Monday, October 31, 2016

BREAKING: Blowback on City surrender to Applied and development

A vote is anticipated this Wednesday by the Hoboken City Council giving Applied, re: the Barry family tens of millions in added profits in redevelopment rights at 800 Monroe in place of the Monarch Project.

The City of Hoboken announced the deal on Saturday. Hoboken residents have started a petition seeking to stop the vote as the Monarch Project matter is already on appeal in the courts.

Here is the petition from HARMED - Hoboken Residents Against Radical & Massive Egregious Development.

HARMED - Hobokenites Against Radical & Massive Egregious Development

Dear Mayor Zimmer, Council members and fellow Hoboken residents,

My family, neighbors and fellow Hoboken residents are quite concerned and exasperated to learn about the massive 800 Monroe development announced by the City of Hoboken on Saturday. As Hoboken residents and taxpayers, we are extremely disturbed and question the concessions being stewarded by Mayor Zimmer behind closed doors to the Barry family, re: Ironstate Development/Applied. 
These are the same people who reneged on a deal to build tennis courts and parking in northeast Hoboken after making untold tens of millions in profits on the Shipyard development. The City of Hoboken in essence is rewarding the Barry family for their illicit litigation efforts to put up towers there, the proposed Monarch Project by trading concessions that will harm our entire neighborhood and by extension all of Hoboken. 
We urgently need your voice and your support! We need to make sure this proposed development isn’t approved where it will overwhelm and destroy our neighborhood doing harm to our entire city. Our west side Hoboken neighborhood is already beset with approvals for massive new buildings coming online. The City of Hoboken only last summer capitulated to an as proposed massive developer project on Monroe which will dramatically negatively impact traffic, property values, the skyline and quality of life for an entire neighborhood and all Hoboken residents. This is especially true for the individuals who invested in this “up and coming” area years ago.
To that end, our neighborhood and our homes should not be used as a pawned bargaining chip in the Monarch litigation. It is outrageous that our area with many thousands of Hoboken residents will be surrendered to appease others in the corner of town, especially via "closed legal sessions" of the City Council without community awareness, input or any feedback whatsoever until it’s been cynically presented as a done deal. 
This bad deal for Hoboken does not satisfy the basic standard of transparency the mayor claimed a hallmark of her reason for running for the office in 2009. West Hoboken has already seen and will further be severaly impacted by extreme variances and mammoth development: the Vine and the Monroe Center’s massive redevelopment: the largest ever approved in Hoboken history. The 800 lot will dwarf the inner blocks of the heart of West Hoboken and put many of us in the shadows, both figuratively and quite literally while adding to insurmountable density issues in traffic and quality of life for this area and all of Hoboken. 
The following is but a few examples of the massive developments coming online in our neighborhood creating a clear and present danger to all of Hoboken:
  • Approved and added huge density to a SINGLE BLOCK of Hoboken with the completed 11 story Vine building at 900 Monroe plus the massive buildings in development behind the Monroe center. 
  • An additional mammoth building for Applied will surround and dwarf other buildings in West Hoboken, obscuring our sky and blocking out sunlight.
Additional massive density putting further stress on traffic in the heart of Hoboken. Driving in and out of Hoboken is already brutal during peak hours.
Join us in this fight to preseve the character of our neighborhood and Hoboken. We need Mayor Zimmer and the City Council to be respectful to our neighborhood and all Hoboken residents. I appreciate your immediate attention and support in this battle.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Guest of the Stable: Greg Bond: Hanging in the Balance: Hoboken's District Public Schools

Demarest School, formerly Hoboken's High School (credit: Hoboken Historical Museum Digital Archives)

As most people already know by now, the QLC Board of Education Candidates forum revealed to all in attendance exactly who was backing the Parents United slate and what values they hold dear. Beyond the thuggish hijinks though, little discussion has focused on the debate itself which was revealing in its own right.


Parents United are not remotely qualified for the School Board positions they are running for. Worse, their campaign is actively working to undermine Hoboken's Public Schools with the ultimate goal of convincing parents to abandon the public schools altogether. Like last year's "Smarter Future" slate, and the "Education for all Children" slate the year prior, the PU slate were hand-picked by a group of politicians with long histories of corruption at the School Board and city level. Like all candidates they have chosen to run, none have had any prior experience with or shown any interest in Hoboken's Public School District.

