Friday, September 11, 2015

Hoboken November 2015 Election Ballot


In City Council Chambers, a group of jovial council candidates and interested parties observed the ballot selection for the Hoboken November Ballot positions.

Here is the ballot for the Hoboken City Council:

First Ward: 1C: Theresa Castellano 1D: Michael DeFusco

Second Ward: 1C: Bonnie Murray 1D: Peter Biancamano 1E: Tiffanie Fisher

Third Ward: 1C: Michael Russo 1D: Frank Raia

Fourth Ward: 1C: Ruben J Ramos Jr. 1D Dana Wefer 1E: Timothy S Occhipinti

Fifth Ward: 1C: Peter Cunningham 1D: Eduardo Gonzalez

Sixth Ward: 1C: Jennifer Giattino 1D: Carmelo G. Garcia

Board of Education Ballot:

BoE Candidates all listed on Column F:

Britney A Montgomery

Thomas Kluepfel

John Madigan

Sheillah Dallara

Alanna M. Kauffmann

Addys Velez

Patricia Waiters

Talking Ed Note: There's an update on the Melissa Blanco situation. On background, a source in the City Clerk's office offered she had earlier attempted to drop off additional petitions. Under the NJ statute however, they said, existing petitons can be cured but not new ones submitted within three days.

MSV is unclear if the statute actually allows additional petitions permitted within 10 days with the Appellate decision in Tumpson v. Farina.  The Clerk's Office believes Blanco submitted some complaint to Hudson Superior Court and awaited further direction if the ballot positions draw would require delay but no notice from the court arrived.

If MSV is correct, Blanco may be able to submit supplemental petitions and be on the ballot if confirmed delivered at the City Clerk's Office possibly as late as Monday.

If not, the cure period to update petitions may in fact have been three days and unregistered voters could have been registered upping the tally.

No additional submissions were witnessed offered today at the ballot event.

9-11 fourteen years out

Hoboken residents murdered on 9-11:

Joao Alberto da Fonseca Aguiar, Jr. (J.J.)
Thomas Patrick Knox
Jean Ann Andrucki
Gregory James Malone
Peter Paul Apollo
George Patrick McLaughlin, Jr.
Donna Bernaerts-Kearns
Michael J. Mullin
Martin “Marty” Boryczewski
Marc Murolo
Nicholas William Brandemarti
John J. Murray
Martin Stewart Niederer
Christopher Michael Colasanti
Katherine “Katie” McGarryNoack
Michael Shamus Costello
Brian Christopher Novotny
Anne Marie Cramer
Keith Kevin O’Connor
Christopher S. Cramer
Dominique Lisa Pandolfo
Gavin Cushny
Jon Anthony Perconti, Jr.
Michael DeRienzo
Joseph O. Pick
Douglas Frank DiStefano
Raymond J. Rocha
Neil M. Dollard
Scott William Rohner
Margaret Echtermann
Joshua M. Rosenblum
Meredith Emily June Ewart
Nicholas Charles Alexander Rowe
Peter Feidelberg
Ronald J. Ruben
John Roger Fisher
Richard L. Salinardi, Jr.
Jeffrey Brian Gardner
James K. Samuel, Jr
Brian Goldberg
John Schroeder
Michael Edward Gould
Alexander Robbins Steinman
Pedro Grehan
Lesley Anne Thomas
Kevin James Hannaford
Melissa Renee Vincent
Scott Jordan Hazelcorn
Meredith L. Whalen
Robert Wayne Hobson, III
James Patrick White
Matthew D. Horning
Debbie L. Williams
Joseph Anthony Ianelli
Michael Robert Wittenstein