Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lane Bajardi and Beth Mason political operatives concerned if political invite gets out to the "blogs"

In Hoboken's 2011 council ward races, efforts are underway to support the Beth Mason political machine among a coterie of "Masonistas."  To advance Beth Mason, she needs a council member elected in the 5th ward who will vote in lockstep with her political ambitions as she successfully did in the fourth ward's special election months earlier.

Councilman Peter Cunningham, the Hoboken Reform movement's anti-corruption leader is the target of this political operation. He's been a years long opponent of the Russo faction and publicly pushed hard to take on the million dollar parking meters quarters swindle.

A private party to meet a candidate who declared himself independent much like the campaign in the fourth ward months earlier is the strategy being reapplied. The hope is to retain and grow a months long council majority of the Beth Russo two headed hydra. In the end, the strategy would fail as Councilman Cunningham won on the first ballot.

Of note here, the invite to meet the candidate is an emphasis that no campaign contribution is required. The candidate for the fifth ward being pushed is Scott Delea. (Dave Carty was a former at-large council candidate consideration for the Beth Mason for Mayor 2009 spring election. He would not be selected by Councilman Michael Russo who claimed in a FBI surveillance video to make all three selections for Beth Mason's council slate. Carty would however later act as a co-chair to Beth Mason's failed 2009 mayoral campaign that fall.)

A discussion between Lane Bajardi, Sara Stojkovic, Ines Garcia Keim, Robert Duval and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi shows concern if word of the meet and greet gets out to the public re: "the crazies," it will "go viral" exposing the Beth Mason political agenda that the candidate is actually not independent after all.

There's an additional fear. The Masonistas fear the "blogs." The ones the Masonistas fear (but not listed) are the anti-corruption pro-Reform websites often favorable to Mayor Zimmer: MSV, the Hoboken Journal and Grafix Avenger.

This is a complete and original email from May 4, 2011 with only home and phone information deleted:

Scott Delea, the independent fifth ward candidate?
He was backed in 2011 by Beth Mason's
hardcore political operatives.

The "Pothole Killer" comes to Hoboken

City of Hoboken announces:


The City of Hoboken is implementing a faster, more efficient, less expensive, and longer-lasting approach to repairing potholes and will be completely repaving more than 50 blocks of roadway beginning this spring. 

The City has contracted for “Pothole Killer” trucks to make repairs city-wide. With spray injection technology, a single vehicle operator controls a hydraulic boom, which clears the pothole of debris, applies liquid asphalt to fill and seal it, and then tops it off with a dry aggregate coating. The whole process takes roughly 90 seconds per pothole.

“I thank Director Pellegrini for bringing this great new technology to Hoboken that will save us money and make long-lasting repairs faster than ever before,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We’re committed to quickly completing these repairs and repaving more than 50 blocks of our worst roads this spring.”

In three days in January and two in April, a single Pothole Killer truck filled nearly 1,000 potholes. The truck will continue to be used to make repairs in the days ahead. Residents can assist by reporting potholes via or through the Hoboken 311 application for iOS and Android. The City is coordinating with Hudson County for repairs to County roads, especially 1st Street and Observer Highway.

“In the past, we used cold patch to temporarily repair potholes and then had to make permanent repairs in the spring with hot asphalt when the asphalt plants opened,” said Environmental Services Director Leo Pellegrini. “To make matters worse, the cold patch material would often be ripped out, requiring us to contract for heavy duty equipment to vacuum up the gravel and rocks from roads. This new approach eliminates an entire step and is faster, safer, less expensive, and even works in below freezing temperatures. In addition, by not tying up our resources on repairing potholes, our crews are all focused on cleaning up our streets now that all the snow has melted.”

So far, the Pothole Killer has repaired hundreds of potholes and utility cuts along Washington Street, which is planned for a full repaving in 2016. In addition to repairing potholes, more than 50 blocks of roadway are scheduled for repaving, including the following streets:

·         4th Street (Jackson St to Grand St)
·         5th Street (Jackson St to Madison St)
·         6th Street (Jefferson St to Monroe St)
·         8th Street (Hudson St to Castle Pt Terr)
·         9th Street (Hudson St to Castle Pt Terr)
·         11th Street (Willow Ave to Washington St) - following completion of PSE&G work
·         Bloomfield Street (Observer Hwy to 14th St) – 10th St to 14th St following completion of PSE&G work
·         Henderson Street (Observer Hwy to Marin Blvd)
·         Jackson Street (Paterson Ave to 4th St)
·         Madison St (13th St to 15th St)
·         Monroe Street (Newark St to 3rd St)
·         Newark Street (Washington St to Hudson St)
·         Observer Highway (Hudson St to Henderson St)

Potholes Repaired To Date Through 3/10/15

2015 Roadway Improvement Projects & PSE&G Gas Line Replacement