Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Reform crushes it! Will hold City Council majority with decisive 7-2 margin!

Breaking: Unofficial - Reform slate has won every contested seat other than the fourth ward. 


Sixth ward: Jen Giattino

Fifth ward: Peter Cunningham

Second ward: Tiffanie Fisher

First ward: Michael DeFusco

County figures are up:

Hoboken Ward 1 Council
6/6 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Theresa Castellano55146.54%
NP - Michael DeFusco63353.46%
Personal Choice00.00%

Hoboken Ward 2 Council
6/6 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Bonnie Murray14710.38%
NP - Peter Biancamano52837.29%
NP - Tiffanie Fisher73952.19%
Personal Choice20.14%

Hoboken Ward 3 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Michael Russo65293.14%
Personal Choice486.86%

Hoboken Ward 4 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Ruben J. Ramos Jr.67851.80%
NP - Dana Wefer36427.81%
NP - Timothy S. Occhipinti26720.40%
Personal Choice00.00%

Hoboken Ward 5 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Peter Cunningham81766.53%
NP - Eduardo Gonzalez40933.31%
Personal Choice20.16%

Hoboken Ward 6 Council
7/7 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Jennifer Giattino67759.49%
NP - Carmelo G. Garcia45840.25%
Personal Choice30.26%

The Reach Higher slate has swept the BoE!
Correction: Hudson County adds in 600 VBMs late. 

The results change from a Reach Higher sweep to John Madigan becoming a BoE trustee and Britney Montgomery is "on the bubble."
Board of Education - Hoboken
40/40 100.00%
Vote CountPercent
NP - Britney A. Montgomery2,37915.19%
NP - Thomas Kluepfel2,57216.42%
NP - John Madigan2,71117.31%
NP - Sheillah Dallara2,31514.78%
NP - Alanna M. Kauffmann1,78811.41%
NP - Addys Velez2,34314.96%
NP - Patricia Waiters1,5219.71%
Personal Choice350.22%


Talking Ed Note: Peter Biancamano has called Tiffanie Fisher and conceded in an early classy move.

Ruben Ramos is expected to win Fourth ward over Tim Occhipinti and Dana Wefer.
Solomon Dwek write-in not expected to take seat in third from Michael Russo.

9:00 PM Update: All numbers are unofficial.

In the fifth ward, Councilman Peter Cunningham has won by 400 votes on the machines thus making the 200 Vote-by-Mail issue inconsequential.

In the first ward, Mike Defusco has won by a margin of over 100 votes or is there something else as now there are some additional "issues."
Terry Castellano attempted to voice a discrepancy on the machines. 
It will be of no consequence. Turn out the lights!

In the sixth ward, Councilwoman Jen Giattino has crushed Carmelo Garica 60 - 40% 

Annette Chapparo and Raj Mukherji are winning easily:

General Assembly 33rd District
71/158 44.94%
Vote CountPercent
REP - Garrett P. Simulcik Jr.85811.47%
REP - Javier Sosa74810.00%
DEM - Raj Mukherji2,94339.34%
DEM - Annette Chaparro2,90038.77%
Personal Choice310.41%

MSV is attempting to obtain some unofficial BoE totals.

Sign of the Times: Hoboken brings the council election home

Hudson Tea war zone: Second ward supporters of Tiffanie Fisher share some uptown real estate with a lone Bonnie Murray signholder. The Fisher supporters were everywhere uptown. The turnout in the Hudson Tea Building is in the hundreds and there's a line of people waiting to vote.
They ain't votin for Bet Mazin.

Fifth ward Councilman Peter Cunningham 7:00 am at Brandt after voting.
His race is already controversial with his allegations about 200 Vote-by-Mail votes.

Second ward candidate Peter Biancamano huddles at
13th and Washington. He said hello but did not appear
interested in chatting with time left before the polls closed.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer spotted with a big smile 
minutes ago on upper Washington St. out campaigning.

Mike DeFusco: 'One hour to go - Bring it Home!'

