Jersey Ave. Harrison Street is closed from Paterson Avenue to Newark Street. Jackson Street is closed from Newark Street to Paterson Avenue. Vehicles traveling north on Jersey Ave will need to turn at 18th Street. 

Residents normally exiting or entering Hoboken through the south portion of the City are strongly urged to use public transportation or travel through the north end. During commuting hours, the Hoboken Police Department will have 20 officers in the area to direct traffic along with additional officers from the Hudson County Sheriff's Office and Jersey City Police Department to direct traffic on the Jersey City side of the area. 

A boil water advisory remains in effect until at least Monday. Residents should boil their water for at least one minute for the following: drinking, cooking, or baking, making ice cubes, taking medication, brushing teeth, washing food, mixing baby formula or food, mixing juices or drinks, feeding pets, and all other consumption. Water does not need to be boiled for showering, washing dishes or clothes. 

Two additional water trucks have been added for residents to obtain clean drinking water at 14th Street and Sinatra Drive and in front of Hoboken High School (900 Clinton St). Water trucks will also remain at 76 Bloomfield Street, 310-320 Jackson Street, City Hall (94 Washington Street), and 311 13th Street until full water service is restored. Five additional water trucks have been assigned to fire houses for water suppression.

Water pressure is returning to Hoboken but low-flow flat hair may be
around for Monday. Hoboken, the home of Seinfeld hair tragedy.

Update: 3:19 pm: City of Hoboken announces:


Crews have isolated the water main break in southwest Hoboken and water pressure is beginning to be restored through the north end interconnection.

A boil water advisory remains in effect until further notice.

Water restoration with limited pressure is expected within 2 hours to almost all of Hoboken.

Repairs to the water main will continue overnight. Full pressure restoration is expected by tomorrow. Water trucks will remain available until full service is restored.

There are numerous street closings in southwest Hoboken. Drivers are advised to exit through northern Hoboken today and tomorrow.

Update: 11:19 am: United Water and emergency personnel continue to investigate the large water main break in Hoboken and will remain on site until repairs can be made. Water pressure could potentially be restored to Hoboken in several hours.  

Additionally, United Water is advising that as a precaution, Hoboken residents should boil their water for at least one minute for the following: drinking, cooking, or baking, making ice cubes, taking medication, brushing teeth, washing food, mixing baby formula or food, mixing juices or drinks, feeding pets, and all other consumption. Water does not have to be boiled for the following activities: showering, washing dishes or clothes.


The City of Hoboken announced an advisory of a major water main break affecting Hoboken.
The major break impacts the city at the Jersey City-Hoboken border on the southern end of town.

United Water crews are en route to Hoboken to make the repairs.

How dry I am....

Talking Ed Note: Yet another vestige from the days of corruption. This one under the Russo Administration. Son Mikie will be upset this is pointed out but United Water scored one sweet deal at the Mile Square City's expense and infrastructure improvements were worth zilch in a deal.

The City needed money (when doesn't it). And there was a constant need for booze, blow and babes in nearby motels too. Whatta ya gonna do.

We pay the piper. No matter what an Old Guard cleric tells you, the Old Guard is never the answer.

The downtown water break bordering Jersey City as seen here in a reader submitted photo.
There's hope to have water restored in Hoboken later Sunday but it remains to be seen.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hoboken411, Perry Klaussen, Lane Bajardi and the Masonista Lunatic Fringe

Here's the weekend so it's time for another episode of Friday Night Lights where deranged Hoboken politicos in their Masonista bubble get to see, wait for it... their name in lights.

Episode II

Hoboken411 is always a great source of deluded entertainment and here Crazy Shorts aka Ku Klux Klaussen goes off the rails at the conclusion of the City Council ward elections in 2011. One can only imagine the bile generated with this month's election results.

Here Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411, sock puppet to ghostwriter Lane Bajardi asks how they will "handle" the results of the 2011 City Council ward election. (Start below)

Things will never be the same for Beth Mason's "favorite" Hoboken "news" site seen here circa 2011. Hoisted by their own petard is the appropriate saying, no?

Things are sounding rather dire for the short-lived Russo-Mason City Council majority which was a disaster in numerous ways for Hoboken but it's about to hit the fan and leads to some choice reactions from the rabid bile-fueld Zimmer haters dipping into their frequent use of the woman "c" word.

Oh well, so the City Council elections didn't go as hoped and no salvation was forthcoming in questionable VBM ballots (unlike this year on the BoE) for Beth Mason's Boys of Hate but there's the FBI's arrival in Hoboken who as we all know, they're coming for Zimmer. 

Later the same month, the whole Masonista lunatic fringe hears Mayor Zimmer's administration called in the FBI. Of course, it can't be because the FBI have to be coming to arrest Mayor Zimmer. We all know where those FBI emails were later found routed from senior Hoboken Public Safety sources. (Brilliant strategy taking that to court in civil litigation!)

