Monday, November 9, 2015

Carmelo Garcia ethnic cleansing litigation emails show Hudson Reporter covering up his transgressions


As noted earlier today, an inquiry to the Hudson Reporter on its failure to ever report on the scathing Housing and Urban Development report calling Carmelo Garcia's rigged approval of the 2013 legal counsel contract "legally flawed" yielded no reply.

HUD made the designation on the procurement of a reissued contract against renewing HHA counsel Charles Daglian but the Hudson Report had a singular focus on everything but those troublesome findings.

Similarly, the Hudson Reporter would completely ignore and never report on the 2014 HHA audit report listing numerous problems under the controversial stewardship of Carmelo Garcia. 

Back in March of 2013 however, emails between the former Hoboken Housing Authority Chair, Jake Stuiver exchanged with the Hudson Reporter and its editor Caren Matzner revealed a solitary focus on a failed resolution for Florio Perucci and absolutely no interest in the contract actually reissued to the lightening rod counsel aligned with Garcia in Charles Daglian.

Leading into that vote by the HHA board of commissioners, Daglian acted as counsel in the same 2013 HHA meeting where Carmelo Garcia warned of personal consequences, both ethical and criminal if HHA commissioners failed to reissue an approved contract.

The Hudson Reporter kept mum on all the problems stemming from that early 2013 contract approval as it would later ignore the 2014 audit report and the implicit serious questions of insubordination, competence and later further ethical and possible legal conflicts under Carmelo Garcia.

These are actual, unedited emails originating with the Hudson Reporter being handed the federal report from HUD.

After Amanda Palasciano, then a rookie reporter for the Hudson Reporter is emailed the HUD report, the response show a different agenda entirely with apparently no interest in the HUD report itself. Palasciano would soon voice support for Garcia's NJ Assembly campaign on her Facebook and follow months later acting as a communications manager on the 2013 Tim Occhipinti mayoral campaign backed by Beth Mason and developer Frank "Pupie" Raia.

After the conversation immediately shifts into the motives of Chairman Stuiver's service, a lengthy list of additional reporter questions focus on the failed bid of Florio Perucci before concluding on the wonderful reign of then HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Perhaps a rookie reporter had little knowledge on why the HHA under Garica ran "seamlessly" with no real oversight by a working board of commissioners or that Garcia himself designed a scoring system rigging the top vendor for the legal counsel contract multiple times pushing it before the board on almost SEVEN occasions but never seeing it passed.

That's no typo. Carmelo Garcia offered up Charles Daglian more than half-a-dozen times attempting to force the HHA board of commissioners to submit to his counsel demand.

In the email below, a reply raises the HUD report again and the report's serious findings highlighting strong concerns about the legal ethics involved in Daglian sitting on a meeting to see his contract reissued.

To no avail, the response turns back to the failed resolution turning down Florio Perucci. There's no interest in any of the serious matters raised in the earlier APPROVED legal contract. The discussion goes back to the direction, some might say sole focus on what one Carmelo Garcia would see as "problematic."

A tepid response by the rookie reporter assures there will be some highlighting of the HUD report.
It never of course finds its way into print.

Concern is raised on the personal focus of the reporter's inquiry. Once again, an attempt is made to refocus on the serious matters highlighted by the HUD report. This time the Hudson Reporter editor Caren Matzner is looped into the email.

Caren Matzner attempts to intervene and assures that this isn't personal and there's longstanding issues with the HHA which may arise and be reflected in an upcoming story. She urges there be a phone discussion as the HHA Chairman is clearly responding to what looks very much like a set-up or a hit job.

Once again, there's zero interest in the serious findings raised in the HUD report or the reissuing of a contract to what many see as Carmelo Garcia's "personal attorney" not a counsel acting in the actual interest of the HHA board of commissioners.

Smelling a rat, another opinion is requested. The conclusion: it's a rat hit job by the Hudson Reporter with no interest in reporting the actual news but manufacturing a story to ignore the actual news in the HUD report.

