Saturday, July 30, 2016

United against corruption?

Remember when?

Almost seven years to the day, this protest on a late rainy Monday afternoon outside City Hall saw a grass roots action against corruption under the brief mayoralty of Peter Cammarano.

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Good Night Contemptuous Prince

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton: "I'm so happy this day has come"

Hillary Clinton DNC speech as prepared for delivery last night in Philadelphia:

Thank you! Thank you for that amazing welcome.
And Chelsea, thank you.
I’m so proud to be your mother and so proud of the woman you’ve become. 
Thanks for bringing Marc into our family, and Charlotte and Aidan into the world.
And Bill, that conversation we started in the law library 45 years ago is still going strong.
It’s lasted through good times that filled us with joy, and hard times that tested us.
And I’ve even gotten a few words in along the way.
On Tuesday night, I was so happy to see that my Explainer-in-Chief is still on the job.
I’m also grateful to the rest of my family and the friends of a lifetime.
To all of you whose hard work brought us here tonight, and to those of you who joined our campaign this week.
And what a remarkable week it’s been.
We heard the man from Hope, Bill Clinton.
And the man of Hope, Barack Obama.
America is stronger because of President Obama’s leadership, and I’m better because of his friendship.
We heard from our terrific vice president, the one-and-only Joe Biden, who spoke from his big heart about our party’s commitment to working people.
First Lady Michelle Obama reminded us that our children are watching, and the president we elect is going to be their president, too.
And for those of you out there who are just getting to know Tim Kaine – you’re soon going to understand why the people of Virginia keep promoting him: from city council and mayor, to Governor, and now Senator.
He’ll make the whole country proud as our Vice President.
And I want to thank Bernie Sanders.
Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary.
You’ve put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong.
And to all of your supporters here and around the country:
I want you to know, I’ve heard you.
Your cause is our cause.
Our country needs your ideas, energy, and passion.
That’s the only way we can turn our progressive platform into real change for America.
We wrote it together – now let’s go out there and make it happen together.
My friends, we’ve come to Philadelphia – the birthplace of our nation – because what happened in this city 240 years ago still has something to teach us today.
We all know the story.
But we usually focus on how it turned out - and not enough on how close that story came to never being written at all.
When representatives from 13 unruly colonies met just down the road from here, some wanted to stick with the King.
Some wanted to stick it to the king, and go their own way.
The revolution hung in the balance.
Then somehow they began listening to each other, compromising, finding common purpose.
And by the time they left Philadelphia, they had begun to see themselves as one nation.
That’s what made it possible to stand up to a King.
That took courage.
They had courage.
Our Founders embraced the enduring truth that we are stronger together.
America is once again at a moment of reckoning.
Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart.
Bonds of trust and respect are fraying.
And just as with our founders, there are no guarantees.
It truly is up to us.
We have to decide whether we all will work together so we all can rise together.
Our country’s motto is e pluribus unum: out of many, we are one.
Will we stay true to that motto?
Well, we heard Donald Trump’s answer last week at his convention.
He wants to divide us - from the rest of the world, and from each other.
He’s betting that the perils of today’s world will blind us to its unlimited promise.
He’s taken the Republican Party a long way, from “Morning in America” to “Midnight in America.”
He wants us to fear the future and fear each other.
Well, a great Democratic President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, came up with the perfect rebuke to Trump more than eighty years ago, during a much more perilous time.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
Now we are clear-eyed about what our country is up against.
But we are not afraid.
We will rise to the challenge, just as we always have.
We will not build a wall.
Instead, we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good paying job can get one.
And we’ll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are already contributing to our economy!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

1984 revisited?

A self-designated delegate at the DNC convention discusses his belief on "seat fillers" and his being blocked from returning to take the place of his "seat filler."

While not authenticated, his video has been seen almost 15,000 times since yesterday lending credence to the idea he's a DNC delegate blowing the whistle on the DNC convention managers and eMedia who are going along with the farce.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers comes to mind.

Update: A day later, this DNC related video has exploded to almost a quarter million views.
The truth is out there.

Rise of the Liebling: David Liebler lawsuit against Hoboken survives

David Liebler lawsuit against City of Hoboken for premature ejection from Council meeting survives motion to dismiss

MSV's initial analysis/opinion on the complexity of the Liebling Affair

David Liebler, the Hoboken resident and years long political worker for Old Guard candidates and policies sees another day in court. His civil lawsuit for being ejected from a City Council meeting before the heated 2015 races for council last fall survived an initial effort it be thrown out of federal court.