Of course Beth Mason had nothing to do with the emails stolen out of the mayor's office. Other than refusing in 2011 for months to respond to public questions whether she had seen any of the 100,000 or so stolen emails. Suddenly in 2015, after Bajardi v Pincus blew up in her and her minion's face, she came out publicly defending their possession claiming they were obtained in a non-existent OPRA request.

Here's a crew of the last Masonista Zimmer haters standing: wishing, praying and hoping and yes actually believing the FBI is here for "Zimmerists" leading to Xanax being handed out like Tic Tacs.

The following month, Masonista Derangement Syndrome strikes again! There's gotta be something, anything that "could" be damaging in those Zimmerist emails. 
If only we can get our hands on say, 250,000 of them !

End, episode II.

I like Camden in the springtime

The thing that would not go away and other NJ misadventures courtesy of Grafix Avenger.
It's the latest satirical side-splitting truth serum from Hoboken and north Jersey's best lampoonist.

This time it's NJ President of the State Senate Steve Sweeney featured, who is a force in the south attracting carpetbaggers and the favorite son for NJ governor in 2017 from those parts down yonder.

For the third year in a row, he allows something to attach itself like a barnacle in Atlantic City to cover the cost of the drinking tab of political pols and their underlings at the League of Municipalities gathering. Nothing swells the hearts of NJ pols like other people picking up the tab.

Not quite the deal with the devil; paying this tab doesn't buy you a spot on the ticket for Lt. Governor but Da Horsey hears it could get you on a nice environmental or transportation commission in say Camden.

Wouldn't that be lovely?

Has to beat another unsung episode of Sweeney Todd doesn't it?

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Federal judge ejects former Hoboken Police Chief Anthony Falco's civil lawsuit

Talking Ed Note: This complete legal decision out of federal court tossing the civil lawsuit against Hoboken brought by its former police chief, Anthony Falco and his attorney Jason Orlando.

The former police chief Anthony Falco was exceedingly polite in all interactions with MSV. He seemed to go out of his way to try to maintain a personal positive interaction with this horse if not the public. At one 9-11 Memorial service on Pier A, he seemed surprised when asked to stop having people connected to the Reform Movement arrested.

Falco was known for his interest in Hollywood but there were comparative divisions in the police force under his tenure not unlike the growing pains of professional expectations between Reform and the Old Guard at City Hall.

The HPD under Falco's control was not cooperative to civilian requests on OPRA of public records. The hostility toward the public would rear its head in highly distasteful actions. MSV has actual emails showing some less than transparent activities with Beth Mason backed Hoboken411 directly involving officers closely connected to Falco.

One of the most distasteful examples witnessed by the public was the arrest and handcuffing to a wall of former Transporation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. While suffering an assault by an employee who literally abandoned a running city bus on a Hoboken street, Sacs called out to a Hoboken police officer for help inside the lobby of City Hall.

The aid he received was no assistance at all as the reported witnessing officer was none other than Chief Falco's daughter. For being publicly assaulted, Sacs was himself charged with the crime of "movable theft" due to removing the keys of a running abandoned bus on a Hoboken street containing additional personal keys of the bus driver.

Handcuffed and taken to the Hoboken Police Department he was chained to a wall until Chief Falco came down and had Ian Sacs' handcuffs removed. Upon his release, the story of Sacs' arrest was up on Hoboken411 before he even made it out of the police station and back to work in City Hall.

True story.

The trumped up charges against Sacs received immediate press coverage in Hoboken on the pro Old Guard rag Hudson Reporter and Hoboken Patch. When the charges were thrown out of court, no coverage followed.

MSV has faced four different criminal charges filed courtesy of the Hoboken Police Department since 2010, all completely fabricated with signed perjury of Old Guard allies receiving less than rigorous skepticism in their filing.

On one occasion, one senior Hoboken Police officer threatened an arrest at a Hoboken Housing Authority meeting when a paperwork mix up occurred in Jersey City municipal court. The threat of arrest stemmed from one set of false charges eventually thrown out of court by Beth Mason's thug political operative. The officer was charged with maintaining order at the meeting but decided to take on a wider role requested by the Mason perjurer.

MSV counsel Alex Booth arrived and had the senior Jersey City Municipal Prosecutor call from a dinner saying there was a simple paperwork mixup and no arrest of MSV should occur. The HPD responded asking the head Jersey City Municipal Prosecutor to immediately provide supporting documents to halt the threatened arrest. The threat of arrest was maintained for hours through the evening of the HHA meeting before it was concluded the actual Jersey City Municipal Prosecutor was who he said he was. Political payback for supporting a police department top heavy reorganization in 2010?

