Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Metro Stop vs. City of Hoboken? The ghost of Patrick Ricciardi in City Council @ 7:00

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The single August meeting of the Hoboken City Council is this evening. Expect former IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi's ghost to be present and haunting the closed session highlighted below.

This pre-meeting closed session item is one of two and is related to the MetroStop building:RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING CLOSED SESSION TO DISCUSS MATTERS
HOUSING (submitted by Administration)

The other closed session item relates to the BASF five acre property which the City is clearly looking to obtain for a continguous park. This has been the topic of numerous closed sessions in recent months. You might be able to smell eminent domain creeping closer.

The agenda shows the Hoboken Police Department will get body armor, a livestreaming contract for meetings to go into affect in November and the construction repairs to Sinatra Field is going down.
The complete detailed resolutions are available in the resolution pack here.
This meeting will be the last before the official petition filing deadline of August 31 to run for any of the six City Council ward seats. That makes it interesting if for no other reason.

Update: In public portion, a string of residents from the Metro Stop building came to plead the City of Hoboken stop blocking the eviction of a workforce housing tenant. The tenant it was said owes $65,000 in fees for the common operation of the building. That was only the beginning of a series of stories of outright criminal behavior recounted by the residents about the same apartment going on over years.

No one said his name. No one said a word about his kids, young adults allegedly all high school drop outs running amok with dozens of their druggie "friends" who have hijacked the building leading to dozens of calls to the Hoboken Police Department overruning the premises on an almost daily basis.

The unsaid name throughout was the City of Hoboken's former IT Manager, convicted felon Patrick Ricciardi. He's a pal and ally of another dirtbag, the owner of Hoboken411 reported in yet another MSV exclusive back in May 2012. 

All this took place while Ricciardi raked in almost $400,000 in 2009 and 2010 on a municipal base salary of $73,000! 

It was conveyed by his neighbors that he has not paid ANY common building fees at all since 2009 when he moved into the building through the City of Hoboken's workforce housing program. Patrick Riccardi's arrest by the FBI for looting approximately 100,000 electronic communications out of the mayor's office followed in November 2011.

The theater of the absurd has continued ever since as Patrick Ricciardi was not sentenced in his plea conviction with the US Attorney's Office in Newark to federal prison but issued five years probation.

Several council members expressed sympathy and even apology while admitting knowledge of the issue over years. 

It's an absolute outrage. Advance the video to the one hour and eight minute (1:08) mark to hear the Hoboken residents one after another calmly and professionally offer their personal testimony. Watch as each of the residents recount their personal nightmare and how their families and children have been affected.

It's an utter disgrace and black mark on this town.

Related: MSV broke this exclusive story the day previous in "Sign of the Times: A parade of felons."

Update: Timmy Occhipinti asked for Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante to speak on the law enforcement issues and he (properly) touched on it lightly noting arrests have been made at the apartment and declined to further publicly discuss the situation adding he had not been a party to the closed session earlier.

Birth of the Hoboken Horse

Six years ago, fed up with the corruption and in your face arrogant contempt of the Hoboken public, a horse took hooves to keyboard to say "enough."

Much has changed and much has remained the same. With over sixteen million views here and MSV's related Google plus account, Hoboken corruptocrats and their minions learned word was getting around.  Repeated actions using the courts were taken to villify this editor and shut the website down.

It didn't work out that way.

Highlighted by a vicious three year frivolous SLAPP-suit litigation and about one phony criminal complaint annually - all thrown out of court - this website soldiered on.

Next stop on the malicious abuse of process train is a trial date on Councilwoman Beth Mason's alleged criminal complaints originating last September for being handed a subpoena in the SLAPP-suit she's supported since August 2012.

Or was it earlier with the Birth of a Bench SLAPP? 

Beth Mason has put off the trial date twice. Third time's the charm set for September 9th in Jersey City.

The activity of political operatives at the Mason Civic "charity" says Beth Mason is gearing up to run for re-election.

After publicly supporting a failed frivolous lawsuit against a dozen
Hoboken residents, Councilwoman Beth Mason is slated to go to
trial September 9th for her criminal complaint against MSV.
She claims she's the victim of assault with a subpoena in that case.

This is a reprint of the very first article posted on MSV in August 2009.

Good Night Contemptuous Prince

In a week that proved in the end to be perhaps enlightening and empowering at once, Hoboken finally lurched out of the abyss and moved to take its next step forward leaving one month mayor Peter Cammarano behind.

The media, often connected to the powers that be in the New Jersey Democratic Party, was quick to label Cammarano a rising star, but the facts on the ground from anyone who wanted to know showed something entirely different: a condescending politician who viewed Hoboken only as a stepping stone to bigger things. Even worse, his utter contempt for voters as captured by secret FBI audiotapes showed that the public pronouncements condescending upon the public in City Council meetings especially during the public portion were not isolated but absolutely reflective of his true nature.

Of course the response among a portion of the "locked down" community was somewhat entertaining as it attempted to raise its voice on Cammarano's behalf, but no one was listening. Instead, on sheer rumor alone, Hobokenites took to the streets to the uptown Bloomfield St. location where Cammarano lived in a spontaneous outpouring of anger not a day after he declared he would continue urinating on the town's residents. Although Cammarano had left town for the weekend with his family, the mail was delivered.

This action followed by a huge protest one business day later at City Hall sent Gov. Corzine's head spinning as both a candidate running for re-election this fall and a resident of the mile square city. Eventually the pressure that was coming from the bottom up (and bottom down in phone calls to the Gov's office) led to an unknown deal between Cammarano's and the Govenor's lawyers with the mayoral reign of the contemptuous prince ended last Friday.

We eagerly await some insight into what Cammarano got in the "deal" and we are awaiting the details of a new and no doubt well funded Cammarano Legal Defense Fund.

More shocking to the establishment NJ Rat Machine: not the status quo corruption but the reaction by the people of Hoboken, who refused to accept it. So very unlike the quiet hard working New Jersey residents who typically shrug and make a quip before moving on with their lives. This time they didn't.

As for Cammarano his political career lays in ruins at 32, and one can only thank the FBI for the gift they included in their criminal complaint. Respeck!!

Photo courtesy Jhnnynewman, Intrepid Photographer.  All rights reserved.