Sunday, October 11, 2015

Peter Cunningham hosts campaign event Tuesday night at Anthony David's

Councilman Peter Cunningham announces:

Dear neighbors, friends and family, 

In keeping with election tradition, we will host an event at Anthony David's Dinning Room this coming Tuesday, October 13th from 7 - 8:30pm.

While this is a kick off, it certainly doesn't mean we are just getting started.  Our team within the 5th Ward has been working for weeks doing visibility, and knocking on our neighbors' doors to deliver our message of success.

We have been raising money too.  You will see my first mailer hitting the doors this weekend, and we are moving the campaign posters around.  

This event will also be an opportunity to highlight our record of success:

We are...
* paving our roads
* acquiring new parks
* fixing the flooding
* improving pedestrian safety

At this past Wednesday's council meeting, we approved Community Development Block Grants for many of our most in need neighbors.  For instance, $380K was awarded to Fox Hill Garden's, mostly senior building, for elevator renovations.

I Hope you can join us next Tuesday and get involved

Peter Cunningham

City Council candidate Bonnie Murray is ‘tired of the fractured politics’

The following report comes courtesy of John Heinis and the Hudson County View:

Hoboken Ward 2 Council candidate Bonnie Murray says she's "tired of the fractured politics" in the Mile Square City, which is part of what compelled her to run...

For the full report see the Hudson County View: