Monday, June 15, 2015

Dana Wefer makes the case for her candidacy for 4th Ward Hoboken City Council

Hoboken fourth ward resident Dana Wefer kicked off her campaign for Fourth Ward Hoboken City Council yesterday and was interviewed by Jeannette Josue of the Hudson County View.

The interview below comes courtesy of the Hudson County View.

From Josue's report on Hudson County View, Wefer related how issues at the level of the Hoboken City Council reverberate at the county level. Hudson County raised Hoboken's taxes almost 12% last week. Coupled with the prior year increase, that figure is over 25% in two years and almost 50% in the last five.

Wefer was one of a group of residents who spoke against the Hudson County tax hikes when the County Board of Freeholders held a meeting at Hoboken City Hall.

In addition to Wefer and other Hoboken residents, Mayor Zimmer and Council members Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello spoke out against the heavy tax increases. The current occupant of the fourth ward seat, Timmy Occhipinti did not attend or speak at the county meeting held in Hoboken.

No Old Guard council members attended with neither Michael Russo nor Beth Mason saying a word in opposition to the hefty tax increases on Hoboken residents. Former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos who is expected to run again for the fourth ward council seat also did not attend or speak out against the heavy tax increases from the county.

In the Hudson County View report, Josue quotes Dana Wefer writing:

Talking Ed Note: MSV attended the event yesterday which came on a hot summery Sunday afternoon showing a good turnout of Reform minded citizens joined by Council members Jen Giattino and Jim Doyle.
A fourth ward race always means a focus on Vote-by-Mail ballots and their controversial payments mostly out of the Hoboken Housing Authority and nearby senior buildings.
Contrary to some who talk about a split between potential Old Guard candidacies, any review of the 2013 VBMs shows there's no equal split. The Occhipinti campaign has consistently harvested the major lion's share of VBMs in the fourth ward at election time.

HudCo slams Hoboken with 11.6% tax increase

Hoboken saw another double digit increase in county taxes when the County Board of Freeholders last week passed a $525 million budget slamming the Mile Square City with a double digit increase of 11.6%.

Last year's increase over 14% means Hoboken has seen more than 25% in increased taxes from HudCo in the last two years and almost 50% in the last five.

Anthony "Stick" Romano, the Freeholder representing Hoboken voted no on the Hudson County budget which easily passed 6-3.

Augie Torres laid out the bad news in a rather stoic political column on Saturday.

Some highlights as it relates to Hoboken: