Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Reform crushes it! Will hold City Council majority with decisive 7-2 margin!

Breaking: Unofficial - Reform slate has won every contested seat other than the fourth ward. 


Sixth ward: Jen Giattino

Fifth ward: Peter Cunningham

Second ward: Tiffanie Fisher

First ward: Michael DeFusco

County figures are up:

Hoboken Ward 1 Council
6/6 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Theresa Castellano55146.54%
NP - Michael DeFusco63353.46%
Personal Choice00.00%

Hoboken Ward 2 Council
6/6 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Bonnie Murray14710.38%
NP - Peter Biancamano52837.29%
NP - Tiffanie Fisher73952.19%
Personal Choice20.14%

Hoboken Ward 3 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Michael Russo65293.14%
Personal Choice486.86%

Hoboken Ward 4 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Ruben J. Ramos Jr.67851.80%
NP - Dana Wefer36427.81%
NP - Timothy S. Occhipinti26720.40%
Personal Choice00.00%

Hoboken Ward 5 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Peter Cunningham81766.53%
NP - Eduardo Gonzalez40933.31%
Personal Choice20.16%

Hoboken Ward 6 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Jennifer Giattino67759.49%
NP - Carmelo G. Garcia45840.25%
Personal Choice30.26%

The Reach Higher slate has swept the BoE!
Correction: Hudson County adds in 600 VBMs late. 

The results change from a Reach Higher sweep to John Madigan becoming a BoE trustee and Britney Montgomery is "on the bubble."
Board of Education - Hoboken
40/40 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Britney A. Montgomery2,37915.19%
NP - Thomas Kluepfel2,57216.42%
NP - John Madigan2,71117.31%
NP - Sheillah Dallara2,31514.78%
NP - Alanna M. Kauffmann1,78811.41%
NP - Addys Velez2,34314.96%
NP - Patricia Waiters1,5219.71%
Personal Choice350.22%


Talking Ed Note: Peter Biancamano has called Tiffanie Fisher and conceded in an early classy move.

Ruben Ramos is expected to win Fourth ward over Tim Occhipinti and Dana Wefer.
Solomon Dwek write-in not expected to take seat in third from Michael Russo.

9:00 PM Update: All numbers are unofficial.

In the fifth ward, Councilman Peter Cunningham has won by 400 votes on the machines thus making the 200 Vote-by-Mail issue inconsequential.

In the first ward, Mike Defusco has won by a margin of over 100 votes or is there something else as now there are some additional "issues."
Terry Castellano attempted to voice a discrepancy on the machines. 
It will be of no consequence. Turn out the lights!

In the sixth ward, Councilwoman Jen Giattino has crushed Carmelo Garica 60 - 40% 

Annette Chapparo and Raj Mukherji are winning easily:

General Assembly 33rd District
71/158 44.94%
Vote CountPercent
REP - Garrett P. Simulcik Jr.85811.47%
REP - Javier Sosa74810.00%
DEM - Raj Mukherji2,94339.34%
DEM - Annette Chaparro2,90038.77%
Personal Choice310.41%

MSV is attempting to obtain some unofficial BoE totals.