Friday, August 14, 2015

Terry Castellano aims for a quarter century on the Hoboken City Council

Hudson County View released its interview earlier this week with Terry Castellano the decades long councilwoman for Hoboken's first ward.

HCV writes:

Castellano, who was first elected as part of "The Turn the Tide Team," on May 9, 1995 - while her cousin Anthony Russo was mayor - said she is always prepared for election season at this point in her career, briefly touching on her opponent this time around: Mike DeFussco..."

The complete HCV story is available here. This interview comes courtesy of John Heinis at the Hudson County View:

Talking Ed Note: 25 years is a quarter century no matter how you slice it. If there's a record of serving Hoboken and all its people, that would be a record worth review.

If it's more provincial and oriented to benefiting friends and family; that too warrants attention.
Hopefully, by November, that will be all cleared up.

When four million quarters found their way trucked out of Hoboken's Parking Utility to a south Jersey mob linked arcade firm, Councilwoman Terry Castellano thought it had been all cleared up:

Terry Castellano on the missing HPU million: "It's been cleared up"

Bob DiVincent out at the Hoboken Housing Authority

The second time isn't the charm after all.

Bob DiVincent who came into the Hoboken Housing Authority as the interim replacement to relieve the controversial and troubled tenure of Carmelo Garcia will not see a contract renewed. His contract expiring at month's end means his departure from the agency.

The current CFO at the HHA Emil Kotherithara will replace him as a national search continues to identify a replacement.

HHA CFO Emil Kotherithara (l) confers with Carmelo Garcia last year. He's now the interim replacement of Bob DiVincent as a national search continues for a new Executive Director.

Talking Ed Note: Someone's been very bad.  Be a HudCo creature all you like, just not here.
This is the independent isle of Hoboken and here, Hoboken rules. 

Update: The Hudson County View filed this report.