If PU are elected, their job will be to do what they are told to do, just as their elected predecessors are doing today.  Once they have inserted their own Superintendent, they will have total control of the multimillion dollar public school budget and will use it to reassert their political power, just as they did before they were voted out in 2009. As has been the case with every School Board election for more than a decade, this election is about providing a quality education versus draining the budget to consolidate political power and pad pockets.

PU's total lack of prior experience or interest in the public school district was on display at last week's candidate's debate. Incredibly, not one of them has ever attended a school board meeting. And it was obvious from their comments that they are completely uninformed on what is happening at the district schools, particularly at the High School.


The PU platform comprises the classic, contradictory, political platitudes: cut costs and improve everything. They claim they love the programs that exist but also say things are in a bad state and many more programs are needed. They say they intend to dramatically reduce costs but won't say how they intend to do this. Presumably this is because any proposal to dramatically cut costs must involve dramatically cutting services, programs, teachers or benefits. Not only would this damage the schools, this would also run counter to all of their promised improvements. But, hey, they're running for election on behalf of the people who selected them to run, so they're saying whatever they've been told to say.

Along those lines, one of PU's most obvious failings is their manifest ignorance of school programs and services. At the debate they claimed the public schools were deficient and needed to add language classes, cooperate with local businesses, work with Stevens Institute and other higher education institutions, add STEM courses, and add cybersecurity classes. All of these already exist! Their complete ignorance of the district combined with their desire to take control of it is not only an insult, but also a threat, to district students, parents and teachers.


What riles me the most though is PU's unrelenting, underlying, message that the High School is a terrible, scary, school that no one in their right mind would send their children to. At the debate, two of the PU candidates stated they wouldn't send their own kids to the High School, and the third said with a resigned sigh that she had "no choice" but to use the High School. Trashing Hoboken High School is a tradition amongst opponents to school reform. Their supporters enthusiastically embrace this disparaging message and, by implication, disparage the students, the teachers, the staff and, of course, the Superintendent, and the School Board.

Every High School student, every one of their parents, and every High School teacher and staff member should be personally insulted by PU's constant, ignorant claims about the High School. Unlike every other high school option for Hoboken children, the Hoboken Public School District is the only district that unconditionally accepts (in fact, is legally bound to accept) every student, regardless of economic background, physical or mental ability, or academic ability. What does this mean? It means that Hoboken public schools, and the High School in particular, have a more diverse population than any other schools in the city.

Those who have experienced the strong sense of community at Hoboken High understand that diversity is a core value and a strength. But it goes without saying that student diversity leads to diversity in grades and, by extension, diversity in test scores. Diversity in test scores does not, however, imply, as PU would have you believe, that Hoboken High School teachers are poor, curricula are substandard, or that the Superintendent and School Board neglect academic achievement. In fact, the reality is just the opposite. But as was clearly evident at the debate, irresponsibly trashing the High School is seen as a more effective talking point then providing considerate, insightful constructive criticism. Of course, to do the latter would require taking time to learn about the current state of the High School and attending a School Board meeting or two.


But PU has no reason to learn about the current state of Hoboken's Schools. Their goal is to undermine them. And the reason they do this is a fundamental part of a longer-term strategy to drive people away from the schools so that no one's left to notice when they divert resources away from the classrooms. I know this sounds like overheated conspiracy talk but, unfortunately, this exact behavior occurred for decades and only ended in 2009 when reformers first gained a majority on the School Board. Well-documented forensic audits and legal contract reviews revealed years of pillaging by PU's current backers. Once one understands that this is, in fact, the reason that PU is running, their ignorance and negativity make sense. Improving education isn't the point.


Last year's school board election was a blow to reform's efforts to continue to improve Hoboken's public schools. Reformers lost two seats which means that, this year, reform's majority is in jeopardy of being lost to those who controlled the schools pre-2009. Unlike last year, however, I sense the resurgence of a grassroots movement supporting Hoboken's Public Schools. Further, I've noticed parents starting to feel protective and proud of their schools. They're no longer willing to simply accept the uninformed, negative chatter. Community confidence in the high school is growing because parents are getting involved and getting informed.

