Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grist for the Mill: Raia-Russo deal for WNY Sewerage seat sets Reform on its heels

Word of Frank "Pupie" Raia's untimely exit from the City Council race has begun reverberating and one quake in the series: it's bad news for Reform City Council candidates.

The breaking story first reported by the Hudson County View is morphing as additional details of a Michael Russo deal with Raia overspills through Hudson County and specifically Mayor Felix Roque in West New York.

The deal splattered over HudCo suggests the back end portion goes down next March when Frank Raia will retain yet another five year term on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority where he receives taxpayer paid health benefits. The health benefits are Raia's motivation to continue in the role, one he's held for about two decades. Raia solely retains the taxpayer paid health benefits as NJ withdrew them for all other sewerage commissioners but he was "grandfathered" by the state.

Raia who chairs the NHSA as a Hoboken representative will shift into a new seat and another term representing West New York, courtesy of its Mayor Felix Roque.

Michael Russo the incumbent Third Ward councilman benefits immediately with Raia's untimely withdrawal freeing up expenditures of time and money as he suddenly shifts into the November election unopposed.

Reform Council Candidate Setback

Another immediate effect of the Raia-Russo deal is the additional pressure on the other five Hoboken ward City Council races as resources are freed up. Of particular concern to Reform is the increasing focus on taking out Tiffanie Fisher in the second ward aiding Peter Biancamano where developers including the Barry family and Applied Housing/Ironstate Development are eager to see her eliminated.

While Fisher is a top focus, the other race thought to see a boost is Terry Castellano's in the first ward. Her opponent, Michael DeFusco has marshaled a steady campaign of voter outreach this month not unlike Jen Giattino's singular effort in 2011. Castellano is showing nervousness as her base of Marine View votes dissipated in 2013 after pulling a massive tally close to 400 votes for her back in 2011.

Other races which may be impacted include the fifth ward where the Old Guard and developers eye a compliant Eduardo Gonzalez who proved his loyalty supporting large-scale developer deals when he consistently backed the controversial Carmelo Garcia Vision 20/20 redevelopment scam in the Hoboken Housing Authority. Nothing but a brochure was ever produced by Garcia who repeatedly sought and failed in the end to get required HHA and City of Hobken approvals.

Another intriguing addition to the Raia-Russo WNY deal points to the possibility West New York power broker Donald Scarincci replacing the current legal contract on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority with one of his own.

A last component developing in the Raia-Russo deal with Mayor Roque surrounds Hudco's hierarchy. Did Roque weakened with his second indictment by the Feds get buy-in from other Hudco powers? If not, could the Raia-Russo deal be put into jeopardy leaving Frank Raia out in the cold without his treasured taxpayer paid health benefits?

As the saying goes, time will tell. Right now the Russo Clan cashes in as typical - on the front end. How this may impact others on the Carmelo Ticket, namely Ruben Ramos in the fourth ward and Carmelo Garcia in the sixth ward is less clear for the moment.

Frank "Pupie" Raia - 'I wanna better deal.' Word has quickly spread Raia ditched a council bid
to retain taxpayer paid health benefits courtesy of Mayor Felix Roque in West New York on the
NHSA slated for next March. The immediate winner is Councilman Michael Russo who is
going to face no democratic opposition in November putting Reform council candidates on the brink.

MSV will continue work on this breaking Election story.

Talking Ed Note: No analysis is complete without the atypical midweek Hudson Reporter story which weighed in after both the Hudson County View and MSV pretending that neither of the far superior reports existed. (No credit is the equivalent of stealing in journalism.)

The Hudson Reporter once again showed its adherence to the Old Guard party line even going as far as pumping out misinformation about candidate filings alleging Frank Raia submitted his petitions "late." Wrong.

No candidate can submit petitions "late" and get on the November ballot. Raia submitted as many other candidates midday at City Hall on the August 31st deadline.

The Hudson Reporter ignored the reason cited by HCV, Raia's reason for withdrawing was a claim of illness under advice of doctors. With MSV throwing timber on a fire of a deal between Raia-Russo and the currently indicted mayor of West New York in Felix Roque, it looks less like a news story and more an attempt at damage control.

The Hudson Reporter got the Russo party line out in detail with Michael Russo mockingly saying a debate in the third ward "will continue to happen," and this late Raia pullout isn't unusual. It's unknown which ghost Russo plans to debate.

As for the Hudson Reporter, its fiction Raia cut a deal with the mayor's administration is revealed for what it was: another Old Guard political operation on behalf of the Russo faction. Sully will be spun and forced into damage control mode while the pro Old Guard rag pretends its reporting on the complete story of the Raia-Russo deal which it's never likely to fully reveal. Business as usual.

The uncredited HR story all but predicts the public won't get the real story from them but they'll post an update "if" Raia offers an explanation. Way to go for the Pulitzer and a dead end there Caren.

Reform since assuming majorities on every major public institution in Hoboken back to 2009 is facing a serious threat to its current City Council majority in November. Many people who participated in the grass roots movement either via financial and/or campaign support have moved or become dormant or equally worse: complacent.

Should that complacency continue through Election Day, Reform could find itself in the minority after Election Day.

Act accordingly.

