Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Biancamano campaign: 'No knowledge' and 'will not tolerate' removal of Fisher campaign signs

Addressing the flare up of reports Tiffanie Fisher City Council campaign signs were disappearing last weekend, the Biancamano campaign issued a stern rejection of any involvement.

In a phone interview, Pablo Fonseca speaking on behalf of the Biancamano campaign flatly stated of allegations surrounding disappearing Fisher campaign signs at upper Washington St. businesses, "We have no knowledge. We will not tolerate that and that's not the way we're going to move forward."

Fonseca said the campaign's focus would be "on the issues" but warned anyone "associated with us" involved in unauthorized activity stealing campaign signs would be "completely removed from the campaign."

Tiffanie Fisher responded by phone saying, "I'm glad to hear my opponent's campaign will be focusing on the issues. That what's important to second ward residents."

A Hoboken munchkin carries Tiffanie Fisher
for second ward council campaign signs.
The Biancamano campaign says the signs will
not be interfered with and it had no knowledge
of their disappearances last weekend.

Talking Ed Note: The third candidate running in the second ward, Bonnie Murray, was not solicited for comment on the poster brouhaha.

Hoboken Election Season officially underway as Vote-by-Mail hit mailboxes and campaign signs disappear

It's not a Hoboken election until every Vote-by-Mail arrives. They are hitting mailboxes so sharpen your pencils and await the knock at the door from the usual suspects. It's going to be another fun ride.

For most Hoboken residents the Vote-by-Mail ballot is a reasonable option if you're traveling or not able to hit the polls on November 3rd. For others, it's a way of life and a job. Turn in your ballot and report for campaign duty after the election consisting of showing up at a designated location and picking up $40 or $50.  Uptown locations pay better, up to $75 per "campaign worker."

Most residents around town utilize the Vote-by-Mail in a perfectly reasonable, valid, legal fashion. Here's confirmation of a sample ballot from a real voter in the November election:

Talking Ed Note: While the weather shows a cooler bite, there's one campaign getting snakebit. The Tiffanie Fisher campaign confirms numerous campaign signs have disappeared over the weekend sometimes within minutes on upper Washington street at a number of local businesses.

It elicits a flurry of reactions from certain corners unhappy with the sunlight. The sentiment, by hook or by crook, Old Guard soldiers connected to the Peter Biancamano campaign are rumored enforcing a code, "Take the signs down or else."

Well, are we ready to tell the truth as Peter Biancamano offered just last week at his initial campaign event or is this "a war" as Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano declared. 

A request for comment from Peter Biancamano was referred to Pablo Fonseca on his campaign.  MSV will update this story pending a response. 

Photo indicating one among numerous uptown Washington St. businesses where Tiffanie Fisher campaign signs for second ward City Council have mysteriously disappeared in rapid order. 

MSV, a voice in the Hoboken Reform Movement will be supporting its council candidates. Da Horsey will see about adopting and saving a few Tiffanie Fisher camapaign signs.