Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BREAKING ALERT: Be on the lookout for a Beth Mason telephone poll


Hoboken is trying to enjoy the late breaking summer weather but they best be on the lookout when that magical phone poll comes in asking/pushing a vote for Bet Mazin.

Yea, Da Horsey can confirm Beth Mason is phoning us here in the second ward and her political operatives want to know if we'll vote for her and her imagined $21,000,000 surplus.

Among the candidates Beth Mason is willing to have you polled: well herself, Tiffanie Fisher and Franz Paetzold with perennial candidate Patricia Waiters.

Hi, are you votin for Bet Mazin?
A phone poll with the Mason fingerprints is out and about
in Hoboken's second ward. Be on the lookout but know
you can't vote for Peter Biancamano from the listed candidates.

Glaringly missing from the Beth Mason phone poll: Bonnie Murray who is all but an announced candidate and Frank "Pupie' Raia's horse in the second ward, Peter Biancamano who is a sitting trustee on the Hoboken Board of Education.

Gee, why do you think FinBoy and company left out Biancamano? Did he want to beef up the numbers from some Hoboken second ward residents who might opt to select him over Beth Mason?

Do bottom feeding Weehawken wannabe sharks like to chew on bloody chum?

Hey, people are desperate to keep that Mason family checkbook open as long as possible. This is their only and possibly last paycheck in Hudson County and NJ, political career people in the know are saying.

With that, here are the actual questions:
Are you registered to vote? 
Is the city headed in the right direction or wrong track?

What are the top issues to address?

Please offer favorable (very) or unfavorable (very) on the following officials?

Dawn Zimmer

Beth Mason

Tiffanie Fisher

Anthony Romano

Carmelo Garcia

Council election if held tomorrow, who would you vote for?

Beth Mason, Franz Paetzold, Tiffanie Fisher and Patricia Waiter

(And again:) 
Approve or disapprove Dawn Zimmer?

Approve or disapprove of Beth Mason as councilwoman?

Listen to the following statements, more likely or less likely, impact for City Council - would it impact your vote

Beth Mason -her 12% proposed cut in taxes and ....
cut benefits on part time employees including paid vacations...

Beth Mason leading the charge against building on the piers.... Monarch Project
(Talking Ed Note: Push poll question)

Beth Mason was there for constituents in wake of Hurricane Sandy 24 x 7, giving out food.... (T.EN. blah blah blah)

(Again) If election tomorrow who would you vote for: Beth Mason, Tiffanie Fisher, Patricia Waiters or Franz Paetzold.

Regarding Hoboken's $21 million surplus, should it offset property taxes considering (increased) County taxes....

Hoboken needs term limits of mayor and council to limit political machines?

Mayor Zimmer accused Christie of withholding aid for Hurricane Sandy?
Credible or not?

Wrapping up:

Your race? Age? Are you liberal, moderate or conservative?

Which political party are you registered?

FinBoy is back and has the Mason family checkbook springing for another telephone poll.
This one avoids direct voter options with notably Peter Biancamano, a sitting BoE trustee missing and Bonnie Murray already reportedly out collecting second ward council petitions.
Holy rigged game Horsey! Talk about doctoring the results to keep the Mason family checkbook open and flow'in! 

Talking Ed Note: The poll will delete 13 minutes from your life if you allow the operator to do so.
How you respond is up to you, but please push poll Beth Mason accordingly.

We're not sure the accurate results would reach Beth Mason anyway.

The point of this exercise is to keep the Mason family checkbook open and there will be no repenting until Hell makes its final accounting. (That's coming, Bet.)

Timmy Time in the 4th?

It's Timmy Time, maybe not in the fourth ward this November but on PolitickerNJ featuring a Q&A with the current occupant of the seat.

Timmy Occhipinti offers a mixture of the Hoboken forging ahead and his changing with it.
The answers hold some intrigue in the mixture of old Timmy and new Timmy.

Timmy Occhipinti is a candidate again for the fourth ward City Council seat as pictured here in 2010 pursued by Sara Stojkovic, a pal of frivolous SLAPPer Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi and Beth Mason.

Old Timmy took credit for things he really had no hand in, re: Mama Johnson's field.
New Timmy doesn't automatically attack progress in Hoboken led by reform and the administration.

One of the biggest issues not mentioned is Hoboken University Medical Center.

Occhipinti had been an automatic vote for what was deemed the Council of No, four dedicated council votes against anything Mayor Zimmer or its reform oriented council offered at bi-weekly meetings. If Mayor Zimmer issued a proclamation the sky was blue, four votes lay in wait usually with lengthy grandstanding, calling for an investigation with an hour or more of pontificating how such a claim could be made and repeated attempts to hijack or overthrow the order of a vote.

Glory days of the Hoboken Sopranos, led by council members Michael Russo, Terry Castellano, Beth Mason and of course Timmy Occhipinti.

Uncredited to his political resume, Occhipinti actually was the pivotal vote in reversing course and voting to complete the sale of HUMC, the former St. Mary's by stepping out of the way and allowing the essential garage adjoining become effectively approved in the sale.

Beth Mason and others were intent in strangling the hospital to death while it was running on fumes in October 2011. Once Occhipinti indicated he would vote with five other council members in an emergency Sunday evening council meeting, the jig was up.

The hospital was saved, the administration not destroyed as Beth Mason political operatives crowed  and new Timmy is running for re-election.

The PolitickerNJ story is less dramatic and available here.

Timmy Occhipinti would like a repeat of this 2011 swearing-in ceremony.
It's an uphill climb as he faces Dana Wefer and the expected announced
candidacy of Ruben Ramos.

Talking Ed Note: One memory Timmy Occhipinti would probably like to forget is giving testimony in one of the most visible frivolous litigations in NJ history. The SLAPP heard 'round the world.

Occhipinti testified earlier this year as a witness on behalf of Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi stating he did not pay Lane for his "debate prep" work on his campaign.

No one ever accused Timmy of paying anyone.

Emails in discovery revealed Lane Bajardi working at senior levels on the 2010 Occhipinti for Council campaign, one Beth Mason underwrote officially in the amount of $14,000 but unofficially far more.

Occhipinti was brought in as part of a fool's errand to testify to nothing of importance. He could not aid the Bajardis and his testimony was over in two minutes. Not a single defense counsel asked of him a single question.

The Bajardis attorney shortly thereafter rested their case and the defense had the entire matter thrown out of court mid-trial. All of which must have come as a shock to Timmy who read this satire as if it was real in an earlier City Council meeting. 

Hoboken Spaghetti Dinner - August 27th

Talking Ed Note: This will be a big one acting as the unofficial launch of the election season.