Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hudson County comes in late with VBM votes altering BoE plus updated City Council results

Hudson County Board of Elections updates Vote-by-Mail altering the BoE landscape and confirming the Hoboken City Council.

Hoboken City Council with Hudson County Board of Election VBMs added late: (post 10:30 PM)

Hoboken Ward 1 Council
6/6 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Theresa Castellano65643.47%
NP - Michael DeFusco85056.33%
Personal Choice30.20%

Hoboken Ward 2 Council
6/6 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Bonnie Murray1549.99%
NP - Peter Biancamano61940.17%
NP - Tiffanie Fisher76649.71%
Personal Choice20.13%

Hoboken Ward 3 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Michael Russo73093.83%
Personal Choice486.17%

Hoboken Ward 4 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Ruben J. Ramos Jr.92556.96%
NP - Dana Wefer37823.28%
NP - Timothy S. Occhipinti32119.77%
Personal Choice00.00%

Hoboken Ward 5 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Peter Cunningham84461.47%
NP - Eduardo Gonzalez52738.38%
Personal Choice20.15%

Hoboken Ward 6 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Jennifer Giattino70758.43%
NP - Carmelo G. Garcia50041.32%
Personal Choice30.25%

The earlier sweep by the Reach Higher slate has been capsized by 600 Vote-by-Mails:

Board of Education - Hoboken
40/40 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Britney A. Montgomery2,37915.19%
NP - Thomas Kluepfel2,57216.42%
NP - John Madigan2,71117.31%
NP - Sheillah Dallara2,31514.78%
NP - Alanna M. Kauffmann1,78811.41%
NP - Addys Velez2,34314.96%
NP - Patricia Waiters1,5219.71%
Personal Choice350.22%

There may be legal action taken on the VBMs in the Board of Education Race.