The judge's decision however gives room for pause on the seriousness of his ejection with seconds to go before his five minutes had expired. (It's estimated he lost less than 20 seconds.)

The Hudson County View has the best coverage on the initial legal decision:

"In the 11-page ruling, McNulty earlier noted that "qualified immunity issues (such as whether a violation was "objectively apparent" under the circumstances at the time) may often require the kind of factual context that is only available on summary judgement or a trial."

Talking Ed Note: First let's illuminate some of the context of the judge's decision. A quick read of the decision shows the federal judge seeking to fairly act on examination of any and all issues pertaining to the First Amendment. In doing so, he's concluded the video at the meeting is not in and of itself the final arbiter on the matter. As they say, context is king but where's the evidence?

That's not a decision many legal beagles would say falls outside the law. On a motion to dismiss, the complainant, in this instance David Liebler is afforded every opportunity to make his case. The defendant, the City of Hoboken must operate in the four corners, legal speak as to say, "So what?" Evidence has to be proven and there Liebler must show he has that evidence to support his contention of a conspiracy against him among his other claims.

The language the judge makes describing the merits of the case are not altogether impressive and the burden is clearly left on the complainant David Liebler. He however can't really make his case at this point either. The judge points to the process and a summary motion or trial as likely required to adjudicate all the complex legal issues.

In examining the politics and this is very much about politics and money, David Liebler doesn't exactly have a strong record on advocacy, public or otherwise on behalf of the First Amendment. As previously highlighted, Liebler publicly celebrated the Beth Mason supported SLAPP-suit. (He's mentioned as having worked for Mason, Frank "Pupie" Raia and other Old Guard candidacies in the Hudson County View article.)

Now it's one thing to publicly support a position taken by your political paymaster but David Liebler took that to a completely different level. Not only did he seek to diminish all political discourse re: political opposition by Reform-oriented commenters online, he celebrated doing so by saying even if Lane Bajardi failed, people would be greatly harmed by the substantial cost of legal fees. For good measure he added, Lane Bajardi "was not the bully."

We haven't heard much publicly from David Liebler on that case and he's returned to his more amiable self since the ruling on the SLAPP-suit last July where Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal were slammed by the court and ordered to pay over $276,000 for their frivolous litigation.

As to the backing for this lawsuit, it's Charles Gormally of the Mile Square Taxpayers Association. To say this development entity has a financial interest in Hoboken would be understating the matter. The group led the back-to-back ballot issues on rent control most recently the failed but razor close margin in the 2013 election. This is not a civil rights law firm, think big real estate interests.

Full disclosure, MSV testified for a day and a half as a witness in Hudson Superior Court to the inconsistencies on Hoboken elections especially as to the controversial application of Vote-by-Mail ballots. (No compensation for testifying was offered or made by anyone.) Mr. Gormally personally did the cross-examination of the Horse after failing to keep a farm animal off the witness stand.

MSTA certainly is motivated by payback against Mayor Dawn Zimmer who publicly endorsed the rent control advocates positions in both elections.

At this point, monies are likely being sought to have the matter go away. The politics and history of the recent epic election battles however, most recently in 2013, suggests no such settlement is likely.

As they say, that's politics and in this First Amendment "case," that's Hoboken.

Related The February 2014 MSV exclusive on the earlier Hudson Superior Court case:

Hoboken election integrity withstands legal challenge on rent control vote. 

The legal document seen here comes courtesy of the Hudson County View. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton nomination met with walkout protest by hundreds of delegates

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates stage historic walkout during roll call of Hillary Clinton's nomination

Based on an onsite news report, hundreds of delegates for Bernie Sanders organized a protest walking out on the Democratic National Convention last night in Philadelphia.

While most of the media focused on the official roll call nomination of Hillary Clinton, hundreds of delegates quietly used word of mouth, Facebook and other means to stage a walkout during the actual live roll call vote.

  From the story:

The delegates protested outside the convention hall then staged a sit-in on the media area with police intervention:

The several hundred delegates stormed out of the convention hall before quietly sitting down and occupying the press tent, aware of how to maximize their leverage. Police surrounded the tent, and refused to let anyone in or out until the situation was resolved.

