Monday, March 2, 2015

Beth Mason "business partner" James Barracato: "Dawn is going down the tubes with this hospital sale"

The following is a true, complete email from September 13, 2011 during a critical stage of the complex sale of Hoboken University Medical Center between Beth Mason "business partner" James Baracato, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Sara Stojkovic.

The Star Ledger misreported the closure of HUMC in tandem with Hoboken411?


It's no stretch to conclude that Dawn referenced in the email is Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer who was fighting to save HUMC.

Talking Ed Note: This is not Part III of the Hospital series. Call it a taste.

Call it the coincidence of the century.

Joe Concha: 'God bless the legal system' for seeing Lane Bajardi's lawsuit for what it was

Joe Concha a TV & Media news and pop-culture analyst offered the following in reply to MSV's Friday revelation of Lane Bajardi's response to his April 2009 inquiry about Bajardi ghostwriting political content on Hoboken411.

"This is why - while I miss the food, remaining friends and an ability to order liquor to the apartment in under 20 minutes- I don't miss Hoboken since moving to Wyckoff. Lane and Perry are breathing examples of everything that's wrong with the Mile Square City, and why they'll always be more punchlines than players.

And for WINS to even employ someone as unhinged as Mr. Bajardi in any capacity is unsettling. Maybe one day Klaussen will achieve his dream of being Beth Mason's press secretary... he's had ten years of practice, after all.

Keep up the good work. God Bless the legal system for seeing Lane's lawsuit for what it was."


Joe Concha regularly appears on CNN and Fox News. He's written for Mediate,, and The New York Times.

Lane Bajardi is a news reader for 1010WINS on the graveyard shift and can be heard Midnight to 5:00 am. He was described in one recent news report as a "political worker" and the Political Insider column as a "political personality" who attempted over years to advance Beth Mason's political career.

Beth Mason, Lane Bajardi and Hoboken411 blog owner Perry Klaussen circa 2010.

Related: Lane Bajardi in a late April 2009 email to Perry Klaussen says he will "eff over" Joe Concha if he writes an article revealing he's the Hoboken411 ghostwriter for political content.