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Frank "Pupie" Raia pulls plug; seeks court action to withdraw from council race

In a major development in the Hoboken City Council race, Hudson County View is reporting Frank "Pupie" Raia is going to court to withdraw from the third ward race.

According to the report, Raia claims his health is the reason for exiting the race.

Other reliable sources however point to a Russo deal having been cut with Mayor Roque to keep Raia on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. (MSV was working on that story earlier today.)

The Hudson Reporter alleged repeatedly a rumor never confirmed said Raia sought to stay on the Sewerage Authority in a much a hyped Russo allegation of a deal with the administration.

The rumor went nowhere and now Raia is suddenly withdrawing with the smoke circling around a Russo Clan deal.

Michael Russo was previously stated in the Hudson Reporter months back to be going into business with Mayor Felix Roque right before his latest troubles with the Feds exploded in more legal problems.

See the complete Hudson County View exclusive:

Laughing beneficiary. Michael Russo will likely see no opposition and
his opponent, Frank "Pupie" Raia is seeking via court to have his name
removed from the ballot for Third Ward City Council.
Ok, now we can talk about a deal. MSV is investigating
exactly that involving West New York and the NHSA.

Talking Ed Note: How does West New York benefit by using its NHSA seat and putting Frank "Pupie" Raia on it?

The Hoboken Old Guard clearly thought this was a necessary deal. How will Sully swallow this one?
Try to beat the Horsey and get one right.

4th ward City Council race heats up with Councilman Tim Occhipinti interview

Later today, MSV will publish an interview with Councilman Tim Occhipinti courtesy of the Hudson County View. Occhipinti is facing two opponents in Ruben Ramos and Dana Wefer for Hoboken's fourth ward (southeast) City Council seat.

Ramos has not been seen much in recent days with the Carmelo Ticket but he and his mother were reportedly in attendance for the kickoff of fifth ward running mate Eduardo Gonzalez last night.

That kickoff held for Eduardo Gonazalez is eyeing incumbent fifth ward Councilman Peter Cunningham and took place at the uptown Ale House last night.

A small group of mostly Old Guard adherents/politicos gathered to hear some comments from their running mate. Among those in attendance the Russo family including Michele Russo and her son, third ward Councilman Michael Russo and long time Hoboken politico and Reform critic Perry Belfiore.

Also in attendance Peter "Monarch Man" Biancamano with a brief appearance by Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano who last week declared war on Reform's council candidates.

The Carmelo Ticket - back together for another ally's kickoff in Eduardo Gonazalez (second from left) at the Ale House and pictured here previously with Peter "Monarch Man" Biancamano, council members Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and head of the ticket, lame duck Assemblyman Carmelo "the Wire" Garcia.

Related: Grafix Avenger has seen some unusual activity from commenters here and abroad with her analyis of the second ward race and designation of Peter Biancamano as "the Monarch Man."

Second ward residents have to consider who is best for backing its neighbors and the City of Hoboken in the ongoing litigation with the Barry family and its Applied Housing/Ironstate Development companies which are looking to put up residential towers on land earlier contracted as part of the Shipyard development for parking and tennis courts in the northeast corner.

Biancamano by all reports is seeking to leverage the Barry influence on Applied Housing residents to vote for his council candidacy. Whether Applied Housing residents see higher density and a developer deal in their best interest remains to be seen. Historically, arm twisting has been a tool of voter encouragement and more recently, the machinery hired and paid there on behalf of the outgoing Beth Mason has transferred to Peter Biancamano. Who's footing the bill?

One second ward resident appears to have concluded there's no need to join the fight against the Monarch Project towers and what is lacking in the litigation is more information for second ward residents who may oppose the viewpoint of Hudson Tea Condo Board President Tiffanie Fisher. Those who agree with that sentiment have their champion: Peter "Monarch Man" Biancamano.

The triangulation verbosity here is not all that complex. When it comes to Old Guard powers seeking elected office, their affinity is to side with big developers against Hoboken residents.

Whether it's residential towers as part of reneging an agreement with Hoboken or pushing similar residential towers for international chemical firm BASF in northwest Hoboken, the Old Guard players change but the game remains the same.

Insert your Eduardo Gonzalez or Peter Biancamano as you like. There's always others in Hoboken willing to step up to the plate and assume that mantle on behalf of big developer interests in the Mile Square.

On November 3rd, you and your neighbors get to decide if you'll let them.

Unrelated: NJ Assembly candidate Annette Chapparo received an endorsement from JNESO as reported on PolitickerNJ.

First ward council candidate Michael DeFusco focus on Washington Street

From the desk of first ward City Council candidate Michael Defusco:

Friends and Neighbors,

I believe we can and must make improvement to Washington Street. Its current state is unacceptable. To us in the First Ward, it is more than a business district; it is our back yard.

As our Councilman, I will:
  • Push for more regular repaving.
  • Advocate for better lighting, trash cans n every corner and crossing signals at intersections
  • Fight for filling potholes in real time.
  • Stand up for better and more frequent street and sidewalk cleaning.

I will bring new energy to Hoboken City Council and will work with anybody and everybody to ensure improvement are made to Washington Street.

On November 3rd, vote 1-D!

Your neighbor,

Mike DeFusco