The Hudson Reporter showed a singular focus on the HHA in 2013
but it had little to do with an oversight agency in HUD and its scathing
report undoing Carmelo Garcia on a legal contract.
Two years later, the Hudson Reporter would rediscover interest
in that contract but imaginary ones it sought to pin on Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Talking Ed Note: Is this typical "journalistic" behavior by the Hudson Reporter?

Ask anyone in the Reform Movement especially after Dawn Zimmer became councilwoman and then mayor and you'll not be surprised to hear, "same ole, same old."

And that is why MSV is proud to designate the Mason Media Complex award to the Hudson Reporter.

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A flood of monies came from Beth Mason and her husband, Richard G. Mason of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

Why did the Hudson Reporter ignore the "legally flawed" HUD report on Carmelo Garcia's procurement of Charles Daglian?

Hudson Reporter's political bias covering up for former HHA ED Carmelo Garcia after HUD issues highly critical report.

The Hudson Reporter is feeling the heat after its recent pre-election hit job directed at Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

In a rare correction over the weekend, the Hudson Reporter backed off its repeated misstatements claiming Ravi Bhalla's law firm held the Hoboken Housing Authority legal contract.

It then followed up incorrectly stating the firm he later joined was a bidder for the same contract - a year and half later  - under interim HHA Executive Director Bob DiVincent. But it did so implying a timeline never mentioned as the bidding took place more than a year apart under a different HHA chair and board.

Now another bombshell is falling. In early 2013, MSV exclusively covered a HUD report showing the attempt by then HHA ED Carmelo Garcia to have a contract reissued to Charles Daglian was "legally flawed."

Many have wondered why there's never been any mention of the scathing critique by the HHA's federal oversight agency at the Hudson Reporter?

Now the mystery how such a big story never came to pass can be explained. Information exclusively obtained reveals a complete lack of interest at the Hudson Reporter on the federal report severely criticizing Carmelo Garcia's procurement action.

At the February 2013 HHA meeting, Charles Daglian sat as representative counsel in support of his own contract being renewed and Carmelo Garcia announced threats against the HHA commissioners if they failed to yield to his desires and rubber stamp its approval.

Garica threatened that the HHA commissioners would be held personally liable if they failed to vote yes, implying criminal charges could occur saying a vote for a legal counsel other than Daglian would be "criminal and unethical."

The Hudson Reporter took a rather limited interest in the HHA at the time. Declining to report anything on the HUD report, it took a different tack using anonymous critics seeking to do a story on then HHA Chair Jake Stuiver.

MSV has obtained emails from the Carmelo Garica "ethnic cleansing" litigation showing at best journalistic malfeasance, at worst, politically motivated yellow journalism.

Unlike the Hudson Reporter, MSV won't tell you what to think and make qualifying remarks about what unpublished emails "may" mean or posit conspiracy theories.

MSV will publish the complete unedited emails.

More to come.

The Hudson Reporter building on 14th Street in uptown Hoboken recently announced for sale.
New revelations on its "journalistic" practices have arisen surrounding Hoboken's November City Council election.
Photo courtesy of Kurt Gardiner

Talking Ed Note: MSV notified the Hudson Reporter with this email to publisher Dave Unger, editor Caren Matzner and Al Sullivan in order to give them adequate opportunity to "defend" themselves.

In 2012, a Hudson Reporter hit piece on "the blogs" was in the works and that's how they framed their inquiries which disappeared into the bowels of the interenet when an apparent  hit job was uncovered.

The email sent earlier today:


The Hudson Reporter showed a great interest in the HHA legal contract when it mistakenly believed Ravi Bhalla’s law firm held it.

MSV has obtained information showing the Hudson Reporter had the “legally flawed” HUD report at the time but did not report anything on it.

Would you like to offer a reason for ignoring the findings on Carmelo Garcia’s legal counsel procurement practices?

Thank you