The renegade delegates explained how they pulled off the walkout protest:
One delegate, Dennis Slotnick described the moment saying, "I didn't know it would happen when the roll call voting began."

Talking Ed Note:The full story on the walkout during the roll call:
Someone who's media status is apparently not credentialed took footage of the scene later. In the background you can hear Hillary Clinton speaking from the telescreen as video shows hundreds of empty delegate seats and allegedly a good chunk of the California delegation.

It adds quite an Orwellian hue to the "official" eMedia narrative.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democrat convention star: Wikileaks emails

Wikileaks DNC email revelations prove costly in Sanders supporters blowback

You can't dress up an email and have it dance around a guarded walled off stage but if you could...
Hillary Clinton certainly wouldn't but had to live with it even as she appeared on 60 minutes over the weekend denying any knowledge about the Wikileaks DNC emails.

The email revelations or at least some of them began appearing on a Bernie Sanders Reddit page from among approximately 20,000. Staffers contemplated using Sanders religion or was it his alleged lack of belief to southern Democrats among other less than comforting political strategies to see him undone.

The Sanders supporters were not soothed as their day of rage was felt throughout, both inside and outside the convention center. NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd called the day "a mess" and protests began at breakfast. First, the DNC chair Debbie what's her name was blasted by Democrat delegates at a breakfast and after being booed repeatedly had to have security escort her through a side exit. She was fired at convention's end and then immediately hired by Hillary Clinton. There must be a message there on being rewarded for your dirty work but most of the eMedia avoided it.

Bernie Sanders at an early appearance tried to tell a crowd they needed to vote for Hillary Clinton. They booed vociferously. It was Booing Night Out at the Democrat convention and nothing would assuage the outrage. Here's Bernie Sanders' first appearance at the convention and his attempt to get voters to support Hillary Clinton.

One unconfirmed report claims Sanders traded a Hillary Clinton endorsement for a campaign plane with staff, party platform planks (paid for courtesy of the DNC) and a Tuesday night convention speaking spot. His campaign hasn't denied the memo detailing it.

Up next at the boo birds convention: Nancy Pelosi. Then the actual convention proceedings with the mention of Hillary Clinton interrupting the first speaker who mutely stood by as the boos rained down on her head.

It was only the beginning. The catcalls continued raining down on other speakers. On the receiving end, TV actress Eva Longoria who said Texas belongs to Mexico which didn't see complaint but her urging votes for Hillary Clinton did. Senator Elizabeth Warren unleashed a torrent of attacks on Donald Trump but the crowd chanted at one point its disapproval with "We trusted you!" One heckler screamed Warren had betrayed them for a "bowl of porridge." More chants followed with "Goldman Sachs" not one she probably enjoyed.

Michelle Obama gave the best received speech and included some odd remarks about slaves building the White House. Besides that being a surprise to the actual builders and artisans, many of Scottish and Irish heritage, painters did include slaves and were reportedly paid paltry wages. Echoes of real present day slave labor employment pay encouraged across the border doing sizable damage to black and Hispanic workers. No one will address the real impact on one side of the aisle.

Reports Bernie Sanders signs were being taken away led to some nifty alterations to astroturf signs handed out.

A delegate makes her true message known changing the platitude of her sign reading
"Stronger Together" to "Stop Her."

More than a few delegates opted for silent protests using tape over their mouths with the message,
#Silenced by DNC.

More delegate sign alteration with "Stop Her" message combined with "Trump's going to win."

Thursday night should prove interesting.

Updates from Hoboken City Council President Jen Giattino

Hoboken City Council President Jen Giattino announces:

Greetings Neighbors:

Hope your summer is everything you want it to be and you are managing to stay cool through these soaring temperatures.
Just wanted to stay in touch with a couple of events and some info ... 


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Hoboken Police Department
Stevens Police Department
will be hosting 

“National Night Out in Hoboken”
Location: Church Square Park 

Time: 5pm until 9pm

Click HERE to visit the City of Hoboken website to see all the different programs available or... jump straight to REGISTER 

Thursday, Aug. 25th, 2016
5:00pm to 8:00pm
Walkway along Sinatra Drive 
btwn. 1st & 2nd Streets

Tickets are:
$25 for adults
$10 for children 12 & under
$15 for seniors
$250 To reserve a table (seats 10 people) 

Seating is limited, so buy tickets early.