Realize that last year's School Board election was decided by only 34 votes! So even if you are ambivalent about voting at the national level, keep in mind that your vote matters at the municipal level, not just in deciding election outcomes, but also deciding the direction of our city's public schools!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

City: Hoboken and Shipyard Reach Proposed Settlement Regarding Monarch Project and 800 Monroe

Saturday October 29, 2016

City of Hoboken

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Community: Hoboken and Shipyard Reach Proposed Settlement Regarding Monarch Project and 800 Monroe

Dear MSV readers,

The City of Hoboken and Shipyard Associates have reached a proposed agreement to settle litigation that began five years ago relating to a planned residential development on a platform pier on Hoboken’s North waterfront. Hoboken opposed the development, which would have resulted in 70 luxury apartments replacing the tennis courts which had once been planned for that location.

The proposed settlement also resolves a dispute over a redevelopment project at 800 Monroe Street in West Hoboken. In total, six legal disputes relating to the two proposed projects would be resolved by the settlement. The City has spent $1 million on litigation costs to date. An estimated $1 million in legal fees would have been required if a settlement had not been reached. In addition, Shipyard has also asserted damage claims against the City, and the outcome of the litigation would have been uncertain. The proposed agreement will be considered by the Hoboken City Council on Wednesday, November 2nd.

“This settlement protects our City's treasured waterfront by ensuring that no residential or commercial development will be built on Hoboken’s waterfront and that the three piers will not be used for any purpose other than public open space,” said Mayor Zimmer. “As part of the agreement, Shipyard Associates would make a $500,000 contribution to the City, which will be used for cleanup of the platform pier debris, an engineering analysis, and to start the work needed to design and eventually construct a new waterfront walkway park.”

The proposed settlement will also settle a multi-year litigation at the 800 Monroe site on the western side of the City. This would represent an increase of 79 units from the existing Redevelopment Plan which was approved in the 1990’s under the Russo Administration that already permits 186 units of development. As a result of the settlement, the 800 Monroe project would have an additional 52 market rate units plus 27 affordable housing units. The maximum allowable number of stories will decrease from 14 to 13, however the maximum building height would be allowed to increase by 10 feet. The existing Redevelopment Plan does not require any affordable housing, whereas the new agreement would increase affordable housing in the City.

Mayor Zimmer invites all concerned residents to voice their views at the Council meeting.

“I understand and agree with the concern many residents have about rising density levels, and I will continue to work to create great neighborhoods in western Hoboken with new parks, restaurants and arts, and retail amenities,” added Mayor Zimmer. “I recognize this is a very important decision for our City Council, the Planning Board, and the community, and therefore we are making the terms of the agreement public in advance so that residents can consider the agreement and voice their views at the City Council meeting on Wednesday.”

On November 2nd, the City Council will also be voting on a contract for the acquisition of the 6-acre BASF site, located in western Hoboken, which will become our City’s largest park. In addition to the planned 5-acre Resiliency Park, one acre will be used for building a new municipal parking garage. A new 2-acre park will also soon be built at 7th Street and Jackson Street.

The settlement agreement can be viewed at:

Parents United for Sobolov, Evans, Dallara - 1, 2, 4

The following letter is submitted by the listed Hoboken parents below:

Dear Neighbors:

With Election Day approaching, this is a reminder that there is a great deal at stake in the upcoming Hoboken school board election that affects not only parents of children enrolled in our city’s wonderful public schools, but also the Hoboken community as a whole.

As a varied group of Hoboken public school parents, some of us having never met, we are unified in our support for the Forward Together slate of candidates: Jennifer Evans, Sheillah Dallara, and Irene Sobolov.

It is difficult to capture the gratitude we feel towards these women for their years of dedication and commitment to the students of Hoboken’s public schools. Academically, they have brought improved programming to our district like the new comprehensive afterschool program called Passport to Learning, STEM initiatives like Project Lead the Way, and an expanded Response to Intervention (RTI) program.  And as community leaders, they emcee fundraisers to support our High School track team, cheer for Connors students at their Hispanic Heritage play and serve on councils to improve the educational experiences of our youngest learners at Brandt, St. Francis and Demarest schools.