Mike Defusco
The polls close in one hour, so if you haven’t voted yet, there is still time. Please take a few minutes and go out to vote and cast your ballot for Mike DeFusco for Council. He is 1D.

Mayor Zimmer: 'Polls are open to 8:00 - have your voice heard and vote'

Hoboken's Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Dear Friends,

The polls are open tonight until 8 p.m.

Every vote will count, so please take a few minutes and make sure your voice is heard. You can find your polling location using this link: https://voter.njsvrs.com/elections/polling-lookup.html

I am happy to be supporting Mike DeFusco in Ward 1, Tiffanie Fisher in Ward 2, Dana Wefer in Ward 4, Councilman Peter Cunningham in Ward 5, and Councilwoman Jen Giattino in Ward 6. 

In the Board of Education elections, I hope you will join me in support of the Reach Higher slate of Tom Kluepfel, Sheillah Dallara, and Addys Velez.

Additionally, I am also supporting Annette Chaparro and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji for the 33rd District General Assembly election.

Thank you!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

P.S. Please join us tonight at 10th and Willow Bar and Grill for our post Election party!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Election Day Report

It goes without saying your vote matters a great deal today and if you've already voted, any time and effort you can offer to spread the word and GOTV (Get out the Vote) can be the difference between progress and falling back into a wretched culture of corruption. Doesn’t matter if you undertake the effort solo or in tandem with a campaign. Talk to friends and neighbors and make sure they know to get out and vote.

Hoboken voters are showing up in the ward races in higher numbers early today versus the 2011ward elections across many voting districts. The big push however lies ahead in the evening rush and that tally will determine most if not ALL the ward outcomes.

There's been a litany of problems surfacing and bad actions by the usual (and expected) bad actors.

Here's one snapshot from a local activist on Facebook just earlier:

Overheard today from a poll worker in Hoboken's 4th Ward while serving as a Challenger for Dana Wefer: "If you have to do so much work (referring to having to vote provisionally after applying for a mail-in ballot), the candidate should know that $50 is not enough." 

We all know that our opponents pay folks $50 a vote in the 4th Ward. It was somewhat jarring to hear to said so blatantly today and in a polling station by a poll worker. To be honest, my first reaction was a shrug of the shoulders and the thought that "This is the way it goes here, we'll just have to push through it to win." BUT it doesn't have to be that way. There are still three hours left to vote for Dana and other Reform candidates in town. They're fighting for us, let's show up for them. If you've voted already, please tell your friends to vote. This doesn't need to be the way things are. Please vote.

Several reports including one on Facebook just earlier recount Vote-by-Mail voters aligned with the Ruben Ramos campaign voting both via Vote-by-Mail and answering his call to vote again at the polls. At least one poll worker voiced concern that $50 for a VBM vote plus voting again at the polls was not enough.
Poll workers ought to stop double voting not complain they're not paid enough to vote twice, right? 

Let's take a short ward by ward analysis.

First Ward

First time council candidate Mike DeFusco is working his election campaign to the bone showing a commitment his opponent in Councilwoman Terry Castellano could not have seen coming. He has been blistering away at her voting record on the hospital, 9-11 Memorial, etc. in recent days to good effect.

In addition, the secret weapons referenced by MSV earlier can be told. Hoboken's anticipated new NJ Assemblywoman, Annette Chaparro is a First Ward resident who can turn votes with the additional effort of Mayor Dawn Zimmer. 

People on both sides have called DeFusco's campaign efforts outstanding even without the full motion campaign pieces most have and need to win victory in a Hoboken election. However, the mayor's efforts on his behalf and funds in two Reform slate fundraisers offer council candidates adequate if not the the desired support for GOTV efforts.

This race among others may turn on late GOTV efforts.

Second Ward

Again, a first time candidate without lengthy campaign exposure is leading a self-directed effort but Reform strength uptown is offering solid backing coupled with volunteers in the Hudson Tea Building. The GOTV effort in that district is critical and other nearby locations where many votes have been untapped over previous council elections.  Has the sleeping giant awoken after Eli Manning’s 2013 mayoral endorsement? We’re about to find out.