Ticket includes:
4 kinds of pasta, meatballs, sausage, eggplant parmigiana, salad, bread & Italian desserts
and featuring performance by Zack Alexander (2016 Sinatra Idol Winner)

Wine, beer, water and soda will also be available at additional cost sold to raise funds for the Hoboken Ambulance Corp. Outside alcohol is not permitted. Coolers will be checked at the entrance.

Tickets can be purchased at: 
City Hall, 94 Washington St. on the 2nd floor from the Cultural Affairs Office, 
94 Washington Street

Only cash or money orders will be accepted.
Tickets being sold until TBD.
No tickets will be sold at the door, night of the event.

For more information, call 201-420-2207 or


When work resumes, construction will be done overnight. 

Sunday thru Thursday 8pm-6am and Friday 10pm -8am

During the summer months, there has been an increase in bicycle thefts throughout different areas of Hoboken. The Hoboken Police Department offers the following tips to protect your bike: 
  • ALWAYS LOCK UNATTENDED BICYCLES. Lightweight cable or chain locks do not provide adequate security in most areas. Use a heavy duty U type lock. Do not protect a $1000 mode of transportation with a $10 lock
  • For the greatest theft deterrence, use two locks such as a U-lock and a locking cable. The longer it takes a thief to get through your bike security, the less likely your bike will be stolen
  • Lock to a fixed, immovable object like a permanent bike rack. Be careful not to lock to items that can be easily cut, broken or removed. Be careful that your bike cannot be lifted over the top of the object to which it is locked
  • Properly secure bicycles in garages or storage units
  • Remove or secure any bicycle components and accessories that can easily be taken
  • Observe individuals loitering near parked bicycles, even if the bikes are locked. Call the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100 to report suspicious activity and provide a good suspect description. 

A thief with the proper tools can steal a bicycle in under a minute. Bicycles have been taken from bike racks and outside residences, while secured to gates. To help combat these thefts, the Hoboken Police Department urges residents to keep bicycles inside their homes whenever possible and not outside the gates or inside their garages unsecured. When a bicycle needs to be locked outdoors, always use a lock and chain of the highest quality and lock the bicycle in a well-lit place with high foot traffic. 

Anyone who observes individuals loitering near parked bicycles is asked to call the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100 to report any suspicious activity and provide a good description of the suspect.

The Hoboken Police Department uses the National Bike Registry to help bicycle owners recover their bicycles in case of theft. Bicycle owners can visit the Police Department to complete a bicycle registration forms which will be kept on file. Bicycle owners should bring their bicycle serial number(s), descriptive information (frame size, color, make, etc.) and purchase receipt (if available) to complete the registration.


 Mon. July 25 –  Star Wars: The Force Awakens  (rescheduled to August 29th)
Mama Johnson Field 4th St. bet Jackson & Harrison St.

Wed. July 27 –  Jurassic World 
7:30pm  – Performance by singer  / songwriter  Mya Hansen 

Wed. August 3 –  Minions  7pm – My Gym Hoboken will start the night with a free demo for children!

Wed. August 10 – The Peanuts Movie 
7pm – Preschool of Rock will start the night with a musical performance for the whole family!

Wed. August 17 – Inside Out

7pm – My Gym Hoboken will start the night with a free demo for children!

Schedules are subject to change.
In case of heavy rain, film presentation will be canceled.
Assisted listening devices available upon request with 3 weeks advance notice.

For further information call Geri Fallo (201) 420-2207.

HOBOKEN 311 app                                                                   

 SIGN-UP  and help improve our community by reporting issues including:
  • Parking
  • Garbage
  • Streets & Sidewalks
  • Bicycles
  • Lights, Signals, &Signs
  • Parks & Trees 

The City of Hoboken uses the Nixle messaging system to send news updates, 
event information, and other information to residents via email and text message.
Stay informed all year long  --  SIGN-UP 

Thank you to all the members of the public for their input...
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions,


Jen Giattino

Monday, July 25, 2016

Dem convention theme song scratches, "Wiki Wiki Wiki, Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki"

Wikileaks releases thousands of emails obtained in a hack of the Democratic National Committee

As the conventions are running quite literally back to back, Philadelphia will be the epicenter of the Democrat's convention which is literally being walled off from the hordes of Bernie Sanders protesters who made an appearance there in a peaceful march yesterday.