We have not seen the opposing Parents United candidates have, nor have we seen them indicate having, any history of volunteerism with our schools.  And, they all have said that they have never attended a BOE meeting.   Since many of us attend BOE meetings and are very active within the schools, we are baffled to hear these candidates claim to know what’s best for our schools without participating in any meaningful way.  This apparent lack of involvement has left them woefully uninformed about the district’s budget and the innovative programs currently available to our students, specifically at Hoboken High School. As examples, at the recent candidates’ forum that most of us attended, one of the PU candidates proposed a partnership with Stevens, not knowing we've had a long-standing, historic partnership.   All three PU candidates preached budget cuts, yet the slate is supported by people responsible for previous corruption and overspending at the BOE.  And, when the PU candidates were asked where they would make budget cuts they could not point to anything specific.  Finally, they repeatedly criticized the schools and said the high school is not good enough for their own children.  Can you imagine how awful it must feel to be a hard-working Hoboken High School student or their parents and hear candidates say they would not let their children go to school with you? 

With all this, we are struggling to understand their motives for wanting to be on the BOE.

Students thrive when the community supports them.  As parents we appreciate our district’s wonderful teachers and prefer to work together in partnership with them and our school administrators. The Forward Together team constantly works to improve our public schools and increase opportunities for success for all of our district school students. Help us continue the progress and go forward together! 

Please join us and vote 1-2-4 for FORWARD TOGETHER on November 8th. 


Gina and Ben Dobson
Dylan and Shirael Pollack
Jennifer Johnson
Kate Deer
Suzanne Schiavelli
Sarah and Chad Raynor
Manasi Khedlekar
Magda Gray
Kristina and Andrew Nash
Melanie Tekirian
Cristina Dulay
Jenny Labendz
Vera and Eric Sirota
Jackie and Jonathan Prince
Bindya Bhalla
Chetali Khanna
Peter and Sung Mee Kim
Alexis and Christopher Kelly
Linda and Arthur Kwok
Sophie Gelin
Emily and Peter Jabbour
Shefali Samrai and Balraj Singh
Amy and David Warshawsky
Diana McDonough
Ruchika Grover
Ed and Michele Daly
Dawn Fitts
Jean Marie Mitchell 
Cristin Cricco-Powell

Friday, October 28, 2016

Thugs, duds and Vote by Mail season

Hoboken election season is here and with it the crisp air, vote by mail and a little thuggery or what the Old Guard likes to say with a wink and a smile, "A little dab will do ya."

A little dab did just fine at the Hoboken BoE forum where thuggish innovation saw the brilliant idea of standing behind the audience and using a flashlight app to shine in the eyes of the Forward Together candidates as they each gave answers to questions.

The culprit is well known in Hoboken political circles in numerous unseemly actions intimately connected to Beth Mason and her civic "investments" to him and other nefarious activities against the community.

There's been a string of these incidents going back years involving Matt Calicchio of Team Old Guard best known for being on the Mason family payroll; the same family of Mason Civic Association infamy.

Think of it as like a mini-Clinton Foundation but not as cost efficient in corruption enterprises and perpetrating wide-scale violence on Americans and their First Amendment rights.

There's an app for that! A flashlight app comes in handy to shine into the eyes of candidates when they answer questions or at least OG political operative Matt Calicchio thinks so. Not sure what Eduardo Gonzalez to his left is thinking. He didn't think as a QLC board member to say stop although the moderator tried.

There's been some viral transmission in the Mile Square City on the latest antics as word's filtered out. This latest thuggish idea is getting out to both Hoboken voters and parents who are not so enamored as say, a Quality of Life Coalition Board member standing several feet away who is also aligned with the Old Guard and chose to do nothing other than reportedly walk silently away. Et tu Eduardo?

No small irony, the list of these activities is a long one preceded by far worse and even the abuse of the court system where the rolly polly WWF-loving OG political operative filed a criminal complaint against this editor for a phone call inquiry on a trial date in a case of a former BoE official who was subjected to his screaming while picking up her five year old daughter at school. 

The Hoboken mom was picking up her daughter at school when accosted on school property. Alleged thug then followed mom and child to a local pizzeria and sat a table away staring at the mom to send a less than friendly message on that upcoming BoE election.

Oh and that phone inquiry saw a phony criminal case last for almost a year and half before being thrown out of court against this editor. One of the submitted perjuries claimed the complainant was being followed. The paymaster boss Beth would follow suit when handed a subpoena to appear as a trial witness in a frivolous litigation involving other political operatives.

Is the picture on the cancer in our midst getting any clearer?

There's only way message that will get through: accountability at the voter booth.