Fisher launched an effective mail effort with the mayor's endorsement and Council members including Ravi Bhalla have pitched in with Mayor Zimmer knocking door to door.

A last minute hit job making false accusations on Beth Mason sponsored Hoboken411 will not be of consequence this time.

Biancamano's campaign will turn out as many of the Barry family votes as it can in Applied Housing. 

Bonnie Murray is trying to get votes out of Maxwell Place in a third effort cause no one has identified. Her husband has been vocally supportive of Carmelo Garcia as she says she's independent of factions.

Third Ward 

MSV is pulling for the better criminal. Solomon Dwek by write-in.  Michael Russo and sidekick Old Guard Beth Mason sidekick Matt Calicchio have been illegally entering voting locations in Fox Hills and Wallace based on multiple reports. 

How do you stop Old Guard contempt for law? You can only do it with your vote.

Fourth ward

Vote-by-Mail issues surfaced and were highlighted in connection to the Ruben Ramos campaign but as of this writing only about a dozen ballots have been thrown out. Quite a poor effort by the County BoE even though they offered indications business as usual would not be tolerated. Now it's a resource "problem."

The three way race has tightened considerably but there's 400 Vote-by-Mail ballots attributed mostly to the Ramos campaign giving him a huge head start. Can you hear the pro Old Guard rag making more noise about moral equivalence between the sides as this goes on? Is the pope Catholic?

Dana Wefer has seen a creative strong mail campaign with the mayor's endorsement who claims the fourth ward as her home. Tim Occhipinti is reportedly all over the ward trying to get out votes today.

The Hoboken Housing Authority however looms over the race like a preying mantis about to strike. There'll be more on that situation no matter what the outcome is today. 

Fifth ward

This is a highly anticipated race due to the revelation last night by Councilman Peter Cunningham of almost 200 questionable Vote-by-Mail ballots. About half are coming out of the uptown HHA senior building Fox Hills based on MSV’s document analysis.

Cunningham's opponent Eduardo Gonzalez and his campaign isn't commenting on the Russo faction Carmelo Ticket’s Vote-by-Mail effort. Gonzalez said little during the campaign about his time on the Hoboken Housing Authority where he faithfully voted the way Carmelo Garcia wanted in almost each and every instance. That's a bad record with the illumination after Garcia's departure there. Are enough voters aware? Some are and some mabye not.

If the fifth ward is closer than the margin of VBMs expect trouble and possible legal action with investigative efforts but it's unclear where and if that's mounted. Hoboken has seen this scenario in too many instances. 

Sixth ward

The biggest contrast between Reform and good governance responsive to the public and the Old Guard and its latent (if not active) corruption as Councilwoman Jen Giattino takes on the challenge from lame duck Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia.

No one knows how much money Garcia took in as he once again showed his contempt for the law and did not file any campaign report of contributions and expenditures. The four mailers clearly executed on his behalf by the Beth Mason backed PAC Real Democrats for Hoboken is reportedly backfiring. Will it suppress votes for him or both candidates?

Giattino's consistent service to Hoboken however and the taping of Bernard Kenny, a respected former NJ State Senator and President will garner her even more votes.

On the BoE race, there are too many variables among seven candidates. John Madigan is the biggest looming Old Guard threat. The final vote between all the candidates should be interesting.

There's three hours left for voters to make a difference. Get out the vote!

Tim Occhipinti: 'Final hours to vote'

From the desk of Councilman Tim Occhipinti:

Friends and Neighbors,

The polls will be closing in just a few hours. This is the final push to determine the 4th Ward's leadership over the next four years.

Your vote is crucial, local elections can come down to less than twenty votes. I'm asking for your vote! Polls are open until 8PM.

It has been an honor and a privilege to represent you over the last five years. I respectfully ask for your continued support and that you vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to re-elect me as your 4th Ward council representative. 

Let's continue working together and move the 4th Ward Forward for four more years!

Our campaign headquarters on Tuesday is located at 4th and Jackson Street. We'll be there starting at 5:30 am as polls are open from 6 am to 8 pm.