The march saw a now familiar refrain saying of the pending Democrat nominee, "Lock her up!"

That's only the beginning of what many reports are saying is a pivot from the carefully staged coronation as more problems surface in thousands of stolen emails released and obtained in a hack from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Both the LA Times and CNN polls are reporting Donald Trump has surged into the lead. 

An odd Friday night announcement of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine added to the ticket to join Hillary Clinton as VP did little to stem a summer weekend controversy as the DNCleaks emails revealed coordination to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign. Unlike the Republican party's lengthy campaign process with a dozen and a half long list of candidates, the DNC political operations hindered one candidate while directly benefiting another.

Can you name who she is?

The DNC chair has been ejected not once but twice based ons reports with what's called the DNC Wikileaks exploding on to the scene. Reportedly, the source of the leak called Guccifer 2.0, after the infamous Romanian self-called Guccifer hacked his way into Hillary Clinton's email universe and released her communications with former journolist political operative Sydney Blumenthal, a Clinton hatchet man who was shown looking to leverage business opportunities for himself in the wake of the Libya fiasco overthrowing Gaddafy. In the strongman's place, Libya is now a staging ground for ISIS.

MSV has seen a number of the most interesting (or entertaining) DNC leaked emails among thousands, courtesy of Guccifer 2.0.

Some of the links go to a Facebook page. Clicking the link takes you to the Wikileaks page with the actual email.

DNC member killing horses for insurance money.

DNC making fun of black womans name.

DNC telling each other, “I love you too. no homo.”

DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment.

DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories.

DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.

DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.

DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a “rigged system.”

DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.

Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off the record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s office.

DNC being messed with by the Washington Examiner.

DNC discussing Hillary’s policies as unfeasible.

$200k for a private dinner with Hillary.

Offering to send interns out to fake a protest against the RNC.

Faking outrage and pasting in a video later.

A mole working inside of the Sanders campaign.

Bringing up Sanders religion to scare the southern voters.

Possible money laundering by moving money back and forth to bypass legal limits.

Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.

DNC feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.

Creating a fake job ad for a Trump business to paint him as a sexist.

Hillary funding 2 million dollars in a cooridanted campaign in battleground states to win back the Senate.

DNC is upset that their “allies” didn’t send in protestors so they sent out interns.

“Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo worries are lingering, will be exploited in general.”

$50,000 – Lawrence Benenson.

Daily Fundraising Report for the DNC.

Content & Social Strategy Discussion.

Re: BuzzFeed and DNC connection.

Draft linking news articles about trump to use as negative press.

Fwd: State Dinner Countdown.

Some chick is angry she hasn’t been given more stuff from the Obama administration…might be interesting to follow up.
Re: State Dinner Countdown.

Tim O’Brien: Trump’s Fixation on Inflating his Net Worth is a Cause for Concern.

RE: May Fundraising Numbers.

Hillary for America Raised $26.4 Million in April, Began May with More than $30 Million Cash on Hand.

Re: For approval: Trump supporter graphics.

Press talking points, states Hillary is their candidate, dated May 5, 2016. More of a smoking gun than the ambiguous talk in the emails themselves.

Consultant calling megyn kelly a bimbo. Has PDF attached that says the same.

DNC trying to get away with violating the Hatch Act.

Democrats using interns to organize fake “protests.”

RE: Action on DNC tomorrow (Immigration Raids).

The above listed emails are a compilation appearing on numerous websites and copied here.

Surely, the DNC server was at least as secure as Hillary Clinton's illicit server in a Denver bathroom. (The FBI admits foreign intel services may have accessed the Hillary Clinton server holding classified and Top Secret information but what little software security was built in to the platform had been disabled so no fingerprints are even possible to identify in any hit and run that occurred.)

A reported miles long fence eight feet high has been erected around the convention center in Philadelphia where Hillary Clinton is expected to be nominated this week.

Twitter saw accusations this weekend of attempting to hide and suppress the Wikileaks DNC revelations. It erased a trending hashtag #DNCLeaks entirely and after outraged users protested, 20 minutes later it was replaced with the singular #DNCleak.

Recently, a gay commenter had been permanently banned springing up protests against Twitter with the hashtag #FreeMilo. 

The Wikileaks founder in an interview says more Hillary Clinton revelations are coming. 

Should prove to be an interesting week.