The rest of this story is MSV Premium and will be released late Monday.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Welcome to the Hotel Hoboken for Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro

Update: Hudson County View filed the video report and story at the link:

For the second time in a week, Hoboken saw itself a scene of outside the Mile Square boundary unity as Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro held a fundraiser upstairs at Mills Tavern last night.

Last week, it was Phil Murphy's ascent glorified on Hoboken's waterfront as the municipal politicos showed in force getting behind the likely Democratic nominee for New Jersey Governor.

The evening's event on behalf of Annette Chaparro was similar; one part business and one part love.
The notables were of course all on hand led by NJ Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto but the room was a torrent of love and dare say, peace in our time or until Election Day when the BoE race will see vestiges of classical fault lines break out like it's 2009.

The Assemblywoman who is not a political speaker by nature or temperament showed a classical personal touch extending her remarks more than once to offer gratitude to those in attendance and express her passion for Hoboken and performing as a representative of her NJ district.

Those in attendance were crammed wall to wall with Mayor Dawn Zimmer adding remarks as City Council members Ravi Bhalla, Michael Defusco and Tiffanie Fisher were spotted among those heaving many a glass on the evening. City Clerk Jimmy Farina stood near the front and greeted a farm animal with his customary warmth as former Business Administrator Richard England sat amiably at the bar chatting on the ponies and the evening's mutual admiration society.

There were more politicos of all shades, unions and sizes. Former Hoboken Chief of Staff Dan Bryan appeared more the conquering hero. He left public service working for Mayor Zimmer to the private sector but now is on the rocket ship called Phil Murphy. For a second, you might think he wasn't attending a political event but his wedding. He'd like to thank his dentist for all the smiles.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante stood by his lady although she didn't need much protection in this crowd. The Assemblywoman noted the recent tragic NJ Transit crash meant she gets up early in the wee hours when his phone rings off the hook too.

All three of the Forward Together candidates for BoE made appearances: Jennifer Evans, Sheillah Dallara and Irene Sobolov who lingered beyond the customary time. Perhaps she thought it best to enjoy a slower evening as the candidates and their supporters have been knocking it out campaigning all over town.

Unlike many political events, most didn't hit the exits after the remarks were concluded. The party only seemed to hit its height when one media maven noted the jams as Hotel California piped in over the sound system. You can check into the Mile Square City anytime you like but you can never leave.

The Eagles lead guitar poured over the finest food you'll see served at a political event as the liquidity rolled gently down the hatch.

The last of the good times before the coming November Election Day storm. Up the Republic!

NJ Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro makes impassioned remarks to a wall to wall crowd at Mills Tavern last night as
NJ Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante look on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Freeholder Stick Romano fundraiser strictly a HudCo affair

Reform websites proven correct as NJ Senator Cory Booker will not attend Romano fundraiser 

The fundraiser set for Freeholder Anthony "Stick"Romano next month lost its star power appeal when the previously announced headliner, NJ Senator Cory Booker disappeared off the speaker list.

Romano is potentially slated to run for mayor next year against Mayor Dawn Zimmer as the Old Guard candidate although some voices suggest the Hoboken Board of Education election results will be determinative to that decision.

Previously, Romano had announced the NJ Senator as attending and saw a number of people listed who would be attending including Parents United BoE candidate Jessica Nelson.

The replacements for Senator Booker include the Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and State Senator and Bergen mayor Nick Sacco.

It's unclear how the revised headliners will do generating Hobokenites attending but would it be unkind to say the thrill is gone? Well, perhaps not for Jessica Nelson.

The revised November fundraiser for Stick Romano
sees NJ Senator Cory Booker removed as the special guest speaker.

The embarrassment for Romano began almost as soon as the original event was announced when Grafix Avenger said it would never happen as word filtered out publicizing Senator Booker's appearance.

MSV had reached out to politicos on both sides who quickly confirmed the popular NJ Senator's appearance was a no go as Romano himself backpedalled last Thursday night saying of Booker's appearing at his fundraiser, "that's what I've been told."

Mayor Zimmer counted Senator Booker among those in her corner in recent years and saw him headline an event for her downtown back in 2010. When word got out Freeholder Romano was touting Booker star power for himself, the phone lines began burning down the house.

As Romano is trying to mobilize a victory for the Board of Education Parents United Ticket next month, his momentum is harmed by this fiasco.

Could it become the first fatal blow in the unannounced 2017 mayoral campaign? First, there's the newly minted and some say "thugged out" BoE race to decide. Word is the thugs are mounting quite the Vote by Mail sausage factory across town in the usual locales.