If you have an hour or two to spare anytime on Tuesday please stop by and see our volunteer coordinator. We'll give you a location and literature to hand out.

You have been a witness to all of our quality of life improvements in our neighborhood. The Southwest Park, new open space at 1st and Jackson Street, getting our roads repaved, upgrading both pocket parks on Jackson & Jefferson Streets, the revitalization of Mama Johnson Field and our revamped Community Garden.

Results Matter. Experience Counts. 

Watch this video and see the progress we've made and the challenges we need to address over the next four years.

Please forward this e-mail and tell your friends and neighbors that you'll be voting to re-elect Tim Occhipinti on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Moving the 4th Ward Forward With Tim Occhipinti
Moving the 4th Ward Forward With Tim Occhipinti
Tim Occhipinti
4th Ward Councilman
Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter 

Reach Higher BoE slate - there's time to hit the polls

The Reach Higher BoE slate announces:

Dear friends and neighbors,

If you've already voted: Thank You! If you haven't voted yet, there's still time! The polls close at 8 PM tonight so drop by and vote on your way home from work, or on your way back from the gym. Hoboken elections are frequently decided by only a few votes.Your vote really matters! 

If you're not sure where to vote then find your polling station using this polling station locator.

If you can't make it to your designated polling station in time, remember that you are permitted to vote provisionally at any Hoboken polling station.

PLEASE cast your three votes for Kluepfel, Dallara and Velez (Column F, Rows 2, 4 and 6) on November 3rd.  Let’s make our district schools “even” better!

Finally, please join us at 9 PM tonight at 10th & Willow Bar and Grill to await and celebrate the election results.

Brother can you arm twist me some votes?

FBI informant Solomon Dwek: "There's time to write me in"

An unofficial press release from FBI informant Solomon Dwek who lunched with Michael Russo in the infamous 2009 government sting surveillance video says:

"There's five hours left in today's Hoboken election. I'm asking everyone to come out and show your support for a true high class criminal not a chintzy one who sells out his hometown for a measly five grand."

Please come out and write-in Solomon Dwek for Hoboken Third Ward Council.

Talking Ed Note: MSV thanks Solomon Dwek and endorses this message.

How to write-in your vote:

    1. Press the button to the right of the candidate of your choice; a green "X" will appear next to your selection.

      a. If you wish to cast a write-in vote, go to the PERSONAL CHOICE column and press the button across from the office you wish to write-in. A blinking green "X" will appear. Using the keyboard below, enter the name of the person of your choice, one letter at a time. To make a correction, use the arrow pointing to the left. The name you enter will appear in the display to the left of the keyboard. After you have completed your selection, press the ENTER key on the keyboard. Your choice is recorded and removed from the display. Do not press the Cast Vote Button until all other choices are complete. WARNING: An improperly cast vote will not be counted.

    2. To change any selection, press the button again. The green "X" will disappear and you may make a new selection.

    3. To vote on a PUBLIC QUESTION, press the button to the right of the word "YES" or "NO"; a green "X" will appear next to your selection.

    4. After ALL selections have been made, press the RED CAST VOTE BUTTON located in the lower right hand corner. This electronically records all of your votes.

    5. Part the curtains and exit the voting booth.

Beth Mason Civic "charity" running political operations for Carmelo Garcia

Breaking the law again? Beth Mason who likes to make laws for others but doesn't actually like following them is once again using her tax-subsidized Civic Association "charity" as a weigh station for Hoboken's notorious and controversial Carmelo Garcia.

While that office at 12th and Washington St. is in the second ward, hired workers are seen coming and going in and out moving election materials and signs for GOTV efforts.

Signs also appearing illegally on Washington St. near bus stops for Garcia have gone up but people are taking it upon themselves to tear them town. (Which is perfectly fine for illegal litter since the City of Hobken has an ordinance on the books banning same.)

At approximately 11:10, a worker came outside and placed four Carmelo Garcia signs on the mosh pit of shrubbery outside the Mason Civic. An older man then followed and instructed him to remove them which he did soon after.