Most recently, in September 2014 criminal charges for an alleged assault with an envelope containing a subpoena by lame duck councilwoman Beth Mason were filed at the Hoboken Police Department seeing some questionable and in my personal opinion, broad improper usage of Hoboken Police Department resources. While that did not occur on Falco's watch as he had recently retired, the politicized culture of the Hoboken Police Department pervaded.

MSV has a criminal trial with Beth Mason set for December 11 in Jersey City Muncipal Court.

As for Falco's lawsuit attempt suing Hoboken taxpayers, use Old Hoboken and then the Catholic Church as a crutch to extract more money on his way to retirement from public service, it's an absolute disgrace.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Terrorism and waterfront cameras elevated in council meeting

The following report comes courtesy of Jeannette Josue of the Hudson County View:

Hoboken officials questioned if non-operational surveillance cameras along the waterfront can weaken the counter terrorism efforts of the police force, which some feel is a legitimate concern since Manhattan is just across the Hudson River.

For the entire story, please see the Hudson County View:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


City of Hoboken announces:


The lawsuit filed against the City and Mayor Zimmer in March 2013 has been dismissed in its entirety by Federal Court Judge Madeline Cox Arleo. Many of the claims were dismissed “with prejudice” meaning that the claims cannot be re-filed. Several claims were dismissed “without prejudice” meaning that former Chief Falco can attempt to re-file the lawsuit with respect to those items by alleging different facts than he has so far to substantiate his causes of action, or by filing the claims in State Court. While it is possible that Chief Falco and his lawyers will take this route, the decision is an important legal victory for the City and its attorney Victor Afanador of Lite Depalma Greenberg, LLC.

In his lawsuit, Chief Falco claimed that his constitutional rights were violated because he believed that the City, under Mayor Zimmer, had interfered in the running of the Police Department and had not paid him benefits (both before and after his retirement in 2014), to which he believed he was entitled.

Chief Falco claimed he was discriminated against because he was “Old Hoboken.” The Court ruled that “Old Hoboken” was not “a cognizable political association” saying “Indeed, it does not refer to any political class or association at all.” The Court also observed that Chief Falco had tried to make a new argument in his brief that he was retaliated against because he is a member of a particular Church in Hoboken, apparently attempting for the first time to invoke a “protected class” based on religion. This was a claim he had never made in his lawsuit. Since this new claim had not even been referred to in the complaint, the Court declined to consider it at all.

Chief Falco also claimed in his complaint that he had not received any payment at all upon retirement as retaliation for his having sued the City and having testified against the City in another lawsuit. The Court ruled that Chief Falco had failed to allege any actual legal right to such a payment, only that he had “a unilateral expectation that he would receive it because other HPD officers did when they retired.” Contrary to Chief Falco’s claim in his pleadings that he received no payment whatsoever upon retirement (a claim the Judge accepted as true for the purpose of deciding the motion) he was mailed a retirement check from the City on September 10, 2014. The Chief in fact was provided with a $153,551.19 retirement benefit which after deduction of Federal and State taxes resulted in a net payment of $104,414.81. Chief Falco chose not to deposit that check and returned it to the City. He then claimed in his court filings that he had received no payment at all.

“I’m gratified that Judge Arleo saw through the smoke blown at the expense of the Hoboken taxpayer and dismissed this frivolous case in full,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “ I hope that Chief Falco will now accept the fair retirement payment offered by the City rather than attempt to revive a lawsuit that has already cost Hoboken’s taxpayers a substantial amount in legal fees.”

Buying and selling votes and the Art of the Double Cross in the fourth ward council race


The Hoboken November election has come and gone but the bills in the fourth ward have not been paid.

An illicit war over votes was waged between two fourth ward Old Guard camps according to sources in downtown Hoboken with many attempted vote sellers left less than satisfied with the transaction.

Many of those people who agreed to sell their votes accepting checks for the alleged illicit deal discovered later the bounce was higher than off a NBA tomahawk dunk.

There was more than a little game of double cross going on between the two sides.

The rest of this story is MSV Premium and will be sent 
to members later today.


Office of the Mayor announces:


Mayor Zimmer announced that Public Safety Director Jon Tooke will be resigning from his position and from public service effective November 30, 2015.

“On behalf of the citizens of Hoboken, I thank Jon so much for his service and wish him the very best in the future,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “He started this position a few weeks early so he could be in Hoboken to assist with the response to Hurricane Irene, and ever since he has been an integral part of keeping our community safe, including starting up a successful Class II officer program.”
“I have greatly enjoyed and am thankful for the opportunities I have had to add value to public safety and improve preparedness in Hoboken,” said Director Tooke.

Before starting his position with the City of Hoboken in 2011, Mr. Tooke was national training coordinator for FBI-LEEDA for three years and served for nearly 30 years in the Jersey City Police Department.

Public Safety Director Jon Tooke