As for the several dozen who ponied up the loot to attend Stick Romano's fundraiser with NJ Senator Booker, the questions are being raised, "How do I get a refund?"

The NJ Gambling Gambit

From the desk of Trenton's Bad Bet committee:

Concerned About Unemployment & Economic Impact To New Jersey, Betty Lewis Joins Casino Expansion Opposition 

Newark, NJ – Today, Betty Lewis, the Atlantic City Chapter President for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), spoke out against casino gaming expansion in New Jersey by endorsing Trenton’s Bad Bet. A longtime leader in South Jersey’s African-American community, Lewis voiced her concern that new casinos would lead to unemployment and economic loss for the state.

“I stand with the thousands of residents across the state in opposing Question One and protecting New Jersey taxpayers,” said Lewis. “We know gaming expansion in North Jersey would lead to increased unemployment, the loss of billions in economic activity and leave taxpayers responsible when these projects fail.”

The referendum to expand casino gaming into North Jersey will be the first question voters are asked to consider on the November 8 ballot. Lewis’ endorsement is another in a long line of influential New Jersey residents, activists, community leaders, unions and associations committed to seeing the referendum defeated.

Lewis continued, “I support the businesses, unions and community groups across the state dedicated to defeating Question One on Election Day.”

For more information about the Trenton’s Bad Bet, or to follow the group’s social channels, make donations, and find other opportunities to get involved, visit the group’s web site:
# # #
About Trenton’s Bad Bet:
Trenton’s Bad Bet is a diverse collection of concerned New Jersey community leaders, unions, businesses and residents that will work to oppose the New Jersey Casino Referendum that seeks to expand gaming into North Jersey.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Park Avenue Bridge work restarts October 30th: evenings 8:00 pm - 6:00 am

City of Hoboken announces:


Hudson County will resume the rehabilitation of the Park Avenue bridge between Hoboken and Weehawken beginning on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 8:00pm. Construction was previously suspended due to an executive order from Governor Christie related to the Transportation Trust Fund. 

Work is planned to take place Sunday to Thursday nights from 8pm to 6am and Friday nights from 10pm to 8am to allow for the later traffic flow out of the City of Hoboken. The Park Avenue bridge will be closed to traffic in both directions during construction hours. Work will not be done on Saturday night, and the bridge will be re-opened to two-way traffic during daytime hours. 

Hudson County will begin construction to replace a section of Sinatra Drive North between 14th Street and 15th Street. The project will result in the following street closures: 

-Sinatra Drive North will be closed from 14th Street to Shipyard Lane. 
-14th Street between Shipyard Lane and Sinatra Drive North will only be open eastbound (closed westbound) 
-Sinatra Drive North between 14th Street and Constitution Court will only be open southbound (closed northbound)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sign of the Times: Old Guard United

The Phil Murphy visit to Hoboken brought out an interesting crowd. Of those in attendance from Hoboken, one Old Guard leader of their former west side Banana Republic who has been MIA for months since the FBI made a pinch of his lifetime compadre on bank fraud charges.

Pictured below, it's Carmelo Garcia aka Mister Carmelo who is pictured having a special moment with Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano at the Murphy shindig.  Mister Carmelo has been out of sight mostly since his failed bid to snatch a council seat from City Council President Jen Giattino went down in flames. That filthy effort was tainted by a series of disgusting mailers Beth Mason fully funded using her Kreim spree political operatives. Where's that campaign report showing where all the loot came from by the way?

Among those not getting hugs from Mister Carmelo Thursday night: Mayor Dawn Zimmer, her husband Stan, Dana Wefer, chair of the Hoboken Housing Authority board and of course the Hoboken taxpayers who Carmelo is suing in the third rendition of his "Ethnic Cleansing" lawsuit first filed and thrown out of court in 2013. He holds he was victimized when his reign of error at the HHA saw his contract terminated early. (He cashed the loot from the honored early termination clause. Isn't there a lawyer who sees a contradiction there?)

He's back! Carmelo Garcia (l), renegade Old Guard leader suing Hoboken, activist reform members and the mayor herself made an appearance at the Phil Murphy gathering Thursday night. Was he there to again demand Anthony "Stick" Romano put him on an at-large City Council ticket for 2017? If suing Hoboken and HHA residents didn't stop his doomed council bid last year why would it be a problem next year?