Paid workers for Carmelo Garcia's sixth ward election effort sit and rest in front of a Carmelo Garcia sign and the Mason Civic Association "charity" a 501(c )(3) subsidized by you the taxpayers.
Political activities are not allowed by charities but when does Beth Mason and Carmelo Garcia ever follow the law again? Unofficially, there's an APB out for Carmelo Garcia's campaign report.

Report: Hudson County throws out a dozen Vote-by-Mail ballots

According to a story on the Hudson County View, the Hudson County Board of Elections tossed out about a dozen Vote-by-Mails to this point.

This is far less than the hundreds which saw a similar fate back in the citywide mayoral race in 2013.

In 2013, there was somewhat of a duel between the mayoral candidates: Ruben Ramos, backed by Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti who was supported by Frank "Pupie" Raia.

The vast majority of votes tossed for multiple reasons were the Pupster VBMs in the fourth ward area of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

This election, not so VBMs are suffering a similar fate to this point and the prospects for that to change appear unlikely without further investigation by the County or a State law enforcement agency (otherwise known as the NJ Attorney General's Office.) or Hudson Superior Court.

For the complete Hudson County View story see:

Board of Elections: Only ‘a dozen or so’ vote-by-mail ballots tossed in Hoboken

Talking Ed Note: Been there, done that. There's a lot of time before the polls close. Contact friends and neighbors and make sure they go out and vote by 8:00 PM.

The VBM farming has left the fourth ward and officially taken residence uptown in the fifth. There's approximately 200 Vote-by-Mails Councilman Peter Cunningham finds dubious.

Citywide over 1500 applications were made for Vote-by-Mail. Most of these are of the legitimate type but the ones that are questionable are raising red flags in the fourth, fifth and possibly some in the second ward.

There's also an unconfirmed report on Grafix Avenger, Michael Russo and Old Guard sidekick Matt Calicchio are creating problems illegally entering polling stations. Only candidates on the ballot are allowed into polling stations as Beth Mason learned when she was tossed for going into the Calabro School polling station earlier today.

Reform 4th ward council candidate Dana Wefer also provided this interview courtesy of Hudson County View:

Sign of the Times: Giant election activity

Early reports are positive on election turnout. Keep it going!
Get your friends and neighbors to the polls.

Guest of the Stable: Jay Zeke Master Litigator on the Hoboken Election

I'm sure you all know me from Channel 78 where my hard work and legal brilliance has put an end to all of my various clients' careers on Channel 78. But as the old saying goes, when one door closes, another ship sinks. So I'm here today to offer my perspective on one of the important races that will be decided in your city today. Full disclosure, I'm not just giving an endorsement, I will be following it as well as I believe I am going to be voting on behalf of something like 12 people through some arrangement that I am not supposed to ask about and am happy not to.

 The [insert election locality] of [insert broader jurisdiction] used to be a land of opportunity. Small farms, light industry, palm tree lined streets nestled between snow-capped mountains. It was a place where a feller could find a gal at the Saturday evening dances up at the county fair grounds and raise up a family of youngin's to work his spread and take over the ranch one day. Then it all changed. Just [insert years since opponent was elected] years ago. (Hey, if anyone can help me with the inserts on the boiler-plate part that would be a big help.

I got the rest off of fliers I found in the trash and stuff like that.) What happened on that fateful day, mm/dd/yyyy? Congresswoman Geronimo was elected! Just look at that name - Geronimo. Indian right? What's that tell you right off the bat? She'll be sending high paying factory jobs off-shore first chance she gets, that's what! And what about her well-documented program to use the budget surplus to hand out assault weapons to kindergarteners at the Superbowl?!?! Sorry, but that just sounds potentially unsafe to me. But there's good news on the horizon. The man they call Happy Meal! A man who isn't just promising but delivering a generator to every parking lot! But what are the philosophical cornerstones of his campaign? Number one: Diversity Happy Meal believes that just saying "diversity" is no longer enough. We have to have an end-game in mind.

