Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2nd ward outcry: Where's Beth Mason's apology after being fined tens of thousands for campaign violations?

Second ward resident Franz Paetzold speaking at the City Council meeting during public portion raised his concerns on the massive fines in the tens of thousands of dollars issued to Councilwoman Beth Mason by NJ ELEC (New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.)

Saying he was coming home from work and saw the breaking news with word Beth Mason is now number 15 on the all time NJ campaign fines list, he stated uncertainty if the totals of Mason's fines were $37,000 or $44,000. Beth Mason immediately shook her head at the higher figure.

Earlier today news broke Beth and Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz paid in the vicinity of $44,000 in total fines for a NJ ELEC complaint originally detailing hundreds of campaign violations going back to her 2009 and 2011 campaigns. The original potential fines were in the millions of dollars and others running with her in 2009 were mentioned. No one will think they paid or were responsible for the hundreds of violations originally reported early last year.

Mr. Paetzold a second ward resident and former second ward council candidate in 2011 expressed further concern about people following the rules and the importance of adhering to NJ ELEC campaign law. He politely sought an explanation and asked what measures would be taken to ensure this did not occur again. He would get less than none.

When the fines mentioned in the tens of thousands arose, Beth Mason began to visibly and audibly choke and muttered a comment something not audible to the public before beginning to cough more.

Paetzold's politeness was rewarded with typical Beth Mason arrogance. Her immediate response was to denigrate others who don't "know the facts" and then say she will talk to people as need be. To the second ward constituent who previously requested an apology from Beth Mason for her hundreds of campaign violations cited by NJ ELEC in her 2009 and 2011 election campaigns the answer is clear.

Beth Mason can be hit with hundreds of campaign violations, face potential fines in the millions of dollars for same but as for any remorse for her utter failure to follow campaign law, the answer is no.

Here's the entire segment from public portion:

Talking Ed Note: Missing in NJ ELEC's fines of Beth and Richard Mason is numerous other violations by Beth Mason reported on MSV earlier. Back in 2011, MSV spoke at a City Council meeting asking Beth Mason why none of her TV ads on ESPN (through Cablevision of Hudson), advertisements on Hoboken Patch and Mason sponsored Hoboken411 with no listings of payments to numerous of her political operatives showed on her ELEC reports.

Mason ignored the comment and inquiry as she just did again tonight without providing any semblance of an answer. Mason was previously cited by the City of Hoboken Legal Department for breaking another law related to elections: the anti-wheeling ordinance.

She exceeded the $500 limit on political committee contributions, in this case to the controversial Board of Education slate, Move Forward. Her contributions were well in excess of $6,000. She was told in a letter those campaign contributions broke Hoboken's law.

Do you think Beth Mason respects the law and any should apply to her? She doesn't even think the public is owed an explanation when asked in a City Council meeting.


Hoboken's wannabe power couple gets slammed after hundreds of campaign violations fined over $44,000!

No press release this time from the alleged self-proclaimed transparency queen but Councilwoman Beth Mason is reeling with news breaking she was hit with $44,000 in fines by NJ ELEC.

Originally, the fines were tabulated in the hundreds with potential fines in the millions for both her, her treasurer husband, Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz but in the end they were granted much mercy from the state

Even with the big reductions in the fines the Mason family faced, they sit at #15 on the all time great campaign violations hit list for fines in NJ.

Kathryn Brenzel of published her story earlier today writing:

The fines—announced on Wednesday—settle complaints that accused Mason and members of her campaign team of reporting contributions and expenditures late in the 2009 and 2011 municipal elections. Mason and her husband Richard Mason, who served as her campaign treasurer...

Beth Mason and her husband Richard Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz are officially Hoboken leaders.
They are the all time leaders in official campaign violations in Hoboken and sit comfortably at no. 15 for
all of NJ. They were slated to be number one until massive fine reductions and an early payment.

Talking Ed Note: MSV will be back with more on Hoboken's all time campaign violations leader - Beth Mason.

Appears PolitickerNJ broke the story less than an hour before but the cited $44,000 as the figure of Beth Mason's fines. 

Hoboken Board of Education rings in 2015 with swearing-in ceremony

Tuesday night at Demarest saw three year terms for three members sworn-in including two from the newly minted Parents for Progress slate.

The late surge by the previously unknown Wallace district parents received a critical late endorsement from Mayor Dawn Zimmer shocking the BoE election.

Monica Stromwall who was appointed to replace Carmelo Garcia who had to resign due to state laws on officeholders with other elected positions was sworn-in to a full three year term. Her elevation means another BoE trustee seat is taken by someone who is expected to be very active looking to  move forward the educational needle, not merely showing up at monthly meetings like her predecessor.

Monica Stromwall & family at Demarest for the beginning of her full three year
term as BoE trustee.

Sharyn Angley is the newest member of the BoE sworn in and replaces Frances Rhodes Kearns.
She should add a new flavor to the newest group of parents who are increasingly enrolling their kids into the district schools. The wave of family additions brings with it a new energy and focus on improvements across the board.

Sharyn Angley & Family last night at Demarest capturing the moment
with her sworn-in as a Hoboken BoE trustee.

Re-elected BoE trustee Peter Biancamano sweated it out on election night for hours in a neck and neck race with Antonio Gray, the third member of the Parent for Progress ticket. He eventually catapulted from third to first with hundreds of Vote-by-Mail ballots added to his ledger, mostly out of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Peter Biancamano & family saw him (without baby) sworn-in for another terms as BoE trustee.
The family owns and runs B&P Biancamano, the Italian deli at 1116 Washington St. making
fresh mozzarella for Hoboken's hungry every day.

Those VBMs, well over 400 are a constant thorn in the side of Hoboken's good government movement. Investigators from the Hudson County Board of Elections reduced the numbers eliminating dozens for various issues but the problem shows no signs of abating.

In 2010, the explosion of VBMs in Hoboken became a statewide point of controversy when multiple affidavits out of the Hoboken Housing Authority admitting to a vote buying scheme led to the NJ State Attorney General's Office reviewing the practice and examining almost 400 admitted to the vote totals of Timmy Occhipinti.

As for BoE trustee Peter Biancamano, he may not be staying too long in a school board seat. The pull downtown to City Hall is likely too great for someone who netted over 400 votes in the second ward last November. He's making a move; it's not if but when.

Talking Ed Note: That second ward council seat is up for election this November and is currently occupied by the widely and/or universally despised Beth Mason. Her family checkbook has underwritten numerous political operations, nefarious and benign plus lawsuits on behalf of the Old Guard Russo faction with the last legal action in question the Hoboken SLAPP she announced pending against MSV, exactly two weeks before its filing and later becoming public.