For months, the Old Guard fed its propaganda arm the Hudson Reporter bountiful tales of a Mayor Zimmer - Phil Murphy secret affair even as a public event promoting technology growth in NJ named her as one of many attendees. The refrain was that there was something secretive going on between the two.

It was no secret Phil Murphy was organizing for a run for NJ governor and equally that Murphy and the mayor held similar views on a number of issues. The Old Guard fed Sully at the Hudson Reporter the raw meat in the hope to drive a spike into the heart of the working relationship between Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Hoboken City Hall.

Then Phil Murphy went out and crushed every single opponent for the Democratic Primary scheduled for next June. Suddenly, it's Mayor Zimmer who has an actual relationship with the potential new governor leaving the Old Guard wondering what can possibly be their next play.

While Stick Romano spent Thursday night chasing Phil Murphy to attend his November fundraiser, his publicly announced keynote guest and speaker NJ Senator Cory Booker is already heading for the hills as Grafix Avenger first reported, "Booker is not going to Romano 2017 fundraiser,"

If you expect to see Phil Murphy attending next month at Romano's fundraiser, good luck with that. Stick give Mayor Zimmer a call and see if she can hook that up for you.

On another sour note, Romano may have gotten wind Sen. Booker is backpedaling faster than a track jumping NJ Transit train. When asked before the BoE forum where thuggery reportedly erupted he said of Booker's attending, "That's what they tell me."

Who's telling the paid attendees of the November event Sen. Booker will not be appearing?

Beth Mason's pet Matt Calicchio goes ape Thursday night against the Forward Together candidates using a flashlight to shine in their faces while they tried to answer questions as QLC board member and former OG council candidate Eduardo Gonzalez (r) silently looks on. 
Thursday night, MSV departed the BoE forum early to get downtown where an overflowing crowd clamored to meet Phil Murphy.  Grafix Avenger who stayed to the end has all the seasonal ghoulish details.

More on all this coming in a special edition of MSV Premium.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Forward Together BoE slate: The threat to our schools

Forward Together announces:

Dear friends and neighbors,

If you were at the Board of Education Candidates Forum on Thursday night, you witnessed firsthand the enormous threat facing the Hoboken Board of Education.

You saw our uninformed opponents spend two hours bashing our schools. But you also saw Jennifer, Sheillah and Irene three passionate, intelligent individuals who have spent years selflessly working to improve our schools on your behalf. We must get them elected them in order to keep building on the steady progress the district is making.

Let’s go Forward Together!

We need to raise $4000 by Wednesday, October 26th, in order to reach as many voters as possible with a city-wide campaign mailer in time for the November 8 General Election. If you haven’t contributed: please, now is the time. If you’ve already contributed, then we urge you to consider an additional contribution. No amount is too small and every contribution counts in our all-volunteer, grassroots campaign. You can contribute online or mail a check (payable to Forward Together Hoboken) to Forward Together Hoboken, c/o 515 4th Street, Apt. 309, Hoboken, NJ.

In addition to contributing to the campaign, you can help in lots of different ways! You can “like” us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter, put a campaign sign in your window, canvass with a candidate, volunteer on election day and tell your friends why it’s important to vote 1-2-4 on November 8th!

Get Out the Vote on Election Day: This is the most important thing you can do!  It can be as simple as emailing your friends and talking to your neighbors to let them know that you’re supporting 1-2-4! We need to make sure voters don’t forget to vote 1-2-4 on Election Day. Also, just one or two hours of your time on election day will make all the difference in this election.

Register to Vote By Mail: If for any reason you can’t vote in person on November 8, you can apply to Vote By Mail. To receive your ballot by mail, your application must be received by the County Clerk seven (7) days prior to the election. A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3:00 p.m. the day before the election.

Mayor Zimmer endorsement letter for BoE slate Forward Together: 1, 2 4

Dear Horsey & MSV readers:

This November, voters across the country will face a critical decision in electing our next President. At the same time, Hoboken voters should also remember to vote in our important municipal school board elections. I am proud to endorse the Forward Together ticket (1-2-4) of Jen Evans, Sheillah Dallara, and Irene Sobolov for school board on Election Day.

Jen, Sheillah and Irene have been working hand in hand with Superintendent Christine Johnson on a number of improvements for our school system since her appointment last year. In particular, I’ve been impressed with the Project Lead the Way curriculum introduced in the public schools, which has given our children new tools to succeed in subjects such as computer science, engineering, and biomedical science.