 Here's a simple message I got from watching television that I'm pitching to the campaign: Every child -- no matter his racial, ethnic or social background -- should have the opportunity to one day grow up to be a white child. That is the dream. Let's make it a reality. As my client, owner of a hotel named after beloved slave owner and slavery apologist Henry Clay, likes to say: Children need to develop or die. Number two: Animal Husbandry As a rodent myself I was delighted to learn of Mr Happy Meal's vital 6th Ward legislation to replace pig crates with pig pens. In fact we've all taken to calling our illustrious candidate and future congressman Pigpen Happy Meal!!


The choice is clear. And so without further ado.... The sovereign state of Sketchy Litigation Pennsylvania casts its at least 12 votes so far for the next President of the 6th Ward ... Pigpen Happy Meal Martinez!!!! Score another one for ... Jay Zeke --- Master Litigator!!! (Cash only, all sales final. It's 12x$40, right? So that's $480. Plus $3 for the endorsement so $483 altogether. Not bad.

 Is there another election next week? I might become a professional voter since the law thingy is kind of tanking these days.)

Beth Mason told to leave Calabro School voting poll

The polls are open and an early report of a problematic opening at the Brandt School rectified but others reports have arrived of a different more troublesome scourge.

Beth Mason based on one unconfirmed report, for reasons unknown went to the Calabro School polling station. She does not vote in that location and it's unknown why she felt compelled to be there as it's in the sixth ward.

Perhaps it can be summed up in two words: Jen Giattino.

The day before the fourth mailer, MSV actually predicted another would arrive based on the Beth Mason fabrication saying Jen Giattino attended the 2014 Super Bowl on the taxpayers dime. 

Most observers conclude the fabrications were part of a paid effort by the Mason family checkbook as there's no funds beyond $300 known to be available to the PAC connected to John Keim (Chairman) and Ines Garcia Keim (Treasurer).

Beth Mason was turned away from the Calabro School Polling Station and had to leave.

Beth Mason exiting the Calabro School polling station in
Councilwoman Jen Giattino's sixth ward. Mason was turned
away and told to leave.

Talking Ed Note: Initial problems and a slow start at the Brandt School polling location were fixed but there's already been a report of the Hoboken Police Department being called in at the Hudson Tea Building.

A reported Peter Biancamano campaign person and Frank "Pupie" Raia associate was said to be at the fulcrum of an issue with loud arguing about electioneering at the polls. 

The beautiful day as MSV was out and about early had an undertone of Horse Sense: today would be "contentious." 

Councilman Peter Cunningham points to 200 VBMs of opponent, notes an election investigation is underway

Councilman Peter Cunningham stated there's 200 Vote-by-Mail ballots he attributes to his opponent's campaign, Eduardo Gonazalez who is running on the Russo faction Carmelo Ticket.

MSV spoke to a senior member of the Eduardo Gonzalez campaign this morning. They would neither confirm nor deny the figure of 200 attributed to Peter Cunningham. 

As many know, there's been suspect direction from the Ruben Ramos campaign to have Vote-by-Mail voters go to the polls today and vote on a provisional ballot. How such a recommendation is legal is unclear.

Council members Peter Cunningham and Jen Giattino at a 2012 council meeting as Beth Mason arrived late with a wry smile the night the Nazi Truck was parked right outside the meeting of City Hall running a venomous attack video against the council members featuring a Nazi flag. Beth Mason has never denied her role in the Nazi Truck nor apologized for the attack on her council colleagues or responded to a requested apology from Hoboken rabbis.

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunninhgam:

Tales from the Trail...

It's been a long and grueling two weeks of campaigning.  Quite frankly, it's been a long and grueling 8 years to turn Hoboken around on so many fronts.  We are at a serious turning point for our City, and it's offensive my opponent claims I have done nothing over 8 years.  

You really have to ask, where did this guy come from to make such a statement?

