Friday, May 22, 2015

The HudCo Beast feeds on Hoboken

One more key slide showing the dreadful trend for Hoboken taxpayers. Sure, many have awokened sufficiently to support the Reform Movement and take back their rights here for decent government free of "special deals" the Old Guard feels entitled but that battle goes on too.

Short of going on to tackle the HudCo beast, this trendline isn't changing:

The tax levy for both Hoboken and by Hudson County on the Mile Square shows an unmistakable five year trend.

In 2010, the tax levey was $45.5 million for Hudson County. In 2015, as proposed Hudson County is increased to a whopping $67.3 million.

The City of Hoboken levy is $52.4 million which is actually down from 2010's $57.7 million.

When people talk about tax increases; it's due to the massive catastrophe ensuing on Hoboken from above via massive tax hikes by Hudson County.

Talking Ed Note: It's a grim picture and while successfully tending to Hoboken's backyard, there's a beast feasting on the Mile Square each and every year.