Additionally, Jen, Sheillah, and Irene have played a key role in enhancing after-school programs offered for children, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive for a discounted price. With the new Passport to Learn programming, children now have the option to participate in 17 new after-school activities, including Spanish, chess, debate and dance classes, among others.

And most important, as mothers of children within or who have graduated from the Hoboken school systems, Jen, Sheillah, and Irene are deeply invested in our Hoboken Public School District. They have committed countless hours of their time on volunteer boards, fundraising for special-needs programs, and chairing parent-teacher organizations to improve our schools for all children.

On Election Day, I hope you will join me in supporting the Forward Together (1-2-4) ticket of Jen Evans, Sheillah Dallara, and Irene Sobolov, so our schools can keep moving in the right direction.

Dawn Zimmer
Mayor of Hoboken

Friday, October 21, 2016

Video of Mayor Zimmer and Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy

The following video and story comes courtesy of John Heinis at the Hudson County View:

Read the whole story here

Hoboken welcomes the Man who would be King

Last night, a popular downtown eatery was overtaken by a massive force sweeping through on its way to tsunami status by November of next year.

That tsunami making a pit stop in Hoboken on a gilded path to the Democratic nomination for NJ Governor with an eye to a final stop in Trenton is Phil Murphy.

Democratic NJ candidate for governor Phil Murphy addresses a packed overflowing room 
downtown last night as Mayor Dawn Zimmer looks on.

While many Hoboken and NJ voters don't quite know who Phil Murphy is yet; they soon will. Having vanquished all his Democratic opposition - North & South, Murphy is building a progressive well oiled, well funded machine that has "Express to Trenton" written all over it.

A packed overflow back room at Ainsworth along the waterfront was the site of a receiving line for what almost everyone attending saw as an opportunity to see and hear the next governor of New Jersey.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer hosted the blow out event featuring wine and food for the political junkies who came, saw and did not leave disappointed. 

More to come.

Showdown at the BoE Hoedown

More than 60 people attended the BoE forum last night at the Elks. The six candidates were politely received by a mix of residents and interested viewers. It didn't take long for the bombs to start flying.

A video of the event, unedited for view should be available in the coming days. MSV will publish it in its entirety as soon as possible.

Guest of the Stable: Joshua Einstein on his BoE Choice

Board of Education Election

Valuing an open mind, I attended the first meet and greet by Forward Together Hoboken, have talked with Parents United, and visited the online presence of both tickets. I have no children, but every resident has a responsibility to vote for the ticket they believe will make certain Hoboken’s children get a good education. In the upcoming Board of Education election, I believe Parents United is that ticket.

At the meet and greet Forward Together Hoboken held on October 6th I schmoozed with great people, some who I knew previously and others who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time, all of whom are people who care about the future of Hoboken’s district school students. Yet in the conversations I had, there were few ideas about what challenges the Board of Education faces let alone how to address them. There was plenty of discussion on how past BOE Trustees cleaned up the presumably bad budget management even further in the past but no concrete plans for how to build a brighter future for Hoboken’s children today. 

More concerning is that the platform section of the Forward Together Hoboken website is lacking concrete proposals. The list is a breakdown of action points the board of education is already doing and that omits which trustees proposed or even supported which efforts. Just as importantly, it fails to explain tax increases the trustees have raised over the last 4 years as well as the ongoing lawsuit against Hoboken students in the HOLA school.

Parents United, on the other hand, has made it clear they are for all Hoboken students, that they want to double down on building a bright education for Hoboken’s children, and that they are for community unity. In my talks with this team of community leaders and by looking at their Facebook page I have seen a group that, without raising taxes, believes more money can be directed to students spending by indexing consultant compensation to performance, by using some the over $5 million the Board of Education has in the bank, and by better negotiating contracts. A team that will fight to ensure funds are spent on students and that will not keep millions of tax dollars parked for no purpose is what Hoboken needs.

From what I have seen of Parents United and Forward Together Hoboken, both groups are made of good people. Our city should be proud to have residents that care for its children and who have stepped up to the plate to put their name forward for consideration by voters. I support Parents United and I look forward to the ongoing conversation that is the school board election season; Hoboken’s children and community deserve no less.


Joshua Einstein

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