And that leads us to tomorrow's vote.  For those unaware, or not following, my opponent and his team are trying to steal this election by abusing the Vote By Mail process.  When the polls open tomorrow, he will have almost 200 (VBM) votes to start.  I know, I have seen the VBM reports from the County.  The County Election Officials are investigating potential fraud.

I can assure you I will take any and all actions necessary to fight voter fraud.

To mitigate this matter, we must show up at the polls and VOTE.  In the end, every vote will count as this will be a VERY CLOSE ELECTION!  We have come too far to turn back to the corrupt ways of the past. Please take the time, and to ask a friend as well, to VOTE - 1C.

Thanks for your support.

Breaking the law: getting into the Old Guard spirit of illegal signs posted, the Eduardo
Gonzalez campaign has erected this illegal campaign sign at 9th and Bloomfield.

Send any photos and concerns or items of election interest to smartyjones@me.com.
Da Horsey thanks you in advance for your civic participation.

For NJ Assembly: MSV endorses Annette Chaparro

Today Hoboken will see an election for a NJ Assembly representative replacing the problematic and controversial Carmelo Garcia.
It's a day for new starts, new voices and someone who of humble origins will seek to represent all of Hoboken with dignity, honor and class.

MSV endorses and asks other independent voters to join with Republicans and Democrats to vote for Hoboken's own Annette Chaparro.

Today is a good day. Please join MSV in voting for Annette Chapparo!

Dawn Zimmer: 'My voting endorsements today'

Hoboken's Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces:

Dear Friends,

Good morning! Today is Election Day and I hope you all take a few minutes to go vote in this very important election!

I am happy to be supporting Mike DeFusco in Ward 1, Tiffanie Fisher in Ward 2, Dana Wefer in Ward 4, Councilman Peter Cunningham in Ward 5, and Councilwoman Jen Giattino in Ward 6. 

In the Board of Education elections, I hope you will join me in support of the Reach Higher slate of Tom Kluepfel, Sheillah Dallara and Addys Velez.

Additionally, I am also supporting Annette Chaparro and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji for the 33rd District General Assembly election.

As I wrote yesterday, local elections are often more important to our everyday lives than national elections, so I hope you'll come out and vote today! Polls are open until 8 p.m.

Thank you and have a great day!


Mayor Dawn Zimmer

BoE trustee Monica Stromwall: Vote for Tom Kluepfel, Sheillah Dallara & Addys Velez - 2, 4, 6

Dear Friends,

Many of you know how much I value and believe in education...it can change the lives of children, families, and communities. Education can provide essential services like meals for children that may go hungry or provide that one child who may find a love of learning and carry on the vocation. Education can spark creativity that may lead to new inventions or bring people and communities together for a greater cause. Education is what can build our communities and strengthen our economy; education is the key to our future.

I implore you, my friends, to help me build a better future for my own children, my friends, and neighbors children by casting your vote with me for: Thomas Kluepfel (2), Sheillah Dallara (4), and Addys Velez (6)

These 3 candidates are dedicated parents, volunteers and believers that Hoboken deserves the very best educational system and will continue with all the progress that has been made!

Please help me by voting tomorrow 2-4-6 and spread the word!

With gratitude,
Monica Stromwall 

Guest of the Stable: Mr. X - Know your voting rights

The following is a personal account on voting rights from an MSV reader, Mr. X.
This submission is his personal account.

On Election Day 2014, when my wife and I went to vote, we were asked for identification even though we had voted in Hoboken numerous times in the past. There was absolutely no reason why the poll worker should have asked for ID. Attempts to deny people's right to vote by unnecessarily requiring identification is a common voter suppression tactic. It's sad that the Old Guard of Hoboken has resorted to such dirty tactics.

Here are two helpful links with information on when you might legitimately need to provide identification and other voting-related information:

If you encounter any suspicious behavior at the polls or blatant voting irregularities, you can report these to the US Department of Justice by phone at (800) 253-3931 or by email: voting.section@usdoj.gov. It may also be worth contacting the Hudson County Clerk's Office: http://www.hudsoncountyclerk.org/elections/.

Stand strong against the forces of corruption. Justice will prevail.